Best Eye Tape for Lash Extensions

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1. Foam Pads Eyelash Extensions Hypoallergenic

Foam Pads Eyelash Extensions Hypoallergenic

Their latest foam eye pads tape, designed based on the shape of the eye patch, is a size of 2.4" x 0.8" Their foam eye pads are friendly for sensitive people, they are latex-free, clean and sanitary, easy to use, waterproof and not easy to slide, and they are 888-282-0465. It has been cut based on the 3 rolls of foam tape. There is an eye patch. It's very convenient to use and take off it immediately, it's very fast and convenient. The elastic foam eye pads are good for covering the lower eyelashes and other eye shapes. Their white pre-cut foam eye pads are suitable for eyelash extension. It can be used as a nose patch.

Brand: Akissos

👤I will be rearranging. Even with eye watering, these foam pads stick in their spot. They peel off. I am very happy with them.

👤These are very cheap. I had them as back up pads. I won't use them again. They dry the skin out, even just sticking it to my hand and peeling it off dried my skin out, and I had 2 clients tell me their eyes felt warm and heavy for about 24 hours after using them. I tossed the pads immediately because they were the only thing I had done differently. Very cheap. Beware.

👤I decided to use these as an alternative to the normal pad. They are very sticky and difficult to place. The top of your tweezers is easy to poke through. I put the regular pads on over so I don't have to poke my client with the extra padding. I love it!

👤I was going to buy the Way more expensive version, but these are a great substitute. My clients say they are comfortable. I recommend that you tap a little of the foam on your clients forehead to make it less sticky, because they can be very sticky but once you do that they are perfect. Will be ordering them every time.

👤These are great! I use this on my clients who are sensitive to gel eye pads. They don't move, they stick on nicely. My clients say they're ok if they're removed from bottom lashes.

👤I have been doing individual lashes extensions for 8 years. I tried a lot of under eye patches. These pats are the best ever. It is a little wide under the eye and I have to trim it to make it fit. I have to be very gentle when I remove them, but using the patches will prevent the bottom lashes from coming out, if I don't use extra tape. I wait to do the review after 4 rolls. I am sure it works.

👤These are terrible. The concept is very rigid. Not soft enough to go around the eye. I was looking forward to using it. I was looking forward to saving time because I had been making my own for each client. Very disappointed.

👤This is the first time I've purchased this type of product. I usually buy a roll of tape and have to cut it according to my clients eyes, but these make it so easy, and it speeds up my lashing time. I always try them on myself first. Sticks don't move. Will purchase again.

2. Pairs Premium Under Eyelash Extension

Pairs Premium Under Eyelash Extension

Lint free and 100% Natural aloe extract gel under eye pads for eyelash extension and lifting are safe and friendly for skin. The eye pads areimpregnated with vitamins to nourish and protect the skin. The gel eye pads have a back layer that sticks well to hold during the lash extension session. They protect the lower lashes from the eyelash glue. The material of the under eye patches makes the extension procedure more comfortable for the client. Unlike tape, eyelash extension pads are easy to apply, apply and remove, adding comfort to the client's overall extension experience. They will do their best for you if you don't like it, just contact them and they will give you a 100% money-back guarantee. The goal of the brand is to provide the eyelash extension experts with superior quality and premium grade materials to give ultimate highlight to the beauty of the eyes of their clients.

Brand: Stacy Lash

👤I use these for a lot of different services. I have tried many different under eye pads and these are my favorite. The gel that sticks to the under eye area is the perfect level of "sticky" because they are thin and light weight. The under eye area is really hydrated by them. There is nothing left of any of the puffy eyes that you may have. I am very happy with this product. I will purchase them frequently because they are my new go to.

👤I don't know if I got a bad bunch or what the case is, but the patches didn't stick to my clients' face during the eyelash extension process. I like their eyelash extension glue. There are 4 stars. After I wrote a review, the customer service team from Lash sent me a new set of under eye pads and a bottle of glue. Not saying write bad reviews for free stuff. That was amazing customer service. I will definitely continue to shop with them because of that.

