Best Eye Tees Precision Makeup Applicator

Tees 27 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. GoWorth Disposable Brushes Lipstick Applicator

GoWorth Disposable Brushes Lipstick Applicator

The soft bristles give a smooth coverage of lip color. The black handle is easy to use and carry. After curling lashes, for makeup and mascara. The disposable lip gloss applicators are good for applying lipgloss or lipstick that will give you a perfect look. 200 pieces of disposable lip brushes are included in the package. The length is 3.55 inches.

Brand: Goworth

👤I sell lip color and gloss and have to buy testers often. I'm using these today and they are terrible. The cotton is coming off, too, after the white applicators fell off twice. I will contact the seller to get a full refund.

👤It's perfect for my LipSense demonstrations.

👤These work well to get eye makeup out of nooks and crevices. If you have eyelash extensions, I use them to clean my lids. If you don't have extensions for water proof eye makeup, you can gently get off liquid eye liner by dipping them in any makeup remover, mild facial cleansing agent, or even cleansing oil. I use them with a mixture of baby wash and water. If you reuse them more than once, make sure to wash them with alcohol. If you use a clean one, use it again. It can be used for sanitary makeup application.

👤I will not be without these. I used to hate using a doe foot on my MOUTH and then putting the germs back into a tube and not using the lipstick for months before I decided to use it again. A lot of my lipsticks went very watery while I was cleaning them out. I thought I could increase the shelf life of my lipsticks by lowering the introduction of germs. I spent a lot of money on those lipsticks, so buying these is a small price to pay to keep them longer. Most of us only put lipstick on once a day, so they last a long time.

👤I use these to apply the cleaner to my eyelash extensions. It is soft and works well. Some reviews say the tips come off. If you pull on them, they will come off. I don't think they would work for thick lipgloss. I use them for what they do.

👤I got these for applying eyeshadow along the base of my lashes. They are narrow, soft, and have a small curve. They aren't used for eyeshadow application. I've been using the same one for a week and it's holding up. I'll use them for crafting. When he cleans small parts, send some out to the garage. These are multi-use. A great product.

👤These are good for testing colors. Several of my friends and I will get different colored lipgloss/lip lacquers, one for each of us, and then we will all try each color with the sample wand before we use our purchases on ourselves. This has saved us a lot of money, since we can sample several colors and see which colors look good on us, and not waste money on the colors that look horrible on us. I use them for mixing colors. I swiped the wand over another color to prevent ruining a lip color. I love these!

👤These are essential for applying eye lashes. They are lightweight and have a precision tip to remove any mess on your face. Without removing your make up. I have used these to clean up the cracks and crevices. Like in your car.

2. Precision Multipurpose Absorbent Hygienic Cleaning

Precision Multipurpose Absorbent Hygienic Cleaning

The cotton swabs are made of quality organic cotton and are soft and absorbent. The paper used in the handle can reduce waste. Good for personal care. The cotton tip has less lint than the regular ones, which can work well in using. The spiral tip is good for cleaning the ears because it's pointed, and the pointed head can use it to do some precise things. Electricity cleaning. The small size and double precision tip make it a good choice to clean the dust between the keyboards and phone ports. There is aIDE application. You can use their double-sided cotton swabs in any place you want, they can be applied in beauty, pet care, baby care, arts and crafts, household and collectibles cleaning and more. 800 pieces of cotton swabs are included in the pack. The recycle paper used to make the handle is strong and hard.

Brand: Cenyouful

👤I bought my first package of cotton tips at a high-end store. Every time I put on my makeup, I use cotton tips to clean up around my eyes and lips. Regular unwoven cotton tips have always caused me issues and were an opportunity for me to get a random loose cotton fiber tangled up in my eyelashes or into my blue eyes. It would drive me crazy until I was able to get it out, which would leave my eye swollen and angry. I fell in love with woven cotton tips the first time I used them and knew that I would be able to find them at a cheaper price on Amazon. I bought this product because I don't need a bunch of women or a salon to help me with my hair. The cotton is wrapped around the stick leaving a trail of cotton fiber in your eyes and other things. The cotton swabs are attached to the ends of a stick. Each cotton swab has a rounded end that has ridges or tiers and is perfect for precision applications. The missing star 4 is a lethal weapon that is found on this particular brand of cotton swabs. It is so sharp that at its worst it could cause injury. Disappointing! I don't want to put it close to my eyes. I have to remember to put the point against a tooth or on the counter before I put it near my eye because it is sharp enough to put an eye out. If you are looking for a very sharp pointed cotton swabs, this may not be an issue for you. These are the ones for you. I have found a way to use them safely, and these are still better than un-woven cotton tips. I take a few at a time and then tap the point on the counter to refill my container, they are still Pointy for precision but no longer lethal. That's right.

