Best Eye Tape for Hooded Eyes 5 Stars

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1. 1200pcs Breathable Decoration Invisible Sticker

1200pcs Breathable Decoration Invisible Sticker

300 pairs per roll, two fork rods, enough quantity, and convenient for your daily use are included. One side stickers are waterproof and sweatproof, they are easy to slip off, and stay all day long. Synthetic Fiber is light and thin. For all skin colors. Enhanc your eyes will give you a pair of charming eyes, perfect for hooded, sallow, or mono-eyelids. Continuous use makes your double eyelids permanent. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please get in touch with them and they will be happy to offer a replacement or a full refund.

Brand: Hfpjlswsqy

👤This stuff is amazing. You can see the sticker on the eyelid in the photo. It took me about 5 minutes to get them on, but now I think I have it. I will wear them daily. This is a good holdover until I can afford a procedure. I'm obsessed.

👤The product was very sticky. Stayed on for 10 hours. I was not sure if you would be able to see them. They blend well with skin tones and make-up is easy to use. They do what they're supposed to do and I'll order more when I run out.

👤I really like this product. I'm almost sure of where I should be. They're difficult to remove from the plastic piece. I have found that bending the plastic piece at the edge of the tweezers helps them pick it up. I put mine about 3 inches above my lashes. I was so surprised that they worked, were invisible on my skintone, and stayed on for 4 hours, we're comfortable, and easy to remove. 3 months ago I bought a pack of invisible eyelid tape from a company called Lids by Design that was worth less than a dollar. They didn't adhere well, the ends turned up, and I didn't see a difference. It will take some time for me to use all of these, but when I need more, I hope these are still being sold. I tried to take a before and after picture, but it wouldn't take.

👤The nude color of the product makes it all the more unnoticeable. I 800-273-3217 It's easy to apply and take off my eyelid tape. When you take them out, there are two pairs of them. I love these!

👤They work well. It really works to get rid of eye lid hoods if you get it in the correct spot. You can't wear any foundation, eye lid primer, or any other primer before you adhere the stickers, they won't stick. This was found out the hard way. They popped off after 1/2 hour of wearing them outside. They were flopping with every blink. I was talking to my neighbor. It's really bad. It was embarrassing.

👤It is plastic with glue and not what I am looking for.

👤I have tried similar items, but they are not as good as this one, but they are invisible on your lid and you can wear eye shadow.

👤My hooded eyelid makes these great for me. I can get them fixed with insurance, but for the time being. The larger size works best for me because of my severe eyelids. You can get it done in a matter of seconds if you practice.

2. 1200Pcs Eyelid Eyeslids Mono Eyelids Skin Color

1200Pcs Eyelid Eyeslids Mono Eyelids Skin Color

Natural invisible, suitable for most skin color. The synthetic fiber isBreathable. There are 2 Rolls,300 pairs per roll. Breathable and waterproof. It is easy to create a deep and natural double eyelid. Several failures will be experienced by beginners who just started using eyelid stickers. It is not a product problem in most cases. Come on, practice a few more times! Below is a list of product details.

Brand: Ama's Bay

👤These eyelid tapes are easy to use, but they do not accept make up. When you close your eyes, foundation and primer are very obvious.

👤It is impossible to peel off backing without destroying it. I would never buy this brand again.

👤It was stiff. You have them on. Also purchased the lace ones. They are great.

👤This is hard to cover with eyeshadow.

👤Doesn't work to get me a refund. The strips do not release the issue I bought them for.

👤Within the first hour, they tend to peel off.

3. 1360Pcs Self Adhesive Stickers Long Lasting Breathable

1360Pcs Self Adhesive Stickers Long Lasting Breathable

Instantly lift hooded, sagging and dropping eyelids with these invisible one-sided sticky strips. Excess skin covering the natural fold of the lid and sagging skin over the eyelashes are corrected. It is easy and invisible. Breathable, waterproof and long- lasting! Makeup can be applied on top of all skin colors. No need for glue, self-adhesive, safe and instant results with single-sided/double-sided sticky eyelid strips. Appear younger in a flash! There are 6 styles of eyelid strips, 3 packs of single-sided strips and 2 packs of double-sided strips.