👤The first time I ordered these, they didn't stick to clients under eye area. The bad batches were replaced immediately. They worked perfectly when I got them in today. The customer service and under eye pads are what I need for applying lashes to clients. I appreciate a brand that cares about their customers and takes pride in their products. Thank you for that! I will be ordering again.

👤Most of my customers like to have their lower lashes held in place for eyelash application, and this is one of the reasons I have an eyelash extension business. I would give this a 5 star, but a few of my customers are sensitive to vitamins C and E.

👤These pads are not transparent. I like to use whiter pads in order to give more contrast. The clear film has a textured pattern on it. It leaves a mark on my clients under their eye area. I don't like it and my clients don't like it.

👤Amazon helped find these with suggestions. My client seems to like it. If they didn't really wash their face, it will tell. I will ask if they wash. They were not referring to that morning before service. I am good to go once I send them to wash. It's a gateway to try some of their other products.

👤I got a second set of these and the pads are not sticking at all. I could have a bad batches. I have to use tape to get them to stick, which is too sticky, and I am wondering if I got a bad one. I'm afraid to order them again. The first batches were great.

👤I have only tried eyelash extensions once. I had to use tape over them because they were slippery. She was left under her eyes so hydrated. Under eye treatment is something I would recommend. I'm going to use more to see if it was just the clients eyes getting watery. Will update once I try them a few more times.

3. Hydrogel Extension Supplies Natural Extensions

Hydrogel Extension Supplies Natural Extensions

100% natural plant extract eye pads are free of irritation to eyes. The eyelash extension patch can be used to avoid lashes sticking to the gel pads. Save time preparing the eye. Flex-Form technology is used to create a custom fit for all eye shapes and sizes. The eye patches are used during eyelash extensions. The skin under the eye is not as bright as it could be during the eyelash extension treatment. The gel pad on the bottom lashes is a great help for eyelash extension.

Brand: Ocim

👤The ingredient list is different than the product details listed. The ingredients were easy to use and safe. They are not. They contain questionable ingredients.

👤The under eye patches were completely dry. In my photo you can see the dried substance. I wanted to test them before using them. The cool feeling of the patches was not apparent when I opened the package. I knew from the dry stains that the side stuck to the sticker was moist. Nope. Will be looking for another brand.

👤I use them for eyelash extensions. I have yet to try a under eye gel pad because they don't hold the bottom lashes down perfectly. I put the gel pad on the bottom lashes and add a layer of tape to hold them down. The gel pad adds comfort for the client, while the tape holds the lashes down, win. I would purchase these again for the quantity and cost.

👤All my clients have red eyes since I received these patches. I don't know what kind of gel is used, but smth isn't good. They still irritated my clients' eyes even if I made sure they didn't touch their eyelids. Please return the money!

👤I'm happy. I can finally get my lashes done and not have a week long under eyes that look like I got punched in the face. The comfort level is worth every penny. It took five hours to do my 4D lashes, and the patches stayed on the whole time. Would recommend!

👤I bought these because of the reviews that said they stayed well. The first one is already lifting when I place second pad. It will not stay at all if I have changed it. They are very see.

👤Compre estos parches tratando de buscar. No pegan se mueven fcil, pero me resultaron incomodos para trabajar. No pegan, no algunas, no ojos, pero fcilmente se mueven pues. No pasaba, fueron los parches porque. Me los acabe pues no quera desperdiciar. No volveré a comprar estos.

👤There are other gel pads that make my eye itch. The cooling effect it has once applied to the under eye skin area is what I love about this one. I feel like I am pulling dead skin off. The padding of this product helps calm my dark circles. I use these gel pads when I do heavy make up and don't want to get product in the eye area.

