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1. Tobii Gaming Eye Tracker Mounting

Tobii Gaming Eye Tracker Mounting

Did not have a camera. What is included? Extra mounts are included for your eye tracker. It is made for different shapes. The Flex Mount is underneath your screen. Your preference matters. The Metal Plate Mount can be used to place your tracker on the front of your screen. You should catch your right angle. They all have different heights and postures. Their position in front of the screen will vary. The tracker can be put at the right angle with the Flex Mount.

Brand: Tobii

👤I got this in case the other didn't stick. It fell off my monitor every now and then, but only for a week.

👤The Eye Tracker will not be acknowledged by windows if drivers are installed and no conflicting drivers are present. This could be a flaw on Microsoft's part, but still the product serves so purpose other than a fancy lightshow through my phone and seeing where I'm looking on my screen with the tobii hub.

👤I have a desk with a projector and a Tobii 5 mounted on it. A person is trying to hack a holder. I used the metal mounts that came with the Tobii. If I want, I can try new solutions in the future. Stick to anything, work great.

👤This is a new one. The Eye Tracker was moved when I upgraded the monitor. I have occasionally spoken to Tobii about the problem of the tabs sticking to the underside of the monitor. When I told them that I didn't need another mounting, they said they might use it as a suggestion. The othermounting is a spare. The mounting can be used for both straight and curved monitors. A good buy.

👤The metal design of the mounting rack supports the tracker through a plastic base and through a second gummed base through lightly gummed sticky pads. The gum attaching the rack to the monitor fails against a smooth plastic surface after just 2 minutes, with the gum peeling away. I encourage you to look for other ways to affix your eye tracker.

👤Ihren Halterung bentigt. Ich ist die Monitor, die Halterung, die Pads, die Kleber und die kleber unbrauchbar. Leider gelang, den Kleber vernnftig. 3M Klebepads dran und... The Kleber Fden was zog. Also originale. I have a Monitor. Irgendwie, ja. Allerdings ist die Kleber gut, somit fllt die Halterung. Trotz Reinigung und Originalklebepads.

👤Inspensabile, per monitor, in verticale.

2. Elgato Stream Deck Controller Customizable

Elgato Stream Deck Controller Customizable

No additional drivers are required. It is ready to use on any compatible device. It's compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 and higher, Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11 and Linux 2.6.24 or higher. You can use the Chrome OS or the Ubuntu version. 15 keys: tap to switch scenes, launch media, adjust audio and more. Personalize keys with custom icons or hundreds. Control game capture, OBS, XSplit, and more are direct integrations. Drag and drop actions onto keys in the app. You can store as many actions as you want within the nest folders.

Brand: Elgato

👤I love this thing. I read most of the reviews on Amazon before I ordered, and I can say that most of the complaints are unwarranted. I don't understand this one. I've owned every wired keyboard and mouse I've ever owned. If it doesn't work for you, your keyboard and mouse won't. Pressing buttons like a 200lb gorilla will cause the LCD toripple. Unless I try to make it do so, it doesn't ripple. There are no built-in functions for MySOFTWARE. This one was very upsetting to me. It is built for streaming software. STREAM is in the name. You can set up a custom key bind with your own images for the keys. They work well. I do a lot of functions that aren't supported for some programs. What planet these people live on is beyond me... This thing is very well built. There's a long delay when I press buttons. Don't stream on a potato. It works well for me. The users end will suffer any delay. There is too much BS running in the background. It's overpriced. You haven't looked at similar products if you think this is overpriced. The cost of a pecky with similar functions is just as high. There is only one display for each key. Is that correct? Who cares? It functions and looks great. My complaints are that there are very little native OBS options. It would have been nice to have things like a mic built-in. It is always on display. When the PC display shuts off due to being inactive, it needs to pick up. Shut off when the computer is locked, either way. It's great. It works well for streaming and a general productivity help. I don't think anyone else will regret ordering mine.

👤The Stream Deck has been used for five days. This is what I have been looking for. I am an IT pro as well as a gaming one. I always look at new ways to interact with my computer over icons on a mouse or keyboard. I like to listen to audio while I play games, and being able to control things without having to minimize your game is wonderful. I am running Windows 10 and it is working great. You need to run the Stream Deck engine as admin only if your video game or other app is running as such, because you can't get the Stream Deck to run key combos while you're in game. Any game or app that isn't running can be easily used. Installation is easy to understand. I have been able to run the device with ausb extension cable and it is working, despite the fact that theusb cable is fixed to the device. I can get a custom key icon if I type in the name I want and set it to the key, it makes it much easier to learn. The device has no lag when pushing buttons. When you have a bunch of apps on your phone, you can make a folder which is a button that gives you a whole new set of buttons. This feature is very nice. I didn't think it would do this, but it did. Some people are upset that it will only allow folders on the top level, but this is probably needed to make a folder structure that is 3 or 4. The device would either be slowed down or stopped working. The size of the device is perfect. The buttons are not so small that you have to divert your attention to hit them, and they are not so large that they are obnoxious. They made this easy to use. Depending on your environment, you can dim or lighten the buttons. I like that it doesn't hit my eyeballs when I'm gaming at night. I would like to see more functions for things not related to streaming. I would like to see more support for multi press and macro keyboards. I would like to see a way to make multiple profiles, one for work and one for gaming, this would give the device a lot more functions. I will be writing the company after this and letting them know that I think this sort of device is the future for input. People are looking for more ways to simplify their computer use and this is that device. The keys are illuminated with custom icons, which makes this device sing. It wouldn't work like it's competitors where you have to make tiny paper cutouts and then back light the paper. I would recommend this device to anyone looking for custom key inputs. I told about 10 people about this and they are all buying one of the replacements. Even though it is the first version with only key press assignments, it is still enough to get started and I look forward to what they might do in the future. If anything changes, I will update this review.