Brand: Zmbeautk

👤These are amazing, I have hooded eyes. I was able to put the tape on my eyes over 12 hours after I got the hang of it. I will buy these for the rest of my life and recommend them to people with hooded eyes.

👤They work, but they don't work long. I have to peel them off after they slide down your eyelid. They are not advertised as invisible. They are more noticeable if you put make up over turn. They won't adhere to make up, so you can't put it under them. I get them in the right position so they work and look even, but I waste a lot of time applying them. I probably have to put them on more than once. You can't wear them everyday because your eyelid becomes tender from applying them. I keep buying them because they are cheaper than an eye lift. I only wear them for special occasions.

👤If you've never tried before, this is a good pack. Some seem to work better than others. My eyes are hooded all the time. They make me look older as the excess lid looks a little puckered around the tape. Extra lid space is provided when I'm less puffy. Proper placement is important. eyeshadow makes them stand out more on your lid. If you apply eyeshadow first, they won't stick. I try to put shadow in the crease above the tape and on the outer corners. If you are curious, give them a try.

👤This pack comes with both tapes. I've only been buying double sided tape, but I'm surprised that one side works better for me. My eyelid folds over the tape and it is more gentle on the skin than the double sided ones. I will only be buying one side tapes now. I don't like the double sided tapes that come in this. It is sticky and stretchy. The japanese brands have better 2 sided tapes. The football shaped tapes are actually 2 pieces, which is good because there is no way anyone can fit the whole football one on their eyelid. Would not buy it back. If you haven't tried out a lot of tapes and are still looking for the perfect shape for your eyes, its a good kit.

👤I like it, but wish it would blend in better. Even after applying make up, you can still see the tapes. It works great for pictures, but don't stand too close to people. It is noticable.

👤This works great and is the real deal. I can't live without them. It makes my eyes look younger and holds up my upper eyelid skin. My husband uses it very well. It's easy to use and stays on all day. It is the best eyelid strips. I will recommend my friends to get a new one because I love them so much.

👤I was able to figure out how to use them. I love them. These tapes lift my eyelids because I'm young and have very droopy eyelids. I can see a bit better because my eyes are getting more light, and I look years younger as a result.

4. Natural Invisible Stickers Medical Use Mono Eyelids

Natural Invisible Stickers Medical Use Mono Eyelids

There are 4 bags eyelid strips and instruction, 120 pairs each bag with a small tweezer, and 2 styles of single side eyelid strips and double sides strips. It's convenient for you to choose the size of your double eyelid. Hypoallergenic, good glue, stay all day long, perfect for eye lift surgery with no pain and no hurt, it's made of medical-use glue, stay all day long, it's hypoallergenic, good glue, stay all day long, perfect for eye lift Instant Eyelid Lift- It's easy to create a double eyelid, which makes eyes look bigger and more beautiful. Continuous use makes your double eyelids permanent. It is not easy to fall off of the eyelid tapes. Wide size strips are more suitable for heavy hooded, sallow, and hidden double eyelids. If you think slim size is too small for you, please choose wide size put on 2 strips each eye. 120 pairs wide 120 pairs slim eyelid stickers, 1 x soft stick, and an English instruction are included in the package. If you have a problem with the products, please contact them, they will give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Double side eyelid tapes will give you a pair of charming eyes, perfect for hooded, sallow, or mono-eyelids.

