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1. TrackIr Premium Head Tracking Gaming PC

TrackIr Premium Head Tracking Gaming PC

Increased realism enhances your game experience. TrackClip PRO is not included in the item.

Brand: Naturalpoint

👤There is very little options in this market without going out and making your own. Eye trackers and eBay options are the only other options. This is the best option, but it is way over priced. The IR optical sensor that comes standard with this system is stamped with a cheap Chinese made piece of metal that is spray painted with reflective tape and you have to wear a hat under your headset. The top of your hat is blocked by the brim of your hat. They force you to buy a Pro Clip to get this thing working, which is a good price. Did you have a window behind or beside you? Are the lights bright? Wrap anything that doesn't have light with a blanket. The system is likely to cost $30 to make, and maybe $5 for the PRO CLIP, but if you pay $170+ for the full system, it will get 2 stars. They get sales because no other company has figured out that they are cheap to make, and you can sell them like hot cakes for $80 and still make money. These are the only things on the market so you have no choice.

👤This is a total game change. This one really changes the experience for me. It's hard to say how it changes game play without actually trying it out. This would be more of a step up than a better instrument. My use for it is mainly in flightsims, and in particular combat flightsims, so prior to this I was using the joystick hat to look around. It's fairly common. I didn't see the issue. I was blown away when I setup the game. The pros and cons are listed below. The pin point precision around the cockpit is configured to your liking, it's easy to use, and the setup is simple. It's pretty much what it is, nothing really bad about it. I would recommend this as a first purchase for any game player, for the small investment. It will change the way you play gaming. 5 out of 5 was not enough for me.

👤If you do any kind of flight-simming, TrackIR is a game-changer. It's the best you're gonna get without investing in some clunky virtual reality headgear. It adds a bit of environmental awareness to the cockpit. The software part of the product allows you to fine- tune the headset, but once you're set, you're all ready to go. The cheaper version of the head-clip is thin plastic and slides onto the brim of a baseball cap. The movements of the IR receiver are delivered by three reflective tape surfaces from your head. That's it! I have TrackIR running before I start DCS, and neither software has had an issue with the other. I was up and running within an hour and was amazed at how quickly it changed my flying. I don't rely on external views in DCS for landing anymore, it's all in-cockpit, which says a lot about how much headgear really adds. If you do any serious flying at your computer and have the money to spare, you should be highly recommended.

2. Loupedeck Creative Tool Editing Console

Loupedeck Creative Tool Editing Console

Their new flex mount is designed to fit all flat and curved screens and can be mounted underneath the monitor with additional flat mounts. There is an interdependent integration. Adobe Lightroom Classic, Capture One Pro 21 for MacOS, Premiere Pro CC, After Effects, Illustrator, Audition, Final Cut Pro, Ableton Live, Streamlabs, ECAMm and vMix are some of the programs. Ready right now. Out of the box, Loupedeck CT comes with a set of tools and workspace that you can use to boost your productivity and focus on achieving the perfect edit. Powerful custom software. You can assign tools and functions to almost any button, wheel or dial. The Loupedeck software has features such as full-screen editing mode. There is a premium grade tool for professionals. The LoupedeckCT has a high-quality aluminum cover and dial, a touch screen, and machine-quality ball bearings. You can make it your own by creating custom profiles using shortcut and macros. You can get started with building and sharing your own Custom Profiles by using the profiles they have provided.

Brand: Loupedeck

👤I thought I would give this a try after having a terrible experience with the Loupedeck keyboard. The first Loupedeck was plagued with sticky buttons and the hardware was not up to par. I tried it out in DaVinci Resolve and found the process too cumbersome and time consuming to save me time. It seems overly complicated and tries to do too much. I was stuck with a $110 restocking fee after I decided it wasn't for me. The product page did not contain this information. This is shady and not the way to make money on your customers and speaks volumes to how many people choose to return as well. Don't make the same mistake I did. I will never buy a Loupedeck product again.

👤This is a very expensive device. It has reduced my time in the studio. This is the reason for my review. The device creates internet traffic to an azure address. I have watched it for a while now and it has generated 128k traffic to an internet address that I can't find any details for. I reached out to support and they said that Loupedeck is a network device and that it needs access to get up to the second updates, which I strongly disagree with. If you have data caps on your internet connection, buyer beware.

👤I was looking forward to using this but was disappointed. The latest version of the software crashed my system and I couldn't get it to work with premiere pro.