3. Logitech Streamcam Streaming YouTube Graphite

Logitech Streamcam Streaming YouTube Graphite

For every kilogram of plastic used in G502 light speed mice, Logitech G helps fund plastic recycling programs that offset an amount of ocean bound plastic equal to the amount used in G502 light speed. Also, note: Refer to the PDF attached for the technical specification. Record in full HD resolution at 60 frames per second for a smooth, natural video. StreamCam has a premium glass lens and smart auto-focus system that can capture vibrant, true-to-life image quality with crisp details. While auto-framing keeps you in the center of the shot, intelligent exposure ensures you look good in different lighting conditions. Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), XSplit and Streamlabs OBS are popular live streaming software. You can mount on your monitor or standard tripod, and achieve the perfect framing with landscape or portrait modes. Reliable and stable HD video quality is ensured by a fast and high-bandwidthusb-c connection. Enhanced control with the included Logitech Capture software will allow you to automate focus exposure and more.

Brand: Logitech For Creators

👤I never write reviews but wanted to help other people. I wanted to set the record straight because of the negative reviews. I only use this camera for work meetings and so I was content to plug it in and let it run. The image was terrible. The coloring looked like a cheap camera, people told me. I was debating if I should go back to my laptop camera. I downloaded the free software from the logitech website on my personal laptop and work laptop. The image quality is controlled by the software. There was a difference in the image quality. I no longer looked washed out, but the quality improved dramatically. If the camera follows your face, you can control it. There is also a paid streaming. To control the image quality. You can control every detail of your logitech camera with the Logitech Camera Settings app. The streaming app is for this camera. It is beyond worth the money if you download the app. I have a Microsoft Surface computer, so this could be a reason why I needed the apps.

👤What is this year? How are we still selling horrible webcams? Worse than a default iMacWebcam. You will return it.

👤I use professional cameras worth thousands of dollars in order to get the best picture quality with indoor lighting that is not ideal for filming, because I am a professional content creator. Webcams are great if you have good lighting. It seems that a lot of consumers are being misled by marketing companies into thinking that they should use a 4k, 60fps webcam, which is not practical or reasonable for typical webcam usage. This is an amazing device. Most people don't like how they look in 4k, and most people don't have the bandwidth to stream in 4k, so most streaming services and conference software are going to compress the data stream! Chances are the people watching your video don't like it, even if you have the bandwidth and the perfect lighting. If you install the software that comes with the camera, you can go from a good camera to a HOLY COW camera. Really? The camera can follow you automatically, and it can make you look like you're in a brighter room than you actually are. You can use the software to look like you have studio lighting in a DIM room. The one-star reviews here are ridiculous. I've never seen a webcam like this before. This is a big change for me. I don't work for Logitech nor am I influenced to write this review. It seemed unjust to see so many people leave one star reviews for something I truly believe is a huge leap in Webcam technology. As a professional, I am hard pressed to see any difference in the products I use. My life has been made easier for broadcast quality interviews by the fact that I can get a $170 webcam instead of a $3000 one. I have been waiting for this for a long time. I feel bad for the people who don't see the value in the webcams. I hope you decide for yourself. I was so glad I did.

4. Fitbit Advanced Smartwatch Management Temperature

Fitbit Advanced Smartwatch Management Temperature

The EDA Scan app can tell you if your body is responding to stress by detecting electrical activity in your skin and a built-in skin temperature sensor can be used to see when it varies. You can easily share your results with your doctor if you use the Fitbit ECG app. Not intended for people under the age of 22. The operating temperature was 14 to 113F. You can see how your skin temperature varies with an on-wrist skin temperature sensor. You can see your nightly blood oxygen levels with their collection of clock faces. The maximum operating altitude is 28,000ft. If your heart rate is above or below your average, you'll get notifications. Fast charging will give you a full day's charge in just 12 minutes, with continuous gps and batteries that last 6 plus days. You can use built-in gps during runs, hikes, rides, and more to see pace and distance without your phone, and you can use the built-in mic and speaker to make calls when your phone is nearby. You can use your watch to control your smart home devices, get quick news, and set your alarm by speaking to your assistant.

Brand: Fitbit

👤Don't buy this. The product has a garbage heart rate sensor. I don't know how fitbit allowed such an inferior product to be sold. When pressed against the wrist, the side button will not press when you try. The screen doesn't register many swipes. The heart rate sensor is the most egregious design failure. The whole workout was off as shown in the image. The same points were made by professional reviews. I assumed they were software fixes that would be worked out. I was wrong. I will be getting a new watch.