4. Pairs Eyelash Extension Lyon Lash

Pairs Eyelash Extension Lyon Lash

Their eye pads are latex free and lint free with ingredients like vitamins and herbs. They can keep your clients' eyes hydrated. Lyon Lash Under eye gel patches can fit all of the eye shapes and hold the bottom lashes down. The special shape of the gel patches prevents them from moving around on clients' eyes. They are not wet and do not leave a mark on clients' eyes. All Lyon Lash products are tested and reviewed by over 50 Eyelash Extension Professionals before launch. They want to empower eyelash extension professionals by giving them the best quality products. Every #ThatNewMoment you created for your customers is precious. Delightful moments for you and your valuable clients. Technical and customer support is provided by them. Within 12 hours, your messages will be answered. Add to Cart!

Brand: Lyon Lash

👤I've been doing lashes for 10 years, and these are the best I've ever done. I like to use biogel eyepads, but times are tough and my wallet is a little tight. Green life through Amazon has always been my backup. They stick! The key is the stick factor. They seem to have vanished completely. Which led to these. There is a I was hoping these would be good after reading the reviews. It was a little expensive, but I was hoping it was worth it. I won't be buying them again. They don't stick. Constantly having to use more tape and more product, or trying to get gel pads to not life, gets old. I don't think they're a good idea. There are better products out there.

👤I tripped over the gel pads from a friend while doing lashes for a decade. After ordering a second bag, I received a pack of glue trays instead. I contacted Amazon and arranged an exchange, but they sent me glue trays again. I read the sticker on the glue trays and they were labeled asgel pads, but they were not near the size, function, or weight of a bag of gel pads. They acted as if I was stupid after I contacted Amazon again. I went back to ordering gel pads from a more reliable source since this one clearly cannot be trusted and I kept the glue trays.

👤I usually use silver ones from another brand but they slip all the time so I decided to get these and let's just say it was the best decision. I have used it on a few clients and I had my artist use them on me. No irritation. I will be ordering them again once I run out.

👤I think I have found a new set of eye patches. They were easy to apply and stay out of the eye. I haven't had any issues with breaking out or irritation while using them. I only had to worry about the lashes touching the pad because it could make it difficult for the extensions to stick to the lashes. Other than that, these are keepers. Their customer service and packaging are great additions.

👤After buying this product back in January, we decided to leave a review. If you are starting off and looking for an affordable under eye gel pads, these are for you. They do a great job of covering bottom lashes with tape. There have been no clients who have reacted to the gel pads. This packaging is very cute. I highly recommend to chill out. Great purchase.

👤The best eyepatches. I have only used these eyepatches for 2 years. I've tried the expensive ones from big brands and the ones on Amazon, but they're not as good as the ones on Hydrogel. These are wet in the package. The backing is plastic and I love it. That is what keeps it nice.

👤Since I switched to Lyon gel pads, my clients have been telling me that they feel more comfortable and hydrated. These gel pads have been my go-to lately, they have only 4 ingredients. They are very flexible and stick well on the skin. I would recommend all of them.

5. Pairs Under Pads Eyelash Extensions

Pairs Under Pads Eyelash Extensions

Their latest anti-slip formula ensures that the lint free eye pads stick and stay in place for the entire treatment, which is why they are specifically designed for eyelash extensions. It's perfect for professional lash technicians who want to make lashing easier. All natural ingredients include their lint free hydrogel patches that are free of lint and have natural vitamins and minerals. Treat your clients to a salon experience that is safe, cruelty free and vegan. Your clients won't even know you're wearing them because they're flexible and absorbent. Extra breathability makes these patches super comfortable and they fit all eye and face shapes easily. These are the perfect pads for eyelash extensions and other procedures. When you remove the pads your clients will have a soft, hydrated skin. You can apply, re- apply and remove the patches in a painless way, making them a dream to work with for both you and your clients. All CICI Lash products are tested and certified by qualified lash technicians to ensure they are of the highest quality and 100% suitable for salon use. They have over 12 years of experience in their team, so you can be sure that you will get the best from CICI Lash.

Brand: Cici Lash

👤They are sticky and thin, some are too thin and don't act as a tape to lay down lower lashes, but this one is great.

👤I was thrilled to find these eye pads. They work well for all my clients. They stick well, hold down well, and come off clean, without any problems, because they don't need to be quick. It is our new favorite.

