Best Eye Tape for Hooded Eyes Large

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1. Natural Invisible Stickers Medical Use Mono Eyelids

Natural Invisible Stickers Medical Use Mono Eyelids

Eyelid tape for sallow eyes can be worn all day long because it has a unique glue that does not cause irritation or discomfort. Their eye lid lifters are lightweight and comfortable. The instant face lift tape is long- lasting so that you can wear it without worry. It is easy to remove double sided eyelid tape. One sided sticky eyelid tapes are made of medical-use adhesive fiber, which are waterproof and invisible, and are suitable for most skin colors. Hypoallergenic, won't irritate skin, good glue, and no pain make eye lift surgery perfect. It is easy to create a double eyelid that makes eyes look larger and more beautiful. You will get a pair of charming eyes if you enhance your eyes. Continuous use makes your double eyelids permanent. 200pcs slim eyelid strips + 200pcs wide eyelid strips, 1 x fork stick and an English instruction are included in the package. If you have a problem with the products, please contact them, they will give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Brand: Zmbeautk

👤Immediate eye lift. This is a must-have for people with hooded eyes. Look at photos. I have always had one eye with more hood than the other. I have always had to do a thicker eyeliner to make it look even. I have to learn how to do my eyeliner evenly because you can see both eyelids. I need more lashes because they never looked good with my hooded eyes. They are amazing now.

👤These are difficult to place. There is a If you have to move them, you lose your strength. It is like one and done. If you mess up, you have to throw it away. The larger one has a seam in the middle that can sometimes come apart when trying to attach it. It should be a single piece. The eye crease is crumples in the seam. The biggest problem for me is that they are too small and not large enough to hold all the hooded skin. If you have very hooded eyes like me, these do not lift the entire lid, but the extra skin on the hood just comes over once you blink, and the lifted effect goes away. This doesn't work against a heavily hooded eye unless there is a wider and longer one. The pictures I attached looked good for a few seconds, but after a few seconds the effect is gone, and I just remove it and forget it. I have had these for a few weeks so I can try to improve the technique but they don't work for heavy hooding.

👤A friend gave me a similar style. They made a nice improvement to my eye. The sticker does not remove from one side. They should have splits to separate the glue. They don't. You have one plastic side and one sticky side. I tried everything I could to make them work. I ordered hers from her link.

👤I had never tried eyelid taps for my hooded eyes. They didn't work well. The taped eyelid looks odd to me, so I am going to try double-sided. If you've never used these, I recommend you order a package with multiple types so you can figure out what works best for you.

👤These little eyelid tapes were disappointing to me. I've only tried them once before. I couldn't get them to stay on. I've tried another brand before and they worked well. The other brand had a jar of some kind of glue that I would use to drag the tape through for better adhesion. I think these need that. I will try them again to see if it was me.

👤Not what I expected. The glue was strong enough to hold, but not strong enough to cause irritation. The size of my eyes and the amount of a hooded eye lid did not make a difference. Both sizes were insufficient. It felt like they folded when I got them in a location that could potentially work.

👤I liked the different sizes of tapes. They are difficult to put on because they won't stick on the ends if you touch the edges. I had an itch on my eyelids. I might be allergic to the glue. I had no issues with itching after trying another brand. They were double sided and I didn't like them as much.

2. Invisible Stickers One Sided Medical Use Mono Eyelids

Invisible Stickers One Sided Medical Use Mono Eyelids

TinLeJa Eyelid Lift Tapes, 100% do really work. Lift your upper eyelids without surgery and get a clear and open vision for the elderly. For the Young, Daily Necessities of Beauty Tools, No Effect on Makeup, Easily create Deep Long Natural Double Eyelids. TinLeJa Eyelid Lift Tapes should be used by children and young people who have slight or heavy sagging of their eyelids. What is it? The TinLeJa Eyelid Lift Tapes are Made of Imported Self-adhesive Medical Fibers and Solid Glue, no chemical composition, no allergy to eyes' skin, and no effect on makeup. They are strong, waterproof, andBreathable, and can stay all day long. If you apply for the second time, they will no longer have stickiness. How to use it. The TinLeJa Eyelid Lift Tapes have an English instruction in detail. You can apply it with your finger or fork stick. The steps are Clear, Stick, adjust and press. TinLeJa Eyelid Lift Tapes are disposable and can be applied for the second time. Eyelids' skin should be dry before use. It is necessary to clean and wipe off the skin's grease and moist material. They will be online for 24 hours to give you 100% satisfaction.