👤The gps doesn't work. "GPS connecting..." is what it states. After a minute, there was no gps signal. I use a gps device to track my bike rides. I was hoping the Sense wouldn't be necessary anymore. I've contacted the company. The first representative couldn't help. They took the issue to a special team. I'm waiting for the next tier of support to reach out to me. I'm leaving a 1-star review because the main reason I bought this device was that it doesn't function at all. I've been a customer of Fitbit for a long time. I don't want to say I'm disappointed in this product. I am very disappointed.

👤I was burned as a customer by the set up process for the watch. Twice during set up, the user is presented with an option to move on to the next screen, but only if there is an OK button. You have to back out of the screen and dismiss a warning to avoid buying the upgrade and then, the watch did not leave set up mode until after updating. You can't use your phone for ninety minutes because you have to leave the phone on the update screen.

👤It was a letdown. It doesn't come with the ECG or the Assistant, which is disappointing. I bought it for these two functions, and it was advertised that it had them. It can be hard to find my phone. The sp02 feature only works with one clock face so you have to use it before you go to sleep. The new charging station is easy to use, and it only takes seconds to change bands. The fit and finish are perfect. I was told by the tech support that there was a 45 day return window from the date of purchase. I didn't get the watch until a month later. I only have about 15 days to evaluate it. The day after you place the pre-order, Fitbit charges your card or account. Most companies only charge when an item ships. English is not their first language, and that's why the tech support agents are hard to communicate with. I'll have to hurry if I want to send my unit back, but I'm still debating if it's worth it. I bought mine from the fitness tracker company, not Amazon.

👤I was excited to receive my sense since I suffer from SVT and like to keep a close watch on my heart rate, but it was a huge disappointment. The money was hard to use and not accurate. I will be looking into the Apple Watch 5 or 6 after I receive mine.

5. TrackIr Optical Tracking System Bundle

TrackIr Optical Tracking System Bundle

VIVEPORT INFINITY gives you 2 months of unlimited play on 700+ games and apps. The code is in the box. Increased realism enhances your game experience. There is a 6 ft.usb cable.

Brand: Naturalpoint

👤This concept does what it says it will. The most unrealistic aspect of flight software since the mid 1980's is the inability to turn the head to see anywhere but straight ahead. The hat is a Joystick switches hat. situational awareness is not a luxury for real pilots. It's a necessity. It's the same for pilots in flight games. I stopped using flight software because the sense of immersion wasn't there for me. TrackIr opens up a new world for all desktop pilots, and gives them a greater sense of immersion. There are some issues. This product is long in the tooth. The camera is not close to being able to fit atop a monitor I have had in the last 20 years. You won't have to rely on others when it comes to adapting it to the top of yours. The TrackClip PRO has a flimsy plastic cap. It's a clever design that allows a range of expansion to fit a variety of headsets. I tested it on different sets. It's true that the small parts of the clamp will be prone to fail if abused or removed frequently. Attach it and leave it mounted between uses. I would have made it simpler and more robust, but it is what it is. Be careful with it! The setup and adjustment software is impressive. NaturalPoint has done something that is not right. The software is a free download and there is no guidance as to how to use it. The user is left confused by how to use it and must rely on the kindness of other users to understand it. The only instruction in the package is for assembly of the hardware. The help manual was found via a tiny drop-down at the top left corner of the screen. The YouTube videos were more difficult to understand. The user is confined to one position and cannot move without messing up the alignment. My body is restricted from movement while I am strapped into my open cockpit Experimental home-built by a five-point harness. The user can instantly re-center the view with one stroke if they accidentally move their position a bit. The cost is one of the most common complaints. NaturalPoint has had a monopoly for a long time. Keeping the product updated is what this shows in their complacence. They wouldn't have to repackage the packaging if they had a current web URL in the box. You will see reviews that complain that this is just a dumb-simple I.R. camera and a fewLED's. I am a former toy designer and I can assure you that the package and the accompanying software required a lot of development and cost to bring to market. It's not an excuse for leaving the product on the market for so long without providing needed updates. It's up to you. It's faults. You're going to have to pay to play, and it's the best of it's kind. I'm sorry I waited so long. Clarifying. I have been using Track IR with Win 7 and Win 10, and I offer these tips after using this device for two years. There were no issues. I put the IR camera on the top of two thin monitors by attaching a block of stiff packing foam to the inside of the longest leg. The foam fills the space between the back leg and the monitor. People with issues with alignment should know that it's not easy. Place yourself in a comfortable position, in front of the camera, and try not to move from that position during play. Put on and plug in your headset first, then start the software, being careful not to move yourself or the position of your head while the software is booting. My software opens in a small window at the top edge of my monitor in Win 10. I maximize it to full-window, and then quickly return my head to a centered position. The alignment cross-hairs will appear in the center of the screen if I am square to the camera, and I will be able to turn my head to the left and right. I hit my F12 key if I seem to be off-center, you will do this every so often. The left camera will be lit. The right side light will also light up when I enter the game. You don't have to worry about the software in order to get this far. The Track Clip Pro must be mounted to the side of your headset in order for it to work. It won't be that way with most of the headsets out there. If you want, you can use tape or a soft glue to hold everything in place after you get it operating correctly. Take off your headset and make a note of how the clip is adjusted on your headset, so you can return it to its original position later. You can be pretty sure that the clip had twisted out of alignment if operation becomes weird in-game or you're way out of alignment from the start. I use my phone's screen as a mirror to check the alignment of my arm after I put on my headset. It's possible for a cable to get twisted around and pull everything out of adjustment. It takes a while to get used to the idea that you can't move your chair or change the position of your track without hurting it. There is a small amount of flexibility, but not much. Don't believe the idea that you will take the Track Clip on and off frequently. It is likely to die from that. Leave it on your headset. I use a homemade stand to hang my headset and wrap it's cables when not in use. It sounds like a lot of trouble, but once you learn the ropes and get used to operating with it, you won't pay much attention to it. I have ordered a spare in case I can't get another one, because I consider it so essential for flight sims and Arma 3.