Brand: Zmbeautk

👤I got these to try out several different types at once for a cheap price because I have never used eyelids tapes before. I'm happy! They work first and foremost. The small change they make makes a big difference in looking younger. Even if I don't clean my eyes before applying them, these tapes are easy to use and stick to. They last all day and don't move. I can't see them even though I have them on. No one else can either. The tapes come in sealed packages. Even if the English isn't perfect, the packaging on the 4 sets of tapes is very high quality and cute. Each of the 4 packages has a slide-lock bag and another cello-bag in which the sheets with the tapes are in. I like this because I can keep one in my makeup bag and one in my purse, and I don't have to worry about having loose sheets. Each package has its own Y tool, meaning you get 4 Y tools. The instructions and plastic tweezers are included in the set. I will buy them again. I saw a friend I hadn't seen in a while after I started wearing these. She said "you look really good today!" after meeting up. I don't know what it is, but you look great. She isn't the kind of person to just say that. I don't know for sure, but the only thing different was the eye tapes. I'll take it! If that's not the best endorsement you can get, I don't know what is. That's right.

👤I was confused about how to apply it and was surprised that it was so sticky. You have to peel off the white part of the backing and then apply the clear tape on the sheet, because the backing is on the sheet. I wanted to see if one of my eyes could even out. It definitely does the job, but it looks a little weird when you close your eye because it keeps your skin together.

👤I have heavily hooded eyes and that may have been a factor in why none of the types worked for me. It seems like they're only for if you don't have a crease or extra skin. They are hard to get in place. Only one side was stuck. The single side stuck so much that when I removed it from my lid it tore the skin and made a horrible wound.

👤The product is a great price. The product is better than expected and the packaging needs some improvement. My wife said this is the next thing she has used.

👤These are very small and it is not easy to handle them. They had a hard time removing them. I tried many different positions for a droopy eyelid. If you are trying to get the right fold and use more than one, they were a little painful to remove. Just after the removal, your eyelid will get red and sore.

👤To see where to place the tabs, watch a video. I looked like I had trauma to the eye because I did it wrong. I'll watch the video to do it right when I get 5 minutes. It seems that once you figure out placement, it will be great.

5. Invisible Single Sided Stickers Medical Use Mono Eyelids

Invisible Single Sided Stickers Medical Use Mono Eyelids

The small sticky eyelid tapes are waterproof and are suitable for most skin colors. It's Hypoallergenic, won't irritate skin, good self-adhesive, no glue, works perfect as an instant eye lift surgery with no pain and no hurt. It is easy to create a double eyelid that makes eyes look larger and more beautiful. You will get a pair of charming eyes if you enhance your eyes. Continuous use makes your double eyelids permanent. 600 pairs of slim eyelid stickers, 1 x fork stick, and an English instruction are included in the package. If you have a problem with the products, please contact them, they will give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Brand: Zmbeautk

👤Applying eye makeup is a challenge. Eye shadow is useless and mascara is lost under lid folds. You also age with hooded eyelids. Eyelid tapes come to the rescue. The results are remarkable after a couple of attempts. You don't feel them after you apply. It's easy to remove. The best part is visible eyes. No more eyes that are not straight. Make up has a surface to accent. Great product!

👤Older women always comment on their hooded eyes when I do their makeup for all ages. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. It is best to do the eye primer first and then apply the tape and shadow on top. You can see the tape when they look down, but not for pictures. You wouldn't be able to see that. It can take a while to get used to the right spot. Don't reuse, just get a new stripe. It would be a quick learning curve for you.

👤This product is amazing. I have heavy/hooded eyelids and they work well. At the end of the day, I am not straining or having headaches because I am trying to keep my eyes open. It took me a while to get used to them. I forget that I have them on.

👤These single side eyelid tapes are very easy to use and do make a subtle improvement in my hooded eyelid. You can't see my eyes unless you close them. I put a small amount of eyeshadow over them, but they are easy to remove. If I think about it, I am aware of them. I wouldn't say they're annoying. It was worth the price.

👤I don't find them easy to use with makeup in fact they are very noticeable with makeup on. It's fine without makeup.

👤These tapes are great. My eyes are open, and my upper lids are not sunken. It took a few tries to get the correct position for each tape, but now I do this everyday with ease. The process takes very little time, and I use 2 tapes per eye. I watched a video on how to apply on the crease, starting from the bottom. They come off easily when I wash my face. I am very pleased with this product and what it has done for my eyes.