👤I would have expected these to be as tightly woven as possible. When I cleaned my quartz banger, I left a ton of cotton behind. I was hoping that these would be a substitute for my old mops. I am sure they are good for other tasks.

👤I enjoy reading reviews. They are helpful for the right purchase decisions. My contribution is here. I bought the ones from "Walgreens". Their brand name. They cost just $6 for a measley 80 count. The cotton did not shed away when moist, like all other brands. The rack is always empty since they can't keep enough in stock. "EUREKA!" I had to try all the other ones before I found these. These are "FANTASTIC" It's so much cheaper. Wow! The cotton doesn't separate when wet. It's great if you need just a bit of paint or glue for art projects. I use the rounder tip for deep ear cleaning and the pointed edge for cleaning my jewelry. I usually use a soft baby's tooth brush, but when I'm out and on the go, I keep a few in my bag. To make the tip moist, I put the end of my tongue on it. It works like a charm. You can get an "800" count for only 8.99. I am glad I found these. Bye, Bye, Walgreens! C-YA!

3. Disposable Double Sided Applicator Double Headed Double Color

Disposable Double Sided Applicator Double Headed Double Color

The material is made of soft latex sponge. One-time use, sanitary and convenient, saving time to clean the brush when you are busy are some of the advantages. The eye shadow brush is portable and easy to carry around. There are multi-function eye makeup brush. 50pcs double-sided eyeshadow brushes, with 2 different colors on each side, allow you to apply a variety of eyeshadows.

Brand: Winhouse

👤I needed more eyeshadows after I bought them on Amazon. I thought they were the same as the ones I had bought, but they are not. I think they would work well for using shadow. The part is too small for me.

👤I didn't find anything to dislike about these makeup products. The sponges are soft. You can have a clean makeup application each time. No using the same thing over and over. The method is more sanitary. The box that the applicators come in is plastic and will protect them until they use one.

👤Someone mentioned that they have an odor. They were fine after I dumped them out onto a paper towel and left them to air out for a couple of days. I'm really enjoying applying my eyeshadow with them.

👤They smell strongly of chemicals when I opened the package. I'm hoping they will leave.

👤I love the longer length.

👤I almost returned them because they smelled like chemicals, but they are just the nature of the product. I left them open for a few days and the smell faded completely. They are soft and easy to apply makeup to. They don't bother my eyes. Glad I kept them.

4. Cuttte Disposable Applicators Applicator Application

Cuttte Disposable Applicators Applicator Application

The eyelash prescription product is an outstanding solution to the problem of waste. No more product waste! You can make a precise eyelash line by saving and making the serum last longer. The microbrush applicators are much easier to use than the brushes that come with the eyelash product. You're able to get right along the lash line. There is no fuzz left behind from cotton or plastic. Micro brushes are great for getting in hard to reach areas. It's suitable for makeup application, nail art, painting, crafting projects, Jewelry washing, gun washing, etc.

Brand: Cuttte

👤These are not close to what you need. Latisse rolls off the end of the Applicators. It is true that they are disposable and that they are Micro Brushes, but it is not true that they are Latisse Applicators. I was out of town when the final return date was and they would have been returned or exchanged for something else. There is an update... I just got credit from the seller and it was 5 stars.

👤It took me a long time to write this review because it took the assistants forever to tell me that the tip is not as thick as the ones I bought before. I asked the seller a lot of questions before I bought this. 2mm isn't really 2mm. It's like 1mm. I put it up against my old ones and it was worse. I will include a photo if I have time.

👤I bought these to use less Latisse. I use the generic version of Bimat, the same product and consistency, but it's cheaper. The end of the applicators is too small to absorb Latisse if you try to directly drop it onto it. You have to apply the application to the drop. Latisse can be placed on the mirror while keeping it flat. Then dip the end of the applicator in the drop. Again, dip for the other eye. There is enough left in the drop to do both eyebrows, and the tip holds plenty to do each eye at a time. You can't reuse it when it's finished. This method reduces the amount of Latisse you use to a single drop for both eyes and both brows, and plenty of Latisse is deposited on each eye without too much excess, avoiding having it stray away from the lash line where you don't want it. The Latisse bottle is sterile because you deposited the drop onto the mirror. The cheap and efficient Latisse Applicators are the perfect solution for saving money and getting a cleaner, more precise application.