6. Apple MX542AM A AirTag Pack

Apple MX542AM A AirTag Pack

Track and find your items with friends and devices in the Find. My app. A simple one-tap setup connects AirTag to your device. You can ask for help from the built-in speaker or play a sound on it. You can find your AirTag with Ultra Wideband technology. Hundreds of millions of Apple devices can be used to find items further away. My network. AirTag will be notified when it is found in the Find. My network. Communication with the find. The location data and history of my network are never stored on AirTag.

Brand: Apple

👤The pros are: There was no weight issues. There will be no issues with this on keys, bags, etc. A simple design that doesn't draw attention. The software is already on the current version of the IOS. The water has a rating of Ip67. It can take the rain even if it is in a deep puddle. It can hold against Mother Nature. It is painless to replace a battery. There is a Thank you Apple for not making your own battery. The battery is CR2032. These are usually cheap and last a year. You can find them at the checkout lines of both Walmart and Amazon. There is a The highlight of this device is the precision location feature. This feature will show you where the tracker is if you are in the area of your Airtag. I put my Airtag in a book under my bed, and my phone gave me visual directions to where to go. The speakers on it began to make a noise when I got near it. Sight and sound can be used to find your Airtag. One block away from the location, I left my Airtag near my colleague. I was shown where I left it when I turned on the lost mode. My Airtag was able to connect with my colleague's phone because of it. By putting it in lost mode, you can see where it was last seen by other Airtags and Apple phones. There is a My colleague was able to quickly scans my Airtag, revealing the contact info that I approved. The process took less than 20 seconds for him. There is a Your Airtag doesn't store your location data for public viewing. All information about your location is confidential. There is a If someone puts an Airtag near you, your phone will notify you if there is an Airtag nearby, even if you don't have an Airtag. It is the same as the one ring from the Lord of the Rings. There is a If you leave the device in a public place, the speakers on it will grab your attention and strangers will notice. There is a All Airtags that are separated from their owners will play a sound to alert people. There is a You don't need to have it on for your phone. It won't affect the battery usage of the phone. There is a You can have more than one Airtag on your phone. There is a If you borrowed a friend's bag, you can stop the alert on your end so it won't keep bothering you. There is a The Airtag's chime will be playing when I ask my Siri where my Airtag is. There is a The scanning feature works on all phones. The Airtag will reveal your contact info if you have an android device. Cheers to that. There are pros and cons. You will need to accept the scratch on the Airtag. The only advice I can give is to stick with the white color because it will hide some of the worse scratches. There is a It is small enough to fit in a wallet but large enough to be on a key chain. There is a The cost of the accessories is almost the same as the Airtag itself. There is a This will not work if you don't have an operating system. You can find the contact info by scanning an Airtag. There is a The device won't give you real-time tracking, so it's not a device to put on your dog or child. It depends on the connections with other phones to give an accurate location. There is a This device will not work if there is no iPhones in the area or if you travel into the world of nature. The good news is that there are billions of iPhones, but not every location will have one. There is a The Airtag can connect with my phone, but not lose the signal, on average. This is alright, I know it might be a bad thing for some. There is a You will not be able to share your location. If you are not in the area and someone you know is, it would be great to have this feature to help you find your lost item. There is a If you leave it behind, the Airtag won't alert you. You have to realize that you don't have the item, then use your phone to find it. There is a There was no built-in altimeter. If you lose your Airtag in a 20-story building, the Airtag won't be able to tell you the height of the building or the floor, even if they're in the same building. If the Airtag is too far away for my phone to connect with it, you are standing in a dead spot. You need to walk around until the Airtag can connect with your phone. The Airtag only works if there are Apple products in the area. Only the 11 and above versions of the Apple device are able to use the precision location feature. There is a Some countries will not work for Airtags, even if there are iPhones around. I was told that countries like Russia and Indonesia can be updated, but I need to keep an eye out. There is a The less remote you are, the less reliable the Airtag is. There is a If you have an Airtag, good Samaritans will reach out to you. This depends on where you live. The device is helping three types of people. The other is the one that keeps losing their stuff in public places. Two, the ones that lose their stuff at home every day, such as keys, purses, and stuff you can't leave the house with. A mix of both. The Airtag is not a real-time tracker. Don't attach this to your dog because it only works if the iPhones are in the area. You will get scratches on it as well. The tracking technology that is out there is similar to the precision location feature. It has the same flaws as well. The Airtag is an effective tracking device, requiring nothing more than an Apple device, which most already own. The layout was responsive, accurate, and useful. The precision location feature is a lifesaver if you need to find something quickly. I have a thumbs up to Apple in regards to the privacy issue. The fear of someone knowing your location is dead. Privacy is important for a device like this. The device is only built for the Apple community. I hope I helped you. Honest reviewer.