👤This is used for after effects. I thought this would be a clever way to deal with the after effects. This is still a keyboard controller. There is an insane amount of time wasted. You can't jog the timeline back and forth without it catching up with you. It takes longer to catch up on screen when you scrub longer. This is due to the fact that thePlugin is storing calls in a list and running through it instead of prioritzing the GUI running smoothly. Is anyone else using this? Every setting is like this. There are no undo groups. If you want to get to the value you want slowly, you have to click a hundred times for every value you scrubbed through, that's function. Since the touch screen buttons are basically a smart phone screen with a piece of plastic over it, it's not feasible to use for very long. Since there is no place to rest your hand. When you have physical buttons, you can rest your fingers on a couple of keys and do nothing. You have to hover over it andpeck it. I use a keyboard and mouse. The keys are not as straight as loupdeck, which blocks the screens, and it's because your hand grease doesn't shine.

👤I wanted to love the LoupedeckCT, but it simply did not work as advertised, despite everything I did to get it to work. I use a lot of Adobe software, and the Loupedeck can work with it. I need my hardware to work 100% of the time across all apps, even though it performed a little better on Final Cut Pro. The Loupedeck is a waste of time and money. I need something more than a paperweight on my desk for now, but hopefully in the future they will improve the Loupedeck. I will return it to Amazon.

3. RollerMouse Wireless Ergonomic Customizable Settings

RollerMouse Wireless Ergonomic Customizable Settings

Control your operating system while live-streaming or editing, and you will be able to adjust the volume, screen brightness, and more! The form meets the function. RollerMouse Free3 is an innovative wireless computer mouse that has a rollerbar to control the cursor for fluid finger and thumb use. It's designed with a gradual wrist rest that is perfect for large hands. There is a cutting-edge computer capital. The ambidextrous mouse has 8 buttons and allows you to quickly navigate to the furthest edge of your screen. The innovative ecology design. RollerMouse Free3 is designed to eliminate reaching by sitting in front of your keyboard, and it has features to help with repetitive strain injuries. The PC and MAC are similar. This wireless mouse can be used for both PC and Mac, providing an accessory for computer users across both operating systems. RollerMouse Free3 can be used to improve your home and office work stations. They are committed to providing preventative posture variation and other computer accessories that will allow those already suffering from computer related ailments to work pain free.

Brand: Contour Design

👤I have been using the RollerMouse for 7 years. After spilling drinks into my old one twice in a few weeks, it still works perfectly. I decided to get one for my personal system, which was my work system until a couple of months ago. I'm glad I did. The new Free3 has a feature that I have been wanting for a long time: physical spring tension adjustment for click force. I only gave RollerMouse Red 4 stars because of the annoying tendency to accidentally click while moving across the screen, sometimes dragging an unlucky object and dropping it who knows where. Try it in the middle of a large, complex solution, it is very frustrating. The tension adjustment on older RollerMouses was limited. The underside has an adjustment. I am Free3 of that forever. When the bar ran out of travel, the mouse would jump to the edge of the screen. Free3 has made that better. It has physical switches at either end of its travel, so you get an audible click, but there is more to it that I can't quite put my finger on. Nice job guys, whatever it is, I love it. The older versions saved me from RSI that was going to force a career change, it was really bad. Free3 is an absolutely stellar product because of the improvements its designers have made. It has a sexy new rectangular bar and bigger pads. It is not cheap, but it is better for you and it is well worth it. What is the price of prescription drugs with side-effects? How much pain is not worth? I think my return on investment is close to 1000x by now. If you have ever felt a hint of RSI, or even if you don't want to, you need to get one of these! RollerMouse plus keyboard does not fit on a keyboard tray and Free3 is an inch or two deeper. You need a forstner bit to make sockets for the wooden dowels in the shelf and the underside of your desk, but you can make one out of shop plywood.