👤I'm sure this works well for everyone, but I may have gotten a bad one. The fiber tip was gone. I use the same products for my business as I use for other micro swabs. The tip of these microswab was gone when I wet them. I use one or two per service and the fiber tip is tacked on. I went through six because the fiber tip would be gone and I only had a pink stick.

👤I like the way these brushes hold a small amount of product, but not much. It doesn't show well in the picture and the end is fuzzy. It holds the amount you need. You can get your product from the pharmacy. The generic version is cheaper than the Good Rx version. The seller thought about cross-contamination, but I was only concerned about the fact that they are not individually wrapped. The bag with the applicators is packaged upside down so you don't touch the end that touches your eye while pulling them out. They are small and there are a lot. And thin. They don't take up a lot of room. They are broken down into smaller pieces in different bags. When I run out, I will definitely be ordering more.

5. Pieces Cotton Double Precision Double Pointed

Pieces Cotton Double Precision Double Pointed

Their cotton is made of quality organic cotton and is soft and absorbent. The paper used in the handle can reduce waste. Good for personal care. Compacted cotton tip has less lint than regular swabs which can work well in using. You can use the cotton swabs to do some precise things. 800 pieces of cotton swabs are included in the pack. The recycle paper used to make the handle is strong and hard. Electricity cleaning. The small size and double precision tip make it a good choice to clean the dust between the keyboards and phone ports. There is aIDE application. You can use their double-sided cotton swabs in any place you want, they can be applied in beauty, pet care, baby care, arts and crafts, household and collectibles cleaning and more.

Brand: Rayhee

👤I use cotton swabs to clean my nose, it beats using a finger. Don't try this at home, I'm sure it's not the best use. For my intended use, precision tips work well. I have been using the Qtip brand for a long time. I have tried other brands but I always felt the Qtips were better. The Qtip Brand is a problem because the point on the top is damaged about 50% of the time. Over the years, I've contacted Qtip many times about this. I was offered to receive coupons that never came. Even though the price was not much better, I thought I would give them a try. The point is precise and firm on 100% of my product. They are slightly smaller than Qtips, but they are better constructed and hold up better. If you're looking for precision cotton swabs, I recommend you try these.

👤I never thought I'd submit a review for cotton swabs until I found them on Amazon, and they were black or swirly tipped. I was looking for regular Q-tips when this product popped up. Are you talking about black cotton swabs? I read the reviews and saw the pictures and thought to myself, if there is a way to see the gunk that's going to come out of my ear or whatever else I use it on, then I must have this. If you're into that kind of thing, you'll see what you don't see using a regular cotton swab. The Japanese are always ahead of the game when it comes to beauty products. I like that they are sturdy. I feel like my ears get a lot cleaner using these than they did using an average cotton swab. Bonus points for coming in storage containers and I am using the white ones with the pointed ends for cleaning crevices in our kitchen sink, keyboard, and so on. Life is too short to not try black cotton. If you are a clean freak. I think you will like the ones with the ends. If you want to see the little things that come out of your ear, you will love this!

👤I have ordered these before and they seem to be as good or better than the q-tip cotton swabs. I am leaving a 3-star review because one of the cotton swabs was dirty when it arrived, and it makes me question the quality control in the facility where they are manufactured.

👤I usually don't post reviews, but these have to be the most precise and sturdy q-tips I have ever used. I have 750 left so I am reordering. I would have given 10's if I could, but other brands got a long way to go to top these q-tips.

👤I have never been able to find the product I bought years ago. I thought I'd check if Amazon had them. Yes, enough! Amazon had a better option than what I bought. They are essential for makeup application. The tip fits into the smallest of spaces to wipe off product. I can use them to apply the smallest amount of product I need. I use them all the time to clean up my makeup, because I use it underneath my lower lashes. When you apply pressure, the point is strong and won't let you down.

6. Cuttte Disposable Applicators Eyeshadow Applicator

Cuttte Disposable Applicators Eyeshadow Applicator

There is a great assortment. There are 60pcs eyeshadow applicators and 3 different colors that can be used for different purposes. The longer handle makes them easier to use and placement is precise. Good material. The sponge is firm enough to apply your shadow well, but not so hard that it will mold to your eyelid. There are two different eyeshadow brushes. It will be easy to distinguish it when using it with multiple colors. It's great to avoid accidentally mixing colors from a different container. It's easy to do the sanitary thing and dispose of the applicator after one use. Makeup application tools for eye makeup, face painting and nail chrome powder application.