7. HTC VIVE Virtual Reality System PC

HTC VIVE Virtual Reality System PC

From seated to standing to full 22'11" x 22'11" room-scale. It's ideal for multi-user environments. The high resolution displays have a 2880 x 1600 resolution for unparalleled visual fidelity of graphics, text, and textures. Spatial audio with noise cancellation is an experience without distraction and uses hi-res headphones, 3D spatial sound and active noise cancellation. Multi- user and extended use is easier than ever thanks to the easy on and off of the headset, adjustments for head size, glasses and interpupillary distance, and weight distribution. Adding real-life objects to VIVE Tracker will bring the object into your virtual simulation. It's ideal for motion capture, automotive, or heavy equipment simulation. VIVEPORT INFINITY gives you 2 months of unlimited play on 700+ games and apps. The code is in the box.

Brand: Htc

👤I own both the original Vive and the Vive Pro. You're reading this because you're trying to figure out which one to buy - the Vive original that's just over $400 or the Pro which is a lot more. If you're new to virtual reality and you're worried the Vive Original isn't good enough, this is the version for you. It's a steal at $400+. You can't go wrong with the introduction price of a typical console. If you're indecisive, go with the Original. For those of you, like me, who are constantly asking, "But what if this 'Pro' model is so much better?" It's nice, but not "Holy cow I'm so happy I blew my paycheck" The kind of advice you wished your best friend would just give you is the non-professional review. They did everything right with this headset. It's more comfortable, the resolution cuts down on the "screen door effect" of the original, and it just feels like a more polished experience overall. The remote camera sensors are a bit smaller. The problem with this generation of virtual reality is that they can't deliver a "retina like" experience at a lower price point. The Vive Pro is better, but we're still years away from getting an experience that doesn't feel compromised. You are still dealing with the issue of having to look straight to get the picture to resolve correctly. You can still see some things. The headset is heavy. It's still Gen 1. You're still a generation behind, but it's a bit better than the Iphone S model upgrade. I would leave the decision tree like this. Do you want to see if it's legit? The Original 2 can be purchased. Totally enamored with virtual reality and can appreciate a subtle improvement. Purchase the Pro. I say that as a total cynic. Even though there are only a few games out, they are so realistic that it doesn't matter. Don't think of it as a game. The experience is the same even though the graphics are getting better. I've played a lot of games on my PC that feel like new experiences, in the case of virtual reality. One last caution - it can take an hour at a time. It gives you a bit of a problem after that. It sucks because you want the experience to keep going, but putting screens an inch+ from your eyes for any period of time is going to add up. Think of it as a ride at a theme park rather than a console session.

👤I had previously given this 5 stars and was very pleased with the upgraded resolution. I have to do a 180 on that review. It started having issues after less than a month of using my vive Pro. I was getting red, green, blue static dots and the audio and video would go out separately or together. I contacted vive support and they agreed to send me a replacement link cable to see if that was the problem, after I tried it myself. The replacement cable did not fix the issue, so I had to do the same steps again. They agreed to fix it. I sent it out at my own cost and it took me 3 weeks to get it back, in worse shape than I sent it in. I only get a flashing light and never hear or see anything. I want to know what kind of company charges $800 for something that never works right and then sends it back to you with more broken than before? I am waiting to hear back on the email I sent to the company. If I get a working vive pro from HTC, I will update this review, but it has been one of the worst experiences I have had with a consumer electronic.

8. Fitbit Fitness Activity Tracking Included

Fitbit Fitness Activity Tracking Included

You can use built-in gps to see your pace and distance on screen during outdoor runs, rides, hikes and more and see a workout intensity map in the app that shows your heart rate changes along your route. When you reach your target heart rate zones during exercise, you will feel a buzz, and when you earn extra minutes outside of exercise, you will celebrate. The operating temperature was -20 to 60 C. 24x7 heart rate can be used to track resting heart rate. The internet connection is required to sync to mobile devices. It syncs with Mac OS X 12.2 and up, and later, the iPad 5. SpO2 is not available in all markets, but you can see your nightly average and range on wrist. The SpO2 feature is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. You can track your skin temperature each night to see how it varies from your baseline. Only available in the app. Not intended for medical purposes. Track workouts in real-time. It is also water resistant to 50 meters so you can track your swims. When using built-inGPS, a multi-day battery can last up to 7 days and up to 5 hours. Track sleep stages and review your Sleep Score to see how well you slept.