👤The update was four years later. I'm still using it after I bought it. It's the most comfortable mouse I've ever used. I want to buy one for my home computer as well. I couldn't justify the cost as I didn't use my home PC nearly as much, but these days I'm using it more. The roller bar and middle scroll bar are still my favorites. Both work well with either hand. I don't get fatigues as easily when using a trackball mouse. I like that the mouse is right under the keyboard, meaning I can use the keyboard and the mouse at the same time. I just have to shift my grip a bit and keep typing. This thing is hard to clean. It's hard to get in there with a brush or anything, but you can get the bulk of it with a wet wipe on the exterior and canned air between the roller bar and its housing. I would've liked to see a feature where we could remove the bar and clean the mouse before popping it back in. If you notice you're suffering from hand fatigue, I recommend this product. It's a lot more balanced and natural than most mice on the market. I can say that it was worth the cost. This is a very unique mouse that can be used as a wrist rest when you type. There was no learning curve for me. It's easier to use than my regular mice. If you don't know how this mouse works, there are dedicated buttons for left/right/double click and a scroll wheel. There are also buttons for copy and paste. It's very comfortable to use and I haven't had an issue with my scrull jumping around while I type. Since I'm not clicking anything, it's not a big deal to move it back and forth. The biggest draw of this mouse is that you can use it with both hands. My wrist gets tired eventually, so I'll alternate between hands. I don't know how different it will be for left handed users, but using this mouse with my non-dominant hand was easy, so I can't imagine it will be difficult for lefties. I justified my purchase by telling myself that the carpel tunnel will be more expensive than I thought. I took off a star because you do feel fatigue eventually, and for the price, I would expect to never have fatigue. Even if it's cheaper than the carpel tunnel, the price is still $270. I would like to see an option to reprogram the buttons. I haven't had an issue using this on Windows 10, 7 or Ubuntu 16.04.

4. Redragon S101 Keyboard Ergonomic Programmable

Redragon S101 Keyboard Ergonomic Programmable

If you don't like the stickers, just return them within 30 days for a full refund. No questions were asked. There is a gaming keyboard and gaming mouse. The all-in-one PC gamer value kit is great for gaming. There are 7 different lighting modes and effects on the keyboard. The clear uniform backlighting WIN key can be disabled for gaming. The PC gaming keyboard has been designed to be a great typing tool for office work. The gaming keyboard is built to hold liquid spills. The wrist rest is integrated so you don't have to worry about it. The gaming keyboard has 25 conflict free keys and 10 dedicated multimedia keys. Quiet keys are designed for longevity and deliver precise feedback. It comes with a gold-plated corrosion freeusb connection and a full numeric keypad. The Redragon RED Backlit Gaming Mouse has a user-friendly 800/1600/2400/3200 DPI setting. There are 6 buttons. The High-Precision Sensor and the Gaming Grade Micro Switches give you an even greater edge over your competitors. There are keyboard support for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP. It works with all major brands of computers.

Brand: Redragon

👤The computer I got from my job had broken feet and the previous guy had nastiness all over the keys. I decided I had waited too long to have them decide when to replace the stock keyboard with another one. I might as well make my own computer if I'm going to be staring at it for 8 hours. I dropped a couple of bucks and got a keyboard and mouse that is perfect for an office environment. Why? I forget I am trapped at a desk because my boring office has something unique to it. I am trapped at a desk with better peripherals than anyone else. It's not a big deal to you, but I think it's better to do the mundane tasks on a keyboard that visually distracts me with colorful bliss. The excitement I get from double clicking on the mouse gives me the feeling of dread that I had when I clicked the stock mouse. I'm sure I could use it to play games. I bought a gaming mouse and keyboard for my office computer. I'm awesome. It must be comfortable for people to sit there for hours and double-click to use the sword. Logic.

👤I was looking for a set that I could use to play games on my PS4 and this is what I got. I had to plug it in to work. There was no extra hub, no adaptor, and nothing else. It works out of the box. The mouse has a fabric wire which is nice to have, and the cords are long. I am very happy with my purchase, I really like this set. Awesome stuff.

👤I was expecting this combination to work out of the box. The keyboard does a good job of working for what I want it to do. The mouse... There is no spring back for the mouse buttons. I am not happy that this factory issue made it all the way to my doorstep. I may send this back. Poor quality control. The top and bottom pieces of the mouse body were not aligned correctly, and the mouse had been moved at the factory. I had the mouse repaired after I watched a video on YouTube about how to disassemble and reassemble the mouse. I will be covering this on my channel since I will be reviewing this combo set. Redragon makes it very clear that software is included with this package. It is definitely not. They hide the software from the end user. I plan to test the software links before sharing them here. If the package works out well over the long haul, I will raise the review one notch, but I can't give Redragon a 5 star rating because of the mouse issue and poor web site support. I was able to correct the issues with the first mouse and the software works just fine. I have bought this combination of mouse and keyboard 3 more times and have no issues. I've made this a standard setup on the 3 gaming systems I've built so far. The mouse on the website is called "Redragon M601-3 CENTROPHORUS 3200", which is odd. The Windows 10 version of the mouse works just fine. It is nice to be able to change the mouse parameters if necessary since I rarely run the software.