Brand: Tinleja

👤I bought this product for my friend. She told me that this is the best eyelid tape she's ever used. It's easy to use and worth praise. I would recommend this product.

👤There is a great product and packaging for eyelid tape. I use these everyday for my sallow eyes.

👤I don't have fair skin. I would say it was med tone. These are not invisible. It is obvious that they are there. I don't wear eye shadow so maybe that would cover them. I doubt it. You have to have the right skin tone. Didn't work for me.

👤Super! It was worth it! The asymmetry of my eyes was almost completely removed. I'm happy! They don't work with difficulty for how long. The eye is not felt. The invisible 100% husband noticed the changes, but the sticker did not show up until I showed him. They had enough for a long time.

👤I am happy for the people that use these. The concept is good, but they become very visible if you put makeup on them. I think they will work well as French manicure guides.

👤It's pretty good, but not as sticky as they make it sound. The pieces of tape are long. Not typical for Asian eyes.

👤I tried the stickers out. It's cool. The reflections are happy. I can see them on the website. They are cool. It is of great help to me to have bigger eyes. Good things. Thank you!

👤This is a good thing. The double eyelid patch is very light in color. It's very soft. I can't see the double eyelid sticker. It's not visible. The effect is obvious. Cool stuff! It was a bang bang!

3. Breathable 1200Pcs Decoration Invisible Sticker

Breathable 1200Pcs Decoration Invisible Sticker

Several failures will be experienced by beginners who just started using eyelid stickers. It is not a product problem in most cases. Come on, practice a few more times! Below is a list of product details. Quality material is made of medical fabric, flat and thin, with the eyelid tight fitting, bring you natural and invisible visual effect. The package includes 2 Rolls, 300 pairs per roll, and fork rods and tweezers, which are convenient for your daily use. Enhance your eyes and you will get a pair of charming eyes, perfect for hooded, sallow, or mono-eyelids. Continuous use makes your double eyelids permanent. It is easy to create a deep and natural double eyelid, which makes eyes look bigger and more beautiful. This product is only one side sticky, so be sure to wipe the eyelid before using it.

Brand: Hfpjlswsqy

👤I'm very pleased with how well these work on my eyes. They are now awake and open. I will not go without them.

👤I ordered them on a whim to see if they worked. They are lightweight and hard to wear. It is very sticky and stays put. They actually fix the hoods. It's amazing. This little piece of tape is crazy and can do this. They come in a nice roll of stamps, which is 888-282-0465. I will def. I have 1200 to go through first. Great product! Great seller!

👤I returned the item because they were hard to remove.

👤They made it look like a wide lid sticker, but it's actually cut in half.

👤It is easy to use and invisible. Stays all day. I recommend it to my friends.

4. Natural Invisible Stickers Medical Use Mono Eyelids

Natural Invisible Stickers Medical Use Mono Eyelids

One sided sticky eyelid tapes are made of medical-use adhesive fiber, which are waterproof and invisible, and are suitable for most skin colors. Hypoallergenic, won't irritate skin, good glue, and no pain make eye lift surgery perfect. It is easy to create a double eyelid that makes eyes look larger and more beautiful. You will get a pair of charming eyes if you enhance your eyes. Continuous use makes your double eyelids permanent. 2 packs of 400 slim eyelid stickers, 1 x fork stick and an English instruction are included. If you have a problem with the products, please contact them, they will give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Brand: Zmbeautk

👤These lift the eye lids, even the smallest ones, but they are obvious. They came off when I tried to cover them with makeup. They are useless. I was glad I didn't spend a lot of money on them. I don't recommend that you waste your money. Don't buy these if you take my advice.

👤I couldn't get these to work, and I looked at many videos on how to use them, and tried several times. They are sticky on one side and stuck to your eyelid. How can the side facing up do anything? It didn't.