👤Not very thick. The gel stayed on. I bought this for the lady that does my extensions because she was too cheap to buy for her customers. She used surgical tape to remove the top layer of your skin. I don't go to her anymore.

👤Before I do anything on my clients, I try things on myself. This product is not an exception. It feels very snug and easy to use. The thickness is perfect. I mentioned that I got it quickly. I was expecting it on October 7th. I got it on September 27th. I will definitely order more in the future.

👤If I ever ran out, I bought these to be a back up. I bought them again because they are amazing. The perfect amount of sticky is each one. I don't have to detach them or have any issues with them. Highly recommend these pads!

👤These pads are great. They are easy to remove. My clients like how comfortable they are. I will be ordering more.

👤I love these under eye pads so much, I've tried several others, but they always have problems with them not sticking or being too thick, but these are perfect! Just the right thickness. They stick well to clients skin and no irritation to the eyes at all.

👤They work well, my client really liked them, compared to the last pads I used on her, they weren't as harsh on her. They are a little expensive.

6. Eyelash Extension Supplies Disposable Applicators

Eyelash Extension Supplies Disposable Applicators

Eye pads and tape that actually work will be included in the eyelash extensions kit. Don't settle for less. 100 under eye pads for eyelash extensions are free. Before or after extensions application, there are eyelash brushes that separate eyelashes and de-clump mascara. Microswabs are great for removing eyelashes. 100 eyelash extension rings are used to hold eyelash extensions. Lash extension glue is not included. Each roll of eyelash tape is roughly 354 inches in length and is lint free. There is a bonus set of eyelash extension Tweezers.

Brand: Drop Of Diviniti

👤I always look for good products to use on my clients and only use them for a day. The quality of the eypads has been praised by my clients. The items in this package are of great quality. It makes my job a lot simpler. It's a good thing.

👤The kit is beautiful. The curved tweezers are my favorite of the good quality products here. My clients love the eye patches, they leave the skin plump and hydrated. If you don't already have some, I would recommend buying a different kind of tape. They are so cute and perfect to give to your clients. I put my business card and one of the pink spoolies inside of the sachets I bought on Amazon to give to my clients.

👤This is a good find for someone new to the industry. It includes everything from gel pads to mascara wands. The items are of good quality. The gel pads do an amazing job of holding down the bottom lashes and the client's surgical mask in place. The hold is strong and gentle on the client. We enjoyed every one of these products. Highly recommend this product line.

👤Everything came in as it was described. The price is good and I love it.

👤Wow! This kit is the best for eyelash extensions. I've been using these when giving myself extensions and they make the process so much easier, I'm no professional, but an enthusiast. There is only one suggestion, to get another pair of tweezers. I have found that they don't always line up perfectly so it can be hard to deal with individual lashes. Great products!

👤Some of my colleagues have used Lyon Lash's eyelash extension supplies in the past and have also given me some, however I think that this set is better. The tape is of good quality. Good quality and cooling hydrogel eye pads can be found.

👤Wow! My order arrived early so that is a great feeling. I was surprised that the distributors fit all of the supplies in a small box. I like that because it is not wasteful. Everything was packaged separately. I am excited to use this and I will be ordering more soon.

👤The eye pads were terrible, they don't stick to the skin as well as they did on me, but not my clients. I was not happy that they smell like nailpolish. I found a way to make them not rise up and hide their lower eyelashes. I have no issues. I will definitely look into buying a better brand because everything else that came was great.

7. Eyelash Extension Adhesive Breathable Micropore

Eyelash Extension Adhesive Breathable Micropore

6 rolls eyelash extension tapes are included in the eyelash tape package. Each roll medical tape is 1.57 inches in diameter and 10 yards in total length, enough to use for a long time. The lash tape is Breathable, not too sticky will not hurt you when you remove it. This fabric medical tape is easy to use and can be cut into any shape, suitable for various eye shapes. Soft eyelash tape can be used to meet different needs. It's a perfect gift for a friend or family member. Lorvain Eyelash Tape can be used to separate upper and lower eyelashes during eyelash extension procedure. Perfect false eyelash patch is suitable for professional use and personal use. Please read. Click "add to cart" if it says "Sold by Lorvain". If you are not completely satisfied, contact them. If you don't like them, send them back for a full refund.