5. Loupedeck Live Streaming Customizable Touchscreen

Loupedeck Live Streaming Customizable Touchscreen

There are multiple Native Integrations: OBS Studio, Streamlabs (WINDOWS), Ecamm, vMix, Spotify, Adobe Lightroom Classic, and Final Cut Pro. Works with any software. For any software, create custom profiles using shortcut and macros. You can assign your own actions and adjustments to the buttons. Powerful CUSTOMIZATION SOFTWARE. You can create unlimited pages of controls for Touch Buttons and Dials, assign actions and organize them into workspace. Add delays, create complex macros, combine commands, and upload your own icons with Custom Actions. Premium build and impermeable control. Loupedeck Live has a small build body, with buttons, and more. Loupedeck gives you feedback on changes. Control your operating system while live-streaming or editing, and you will be able to adjust the volume, screen brightness, and more! Control your operating system while live-streaming or editing, and you will be able to adjust the volume, screen brightness, and more!

Brand: Loupedeck

👤This is a really cool piece of tech and it seemed like there would be no end to the customization that you can do with it, but unfortunately the software that it comes with is so buggy and atrocious that I would never use it. It's locked to this contextual garbage where it keeps changing the screen every time you click on a different app on your PC, and I have icons disappearing or appearing invisible between the software and hardware. You have the ability to lock it, but you can't tell it which screen to use. It's difficult to use because it's not quick and convenient. The buttons lose their text half the time and many functions don't work when you press them. The one I got was too early and buggy to be a defect. When it takes 2 or 3 hours to watch their videos and read their guides, it's time to toss it, which is what I ended up doing for the Streamdeck XL, which I have faith will be a much better option. If you want more access to other software, you have to pay more money to the company to keep them from releasing it, and that's a great deal of money for a piece of software that doesn't work. They aren't ready to be in this hardware space and I would recommend you buy a Streamdeck XL instead.

👤I bought the Loupedeck Live because of its documented claims. This is not true. The profile downloads are only for Windows and won't work for basic things. The online instructions are terrible. I am requesting a refund and going back to StreamDeck which is less expensive. If you have a mac, don't buy the Fanboys on Youtube.

👤They have continued to improve the software and added more profiles after installing on a new Mac. Hopefully they keep going. This is a good alternative to the StreamDeck. I put in hours. I like this. It doesn't change my opinion or review. Unless you're willing to dig in and get frustrated along the way, buy something else. You won't be disappointed if you don't mind putting in the effort. I'm curious why they decided to use dial buttons but not touch buttons. I would rather have all of it. There is something comforting about a button action. -- I want to be a fan of this thing. The setup and function of the original Elgato Stream Deck is night and day. Stream Deck is very easy to use. It is difficult to attend the LD Live. Hardware looks great but it can't overcome the issues of setup and streamers. There is something about a physical button that works. Getting used to them. Dials are cool but not used for streamers. The use case is for when I'm streaming. Is it possible to change the size of the dial while in the middle of a stream? Not often or ever. During setup? Yes. I don't need a new keyboard. Loupedeck received feedback. Find someone who can build profiles for you for everything from Microsoft Teams to WebEx. Someone should create a library of ready to use graphics. There are some cool use cases for it. If you can't figure it out, call Elgato. They nailed it. If you are a streamer, buy the Stream Deck. It works out of the box. A monkey can figure it out and you can adjust the angle. This is not worth it with a market leader already having something that works better and is cheaper.

6. Tobii Gaming Eye Tracker Mounting

Tobii Gaming Eye Tracker Mounting

Did not have a camera. What is included? Extra mounts are included for your eye tracker. It is made for different shapes. The Flex Mount is underneath your screen. Your preference matters. The Metal Plate Mount can be used to place your tracker on the front of your screen. You should catch your right angle. They all have different heights and postures. Their position in front of the screen will vary. The tracker can be put at the right angle with the Flex Mount.

Brand: Tobii

👤I got this in case the other didn't stick. It fell off my monitor every now and then, but only for a week.