Brand: Fitbit

👤I will not be like everyone who gives a bad review because they clearly got a dud. I will give it an honest assessment. The app is amazing. The quality of the band is nice, but it's a bit hefty due to the diamond pattern in the band. The clasp feels like cheap plastic and is a bit cumbersome. I will wait until it breaks to make a decision. It doesn't inspire confidence. The watch seems to be very accurate, it's comfortable, and there are some nice options. I wish you could change the settings for the sensitivity on the pressure button. It requires you to hold the other side of the watch with your thumb or you'll just push it and it will slide toward your hand. The app's interface is simple and clean, but I would like to have the ability to modify it. I don't need all the settings and statistics it has, and many of them can't be removed from theUI. This makes it more likely that you will get to the features you like. It would allow for quicker navigation if we could re-order them. The battery life is my final note. The fitness tracker claims 7 days of battery life. Thursday is at 8:41pm. I'm at 70%. I charged it all night Tuesday and into Wednesday. It was down by 5% within an hour of being taken off the charge. It's likely to be dead by Sunday at the current rate. I have not exercised since I charged it. I'm lazy and it's aQuarantine. The battery would only last for a few days with moderate to heavy exercise. That's my review. Don't say anything else. I would wait for it to go on sale.

👤I got this after my charge 2 died and I really love it. It was kind of a bummer that I didn't know that you need a premium to use any of the features. If you use the gps feature, the battery for the tracker only lasts 5 hours. It is a little annoying to turn on and off the gps when you are exercising, but it is not a big deal. I don't like to have things do that to try and preserve my phone battery, and a few features require that you allow them to run in the background for them to work properly. I turned off those privileges but left the others on, and so far I haven't had any problems with my device. I think that can still be done. When I toss and turn at night, I don't accidentally blind my boyfriend with my watch screen because of the sleep mode feature that turns off notifications and screen wake.

👤The app is for Fitbit. The Fitbit app is unparalleled for sleep, diet and water tracking. I've tried to move away from Fitbit due to my tendency for longer runs, but the features in their app bring me back every time. It presents the mostholistic picture you're going to get of your health inside one app as a result of wearing one fitness tracker. The Charge 4 can be upgraded with a note that all other things are exempt from the Charge 3. The gps takes a few seconds to connect and then you can touch the screen to leave. I wore the Charge 4 and my garmin for the first few runs to compare tracking and the gps was good across both units. When going around corners, the fitness tracker gave extra distance than the gps device. I have one corner that I hit on my out and back runs that the maps show is where the magic happened, but I would usually hit the 3 mile mark on the Charge 4 around two or three strides ahead of my navigator. For the shorter training runs, no problem. If you choose the Charge 4 you will stop being your optimal choice. You don't need a gps device or 2 because you are fine with carrying your phone. You are going to be out for at least 2.5 hours. That's where the battery use for the gps device becomes difficult. At a half marathon, you're into a lot of things. The special edition of the Charge 4 is called a base because it is a unique band with reflective fabric. The super special band looks awkward with the unit, won't survive sweat for very long without needing to be washed or soaked, and felt like it might randomly separate from the unit at the clip ins. If you're into colored bands, any band that is marketed for the Charge 3 or 4 will work with the Charge 4. The Charge 3 special edition band is on my charge 4. It works well. I had no issues with the charging, pairing, or the updates needed to bring it to current. There were no black screens of death. The battery does die faster when using gps, but it happens to all fitness trackers not specifically made for gps monitoring. You can't have built-in gps tracking on a unit of this size, with all the fitness tracking features it has, and the battery will last a full week. You'll get 3 to 4 days out of each charge if you use active gps for an activity a day and all day and night wear and fitness tracking.

9. Razer Kiyo Streaming Webcam High Performance

Razer Kiyo Streaming Webcam High Performance

Enhanced control with the included Logitech Capture software will allow you to automate focus exposure and more. Uncompressed Full HD The Webcam is great for streaming, gaming, recording, video calling, conferencing, and online school. The adaptive light sensor allows the webcam to adapt to the lighting condition for picture- perfect clarity in any environment. The low-light performance reduces graininess and brings out details to show you in the best light. If you want to make your stream pop with a full spectrum of vibrant colors, you can use the HDR-enabled option. A wide-angle lens with a wide angle can be used to find the right amount of visual space you need to display on the camera. The Plug and Play has a lightning-fastusb 3.0 connection that delivers a powerful camera signal for maximum video performance without any compression. Streamlabs is certified and works with popular platforms.

Brand: Razer

👤Do not buy if you plan to use the app. The features like FOV have to be configured in the software. Productivity apps don't see the changes in the software. You have to use the ultrawide and SDR output from the camera. Not good.