👤Great product. I was skeptical at first. These eyelid strips work. Finding the right place is difficult. I took a shower with strips on. This product is very good.

👤You will need a bigger strip to hold the eyelid skin back. I would have liked to go wider. All of them looked hideous and stuck to my eyelid. Taking the strips off was a challenge. I can't get underneath the strips with my manicured nails. I had to use something to get my eyes open. It was very bad! I will throw the strips in the trash.

6. Lucoss Glitter Eyeliner Luminous Eyeshadow

Lucoss Glitter Eyeliner Luminous Eyeshadow

Eyeliner glitter eyeshadow is a shiny liquid. This product can be used to decorate eye makeup. Your eyes are more attractive. Long-wearing eyeliner has glitter and shimmer. Use this eyeliner eye shadow to highlight your eye makeup and make your eyes look three-dimensional. It's great! Long-wearing glitter liquid eyeliner. Each of the 5 colors in the set is 10Pcs. You can choose the color you like. Liquid eyeliner is bright and long-wearing. You can use this product to make eye makeup at many occasions and activities. This glitter liquid eye liner can be used as a gift for friends and family. It is an ideal accessory for girls or ladies on a daily basis.

Brand: Lucoss

👤The case was cracked when I received it yesterday, some eye liners were out of the container, and there were 3 missing. I spent my hard earned money to get a product that was missing stuff.

👤There was only one color in the whole pack. Very disappointed.

👤It was shown to come with 10 colors, but I only receive 8. The colors look good. Where are the other two? The package is used. I don't know what to say.

👤It was missing a few when it arrived. It was sticky on your eyelid.

👤They come in their own case and the colors are pretty. There are 2 bottles of each color, which is not terrible, as you only get 5 colors. The only reason for the single star is that it's a bit expensive to have a missing product. My case was missing one bottle and the package did not open and re-open. I recently purchased a lot of makeup and didn't have to have all of it.

👤It is definitely a vibe when I use these.

👤There are so many cute colors in the bottle. But when I put them on my hand, it looked a little watery. After it dries, the glitter pops on my eyes. I hope it looks good on my eyes and I will use it in my next video.

👤Ser Glitzer Eyeliner ist gut. 6 verschiedene Farben is dachte.

👤Leider kamen, so an, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das is Leider ist beispielsweise, die Rezessionen beispielsweise.

👤Leider bin erwartet, die Farben voll ist, aber es war. Ich empfehle ist. Betrug diesen.

👤Farbe 2 ist insgesamt 5 verschiedene Farben. Leider ist es, weshalb man is Schichten. Man damit, da es stark deckt. Man ist aber die Pinsel ziemlich dick.

👤Bin ist das Eintritt. The Farben is leider, wie den Fotos. Hlt kaum und ist so farbecht. Geht, schnell. Leider ist Reinfall. Farbe, as well as Glos, is a word. War schnell, aber.

7. Weighted Umisleep Migraine Headache Relieves

Weighted Umisleep Migraine Headache Relieves

The weighted mask is made of glass beads and ice silk. The smaller size massage beads keep the weight balanced, and the ice silk fabric makes the freezing time shorter, and the cold feeling is more pleasant. The weighted facial mask uses the principle of ice gravity to promote blood circulation, gently press the eye area, soothe nerves, and relieve headaches, eye fatigue, dark circles, and eye swelling. The eyeball no pressure eye mask uses a patented design that fits the shape of the human eye. The eye mask makes your eyes more comfortable whileMassage around your eyes and at the same time makes your eyes more comfortable without hurting your eyes when you relax or rest After freezing, put the eye mask in a refrigerator for a few minutes and then take it out for later use. The eyeball tissue will be damaged by long-term low temperatures. The interval between use should not be less than two hours. The research and design of weighted eye masks is the focus of Umisleep. They will try their best to solve your problem if you are not satisfied. They would be very grateful if you could give them some suggestions.