Brand: Cuttte

👤It was just what I wanted. These will be with me forever. I've bought disposable sponge applicators before that have a thinner, sheer sponge but these are nice and thick, and definitely reuse. I use these to layer on wet black eyeshadow under my thick liquid liner wing, which really bolsters it for all day wear. The handles are not pearlized plastic. I love these!

👤These are well made and have not fallen apart. The plastic rods are very strong. I leave them sticking out because they're too long to fit in my eyeshadow cases. The length makes it easier to manipulate without messing up the end you're not using, and four surfaces per swab is handy.

👤These are lifesavers. How many times do you apply eyeshadow and the tip falls off? I find these to be better than the ones that come with them. I keep them in a jar next to my station.

👤The sponge tips are soft, but I ordered 60 and there were only 51 in my package. I counted them out because they didn't look like 60. There are 20 blue, 13 pink and 18 purple. I would buy them again but quantity is likely to be hit or miss.

👤My new favorite! The tips of these are usually loose. These are perfect! It was just the right strength. I will definitely buy more.

👤The ones I buy at the store are not as good as the ones that came very quickly. 60 for 4 dollars is a good price and these should last me a long time as they will probably be able to survive a couple cleanings without falling apart unlike the ones I buy at the store that fall apart after the first use. I am happy with my purchase.

👤These work well. The sponge doesn't fall off or get loose at the end, and these don't fall apart. Work the money. I only use them occasionally, so I will probably never use 60 of them. The price for a lifetime supply is pretty good.

👤The perfect length is these eye shadow applicators. There is eye shadow on your fingers. You can apply eye shadow properly. The sponge is soft. I keep them in my bag.

7. Artists Choice Makeup Sponge Applicator

Artists Choice Makeup Sponge Applicator

Perfect wedge shape. sponges are ideal for applying makeup. Can be used with makeup. PreCISE application Crisp edges allow precise application. They all know how important precision is when applying makeup, which is why these wedges were designed this way. Soft and sturdy material. Blending, fading and smoothing are made easy by the soft material. This material won't make you feel rough on your face. There is a single-use sanitary option for spas, makeup counters, special events and more. Being sanitary will never be a question whether you are at home or on the go. LaTex is free material. The foundation wedges are made of synthetic material that is soft, elastic, and water-absorbent.

Brand: Artist's Choice

👤I am a professional makeup artist and I usually buy my wedges from a makeup store, but I decided to get these instead. It was a big mistake. The wedges do not blend, they soak up more makeup while removing it from the face. A waste of time and money. I have to go to a professional store to get the real wedge blenders. I am an artist and these are not my choices.

👤The makeup sponges are amazing. They are big enough to cover the face and not seem wasteful as they are not too big. I go through makeup sponges quickly. This pack comes with a lot of them. It was amazing to apply foundation. It's perfect for highlighting. I highly recommend another note because these do not have a smell or have a chemical coating, and I will reorder again. These sponges are clean.

👤I like them. They are used for nail art. If you're using it for nail art, just cut the tip off and you're good to go! The number of sponges you get is an awesome value.

👤I got these because another reviewer said they were soft. I have noticed that many of the sponges I get from Target, for example, have gotten more cheapo lately and feel rough on my skin. I don't know how to explain it, but the other brands have larger, coarse sponges, and these ones have very fine ones. These sponges are soft. They do a good job. You can't go wrong with these, it's an amazing deal. Will buy again once I run out.

👤I don't like applying foundation with a sponge. The sponge is not very dense. It doesn't give me a perfect finish. The sponge is small and has agonal side. The sponge is better for nail art.

👤Every sponge was covered in black mold when the first package was opened. How do you send that out? So gross! The second package was ripped when I returned. I would return them again if I used them for my face. I only use them for blending. They work great for that purpose, when there's no mold on them. How can you even consider mailing out a product that is bad? "I didn't notice" is not an excuse. The package was opened and they were covered in black mold.

👤I buy these for my sign business because I don't buy makeup. They are great to use. I use scissors and a sponge. Very economical! I am updating my review. I have been using these for a long time. My last two purchases were very porous, and now they absorb the paint and expand. I still have some older ones that are different. The last two batches are smaller and have air holes in them. I need to find a new sponge.