👤The experience of the Kiyo Pro Streaming Webcam has been made up of a few different stories, but I really wanted to like it. I have bought a number of keyboards and mice from Razer, so I was not surprised by the Kiyo Pro retail packaging. You can see a CHUNKY cam sitting in a foam hole in the box if you open it. I detached the folding stand and found a camera that was similar to a DSLR lens. You can see the resemblance as you have the F-stop, focal length and knurled top outer ring. I don't know why you'd use the stand with a $200Webcam. The hardware includes a lens cap and braided cable. Plug the Kiyo Pro into a Windows 10 machine and it will be detected as a normal UVC device. It will be visible to your camera-aware programs and services when it is listed in your device manager. It will be using settings from the factory. Installation of the software is required to access the hardware settings. I was excited to see a 6MB download, but then I realized that there was another 345MB needed to be downloaded. If you can amortize this bloat over a full set of Razer peripherals, it's fine, but I only have Kiyo on this PC. It's really bad. Once you get the software installed, it asks you to create an account. It's really bad. You can skip past that, but it requires you to do it again. Synapse is ok, but it isn't fast. You can set a number of image adjustment parameters in the Kiyo Pro widget, if you turn off the AF. Setting a fixed focus point was the right solution for me since the AF was hunting all over the place. I saw that there was a firmware update for the Kiyo Pro at this point, but no indication of what level of firmware it had loaded. It's easy, right? Clicking on the link for the download should have been a simple exercise. If you wanted the update, the link directed you to contact support. Huh? I had the device mounted and was able to chat on the website with the serial number I needed. A 20 minute chat session followed. I asked for the software 4 times. I was told that I needed to download a log generation tool. I downloaded and ran the tool, and it created a 2.8MB ZIP file, with over 27MB of data inside. What? I told the tech that I didn't want to send 27MB of data to them just to get a firmware update, because I didn't want to hurt my computer. She explained that the data would only be seen by people who needed to see it, and that the ZIP file was much smaller. This is to get a download. She relented and gave me a tiny link to an all-in-one installer, which updated me from version 1.0 to version 1.3. I was not sure what to expect from the update without a changelog. The camera was bricked by the update. The OS still detected it, but there was no video. Same result on many PCs. Time to support again. It's really bad. Over two weeks of wrestling with support, what unfolded was. The chats were on the portal. There are messages on the portal. Attachments are uploaded to the portal. It was a lot of wasted time. I only bothered with support for the purpose of the review, since I had never dealt with the company on a support issue. I returned it to Amazon for an exchange. It would be easy if the review was just about the camera. The build quality is very high and the video quality is very good for a high definition camera. It's a little better than my C920 Pro, which is around the same price. The video quality is better than a no-name 4K unit that I had been using for a while. The low light performance is pretty good. It still comes down to the size of the camera. The CCD is called TINY. The Kiyo Pro does a good job for aWebcam, but it isn't going to be close to what you'd get with a DSLR. Most people know that, but you never know who will get sucked into the marketing world. The materials tout the Sony STARVIS CMOS CCD. I already have a number of cameras with these imagers, so I am familiar with how they work. The imager has a bit of image processing. The imager has a higher sensitivity, but it is mostly post-processing that makes the image noise. It is nice to have, but it really doesn't change a lot when it comes to low light scenarios with the Kiyo Pro. You will need some lighting. We are finally down to the price. The Kiyo Pro is in the range of the C920/930 Pro to Brio. The image quality of the Razer is also between the two segments of the webcam product stack. That would make the Kiyo Pro a reasonable value. That means that nothing goes wrong with your product. I hope you have a better experience than me, if you ever need to deal with Razer support. Everyone I dealt with was nice, but nobody was helpful. I don't know. Unless you love the looks of the Kiyo Pro and want to deal with Amazon if you have any issues, you should get something else.

10. Certified Zoomable Software Control NexiGo

Certified Zoomable Software Control NexiGo

The N950P webcam has a Sony sensor that has a resolution of up to 3840 x 2160 QHD and 30 frames per second. Even if you are away from the desk, you can still control your video calls with a remote. Turn off the webcam, adjust the volume, zoom in and out, mirror/flip your image, and more. With support for 5X digital zoom, it is possible to zoom in gradually with the single press of a button. The N950P is compatible with both the A and C types of cables. The cables are included. A privacy cover for a webcam is included. You get clear audio from every angle with the built-in Stereo mics. Even in dim lighting, automatic low-light correction provides ideal video. A threaded base and a clip for secure mounting on monitors, laptops, tripods, or just a flat surface. TheNexiGo N950P is compatible with many operating systems. It's perfect for any popular video calling software. TheNexiGo N950P is compatible with many operating systems. It's perfect for any popular video calling software.

Brand: Nexigo

👤I like the camera. I'm an actor, producer and director of over 40 film productions and I was contacted byNexigo to review this new camera. I've been using the N660P as my daily driver, and I love it. The N660P can shoot 60 frames per second, but only 30 frames per second. The quality of the footage is very good. Digital zoom works well, but only in HD. The N950P comes with a remote that you can use to adjust things like brightness, zoom, mic level, and turn off the video. The instruction booklet is not as detailed as I would like. It tells me that the BLC button on the remote turns the Backlight Compensation on and off, but it doesn't tell me what the BLC does, why I'd want it, or anything else. There is a The softbox light is interfered with by the remote. It's difficult to make adjustments if the camera and softbox turn off at the same time. There is no indication as to what settings the camera is set to. If I press the "50/60HZ" button on the remote, the frequencies will be changed. There is no indication as to which frequencies it is on. Did I press it? Is it on 60 or 50? The only way to be certain is to press the "Home" button, which will return the camera to its default settings. If you have adjusted anything else, you need to start over. I was really enjoying this camera, and the small flaws are not a deal-breaker. I think I'll be using the N950P as my daily driver now that I have the quality of the lens and the footage. It shoots in 4K with a Sony sensor. This will help you make a decision.

