Best Eye Tees Makeup Applicators

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1. Double Precision Pieces Cotton Pointed

Double Precision Pieces Cotton Pointed

Their Precision Tips are made of quality organic cotton and are soft and absorbent. The paper used in the handle can reduce waste. Good for personal care. Compacted cotton tip has less lint than regular swabs which can work well in using. You can use the cotton swabs to do some precise things. 800 pieces of cotton swabs are included in the package. The Double Pointed Shape Tips handle are made from recycled paper. The small size and double precision tips of theElectronics Cleaning makes it a good choice to clean the dust between the keyboards and phone ports. Wide Application You can use their double-sided cotton swabs in any place you want, they can be applied in beauty, pet care, baby care, arts and crafts, household and collectibles cleaning and more.

Brand: Rouceyxin

👤I use Q-tips for putting on makeup. I haven't been able to find them. I ordered them after finding them. They are the same quality and cost less. I will order them from now on. Great product. Linda is in Pennsylvania.

👤Between getting into those tiny places nail polish can hide and making up boo boos, these last me a long time. They could be useful for arts and craft things, but so far they are only used for this. I love them.

👤It's hard to find the Q-Tip Beauty Swabs. I use them for more than just makeup, they are also used in my painting and artwork. The way they are made it easy to do precision work. I found these to be very good quality.

👤I use them to get my makeup where it shouldn't go and to touch up my eyeliner. They hold their shape so you can only take what you need. The QTip precise tips work better for what I use them for.

👤I like doing my eye makeup with these makeup tips. I don't have to worry about messing up my lashes. I tried them a long time ago and can't live without them. The shipping was quick.

👤I have never seen a Q-tip with such a point. I would not put them in my ears, but they are great for cleaning up make up messes. It would be great to clean up things in corners or tight places.

👤My hairdresser applies color to my brows. You can't get them at the drugstore. If you use a brow pencil, they're great for cleaning up mascara.

👤I think they should all be made like that. They are hard to find.

2. Precision Multipurpose Absorbent Hygienic Cleaning

Precision Multipurpose Absorbent Hygienic Cleaning

The cotton swabs are made of quality organic cotton and are soft and absorbent. The paper used in the handle can reduce waste. Good for personal care. The cotton tip has less lint than the regular ones, which can work well in using. The spiral tip is good for cleaning the ears because it's pointed, and the pointed head can use it to do some precise things. Electricity cleaning. The small size and double precision tip make it a good choice to clean the dust between the keyboards and phone ports. There is aIDE application. You can use their double-sided cotton swabs in any place you want, they can be applied in beauty, pet care, baby care, arts and crafts, household and collectibles cleaning and more. 800 pieces of cotton swabs are included in the pack. The recycle paper used to make the handle is strong and hard.

Brand: Cenyouful

👤I bought my first package of cotton tips at a high-end store. Every time I put on my makeup, I use cotton tips to clean up around my eyes and lips. Regular unwoven cotton tips have always caused me issues and were an opportunity for me to get a random loose cotton fiber tangled up in my eyelashes or into my blue eyes. It would drive me crazy until I was able to get it out, which would leave my eye swollen and angry. I fell in love with woven cotton tips the first time I used them and knew that I would be able to find them at a cheaper price on Amazon. I bought this product because I don't need a bunch of women or a salon to help me with my hair. The cotton is wrapped around the stick leaving a trail of cotton fiber in your eyes and other things. The cotton swabs are attached to the ends of a stick. Each cotton swab has a rounded end that has ridges or tiers and is perfect for precision applications. The missing star 4 is a lethal weapon that is found on this particular brand of cotton swabs. It is so sharp that at its worst it could cause injury. Disappointing! I don't want to put it close to my eyes. I have to remember to put the point against a tooth or on the counter before I put it near my eye because it is sharp enough to put an eye out. If you are looking for a very sharp pointed cotton swabs, this may not be an issue for you. These are the ones for you. I have found a way to use them safely, and these are still better than un-woven cotton tips. I take a few at a time and then tap the point on the counter to refill my container, they are still Pointy for precision but no longer lethal. That's right.