👤The Eye Tracker will not be acknowledged by windows if drivers are installed and no conflicting drivers are present. This could be a flaw on Microsoft's part, but still the product serves so purpose other than a fancy lightshow through my phone and seeing where I'm looking on my screen with the tobii hub.

👤I have a desk with a projector and a Tobii 5 mounted on it. A person is trying to hack a holder. I used the metal mounts that came with the Tobii. If I want, I can try new solutions in the future. Stick to anything, work great.

👤This is a new one. The Eye Tracker was moved when I upgraded the monitor. I have occasionally spoken to Tobii about the problem of the tabs sticking to the underside of the monitor. When I told them that I didn't need another mounting, they said they might use it as a suggestion. The othermounting is a spare. The mounting can be used for both straight and curved monitors. A good buy.

👤The metal design of the mounting rack supports the tracker through a plastic base and through a second gummed base through lightly gummed sticky pads. The gum attaching the rack to the monitor fails against a smooth plastic surface after just 2 minutes, with the gum peeling away. I encourage you to look for other ways to affix your eye tracker.

👤Ihren Halterung bentigt. Ich ist die Monitor, die Halterung, die Pads, die Kleber und die kleber unbrauchbar. Leider gelang, den Kleber vernnftig. 3M Klebepads dran und... The Kleber Fden was zog. Also originale. I have a Monitor. Irgendwie, ja. Allerdings ist die Kleber gut, somit fllt die Halterung. Trotz Reinigung und Originalklebepads.

👤Inspensabile, per monitor, in verticale.

7. Glassouse Wireless Bluetooth Wearable Disabilities

Glassouse Wireless Bluetooth Wearable Disabilities

You should catch your right angle. They all have different heights and postures. Their position in front of the screen will vary. The tracker can be put at the right angle with the Flex Mount. GlassOuse is a pair of glasses that can be worn to control a mouse pointer from a mobile phone, computer, tablets, and Smart TV. The device tracks head movements to move the scenary. Purchase the base unit and use the software to control it, or better yet, choose from the G-WITCH SERIES for more precise control. New features of the latest version include 10X Longer battery life, improved sensitivity, and more durable frame and arm design.

Brand: Glassouse

👤Either buy an accessory or pay 10 pound for more software. The glass wouldn't click. There is a Extra for software licence, accessories, and so on is required for over 500USD. It takes 60 seconds to hold a button when I want to turn off this glass. What are you thinking? Some people could miss the button. It takes 60 seconds. To hold a button for 60 seconds is like a century.

👤I have lost the use of my hands and arms and cannot use the mouse on my computer because of the disease. I was most impressed by Glassouse's Wearable mouse, which I researched. They are on top of your glasses and you can move the screen with your head. The bite click attachment has worked as advertised. I am once again fully functional on my computer and recommend Glassouse.

👤The best head mouse I have ever found is my mother's. It's still a long way away.

👤I have used a lot of this product, but it is the best one I have used. It is easy to place the scrutineer wherever I want it. It clicks when I need it to. This one clicks every time, unlike other products where it is hit and miss. I've read other reviews about the covers wearing out, but it's an easy and cheap fix if you buy more. This is worth it all. It is not hard to use the online keyboard and other ways around it if you want to right click. I would like to thank you for making my life better.

👤I use this product a lot. It is great. I posted this in hopes that they will fix it in later releases, because the glasses frame they use is not the right size for a 10-year-old. I have to tie it around the back of my head and break it.

👤I bought a pair and they worked for 3 days, but they just quit on me. I don't like having to switch between devices because it's a lot of work. There are no fees for right clicking. 3rd party software is out dated by the company. Please try and do better.

👤I thought I'd give it a try because the alternative head mouse is twice the price. I work with people with Lou Gehrig's disease. This was plug-and-play with Windows 10, Mac OS, and the latest iOS13, and it was also available on the iPad and iPhone. It works well. If you have little finger strength, don't buy the optional switch. It needs a hard push. It's awkward for people who already wear glasses to stack them. The product is great and I have bought 4.