👤I'll continue to review it as I use it. This is one of the easiest and best webcam experiences I've ever had, the remote control is a game-changer, you can do so many things, I couldn't do it with my regular camera before, it's so simple and easy. I'm pretty sure it was needed by a lot of people. The video and picture quality of this webcam is amazing, it's 4K quality, with over 8 million images per second, and it uses a standard camera that can shoot at 30 frames per second. It has great mic quality and is built in stereo microphones. It is very easy to setup and use. It's compatible with everything I threw at it. I love the privacy door that you can physically hide your camera stream, as we all know that is a must now with every camera, as I've heard about that pegasus program and how anyone can hack your cameras without you knowing with click free links, which is very worrying. I'm happy with that option as well. I highly recommend Overal, it has great video and picture quality. P.S. If you liked my review, please destroy the helpful button below. Thank you.

👤I think theNexiGo 950P is the best and most cost-effective webcam in its class, even though I have no experience with any other cameras other than Logitech. It's a more cost-effective challenge to see if there's any difference between the industry-standard Logitech webcams and the ones that are not. I connected the camera to my MacMini M1 16Gb after I installed it on my iMac 5K in July of 2021. In. The performance of theWebcam exceeded my expectations. The iMac has a Face Time HD camera that has a resolution of 720p. The graphics card is made by Advanced Micro Devices. The iMac HD camera has a better camera than the 950PWebcam. I only include this information in order to give the reader a better understanding of my evaluation and conclusions. The clarity and color accuracy of the image that it produces are the most important characteristics of aWebcam, without going into the specifications of the 950P, which are more than adequately published in the Amazon page. The 950P is perfect for use in video conferences with multiple individuals in attendance in a single conference room because of its 120-degree maximum viewing angle and its color-accurate image that is perfect for use in video conferences with multiple individuals in attendance in a single conference room. In some instances, I have to use both FaceTime and Skype in order to conduct my video conferences. The color reproduction is the best I have seen, and from my viewpoint it is more accurate and better balanced than the LogitechC920 and the Brio 4K Ultra HD Webcam. The default settings were more than adequate for my use and I made them. There are no changes. The dual microphones of the 950p are more than adequate in the areas of sensitivity and quality for routine use, even though I use a studio microphone. My display is a Gigabyte G34 WQC 2K monitor with a display capability of 3440 x 1440 and a refresh rate of up to 144 Hz. The aspect ratios were up to 16.9 and 16.10. The iMac produced worse performance than the 950P. The setting software had issues. My MacMini runs under a public version of macOS 12 that has only been released to developers. I am confident that the software will be updated in time for the public release of the Apple Monterey OS. The best camera in its class is the 950P. It has the same quality and performance as a premium webcams.

11. TrackIr Premium Head Tracking Gaming PC

TrackIr Premium Head Tracking Gaming PC

Increased realism enhances your game experience. TrackClip PRO is not included in the item.

Brand: Naturalpoint

👤There is very little options in this market without going out and making your own. Eye trackers and eBay options are the only other options. This is the best option, but it is way over priced. The IR optical sensor that comes standard with this system is stamped with a cheap Chinese made piece of metal that is spray painted with reflective tape and you have to wear a hat under your headset. The top of your hat is blocked by the brim of your hat. They force you to buy a Pro Clip to get this thing working, which is a good price. Did you have a window behind or beside you? Are the lights bright? Wrap anything that doesn't have light with a blanket. The system is likely to cost $30 to make, and maybe $5 for the PRO CLIP, but if you pay $170+ for the full system, it will get 2 stars. They get sales because no other company has figured out that they are cheap to make, and you can sell them like hot cakes for $80 and still make money. These are the only things on the market so you have no choice.

👤This is a total game change. This one really changes the experience for me. It's hard to say how it changes game play without actually trying it out. This would be more of a step up than a better instrument. My use for it is mainly in flightsims, and in particular combat flightsims, so prior to this I was using the joystick hat to look around. It's fairly common. I didn't see the issue. I was blown away when I setup the game. The pros and cons are listed below. The pin point precision around the cockpit is configured to your liking, it's easy to use, and the setup is simple. It's pretty much what it is, nothing really bad about it. I would recommend this as a first purchase for any game player, for the small investment. It will change the way you play gaming. 5 out of 5 was not enough for me.

👤If you do any kind of flight-simming, TrackIR is a game-changer. It's the best you're gonna get without investing in some clunky virtual reality headgear. It adds a bit of environmental awareness to the cockpit. The software part of the product allows you to fine- tune the headset, but once you're set, you're all ready to go. The cheaper version of the head-clip is thin plastic and slides onto the brim of a baseball cap. The movements of the IR receiver are delivered by three reflective tape surfaces from your head. That's it! I have TrackIR running before I start DCS, and neither software has had an issue with the other. I was up and running within an hour and was amazed at how quickly it changed my flying. I don't rely on external views in DCS for landing anymore, it's all in-cockpit, which says a lot about how much headgear really adds. If you do any serious flying at your computer and have the money to spare, you should be highly recommended.


What is the best product for eye tracker 5?

Eye tracker 5 products from Tobii. In this article about eye tracker 5 you can see why people choose the product. Elgato and Logitech For Creators are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye tracker 5.

What are the best brands for eye tracker 5?

Tobii, Elgato and Logitech For Creators are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye tracker 5. Find the detail in this article. Fitbit, Naturalpoint and Apple are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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