👤I like this product. It took a few times to learn how to place them correctly. I watched some eye tape on the internet. The eye tapes make me look better.

👤You definitely know they're there, these were hard to apply for. My grand daughter was given them to play with. They were very cheap.

👤It's hard to get on straight and in the right location without being seen, but they work well when you do.

👤One of the best things I have ever purchased. I no longer look tired because of my lifted eye lid and no hanging over my eye lashes.

👤It works for about an hour. The slide off was caused by the removal of the glue.

👤Not sticking to eyelid very well.

👤No, se me cayo al instante.

5. Pieces Invisible Stickers Decorations Breathable

Pieces Invisible Stickers Decorations Breathable

You will get 2400 pieces of makeup double eyelid stickers and 4 pieces fork rods, there are 4 rolls in total and 600 pieces for each roll, including 2 rolls of wide style and 2 rolls of slim style. The eyelid tapes are made of a waterproof and soft material, which will not cause any damage if the weather is hot. The color of the invisible eye stickers is light brown, which looks like the nude color and fits the color of the skin, your eyes look natural and have no trace of eye stickers, after you use eye stickers, your eyes will look more big and attractive in vision. When you have beautiful and attractive eyes, people will think that you are attractive and confident, and you will also look younger. The double eyelid tape sticker set has fork rods, you can use the fork rod to paste the eye stickers on your eyes, which is convenient to use, and you can adjust the position by the fork rods, which is clean and can protect.

Brand: Maitys

👤I love that they make my eyes sleepy. Hate my eyes. These are amazing.

👤I have noticed that my eyes droop over the last year or two. Photos show my eyes are not straight. The upper eyelid seems to have more skin than normal. I've been aware of this eyelid tape for a while, and finally bought it. I thought the worst case scenario was that it wouldn't work and it would cost me $9. When it arrived, I took off my eye makeup and tried the tape. The first couple tapes were thrown away. I put the tapes in the wrong place. Success! I found the right spot on my eyelid. My eyes look great because the tape sticks well. I put mascara and light eyeshadow after I got both tapes in place. My eyes looked natural all day. I kept looking in the mirror and it held up. I don't know what the long term will bring. This is working right now. It was worth every penny.

👤I didn't like these at all. They were next to useless. They didn't stick, no hope of sticking with make up on. They show up and you notice them, but as you blink, they become more and more stuck. Maybe it was me and my hooded 51 year old eyes, but these stuck to my eyelid and were quite uncomfortable, not that they stayed stuck for more than 30 seconds. It was difficult to get off the sheet and onto your eyelid. I had to use my metal fine point tweezers to remove them from the sheet because the plastic ones that come with it are useless. You cannot apply the sticker while wearing glasses. It is almost impossible. Without glasses, I can't see. It is easier with a magnifying mirror. I returned to get my money back. Not good at all. I would rather put up with hooded aging eyes. I think that the money is wasted in my opinion.

6. Eyelid Lifter Invisible Instant Mono Eyelids

Eyelid Lifter Invisible Instant Mono Eyelids

Instant Double EyelidWaterproof natural invisible double eyelid tape stickers gives you instant double eyelid and adds depth to the eye crease. Their double eyelid tapes are 480pcs wide and are convenient for your daily use and replacement. The eyelid tape is light and thin and made of synthetic fiber. The eyelid stickers are good for most skin colors. The color is very close to the skin, so it is very invisible to use. It is easy to make your eyes look larger and more beautiful. It is easy to apply makeup. It is easy to apply make-up after eye charm on. Breathable, waterproof, and 48h stay, is very suited for beginners who just started using eyelid stickers. Double eyelid stickers can make your eyes look better, they are perfect for hooded, sallow, or mono-eyelids. Continuous use makes your double eyelids permanent. It's a great make up tool.

Brand: Mroobest

👤The scissors are pretty good. The two clippers are very average quality. I was hoping for something a little more solid, but it wasn't the worst clippers. If you have thicker nails, these are not for you. The are sharp, but you would have to use a lot of force to cut through a thinker than an average nail. The nail file is useless. The sides feel like they are polishing. There is no rougher side. The ends of the tweezers are flat, so it's not for anything precise. The tool is small, but it is ok. I'm not sure what the end is for. I'm not sure what to do with the ear pick. It doesn't seem like the best idea to poke around in my ears with a metal stick. You could do better with a different product.