👤I would have expected these to be as tightly woven as possible. When I cleaned my quartz banger, I left a ton of cotton behind. I was hoping that these would be a substitute for my old mops. I am sure they are good for other tasks.

👤I enjoy reading reviews. They are helpful for the right purchase decisions. My contribution is here. I bought the ones from "Walgreens". Their brand name. They cost just $6 for a measley 80 count. The cotton did not shed away when moist, like all other brands. The rack is always empty since they can't keep enough in stock. "EUREKA!" I had to try all the other ones before I found these. These are "FANTASTIC" It's so much cheaper. Wow! The cotton doesn't separate when wet. It's great if you need just a bit of paint or glue for art projects. I use the rounder tip for deep ear cleaning and the pointed edge for cleaning my jewelry. I usually use a soft baby's tooth brush, but when I'm out and on the go, I keep a few in my bag. To make the tip moist, I put the end of my tongue on it. It works like a charm. You can get an "800" count for only 8.99. I am glad I found these. Bye, Bye, Walgreens! C-YA!

3. Pieces Double Tipped Pointed Applicator

Pieces Double Tipped Pointed Applicator

You can fix and shape the cotton swabs with double pointed tipped desiged. The cotton tipped swabs are not easily broken. The q tips for ears are made from renewable resources. The cotton stick can be used for a lot of things.

Brand: Btyms

👤I bought these because I use make up brushes that make my throat sore and I get tonsil stones a lot. The wood is too flimsy to really push against the back of the mouth, which is where the atones come from. If you are like me and are trying this out for that purpose, they aren't perfect.

👤I like these things. The long handles are useful. They were originally used for gun cleaning, but have found that they can also be used for ear cleaners. The handle makes it easy to push the ear wax out of the other side of your head.

👤The 200 count variety would come in two, 100 item pouches. After using the photos I received, I found them to be satisfactory for cleaning in tight spaces of small household appliance. I used them and none of them broke. The two pouch's are marked with 175 swabs. I counted them, and although there were 90 in one pouch, I received 200 in the other. The pouch labeling might be changed by the seller. The customer doesn't want to count what they received.

👤I 800-273-3217 These are the worst. The wooden handles can break easily. These are cheap. I don't feel bad buying a different brand when I throw these away. I have yet to have one of these not break because I used them for cleaning car, mountain bike, road bike, handgun, rifle and air gun parts. You should be fine if you only need these for delicate work. If you use these for real work, look for something else. Two-packs are the best products I have seen. They are used for medical purposes and the quality is some of the best.

👤These are tools of the trade that my husband manages. I took a few out of his first order and ordered them for myself in the kitchen and sewing/craft room. It's great for cleaning the Food Saver track, seals on Yeti type tumblers, my sewing machines and serger, and a variety of other places. Lots of uses, Sturdy and long.

👤You get 2 bags of swaps. I wouldn't use it on the body because they don't look clean. The bags are marked as Industrial use and the swaps are fine for cleaning machine parts. I use the swabs to clean the printer heads. There is a The wooden handles allow more pressure to be applied, and its length is good to reach deep crevices.

👤One of my boys has an excess wax problem that leads to yeast infections. I use these two or three times a week. One in 10 break while using is my only complaint. The long stem allows me to see what I am doing. My vet told me that cat ear drums are placed behind a curve in the ear canal so there is less chance of them being bumped. She told me to not put the swab in so deep that I couldn't see the tip. Try to do it with a q-tip. Not possible! At least for me. I will return for more when these run out.

4. Cotton Pieces Double Precision Pointed

Cotton Pieces Double Precision Pointed

Their cotton swabs are made of quality organic cotton and are soft and absorbent. The paper used in the handle can reduce waste. Good for personal care. Compacted cotton tip has less lint than regular swabs which can work well in using. Their cotton swabs are round and pointed so they can be used for cleaning or precise things. The pack includes 200 pieces, 4 packs of cotton swabs, and 800 pieces in total. The recycle paper used to make the handle is strong and hard. Electricity cleaning. It's small size and double precision tip make it perfect for cleaning and dusting electronics, keyboards and phone ports. There is aIDE application. You can use their double-sided cotton swabs in a variety of ways, from beauty to pet care, household and collectibles cleaning, and more.