Brand: Umisleep

👤I was looking for an eye mask that would protect my eyes. The weight of the mask almost feels like a massage on the face. I was initially worried that the "V"s for the eye sockey wouldn't be enough to prevent the weighted beads from putting pressure on my eyes, but it actually works great at putting pressure on everywhere besides the eyes.

👤It was too heavy to wear all night. My face was very hot. I wanted to like this as I have been looking for a nice comfortable mask, but this did not fit the bill for me, maybe others will like it tough. I think it would hold up well.

👤I tried to use it but it fell apart and made a huge mess.

👤I like the fact that this mask helps me to fall asleep, and I would give it a perfect score. It was supposed to be a cold mask. I left the mask in the freezer for 24 hours to get it to be really cold. I gave it a 2/5 because of that.

👤The eye mask gets cold. It's a great way to relax eyes.

👤The mask feels good on my face. It's cool that it stays on even while sleeping. The mask can be adjusted to any size.

👤The material is very soft. I like the strap. It will be cool after it is used on a hot day.

8. Natural Invisible Stickers Medical Use Mono Eyelids

Natural Invisible Stickers Medical Use Mono Eyelids

There are 6 bags of eyelid strips and an instruction. It's convenient for you to choose the size of your double eyelid. Hypoallergenic, good glue, stay all day long, perfect for eye lift surgery with no pain and no hurt, it's made of medical-use glue, stay all day long, it's hypoallergenic, good glue, stay all day long, perfect for eye lift Instant Eyelid Lift- It's easy to create a double eyelid, which makes eyes look bigger and more beautiful. Continuous use makes your double eyelids permanent. It is not easy to fall off of the eyelid tapes. Wide size strips are more suitable for heavy hooded, sallow, and hidden double eyelids. If you think slim size is too small for you, please choose wide size put on 2 strips each eye. Double side eyelid tapes will give you a pair of charming eyes, perfect for hooded, sallow, or mono-eyelids.

Brand: Zmbeauty

👤I was making a funny beauty hack video with a friend. The intention was to make a video of beauty hack fails. Perfectly.

👤It works well. I had a good idea of what I wanted to achieve after watching several videos. I'm 60 years old and my eyes make me look tired. I wore eye tape above my nature crease, which created new folds above my natural folds, and made my eyes look like they were 800-361-3020 I wore them for a week and then took the tape off. I'm happy with the results. I don't think I can live without them.

👤Love is what it is. These are a dream of mine, I have hooded eyes. You can wear them under make up or not at all. These are the best beauty purchases I've ever made.

👤I have monolids, but sometimes I get double lids. I bought this product to make my double eyelids stay. The seller was generous with the amount of tape they sent, but I was disappointed that the tape didn't work for me. I watched a lot of videos on how to use different types of tapes. These tapes made my eyes look weird. The double sided tapes were very strong and gave me a small allergic reaction when I took it off. The tape was difficult to remove from the sheet. It took me some time to use the pliers. I tried many times to make this product work but they simply didn't work right. I don't know if it's because I did something wrong or if it's just a false advertisement. I was disappointed. I hope they can give me some tips if this worked for anyone.

👤I'm happy with the products. I wanted to lift my eyes a little. My child can lift my eyelid with these strips. I washed my face in the morning and put them on. They stick all day because I wear eyeshadow over them. They are not completely invisible. I really like this product and it is worthy.

👤I'm surprised how much I enjoy them. As I get older, my eyes are getting hooded. I look like my old self again with these eyelid tapes. It stays on all day if my eyelid is clean before I put it on. I was worried that it would be strange, but I don't feel them. To remove them, I use a q-tip to rub the edges with a makeup remover or lotion. It was a great investment.

👤The size is a bit smaller than usual eyelid tape, but it works perfectly and goes unnoticeable.

👤The product was recommended to me because it helps lift a hooded eye and the reviews were great, but the pack sits under my sink because the directions make it hard to get the stickers on your eye in a timely matter. I have no time to put these on my eyes. I hate my hooded eyes, thought this may be the solution, but instructions are hard to understand.