👤The case it comes in is the only saving grace of this set. It's nice looking. The nail clippers left my nails very rough. Thankfully it comes with a nail file that is one of the worst I've ever had to use, but at least it got the job done. I'm not sure if that's an industry standard or not, but the bent shears make me very worried that I'll miss the length of the hair or poke myself, especially in the eye. The tweezers are too light, they will bend and not properly grip the hair to pull out over time. It's a good idea to spend a little more money on something that is a bit more high quality. These are going to be thrown away.

👤I bought these for my husband. He could sleep with them on because they fit his size 12.5 narrow feet. His heels were cracked and bleeding before he used these, and when combined with a healing foot cream, they have improved comfort within a couple of days. He is seeing marked results after a week of daily use. I put them in the washer on delicate and air dry. So far, so good.

👤Combine these socks with Blue Goo for cracked heels and you have great healing in just one wear. The socks are made from high quality material and the heels are made with a type of gel that improves hydration. They stretch and return to their original shape after washing. I was worried that they would be too expensive, but they are high quality, unique feel, and do help with cracked heels.

👤These are made in China. The quality is solid. They should have included a money clip instead of the Keychain. There is a tool in my travel kit. It wasn't in the picture. The file is bad and didn't last a mani pedi. Why is there a tool in my kit? It's a good thing.

👤They arrived on time. Chem therapy makes things difficult to grip for me. It is easy for me to hold onto this set. When I press down to clip the nail, my fingers don't slip. It is an excellent product.

7. Invisible Single Sided Stickers Medical Use Mono Eyelids

Invisible Single Sided Stickers Medical Use Mono Eyelids

There are 2 bags eyelid strips and an instruction. It's convenient for you to choose the size of your double eyelid. Hypoallergenic, good glue, stay all day long, perfect for eye lift surgery with no pain and no hurt, it's made of medical-use glue, stay all day long, it's hypoallergenic, good glue, stay all day long, perfect for eye lift Instant Eyelid Lift- It's easy to create a double eyelid, which makes eyes look bigger and more beautiful. Continuous use makes your double eyelids permanent. It is not easy to fall off of the eyelid tapes. Wide size strips are more suitable for heavy hooded, sallow, and hidden double eyelids. If you think slim size is too small for you, please choose wide size put on 2 strips each eye.

Brand: Zmbeauty

👤The little delicate pieces are what the positive reviewers said they were. The instructions did not help, they said to place these just above the crease and watch videos on the internet. The natural one and a second fold are the problem for people with badly drooped eyelids. I tried putting these above and on the creases, but they were not comfortable. One reviewer said to place them just above the eyelashes, and I've found that to be very easy to apply. I don't use a plastic tweezer, but I use my fingernails and fingers to pull them off the sheet. You can pull them off if they are not placed correctly. I put them away from my eyes for maximum comfort. You forget they are there. It's hard to find an entire sheet on a countertop.

👤These are amazing. I wanted to try a brand that was not too expensive and had good reviews. The best choice ever. I know it looks like I am opening my eye more with the strip in the photo, but I am not. You get a dramatic look. I felt them on my eyelid the first time I wore them. I was used to it the next day. The lid is very comfortable. You can't see them because I don't wear shadow. There are lots of videos on the internet, but they are easy to understand. The middle of the strip and my nails are put on with the help of the tweezers. The strip should be on the line on the lid. You have got it after two times. I wear them all the time. Thank you, love them, thank you.

👤It can be difficult when I first try. Once I am used to them, they are great. My excess skin covering the natural fold of the lid makes me look tired and shows the signs of aging. The strips are great for lifting my excess skin, you can see it again. I feel more confident and younger. I will buy again.

👤These do make a small difference, but they are difficult to apply, and I didn't think they became invisible. I was aware of the feeling that they were there and pulled them off after a couple hours. I don't think they are worth the hassle and won't be re-ordering. Oh well.

👤These are simple, but life changing. Highly recommended! You can't see them.