Brand: Hnrloy

👤One of my pet peeves. These cotton swabs don't bend, finally! The shape helps to get a deeper clean without hurting your ear or damaging your eardrum. What a steal!

👤These swabs are great for a lot of things. They do a great job applying makeup. The pointed end is good for making the eyeliner look softer. It is great for cleaning nooks and crannies around the sink faucets or in your car. I use cotton because it doesn't give off lint. It is easy to hold on to because it is a good length.

👤These swabs are great for wiping out make-up mistakes. There is a tiny spot of extra mascara at the end.

👤I bought these for my kit. They are packed in smaller bags that make it easy to toss a pack in my range bag.

👤The fibers are tightly wound. Good for cleaning. Used to clean nails. It works well for that. When they run out, I will buy again.

👤They are a bit flimsy, but so far there has been no bending. It works as it should because cotton stays on. The tips for makeup fixes are nice.

👤I got these to clean my insert, but they also work great for ears and cleaning electronics.

👤I use them for make-up removal and clean up and they work well for me. I don't recommend this product for use on the ear, but it is a great product to have in your kit.

👤Vraiment! ils sont rigides. It's super bien.

👤The tips are too small and the bottom is too fat. Money is wasted.

5. Sky Organics Cotton Swabs Pack

Sky Organics Cotton Swabs Pack

Sky Organics has included a pack of 500 organic cotton swabs. Sky Organics Organic Cotton Swabs are made with 100% pure organic cotton. Their cotton is GOTS certified organic cotton, which is why their cotton Swabs are made with it. There were no pesticides used in the manufacturing of cotton. Sky Organics Cotton Swabs are soft and gentle on the skin. It's ideal for cleaning around the outer surface of the ear. Sky Organics Cotton Swabs are made with organic cotton and are free of chlorine and fragrance.

Brand: Sky Organics

👤I bought these cotton swabs because they are made with organic cotton and are completely natural, and thus post-consumer. They are made well and good quality, but not as good as qtip brand. If you use them for that, be careful not to press too hard if you are used to a thicker cotton swab, as they are still comfortable in ear. They are a good product at a good value, but I wish they were not in plastic packaging so that they were more eco-friendly.

👤The cotton sticks are soft and durable, and they are double-ended. They are organic and fragrance/chlorine-free. I put a clean product in my ears. This box will last me a long time. The price is similar to drugstore cotton swabs, and I don't mind spending an extra dollar for organic. I received a gift card to purchase this product, but I was not required to write a review. All opinions were my own and were not influenced.

👤I use these to clean my ears. I have done it for years with other brands and never had an issue. The cotton came out of my ear. That is not acceptable. I had to get my husband to pull it out. I won't buy another product like that.

👤The qtip is for those who value organic. I'm happy to try them. These are new to the bathroom. They are soft and firm. I know I shouldn't. I like to clean my ears. I apply some coconut oil and roll it around. I know it's hard to try a new brand out of fear, but these hold up and work great.

👤Sky Organics is used to clean my cats ears. I use feline ear drops to pour it. The cotton is soft and nonabrasive, it gets all dirt out of it. It works well with my cats, so far I like it.

👤I like Sky Organics cotton swabs. The ones I buy are stronger than the ones I normally buy. The heads are not going around my ears.

👤These are cotton swabs. I love that they are certified organic, 100% Biodegradable, and Hypoallergenic, which feels consequential for something used so close to eyes and ears. They feel the same amount of cotton as I did. The other brand fills our world with plastic, but these do not. These are great for various arts and crafts with the grand children. I am very happy with the cotton swabs.

👤I've never seen q-tips that are both a good product and cruelty free. It's difficult to get only cruelty free products. I was very excited when I saw these swabs. The cotton on the tips kept falling off, I used a brand called q-tips. Q-tip without a tip is what good is. I had an item that was the same company, and they were fine. What about the swabs? The cotton swab stays on the cardboard stick. It's good! The cardboard sticks are very weak. They bend and curve when you use one end of the stick, so you can't do everything you want to, like cleaning your ears. I'm very sorry to say that I'm torn about getting this brand again.