9. Shields Kalolary Eyeshadow Stencils Extensions

Shields Kalolary Eyeshadow Stencils Extensions

The half moon shaped shield is perfect for protecting the eye area from makeup. Also ideal for eyelash perming. Straight edge for shadow helps perfect the winged cat eye. Time-sharing and no message! There is no more smokey eye's. It saves time on touch-up. Simply press these disposable, self-adhesive shields to your under-eye area. ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL There are no allergies, odorless, non-irritating. Protect your skin. It is safe and convenient to protect the eyes from irritations during various treatments. The gift is great. It is a good gift for your friends and family. A beauty tool is used to protect under eye makeup.

Brand: Kalolary

👤This helps me do my makeup so much easier, I don't have to clean up my eyeshadow on my cheeks after I take it off, and I can use my bottom lip as eyeliner after I take it off. I will be buying more in the future.

👤I have to make them less sticky before I put them on my face. They are very sticky. If I put them on my face, they take them off very quickly. If I was still in my 20's, this wouldn't bother me, but I'm nearing 40 now, and I want to be nicer to my skin. It's around the eye area.

👤There are a lot of problems with this one. Peeling it off from my sensitive skin makes me worry. I feel like it's stretching my skin. I'm trying not to cause lines and loosen the skin around there. It doesn't prevent eyeshadow from being on your cheek that you don't want. The eyeshadow is more problematic than this item. I won't use the ones I have left and wouldn't buy them again. Not for what they're intended for.

👤You don't realize how much eyeshadow falls in that area until you take it off and compare it to a clean one. It's a bit too sticky. I suggest sticking it to a towel or cloth before putting it on the under eye area.

👤They are perfect at lining everything up, doing cat eye liner and saving cheeks from fall out shadow. If you have an issue with the smell, this works for you: Remove one packets plastic bag and place individual shields back in box to allow them to air out and keep clean. Save the second bag until you need to refill it. Even breathing strong chemicals can make me sick, but they don't bother me at all.

👤I thought these would save me time if there was a fall out. I tried to use them on myself and they are not right, they have pointed corners and I just cut them off. They were so uncomfortable that you can not open and close your eyes. I will look for something else.

👤My first time using them, they stick on. I only use them a few times when applying darker eyeshadow because they prevent unwanted colors from coming in. I don't recommend putting any foundation on your face after eyes are done.

👤It really really sucks. I don't like curves. It does not curve enough. I have to use a pair. It's good under the lip.

👤Alles wie angegeben, der Lidschatten ist nun. Einen Abzug ist die Wlbung, die in dem Auge in echt flacher ist. Im Auge ist es gut, so I am passt. Weit unten sitzt, da das Ganze eben doch recht. Schutz bei Augen Make-Ups ist immer verwenden und bin insgesamt. Wrde.

👤These are a great way to save time. I used to use a lighter foundation to "lift" the appearance of my eyes after putting on eyeshadow. I just stick these in place and I get a balanced, even shape on both eyes and a precise line after I take them off. You can use them more than once if the glue doesn't work anymore. Will definitely order them again.

10. Natural Invisible Stickers Medical Use Mono Eyelids

Natural Invisible Stickers Medical Use Mono Eyelids

One sided sticky eyelid tapes are made of medical-use adhesive fiber, which are waterproof and invisible, and are suitable for most skin colors. Hypoallergenic, won't irritate skin, good glue, and no pain make eye lift surgery perfect. It is easy to create a double eyelid that makes eyes look larger and more beautiful. You will get a pair of charming eyes if you enhance your eyes. Continuous use makes your double eyelids permanent. There are 2 packs of slim and wide eyelid stickers, a fork stick and an English instruction. If you have a problem with the products, please contact them, they will give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Brand: Zmbeautk

👤I realized it wasn't double-sided when I bought it. I didn't think it would work out. I was surprised by the results. I didn't mind wasting a few because you get so many in a pack that I didn't mind finding the right place for myself.