Brand: Lorvain

👤I was told to use these. They came a little messed up in the picture. You get what you pay for. It's not a 10/10 like it was. I will do more research, but so far it is not bad. The quality is the best. Good for beginners, but don't use them to stick to your clients lashes out of the way to try and get more lashes. Mistake! I had to take the lashes off one by one because the tape was too much for it. It lulled some of her lashes off.

👤I like this tape. The only thing I want is for the glue to be a little stickier. The stick is lost fast. It is easy to use and clean. It's great that color is great. I use it on all my clients.

👤I ordered the same tapes twice, the first time they were perfect, but the second time they were too sticky to remove from the gel pad, so I had to use a knife to remove them. The bottom lashes were stuck in between the tape and gel pad. I don't know what happened but I have my second batches that I won't use.

👤The best tape for lash technicians! These tapes hold up better than any other tapes I have tried. It has a great amount of rolls for the price. It should last you a long time. It works great when I use it for tape backs.

👤This tape is very good. I used to use paper tape or perforated tape but it was too stretchy to unstick and it would tangle when cut. This tape is the perfect size so it won't pull the clients bottom lashes. The tape won't unstick if you have a client that tears it up. The only bad thing about them was that they had a strong metal smell like they had just been cut. I lay them out in the open for a day before using.

👤The stick is not what I was hoping for, but the bigger problem was the tape splitting when trying to pull off the roll. Think of toilet paper being torn apart. The reason it didn't stick well is most likely.

👤Light weight, soft and sticks! No issues when applying it to the eye or eyelash. I like this tape for its flexibility. It sticks well, but it is a problem when removed. I removed a star from it because it lacks a bit of comfort for my clients, and almost all of them have said that it pulls a lot. I don't think they would stop coming to me because of the tape removal at the end.

👤I feel like they have some lint to them. I can not use it for the under eyes. It's good for manipulating eye lids, but not hurt.

👤I love! It is perfect for lash artists. The edges are close to the eyes. The clients were sticky. Hurt when it was taken away. The edges that your fingers touch don't stay down. The middle sticks too much. Blue sensitive medical tape is still a winner.

8. Extension Breathable Hypoallergenic Individual Professional

Extension Breathable Hypoallergenic Individual Professional

Breathable Design is made with a flexible and super thin PE material, microspore, and eyelash extension tape. It is easy to apply and to be cut, and the tape protects the skin's natural barrier, making removal less painful. The eyelash extension supplies can protect upper and lower eyelashes, as well as fix eyelid and hold lash pads on your skin. Each roll of eyelash extension tapes is 8 yard in length. It can be used as a double eyelid sticker, and also can be used to apply eyelash extension.

Brand: Obeyalash

👤I use these tweezers for eyelash extensions to create volume and fan lashes and they are easy to hold and make volumes very easy, however I prefer a shorter Tweezer because they are easy to close. I am impressed with the price.

👤The lashes trays are very smooth to work on, the glue on the strip is perfect, and I like the thickness of the lashes, I had another brand before, but it was hard for.

👤All eight rolls were present. There is a lot in each roll. If you rip off a short piece, they won't be sticky, but longer pieces will stick to the skin. It is not as thin or flexible as Nichiban tape, but it is a good second. If they end up bonding to it, the Lash extensions pop off the tape.

👤It is light and has a good closing. My hand holds up to 7D, so I didn't get fatigue compared to the more expensive ones. I like how it looks without a brand on it, however the packing is not nice, I would buy a couple more to replace the ones I am using.

👤The best tweezers have the best lashes.

👤I was looking for a quick purchase and these tweezers work great.

👤I thought the tapes were different, but they are not. Some are wrapped tighter.

👤This lashes are easy to stick to my practice head, so I recommend them for beginners.

👤There were nice tools in the pouch.

👤It's a great value for money.