👤These sponges are amazing. Will definitely be ordering again. I had been looking for cheap makeup sponges. The makeup sponges were very rough. The Artist's Choice are soft and comfortable to apply foundation to. They are a bit smaller, but that wasn't a problem for me.

8. Pieces Double Eyeshadow Brushes Disposable

Pieces Double Eyeshadow Brushes Disposable

The eyeshadow sponge brushes are soft and friendly for your skin. The eyeshadow makeup brush design with sponge tip on both sides can help you apply makeup evenly. Wide. The brushes can be used for eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyelash, eyebrow, parties, weddings, business trips, holidays, proms, balls, performances. This set is good for beginners to practice, it has 30 long handle disposable eyeshadow sponge brushes and 20 short handle disposable eyeshadow sponge brushes. The length of the long handle brushes is 8.7 cm and the short handle brushes are 3.15 inches.

Brand: Jolbndcv

👤The package had one missing top which was most likely caused by shipping. I think these would be great for someone who does makeup. I didn't think about the fact that you can't keep track of which eyeshadow you used with the black color. I replaced some that fell apart. I have to keep them in different places to know where they are. Light would have been more useful. It hasn't been long. I have had no issues.

👤I was getting frustrated with my eyeshadow ends falling off. These have held up well so far. There are no weird smells or problems with them. It is a great value.

👤These sponges are higher end than the ones sold separately at drug stores.

👤They are easy to use and sturdy.

👤The product is what it says it should be.

👤I wanted the eye shadow applicATORS. I can't find them in my area.

9. Woosh Stamper Beautiful Cruelty Bristles

Woosh Stamper Beautiful Cruelty Bristles

The V-shaped eye brush is the #1 tool for easy shadow placement. Simply stamp on your shadow or liner with the V shaped brush end, then blend and refine it with the smudger side.

Brand: Woosh

👤Overall doesn't perform as expected. The "stamper" end is a soft brush, so you don't get a defined line as advertised. A basic liner brush doesn't blend well.

👤Don't buy the other kind. It's too rated. I regret buying it. It isn't worth anything.

👤I use it every day. It helps me to not go crazy when I blend my eyeshadow.

👤It is not horrible. I will use it. It is definitely not necessary. You can use the part that says "v", but not the part that says "liquid shadow". The other side is awkward. It helps with placement of eyeshadow.

👤I'm not sure if the product was real. It looks like a fake. As I opened it, I found this, I was so excited to get it.

👤This item does not line up to the eye in the way that it is shown in the video and therefore does not work. This means that with or without this brush, you can make a smokey eye. I don't want this product.

👤You have to practice to get the look the demonstrator does. The bristles are stiff and don't feel good in the tender eye area.

👤It doesn't work with powder eye shadows. Money is wasted.

10. Spatty Daddy Last Spatula Piece

Spatty Daddy Last Spatula Piece

LaTex is free material. The foundation wedges are made of synthetic material that is soft, elastic, and water-absorbent. Drop off your personal care items at the last moment. It fits into virtually any bottle, container, or receptacle. Made in the USA. The Spatty is made of sturdy, resilient and flexible material. Every day products can be used with Spatty Products.

Brand: Spatty

👤This is a complete waste of money. I have had this product less than a week and the smaller spotter already barked. The larger spotter is useless because it is too large to scoop up my make up products. I would not buy it again. I don't think I got my money's worth for this product.

👤At times I use Tiger Balm, Sombra, Biofreeze and Penetrex because of my back problems. It gets the last bit out and I can reach the areas with the Spaddy Daddy. A young lady who invented. Very happy with the purchase.

👤It's worth it! I'm very happy with it. This will save you money. I think about how much I would have saved if this had been invented 30 years ago. The spatty is used for small makeup jars. I tested the spatty daddy on a 18oz lotion and it worked. Some reviewers complain that they can't get every curve and corner of their container. . Oh please! You get more than you would without it. I think it's 5 stars. I was not paid for this review and I am not a spaTTY relative or an employee. I'm a 59 year old happy customer and I want to share the love.

👤I love this product. It works well. I couldn't before because I couldn't get so much out of my tinted moisturizer.

👤It's way larger than it looks like. I thought the smaller one would fit in smaller openings. It doesn't. It won't fit any of the things I bought it for. I would only get half of the price back since they don't offer free returns. I have to figure out what to do with a pointless product.