👤The little stickers work well. The first photo is shown as the photos above show. No lid stickers or makeup. I have no crease in my lid. I haven't seen a crease in 15 years. I feel weird seeing myself like that, even though my lid crease can be seen. I wouldn't be able to see the stickers if I had placed them correctly. They cover well with makeup. There is a learning curve with these stickers and the directions are not very informative for someone that already knows how to use it. I had to use two of the single stickers instead of the suggested one because I placed the right one about 9 times before I was able to figure it out. The extra sticker on the eyelid is up to 45 years old. An overhang of extra skin is a problem. Place and remove the stickers with care. I felt like I had a sunburn on my eyelid after I finished trying to figure out what these were. They are sticky and don't budge even after sleeping in them. The set came with 800 stickers and a tong that is needed to set you on the road to perkier eyes. Glue was not needed. I have enough to last a couple of years, so I will definitely be buying these again. It's amazing how much value for money there is. I recommend this product to anyone who needs a lift.

👤I failed 10 times while learning how to apply them. If you're learning, remove misapplied strips with make up remover instead of pulling them off. I used thinner strips that were only on one side. I've figured it out after 11 tries and two videos. Simply place the strip above your natural crease. Not completely above the crease. I used it to the outside of the eye, but not beyond the natural crease. They go under makeup. The isms have to be off the strip without damaging them.

👤After watching videos on how to lift your hooded up, I ordered this in October 2021. One video warned against trying it out too many times to get it right. I should have listened. I couldn't put eye makeup on my right eyelid because it was puffy and irritated after I tried to place these on my lids correctly. I tried a lot of different products to get over the irritation. It was still puffy after it went away. I discovered a product called hypochlorous acid, which is an anti-microbial lid and lash solution, after about a month of research and use. It began to get better. January is now fully recovered. If you are not careful, these lid things may not work. I threw my stuff away.

11. Asther Eyelid Invisible Middle Aged Tweezer

Asther Eyelid Invisible Middle Aged Tweezer

The package includes a Y-shaped tool and tweezers to apply the strips. The medical and invisible material. The eye lid lifters tape is waterproof, light-weight, and suitable for every type of skin. It is possible to provide perfect natural makeup for hooded eyes, completely transparent and hidden eyelid tape. This product is perfect for customers with hooded, unevenly and sallow eyelid. Their eyelid strips are strong enough to hold the eyelid and sticky enough to keep it upright for a long time. If you need eyelid tape for lifting, here you can find it, it's made to order, and it's small and fragile. The beauty method is safe, fast and non-SURGERY. If you are a middle-aged woman with a hooded eyelid or just a woman with an odd eyelid, don't worry about it, it's all natural and you are still beautiful in your own way. If you want to feel more confident at a party or attend an important event, this is the product for you. Their product will give you the same effect when you have eyelid surgery. Their product was upgraded to hold the eyelid of special need, which means that it will hold a large surface of your eyelid. It will stick to the eyelid and hold it together for 8 hours. You will also receive a cute tweezer to help when you need to plug in your eyebrows, and a wonderful help when you want to grow your hair. Their package includes 288 pairs of eyelid tape, a surprising quality with a reasonable price, and you can give it to family, friends to enjoy the experience together.

Brand: Asther

👤There is no glue on the back of these. There is no way to get them to stick to your eyes. I wasted money on these. I should have known it was from China.

👤Couldn't peel away the backing.

👤If you have hooded eyes, this is for you.


What is the best product for eye tape for hooded eyes 5 stars?

Eye tape for hooded eyes 5 stars products from Hfpjlswsqy. In this article about eye tape for hooded eyes 5 stars you can see why people choose the product. Ama's Bay and Zmbeautk are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye tape for hooded eyes 5 stars.

What are the best brands for eye tape for hooded eyes 5 stars?

Hfpjlswsqy, Ama's Bay and Zmbeautk are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye tape for hooded eyes 5 stars. Find the detail in this article. Zmbeautk, Zmbeautk and Lucoss are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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