👤I didn't like these at all. I watched a few different videos and I am sure I did them right. I pulled the little tweezers off the outer edges. I am glad I only wasted $6 because it could have been user error.

👤Are you kind of against eyelid tape? Don't be. I can't say enough about these things. I need a surgery. I have one scheduled for January but I am wondering if I will even do the surgery because I found these and they work so well. I work out and they last all day. There is a learning curve but it is worth it.

8. Stickers Natural Invisible Instant Mono Eyelids

Stickers Natural Invisible Instant Mono Eyelids

The invisible eye stickers are made of high quality fabric. It is easy to put on with your fingers or fork stick, and you will feel comfortable after putting on. Double eyelid stickers are designed according to skin texture and are suitable for all skin tones. Breathable and waterproof, the eyelid stickers are hard to fall off. The application and removal method is very easy to use. Makeup Eyelid Stickers are great for hooded, sallow, or solid color eyes. Their eyelid tape has a matt finish that makes it easier to apply with eyeshadow and gives it a deeper feel. Double eyelid stickers that are waterproof and invisible can double eyelid and increase the depth of eye wrinkling. The quantity of their double eyelid stickers is enough for your daily use and replacement. There are three sizes of eyelid stickers. 480PCS double eyelid stickers, 1 eyelid styling cream, 1 fork stick, enough for your daily use. A deep and natural double lid can be created by different sizes of lid tape.

Brand: Cidbest

9. Shields Kalolary Eyeshadow Stencils Extensions

Shields Kalolary Eyeshadow Stencils Extensions

The half moon shaped shield is perfect for protecting the eye area from makeup. Also ideal for eyelash perming. Straight edge for shadow helps perfect the winged cat eye. Time-sharing and no message! There is no more smokey eye's. It saves time on touch-up. Simply press these disposable, self-adhesive shields to your under-eye area. ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL There are no allergies, odorless, non-irritating. Protect your skin. It is safe and convenient to protect the eyes from irritations during various treatments. The gift is great. It is a good gift for your friends and family. A beauty tool is used to protect under eye makeup.

Brand: Kalolary

👤This helps me do my makeup so much easier, I don't have to clean up my eyeshadow on my cheeks after I take it off, and I can use my bottom lip as eyeliner after I take it off. I will be buying more in the future.

👤I have to make them less sticky before I put them on my face. They are very sticky. If I put them on my face, they take them off very quickly. If I was still in my 20's, this wouldn't bother me, but I'm nearing 40 now, and I want to be nicer to my skin. It's around the eye area.

👤There are a lot of problems with this one. Peeling it off from my sensitive skin makes me worry. I feel like it's stretching my skin. I'm trying not to cause lines and loosen the skin around there. It doesn't prevent eyeshadow from being on your cheek that you don't want. The eyeshadow is more problematic than this item. I won't use the ones I have left and wouldn't buy them again. Not for what they're intended for.

👤You don't realize how much eyeshadow falls in that area until you take it off and compare it to a clean one. It's a bit too sticky. I suggest sticking it to a towel or cloth before putting it on the under eye area.

👤They are perfect at lining everything up, doing cat eye liner and saving cheeks from fall out shadow. If you have an issue with the smell, this works for you: Remove one packets plastic bag and place individual shields back in box to allow them to air out and keep clean. Save the second bag until you need to refill it. Even breathing strong chemicals can make me sick, but they don't bother me at all.

👤I thought these would save me time if there was a fall out. I tried to use them on myself and they are not right, they have pointed corners and I just cut them off. They were so uncomfortable that you can not open and close your eyes. I will look for something else.

👤My first time using them, they stick on. I only use them a few times when applying darker eyeshadow because they prevent unwanted colors from coming in. I don't recommend putting any foundation on your face after eyes are done.

👤It really really sucks. I don't like curves. It does not curve enough. I have to use a pair. It's good under the lip.

👤Alles wie angegeben, der Lidschatten ist nun. Einen Abzug ist die Wlbung, die in dem Auge in echt flacher ist. Im Auge ist es gut, so I am passt. Weit unten sitzt, da das Ganze eben doch recht. Schutz bei Augen Make-Ups ist immer verwenden und bin insgesamt. Wrde.