👤I use Nichiban eyelash tape during eyelash extension applications. This is not real Nichiban tape. The Nichiban logo is on the individual rolls, but the box says it is made in China. It is not true. I think the tape will be mediocre. It's not as flexible, porous, and white as Nichiban. The tape is very small compared to paper tape. It is better than paper tape, but pales in comparison to real Nichiban. The tape is un-markable and does not allow you to map out your lashes. It is easier to mark up with paper tape than it is with this. I knew that it was too good to be true to get real Nichiban tape for so little.

👤I was hesitant to buy these because they were so cheap, but they were better than the ones I had paid. It's great for making fans. It's possible that honestly might order more for back up.

9. TUPARKA Eyelash ,Adhesive Fabric Extension

TUPARKA Eyelash %EF%BC%8CAdhesive Fabric Extension

Each roll is approx 9m in length and 1.2 cm in width, enough to meet your needs. It's made of good material and it gives you a comfortable feel. The lash tape is a good accessory. The tape is easy to tear and can be cut into any shape or length you need. There is a suit for individuals, cosmetics studios, makeup salons.

Brand: Tuparka

👤The stick is too strong to be used for securing the lashes. I tried detacking it, but it still pulls on the natural lashes. Lifting or pulling eyelids is not a problem with this tape. I don't think it's a good idea to use this on the under eye area. It's not worth the hassle of going back to town. The tape is very thin and there is a lot of it for the price. I have used this tape on my tiles to make it easier to put a strip down.

👤I don't write reviews like that, but this tape is trash. Do not buy if you are a Lash Tech. The tape doesn't stick the whole time. I had to stop in the middle of my client to fix it. There were other reviews about the trash adhering to this tape. I wanted to try it out for myself. Do not waste your time, this is your confirmation.

👤The technique I use to do lashes in layers is one thing that the glue is not great for, but it works well when I use it to lay the lashes down, it's hard for me to pull them off. Yes, it works very well. You have to find the best way to use the tape before you say that it doesn't work, because it's not glue and you have to find a different way to apply it.

👤I use this tape to lift my clients eyes while lashing them and it does not hurt their eyes when I peel it off at the end of my service.

👤She was red top and bottom the next day after I did her lashes. The glue on the tape must be causing the allergic reaction.

👤The product is easy to use, but it doesn't stretch much, and the flexibility could be better. I think you should put a silicone eyepad above the tape to prevent the white fuzzy lashes from coming off. It's pretty good for its price.

👤It's perfect for eyelash extensions.

👤It's great for sensetive skin. The clothes are similar to the lashes.

👤It is so easy to use and I am a bringer.

👤The quality is not good but the price is ok.

👤I would put 0 stars. This tape is very upsetting.

👤The price is good for the quality, but thin and sticks with other layers.

10. Akissos Extension Supplies Extensions Hypoallergenic

Akissos Extension Supplies Extensions Hypoallergenic

Their elastic foam tape can be stretched in all directions and can be cut into any shape, suitable for various eye shapes. Soft elastic foam tape is applied to joints. Whiter is used in order to give more contrast while doing eyelash extensions. This waterproof medical tape is easy to remove and leaves a minimal sticky mark. The eyelash extension is made of elastic foam and acrylic glue, which is latex-free and very comfortable for sensitive people. Their blister tape is great for relief of pain, protection from blisters, and irritation caused by walking. A roll of their medical foam tape is 1 inch wide and 1 inch thick. Three rolls in one package. It's very cost-effective for you. It's very cost-effective for you.

Brand: Akissos

👤I use this on my nose to protect it. A lot of my coworkers are using this to protect their nose, and I am an RN in a covid intensive care unit. We do a seal check every now and then, and so far it hasn't messed up the seal in myself or my coworkers.

👤The tape is very comfortable. I have clients that are very sensitive and this tape has not caused any reaction. I like the thickness so you don't have to use taping or eye pads. The tape sticks very well and it doesn't slide during a lash service if the eyes start to water.

👤It is thick and flexible. They are perfect for lashing.

👤I got them and so far it has been great, I used to get a lot of complaints about strong fumes, but so far it has been good, I have had great retention and it gives you a dark base. If you read this, you should definitely buy because I will buy again.