8. Logitech Pro Flight Rhino HOTAS

Logitech Pro Flight Rhino HOTAS

There is a 6 ft.usb cable. Military-grade Space and Flight Sim. The control surface options required to achieve the exact level of performance that aspiring combat pilots demand are included in the X 56 Rhino. The new mini analog stick control surface has control pitch, roll, yaw, backwards, forwards, up, down, left and right as well as gimballed weapons that are controlled separately from the space craft. The X-54 is one of the PC peripherals that features a RGB backlighting. The software can be used to set the lighting to match the rest of the rig. It's ideal for virtual reality. The X 56 places controls under your fingers where there are subtle differences in button feel and shape that help you navigate the control set with ease. Hotas is fully featured. Hall-effect sensors are used to measure the aileron and elevator axis. The Advanced 4-Spring System has a stick force. The Throttle Lock and Friction Adjuster are on the Twin Throttles.

Brand: Logitech

👤I bought my Saitek X52 after having had issues with it for more than a decade. The software was a little frustrating to setup and conflicted with some games, but I was able to work around it. I noticed my rudder stopped working. I can live with that. I kept the joystick on my desk because I'll get in and out of the mood for flight sims so I keep it close. I recently wanted to get back into Xplane11, but suddenly I'm getting phantom ghost forces that will cause my plane to nose dive. I found out that the wires they use were not as durable as I wanted them to be. I see that the insulation on my wiring is not strong enough. I bought a paperweight. I think it means I have to kick myself for not buying a better quality product because I could have repaired it myself. I've only had it for 3 years, but I've used it 20 times. The Saitek name used to be very disappointing.

👤When I got the box from the vendor, it was already cut open, but only one strip held down the flaps, which made it questionable packaging. I am assuming they used the original packaging to save money. The security seals on the box the HOATAS came in have been cut. I am assuming to check the contents before shipping. Why did they cut the seals and then ship it back out, is the unit broken and they didn't know it, and how come the seals are cut? Also. There were many questions in my head. I decided to take the contents out of the box to see if I could get a look at them. I noticed a couple of things. There was a musty smell like it had been sitting in a basement. I noticed the musty smell as soon as I pulled the Joystick out of the box. 2. The old tape that was used to keep the bags closed was easy to remove because it didn't stick well to plastic. New tape sticks very well, so you can cut it, bag it, or rip it open. The big thing for me is comfort. It's old. If it feels comfortable and works, I'm okay with that. The controls were smooth but I noticed it had too many thumbsticks on it. There is a small button up top behind all of them and one hanging out by your thumb. I thought they would be more low profile or easier to circumvent, but this made it hard to get to the top button. I didn't need that many thumbsticks to play Star Wars Squadrons. If I went to far up I would have had to keep my fingers off the gun to avoid accidentally shooting it, but if I went to far down I wouldn't have been able to reach the buttons. I didn't pull out the throttle because I didn't want to keep it just for the other. I paid $400 for it. I put it back in the package and sealed it up. I promised to return to the vendor. I have to return the unit to the vendor. I didn't want to test it. The packaging was questionable because of the seals. It was old from the smell and tape. The level of comfort is not good.

9. Oculus Quest Advanced All One Virtual

Oculus Quest Advanced All One Virtual

Their highest-resolution display and blazing-fast processor make every move count. You can explore new and old favorites in the expansive content library with backward compatibility. Live concerts, films, exclusive events and more are available in Immersive Entertainment. Just open the box, set up with the app, and you're good to go. There is no need for a PC or console. The device needs wireless internet access and a free app to be set up. Premium display features 50% more pixels than the original one, so you can see every detail. Redesigned Oculus Touch controllers allow you to move into virtual reality with intuitive controls. You can connect an Oculus Link cable to a compatible gaming PC to experience PC virtual reality. The Link Cable was sold separately. Built-in speakers deliver cinematic 3D audio.

Brand: Oculus

👤I ordered my first virtual reality glasses because of the positive reviews on the internet. The operation is very good, especially Air Link via WLAN. The IPD is the big problem. Why do I see everything blurry? The maximum IPD is 68mm. There is a I measured my IPD and it is almost 74mm. I didn't know that you have to pay attention to this, you assume that the developers have thought about it and calculated everything. Only 6-7 milimeters more! Why do you do that? I found many users who had the same problem on forums. What were the developers thinking? There is a If you have a greater than 68mm interpupillary distance, you will not be able to use the virtual reality. The problem will be fixed with the Quest 3. I have to send the expensive virtual reality back to Germany. Thanks for nothing. Thank you best of luck.