6. Norme Cleaning Pointed Ceramics Electronics

Norme Cleaning Pointed Ceramics Electronics

You will receive 500 packs of swabs in a clear plastic storage case, enough for daily use, meeting your needs and demands. Buds are great for arts and crafts, ceramics, fabric decorations, hobby, jewelry, model making, and iteam cleaning. The wooden handle is not easy to snap, and the material is gentle to the surface, making wood swabs a good choice. It's convenient and practical, it's better for cleaning hard to reach places than a standard one, it's double tips, it's good for cleaning pets ears, and it's good for travel. It's a warm note that tipped applicators have less lint than regular ones and can work well for both cleaning and smearing.

Brand: Norme

👤The wood is too brittle to be a good handle. They break when there is pressure against the wood. This will cause you to use more than you anticipated to get the job done. It would not be a good idea, but still useful, and will finish the box instead of sending it back.

👤It's much better than using bathroom products for this purpose, because there is no lint and the end allows real precision contact. My gun cleaning process has improved. Highly recommended.

👤These work great when I want to clean my nails quickly. It's also great for other things. The tip is fine on one end. It's easy to reach hard to reach places and it keeps on point to clean up the polish around the nail for a professional look.

👤The cotton tips are not good for anything as they can get stuck into small spaces.

👤Theses are great for cleaning hard to reach areas of firearms. I clean the pagers on the fire dept.

👤It was odd that they had a strong smell. I wouldn't put it in my ear, but I will investigate further to see if I can use it to clean equipment.

👤They were bought to clean silver jewelry. The pointed end makes it perfect for cleaning small crevices. A friend gave a bundle of paints to her and she loves them for cleaning up small mistakes. Highly recommended for crafting.

👤I was worried that these would be worse quality than the expensive ones I buy in the gun or sporting goods stores, but that is not the case. They're just as good.

7. Handles Applicator Cleaning Removal Polishing

Handles Applicator Cleaning Removal Polishing

The cotton is in the package. You will be happy with the amount of cotton that can be used. Cross-infection won't happen using their disposable cotton swab. This tool is multi-functional and will be needed for applying lubrication, glue, paint, cleaning, and detailing. Great for arts and crafts, ceramics, fabric decorations, hobby, jewelry, and model making. Cotton tips with less lint are gentle to your skin and items surface. The cotton sticks are approx. It's very convenient to use 15 cm/6 inches in length, long and thin, to reach the small space.

Brand: Tbestmax

👤When I saw them, I thought they were what I needed. I do restoration work on antiques and older pieces from frames to paintings. These get into the smallest crevices for things like lubricating and cleaning. These are a must for fellow restorers, whether it's a hobby or a business.

👤These were used to clean the hard to clean areas in fans and cars. The cotton comes EXTREMELY easy when the sticks break. If you can't get it out, it becomes a problem because it could burn up. I will not be using them for my fans or anything else with a motor.

👤I bought them for wound care. They are in plastic bags. The wood is very thin, so it isn't suitable for anything that needs pressure, but it's perfect for what I need. The bags have the word cleanroom on them. The lower price is more important than the thicker wand.

👤I don't need to worry about my hands getting in the wound and messing it up, they're long enough to get into the wound to clean it without any pain. I don't have to get my hands dirty if I put an antibiotic on.

👤These break quickly. I use for building models. They break if there is any pressure at all. I go for everyone at least once a day. Spend a couple of bucks more for stronger ones.

👤A good tool for reaching hard to clean. Wood handles are not very strong. I use 2 or 3 at a time to get into tight crevices, like around the rubber gasket on the washing machine or the corners of drawers. All natural materials go into the compost pile. Will buy again.

👤The applicators are very useful for cleaning my slicer.

👤It's just the right length and can be used for so many things. I wish they would add more cotton. A bigger tip would be a good idea. I need them so will be buying more.