👤These are a great way to save time. I used to use a lighter foundation to "lift" the appearance of my eyes after putting on eyeshadow. I just stick these in place and I get a balanced, even shape on both eyes and a precise line after I take them off. You can use them more than once if the glue doesn't work anymore. Will definitely order them again.

10. Asther Eyelid Invisible Middle Aged Tweezer

Asther Eyelid Invisible Middle Aged Tweezer

The package includes a Y-shaped tool and tweezers to apply the strips. The medical and invisible material. The eye lid lifters tape is waterproof, light-weight, and suitable for every type of skin. It is possible to provide perfect natural makeup for hooded eyes, completely transparent and hidden eyelid tape. This product is perfect for customers with hooded, unevenly and sallow eyelid. Their eyelid strips are strong enough to hold the eyelid and sticky enough to keep it upright for a long time. If you need eyelid tape for lifting, here you can find it, it's made to order, and it's small and fragile. The beauty method is safe, fast and non-SURGERY. If you are a middle-aged woman with a hooded eyelid or just a woman with an odd eyelid, don't worry about it, it's all natural and you are still beautiful in your own way. If you want to feel more confident at a party or attend an important event, this is the product for you. Their product will give you the same effect when you have eyelid surgery. Their product was upgraded to hold the eyelid of special need, which means that it will hold a large surface of your eyelid. It will stick to the eyelid and hold it together for 8 hours. You will also receive a cute tweezer to help when you need to plug in your eyebrows, and a wonderful help when you want to grow your hair. Their package includes 288 pairs of eyelid tape, a surprising quality with a reasonable price, and you can give it to family, friends to enjoy the experience together.

Brand: Asther

👤There is no glue on the back of these. There is no way to get them to stick to your eyes. I wasted money on these. I should have known it was from China.

👤Couldn't peel away the backing.

👤If you have hooded eyes, this is for you.

11. Natural Invisible Stickers Medical Use Mono Eyelids

Natural Invisible Stickers Medical Use Mono Eyelids

One sided sticky eyelid tapes are made of medical-use adhesive fiber, which are waterproof and invisible, and are suitable for most skin colors. Hypoallergenic, won't irritate skin, good glue, and no pain make eye lift surgery perfect. It is easy to create a double eyelid that makes eyes look larger and more beautiful. You will get a pair of charming eyes if you enhance your eyes. Continuous use makes your double eyelids permanent. 2 packs of 400 slim eyelid stickers, 1 x fork stick and an English instruction are included. If you have a problem with the products, please contact them, they will give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Brand: Zmbeautk

👤I was glad to try the eyelid tape. I can't imagine leaving the house without them on. Even after a shower, they stay put.

👤Cheap fix. They lift saggy lids. Most of the day, they last. I had lid surgery a long time ago. It is called gravity and loss of tautness. It is weird to apply eye shadow on plastic strips. I will keep using them because they give me an increase in vision.

👤It works well. It's necessary to get used to the placement. I am still working on it. Does the job.

👤I bought the small strips. I bought the wrong size because it was too small to lift my lid. The burning sensation was caused by the burning sensation after applying the strip. After washing off the burning lid. Maybe it's my skin.

👤I have heavy hooded eyelids and this product lifts them like nothing. It was difficult to put them in the correct spot, but after a week you figure it out. I have been using them since December. This product is very good. It doesn't hold on to that when applying makeup to them. Well. I haven't done much with it.

👤If you have excess eye skin, these strips don't work. I recommend getting thicker strips, they seem to come in a variety pack.

👤My eyes are getting older at my age. If they don't work, that's fine. My eyes are open like they were when I was younger.

👤I can not figure out how to make these work. I haven't watched many videos.


What is the best product for eye tape for hooded eyes large?

Eye tape for hooded eyes large products from Zmbeautk. In this article about eye tape for hooded eyes large you can see why people choose the product. Tinleja and Hfpjlswsqy are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye tape for hooded eyes large.

What are the best brands for eye tape for hooded eyes large?

Zmbeautk, Tinleja and Hfpjlswsqy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye tape for hooded eyes large. Find the detail in this article. Zmbeautk, Maitys and Mroobest are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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