👤I think Facebook did a great job with the new release of the quest 2. The headset is nice, but the strap is too heavy, and it feels like something to work on. It's very uncomfortable using glasses. The only reason I bought this headset was because of the link feature, and it's everything I could have asked for. My internet isn't very good, but I needed my laptop to be connected to the internet by ethernet for a smooth, high quality PCVR experience that I could take anywhere in the house. I only had slight lags and stutters, but that's probably just my mediocre hardware. I'm a little disappointed by the smaller control scheme compared to the vive. If you really want to have the best experience with this headset, then you should keep your wallet. I would stay away from the first party elite strap if a new strap was optimal. The default foam cover isn't the best for everyone, so a new face cover might be good for you. The headset is a step in the right direction. It should be subject to some modifications, which could be called a feature. Don't worry about the whole Facebook account thing. This shouldn't be a problem if you're fine with using both. It's not a new thing, as Facebook has owned Oculus for 7 years. After about a month of use, this headset has become the most annoying piece of tech I own. I bought this for Airlink because it is the only feature that is straight garbage over half the time. The connection is unstable over the internet. I paid 300 dollars for an experience that was unstable and sometimes unplayable.

👤You have to use your real name and photos on Facebook in order to use a video game system. This is ridiculous. I don't want to use Facebook. I tried to create a fake account but it suspended my account so I uploaded pictures of my face. What the hell! I want to play games. Shame on Facebook. Shame on the company. Shame on the employees. Shame. I will return this. Facebook is a garbage company because of this.

10. TrackIr Optical Tracking System Bundle

TrackIr Optical Tracking System Bundle

VIVEPORT INFINITY gives you 2 months of unlimited play on 700+ games and apps. The code is in the box. Increased realism enhances your game experience. There is a 6 ft.usb cable.

Brand: Naturalpoint

👤This concept does what it says it will. The most unrealistic aspect of flight software since the mid 1980's is the inability to turn the head to see anywhere but straight ahead. The hat is a Joystick switches hat. situational awareness is not a luxury for real pilots. It's a necessity. It's the same for pilots in flight games. I stopped using flight software because the sense of immersion wasn't there for me. TrackIr opens up a new world for all desktop pilots, and gives them a greater sense of immersion. There are some issues. This product is long in the tooth. The camera is not close to being able to fit atop a monitor I have had in the last 20 years. You won't have to rely on others when it comes to adapting it to the top of yours. The TrackClip PRO has a flimsy plastic cap. It's a clever design that allows a range of expansion to fit a variety of headsets. I tested it on different sets. It's true that the small parts of the clamp will be prone to fail if abused or removed frequently. Attach it and leave it mounted between uses. I would have made it simpler and more robust, but it is what it is. Be careful with it! The setup and adjustment software is impressive. NaturalPoint has done something that is not right. The software is a free download and there is no guidance as to how to use it. The user is left confused by how to use it and must rely on the kindness of other users to understand it. The only instruction in the package is for assembly of the hardware. The help manual was found via a tiny drop-down at the top left corner of the screen. The YouTube videos were more difficult to understand. The user is confined to one position and cannot move without messing up the alignment. My body is restricted from movement while I am strapped into my open cockpit Experimental home-built by a five-point harness. The user can instantly re-center the view with one stroke if they accidentally move their position a bit. The cost is one of the most common complaints. NaturalPoint has had a monopoly for a long time. Keeping the product updated is what this shows in their complacence. They wouldn't have to repackage the packaging if they had a current web URL in the box. You will see reviews that complain that this is just a dumb-simple I.R. camera and a fewLED's. I am a former toy designer and I can assure you that the package and the accompanying software required a lot of development and cost to bring to market. It's not an excuse for leaving the product on the market for so long without providing needed updates. It's up to you. It's faults. You're going to have to pay to play, and it's the best of it's kind. I'm sorry I waited so long. Clarifying. I have been using Track IR with Win 7 and Win 10, and I offer these tips after using this device for two years. There were no issues. I put the IR camera on the top of two thin monitors by attaching a block of stiff packing foam to the inside of the longest leg. The foam fills the space between the back leg and the monitor. People with issues with alignment should know that it's not easy. Place yourself in a comfortable position, in front of the camera, and try not to move from that position during play. Put on and plug in your headset first, then start the software, being careful not to move yourself or the position of your head while the software is booting. My software opens in a small window at the top edge of my monitor in Win 10. I maximize it to full-window, and then quickly return my head to a centered position. The alignment cross-hairs will appear in the center of the screen if I am square to the camera, and I will be able to turn my head to the left and right. I hit my F12 key if I seem to be off-center, you will do this every so often. The left camera will be lit. The right side light will also light up when I enter the game. You don't have to worry about the software in order to get this far. The Track Clip Pro must be mounted to the side of your headset in order for it to work. It won't be that way with most of the headsets out there. If you want, you can use tape or a soft glue to hold everything in place after you get it operating correctly. Take off your headset and make a note of how the clip is adjusted on your headset, so you can return it to its original position later. You can be pretty sure that the clip had twisted out of alignment if operation becomes weird in-game or you're way out of alignment from the start. I use my phone's screen as a mirror to check the alignment of my arm after I put on my headset. It's possible for a cable to get twisted around and pull everything out of adjustment. It takes a while to get used to the idea that you can't move your chair or change the position of your track without hurting it. There is a small amount of flexibility, but not much. Don't believe the idea that you will take the Track Clip on and off frequently. It is likely to die from that. Leave it on your headset. I use a homemade stand to hang my headset and wrap it's cables when not in use. It sounds like a lot of trouble, but once you learn the ropes and get used to operating with it, you won't pay much attention to it. I have ordered a spare in case I can't get another one, because I consider it so essential for flight sims and Arma 3.