8. 100Pcs Pointed Cotton Medical Jewelry

100Pcs Pointed Cotton Medical Jewelry

Wide Application You can use their double-sided cotton swabs in any place you want, they can be applied in beauty, pet care, baby care, arts and crafts, household and collectibles cleaning and more. Cotton swabs are used to remove makeup from the eye. It is important to play a role in makeup removal. Cotton tipped applicators have less lint than regular ones and can be used for both cleaning and smearing. The cotton is hard to reach and the wooden cotton swabs allow you to scrub out those hard to reach places. It is suitable for sensitive skin. The cotton tip is gentle to your skin and the wooden handle is not easy to break. The cotton sticks are small. It's very convenient to use a long and thin 2.75 inch/7 cm to reach the small space. It is not easy to fall off, great for permanent makeup, cosmetics, or other model making, ceramics, jewelry, fabric decorations, hobby, arts crafts.

Brand: Ecyc

👤Not impressed was a toothpick with a white tip. These are colored white and not containing cotton. After painting my nails, I bought these to clean up small areas. The photo shows a small amount of cotton that can absorb liquid, but it is really just a small piece of wood with zero absorbency powers. I would not recommend these products as I think most people would be doing them for a similar purpose.

👤The low score is due to packaging. They are great. I got an empty baggie with 100 loose swabs in the box to carry my order. This had to happen because the box was in good condition. I would have returned them if I had not wanted them for nailpolish clean up. I don't have a lot of problems with my orders, but this situation was a tad frustrating.

👤I use oxygen 24/7. It makes my nose hurt. I need to clean the cannula in my nose. The cotton on the tips of these tiny swabs is small. I was surprised to see how small they are. I can wipe them out because they fit perfectly in the nose. I can see where they would be useful for the crafter.

👤The item is a toothpick with a cotton layer at one end. I needed an item to clean the nail bed of my son's toes. The item was painful because it had no cushion at the end. I will use them to clean ear buds.

👤They work great on my craft projects.

👤Buy toothpicks and save money. The cotton dissolved when I dipped it in cleaner.

👤These qtips make my winged liner sharper. It is easier to clean up underneath the eye.

👤I like to paint my nails with these. These are small enough that I can get around my nails with polish remover, and I can also get around my neck with it. I have an issue with them being very weak and easy to break.

9. Eyeshadow Applicators MORGLES Applicator Disposable

Eyeshadow Applicators MORGLES Applicator Disposable

The eyeshadow brush is packaged in a safe and clean bag. It's easy to carry. The eye makeup applicators are made of a plastic stick and sponge tip that are soft and do not hurt the skin. Daily application: These eyeshadow applicators are great for makeup application. It's ideal for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Makeup artists and beauty shops can use the disposable eyeshadow brush for many clients. 50pcs black eyeshadows are easy to use, they have dual sided brushes that allow them to paste different eyeshadow colors but not mix.

Brand: Morgles

👤I suppose that brushes were a new thing for people to spend money on. I have a lot of them. I never had a complaint about using the sponge tipped apps that came with the shadows. The bomb is Sponges. It's good to get more color in one stroke and use it on other things, like cream makeup on and around your nose. I've always thought that the "concealer brushes" were absurd, they come with an applicator. Durr. The sponges are thick and well attached, so you could use them for the same or similar colors. A good purchase. Smitha Deepak has some great videos on using a method called a "swipe and dab". Check it out.

👤There is a dead baby bug in the sealed package that I received yesterday. I will be returning them.

👤The eye shadow applicators are sturdy and will last a long time. The sponge tips stay on longer than the eye shadows that come with them.

👤Good quality eye shadows. There are four sides to each other. Double the sides of most. It's hard to find these in any stores. Most stores have eye shadow brushes. Good product and good price. Fast shipping as well.

👤The eye shadow doesn't get picked up by the applicator, so I have to try and get some of it on the applicator. I loosened up the eye shadow so it wasn't too heavy and the application wouldn't pick up any. I went back to using my brushes after giving up. The product is not soft like other products. Maybe I had a bad day. I wouldn't recommend this product.

👤I find eyeshadows break or come apart within weeks but these seem to be sturdy and made well. They work just as well.

👤I use these to replace broken eyeshadows. They are a great price and work well.

👤I bought these to apply glitter nail polish which works great but tested with eyeshadow on my lid and was impressed as well as being able to concentrate where I wanted the eyeshadow to be.

👤Me han sido tiles.