👤I wanted a small spatula to get the last of the make up products out of the containers. I was hoping the small spatula would work because I knew the large one wouldn't. It doesn't have much flexibility and is too big to fit into most face makeup bottles. I have tried other makeup spatulas and have had similar problems. The solution to the problem seems to be to make the item with a narrower end. Maybe someone makes one, but I haven't found it yet. The big spatula works to get into certain kitchen condiments and the small spatula works to get into bottles with large openings. Not worth the money.

👤I already have at least two uses of my shave cream because of this. The salvage is in pictures. This thing will pay for itself when I need to use it of my foundation and concealer bottles, because I have been getting in to more luxury makeup.

👤When I was with my daughter, I saw this product on Sharktank. My daughter said that she loved them. You don't know how many times I've wished I had a small spatula to get the small amount of liquid foundation in the bottle that would not come out. I tried turning the bottles upside down and trying to get the last bit of makeup out of the bottom of the bottle. I ordered a set for my makeup drawer and another set for the kitchen. Thank you for the wonderful product! I love them!

11. Aesthetica Cosmetics Beauty Sponge Blender

Aesthetica Cosmetics Beauty Sponge Blender

The Beauty Sponge is the only tool you can use to blend makeup. The makeup sponge is perfect for the aesthetica cosmetics cream kit and provides a flawless, edge-less application to help you look your best every day. The rounded end of the make up sponge makes it easy to blend on the cheeks. The flat edge around the nose and eyes can be used to get a flawless complexion. Made from non-latex foam. The makeup sponge is easy to use and clean, making it a great choice for beginners to pros. This beauty sponge is easy to use. The design is edge-less for better coverage. Can be used with make up products. The Makeup Sponge is easy to clean. It can be used wet or dry. If you want a natural, flawless look, bounce the make up sponge along your skin. It was made to last with minimal absorption and maximum coverage.

Brand: Aesthetica

👤I am in love with myself. I bought a Sponge and a beautyblender at the same time. When I first started doing makeup, I tried a real technique sponge and it was too hard for me, so I used brushes. I had an urge to try a beautyblender but with the price I decided to look online for a dupe and I got this one. I wanted to like the beautyblender more just to make sure the price was right, but I don't. I love these sponges more than ever. They are very soft. It is similar to a luxury velvet sponge where theBB has a harsher dryer texture. The are thicker, meaning squeezing them takes more strength than squeezing theBB, but in this case it's perfect because it makes it bounce right of my face, like a soft bouncy cloud cushion. I did half my face with this and half my face with theBB, and after about 20 minutes I noticed the side of my face that was creased was not the same. It feels soft after, but it's easier to clean than theBB. It took me just a few minutes to get the make up out and it still felt the same as before, even though theBB took many tries and still has some foundation left. There was no color on this one. It is a tad bigger than theBB dried and wet but that is a plus for me because it applies faster and suckers up less product than theBB. I enjoy it. I will be buying a lot more of these and returning theBB. They have a customer for life and I hope they don't change anything. The texture of these sponges is smoother if you look closely.

👤I bought this item a year ago and decided to get another one since it was a great dupe for the beautyblender. The shape and material I received is different from the first one. The new product is not as soft as it could be. The original is on the right and the new one is on the left.

👤I loved this and ordered several. The last two orders have had problems. They tear and leave small black specks on my face. I'm sad. I will not be buying this product again since the first few I owned were outstanding little sponges. My new product is holy. Wow. I like this. I've had a couple of weeks, and so far it's been good. I use a foundation that is invisible. It's great. I like it more than the original beautyblender. I kept the little cylinder that the originalBB came with since it's great to prop your sponge on to dry. This has a nice bounce. It cleans better than any other sponge I've owned. Kirk's soap is a great substitute for theBB Solid. It dries out in a reasonable time frame. I'm assuming you replace this sponge every 3 months like any other sponge, so I'll be buying this bad boy again.


What is the best product for eye tees precision makeup applicator?

Eye tees precision makeup applicator products from Goworth. In this article about eye tees precision makeup applicator you can see why people choose the product. Cenyouful and Winhouse are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye tees precision makeup applicator.

What are the best brands for eye tees precision makeup applicator?

Goworth, Cenyouful and Winhouse are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye tees precision makeup applicator. Find the detail in this article. Cuttte, Rayhee and Artist's Choice are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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