11. Elgato Facecam Conferencing Streaming Fixed Focus

Elgato Facecam Conferencing Streaming Fixed Focus

It is compatible with a wide range of operating systems such as: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Mac OS, Linux, and more. The Elgato Prime lens is studio quality. The Sony STARVIS Sensor is designed for indoor use. FHD has a true resolution of sixty frames per second. The advanced image engine can process a lot of data. Video without artifacts. For a full frame or wide angle, the field of view can be up to 82 degrees. Fixed focus range keeps you focused.

Brand: Elgato

👤The camera quality is amazing when it is working. It is a common issue and Elgato knows about it. Sometimes I can stream for about 2 hours before it starts freezing, other times it doesn't. It is annoying. I hope they figure it out in the future. There are things to consider about my video. 1. My stream is locked to 720p60 and has a weird grain over it. 2. The fuzziness in that area is explained by the fact that I have a chroma key enabled for my green screen and I wear a dark green shirt. It is an amazing camera when it is working correctly.

👤I rarely write reviews. I also like Elgato products. I own a few of them. The review is not to spite them, but to show my case scenario. I like the quality of the camera. The webcam is useful. It's the best image quality I've ever seen from a computer. If you're looking for a smooth 60 frames per second, then you're not going to find it in1080p. The camera controls on their Elgato Camera Hub software are more advanced than those of Logitech. You can control a lot more than the other way around. The build quality is questionable compared to my previous one. It feels cheap. It feels cheap. My first order of the camera had dust inside it, so I thought it must be just this order. I decided to get a new one, but it had the same problem. Maybe it's just the two copies I got? If you plan to do your due diligence on this, you should order it. Make sure the lens is free of dust. It could be hard to see, but I say what I mean.

👤The review only applies to using Elgato Face cam on MacOS. The Elgato Face cam has the potential to be a great webcams, may be just need another round of software updates. There is an issue with the original software that comes with the product. If the Face cam is turned on, the changed and previously saved settings are gone, which is very annoying. AfterUpgrading to software and firmware. The issue seems to have been resolved. The Camera Hub has an issue with ISO setting. Everything seems to be fine if I keep the setting below 300. The next time the Face cam is turned on, the ISO will not display correctly if I keep it at 350. The saved value is 400, but the true ISO value is around 200, so the image won't change until I reach 200. Elgato still has some bugs to fix for the Camera Hub, at least on MacOS. I use automatic exposure setting to avoid this issue. The Face cam is better than any other webcam I have used, but it can be better if there is another round of software updates.

👤The quality of picture that I get with the Elgato Face cam is better than the one I get with the Brio. The Camera Hub has a variety of parameters that can be used to tune the picture. I'll use the Mac for my work calls and the Face cam for my streams. I highly recommend this product for anyone looking to improve the quality of stream without spending a lot of money.


What is the best product for eye tracker tobii?

Eye tracker tobii products from Naturalpoint. In this article about eye tracker tobii you can see why people choose the product. Loupedeck and Contour Design are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye tracker tobii.

What are the best brands for eye tracker tobii?

Naturalpoint, Loupedeck and Contour Design are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye tracker tobii. Find the detail in this article. Redragon, Tobii and Glassouse are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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