👤This tape is wonderful! I work in an intensive care unit and take care of sick patients. We wear masks during our shifts. We used small pieces of the tape on our noses to cushion the mask. I can't go without it. Great product. I ordered my own stuff. Thank you.

👤I usually use lash extension under eye pads, but these aren't as good. They tug at the delicate under eye area when you try to remove them.

👤This tape is thick. It is sticky but not too sticky. I don't like using it on the under eyes because it gets really slippery with teary eyes and pushes up and touches the eyeball and is uncomfortable. Maybe I am cutting it wrong. I am not sure. I love it so much. It is very thick and helpful in isolating.

👤The tape was too stiff for under eyes. I wanted to use them as an under eye patch, but I couldn't.

👤Not good for punishment. It is difficult to tape down the bottom lashes. It seems thick, but my isolation tweezers stick through and poke my clients if I am not careful, which is a problem I never had with foam tapes. Does stay put. I give it 2 stars and a price. I wouldn't buy again. I wouldn't recommend lashing.

👤The product made my clients angry. I was expecting it to have a stretch, but it didn't. I don't think this is a good choice as a lash artist. For sure, trial and error.

👤I am happy to have this form tape. It was very easy to use. I can cut any shape I want. It doesn't stick to the lashes. Highly recommended.

👤I had trouble with eye pads because they shifted. The foam tape you can use can be tailored to the client's skin, and can remove some of the stickiness. No reactions from my clients.

👤It's not easy to cut the sticky pads.

11. Extension INFILILA Breathable Micropore Sensitive

Extension INFILILA Breathable Micropore Sensitive

The eyelash tape is waterproof and Breathable, so it won't feel sweaty or sticky, please use with confidence. GENTLE TO SKIN is Breathable and Skin-friendly, it is easy to remove and leaves no sticky mess, it will not hurt your skin when removing. It's easy to apply Inila Eyelash Tape, it can be used to isolated upper and lower eyelashes during eyelash extension procedure. The Eyelash Extension Tape can be stretched in all directions and can be cut into any shape. It's recommended to stick it on the arm and under the eyes to reduce its viscosity. There areIDE applications. 6 rolls of eyelash extension tapes are included in the package. A roll of tape is about an inch wide and 10 yd long, 2 in thick, enough to be used for a long time. It's perfect for eyelash patch makeup tool, it's suitable for makeup salon, cosmetics studio, makeup artist, professional use and personal use. Please read. - If you are not completely satisfied with the product you receive, you can contact them immediately. The products they send out are all tested and intact.

Brand: Nxj Infilila

👤You can hold different color polishes with these little cups on your fingers. The cups make it easy to create different looks on your nails, without having to use a lot of polish. The cups can be adjusted to fit different size fingers. They are easy to wear.

👤The value is great. They did the trick. This is a must have for a lash tech.

👤I love doing nail art, and I've found that these rings help prolong the shelf life of my nail polish. I can keep small amounts of polish in the plastic cups of the rings since they are on top of my fingers, instead of keeping the bottles open and dipping them into them. I'm sure they will last me a long time since they come in such a large amount.

👤You get a lot for your money with these. They are sturdy and definitely not cheap.

👤The rings are good quality and this is a great value. I used it to swatch my nailpolish and it turned out great. It makes sense to get this one because it can be used as an art palette when doing nails.

👤I don't mind that they're small. I don't like using large holders because I don't feel like I'm using the whole ring.

👤I'm glad they're not square. It's not so heavy of a ring for me.

👤They are a normal glue ring for eyelash extensions. The value is great.


What is the best product for eye tape for lash extensions?

Eye tape for lash extensions products from Akissos. In this article about eye tape for lash extensions you can see why people choose the product. Stacy Lash and Ocim are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye tape for lash extensions.

What are the best brands for eye tape for lash extensions?

Akissos, Stacy Lash and Ocim are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye tape for lash extensions. Find the detail in this article. Lyon Lash, Cici Lash and Drop Of Diviniti are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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