10. TecUnite Pieces Cotton Precision Pointed

TecUnite Pieces Cotton Precision Pointed

Good for personal care and cosmetics. The package includes 3 packs of pointed cotton swabs, 600 pieces in total, and a compact cotton tip which has less lint than regular cotton which can work well in using. The handle of the swabs is made with recycle paper that is strong and soft. When you want to do something precise, the double-pointed side works great. There are wide applications in beauty, pet care, baby care, arts and crafts, household and collectibles cleaning.

Brand: Tecunite

👤The cotton is tight and not fluffy. Good for applying makeup. Strong construction.

👤I have been using these swabs for years as they are a must for eye detail and can help with liner and define more than an ordinary cotton swab can. They can also be used for nailpolish removal and smoothing. Very versatile and recommended.

👤I haven't been able to find them at local stores on a regular basis, but I was glad to find them on Amazon. Correcting make-up or nail polish mistakes can be done with these. Q-tips ends are rounded and end up being frustrating. Give these a try.

👤Excellent quality. It helps correct the minutest on your makeup. The small mistakes on my L'Oreal Infallible lipstick need to be corrected to get the perfect lip lines. This is not a large amount because you will use lots of them. The tool for makeup is indispensable. It's great for nail polish correction. Don't use in your ears.

👤I am a part time nail tech and pmu artist, and I will be going through this quick because these are more useful than regular qtips. The time is very long and it is great for cleaning up makeup errors. These don't look cheap.

👤I like using these to put on my eye makeup. I use these to put on my eyeliner. I use a lot of different colors for eyeliner. The cotton swabs are perfect for getting close to the lashes. Correcting eye makeup mistakes is something they do well. I can also use them for other things.

👤I bought these cotton swabs to clean my firearms because the cotton breaks apart very easily and the tip doesn't stay sharp for more than a minute. I bought a firearm cleaning kit a long time ago and it had cotton swabs that were similar to the ones I can't find in a gun store. These still get the job done, but not as well. The product is great for the price.

👤I use them for makeup. They are firm and with a great point to wipe away the mascara on the lid or the liner when you make a mistake. Unless you're into that sort of thing, you shouldn't clean your ears.

👤Son buenos pero no great things. La punta no es del todo puntiaguda.

11. Shadow Applicator Disposable Eyeshadow Applicators

Shadow Applicator Disposable Eyeshadow Applicators

150 pieces in a clean box is enough to use for different purposes. They are 6.5 cm/ 2.6 inches and suitable for use and plac. It won't hurt your skin. The sponge is very soft so it won't be hard to break it if you apply your shadow well. Double eyeshadow brushes with 2 different colors each side allow you to apply diverse colors eyeshadow. They offer a box for their customer to store their sponge brush in. It is suitable for business trips, holidays, parties, festivals, wedding, proms, daily use, performances, etc.

Brand: Tbestmax

👤These work well. I expected them to be a little bigger. They are cheaper than the stores and will last me a long time. Drug stores are eliminating them. They are not made in the US.

👤Couldn't find them at local drug stores, but they were cheap at two big chain beauty stores. These are thick.

👤The value is great. Good for painting with pastels.

👤I have sensitive eyes and skin around them and these eyeshadows smooth the shadow on their own. You won't be disappointed.

👤They were very happy to see so many of them. I don't have to worry about using the same eye shadow application every time. They came in their own box and will stay clean. I tried to find them in Walmart and Walgreens, but couldn't find them. I wear them out before I use the eye shadow.

👤I liked the value of the money. They don't come apart when used correctly. Smooth tips and a good size.

👤The case doesn't snap shut, but the swabs are good enough. I have to be careful with it.

👤The product is a good one and a great value, but it is not latex free. I have a latex allergy. I had a severe reaction after using this product twice. I woke up this morning with my eyes closed. You may want to rethink if you have a latex allergy. If you don't have a latex allergy and would like a box of these minus one, I will send it to you for free.


What is the best product for eye tees makeup applicators?

Eye tees makeup applicators products from Rouceyxin. In this article about eye tees makeup applicators you can see why people choose the product. Cenyouful and Btyms are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye tees makeup applicators.

What are the best brands for eye tees makeup applicators?

Rouceyxin, Cenyouful and Btyms are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye tees makeup applicators. Find the detail in this article. Hnrloy, Sky Organics and Norme are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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