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Dog eye health. Your dog will become more at risk for eye issues as she gets older. It is true that eye problems can occur at any time in a dog's life, so checking your dog's eyes on a regular basis is a part of your health and wellbeing check. Their supplement can help your dogs eyes by giving them the vitamins and minerals they need. There are different foods that can help with your dog's eye health. Their supplement can't be compared to food. Their eye health supplement is packed with vitamins and other ingredients that support and help with your dogs eyes. The dog's eyes are covered in biscuit. The anthocyanoside flavonoids in the herb bilberry provide structural support for the eye. It has been shown that bilberry improves vision and eye function. Their supplement contains bilberry, which is one of the best herbs for your dog's eye health. There is a drug for dogs' eyes. It is a great anti-oxidant for dogs and most likely you have never heard of it. Dog vision is good with lycopene. The research shows that the key vitamins and minerals might slow down the development of eyesight issues in dogs. They think you will be pleasantly surprised by the benefits of this supplement. Their 30 day money back guarantee will help you if you are not completely satisfied. Some exclusions may not apply.

Brand: I Love My Pets Llc

2. Hownd Designed Discoloration Plant Based Primrose

Hownd Designed Discoloration Plant Based Primrose

The 2-in-1 Formula is a race. Their gentle puppy and dog face cleaner is tearless and works to quickly and gently remove dirt and discolorations. It is ready to use and gentle. Rub the face with a small amount of hands and then towel dry. Your dog's face will be clean, clear, and tear-free because it smells like bananas. The vegan formula is made from 100% certified, all-natural ingredients. The scrub contains ingredients from sacred lotus, evening primrose flower, ginseng root and oatmeal extracts. There is a vegan alternative to Keratin to promote healthy hair growth. The Lavish SpaFACIAL TREATMENT. The facial wash smells like bananas and lives up to its name. Great for pups with sensitive facial folds, beards, and those cute squishy facewrinkles such as pug, frenchie, maltese, bulldog, shitzu, yorkie, boxer and more. Dogs of all sizes and breeds will look and feel good and you will love how it smells. Absolutely no soap or harsh chemicals are used. It is safe to use with flea products. It is safe to use on puppies from 12 weeks. They're an award-winning ethical lifestyle brand for pets. They create plant-based products. The Leaping Bunny seal of approval is accredited by The Ethical Company Organization.

Brand: Hownd

👤I like this product because I can wash my girl's face without hurting her eyes. If you can help it, I don't recommend getting it in their eyes. It worked well for her chin/lower lip area, which gets stinky and sore because she's a Spaniel with floppy lips. Her eyes are dry and sensitive because she's brachycephalic. She doesn't complain about the taste.

👤This product was used because it promised to remove tear stains from dogs, but it doesn't do that.

3. Burts Bees Dogs Natural Chamomile

Burts Bees Dogs Natural Chamomile

America's #1 pet grooming brand is available to millions of pet parents who can't get enough of Burt-s Bees for Pets. Remove stain-causing particles from fur around your dog's eyes with the help of a Tear Stain. Dog tear stain remover is made with the highest quality ingredients and removes stains the natural way. It's best for all dogs and puppies. The dog tear stain remover is balanced for all dogs and puppies. Veterinarian recommended formula, free of harsh chemicals and fragrances.

Brand: Burt's Bees

👤You have to use this product for at least a week before you can see if it works. My dog had eye problems. The left and right pictures are of the same product. My dog didn't mind that I used this product on her. She was not bothered by the pads I used, she would resist them.

👤I used this product for a while before buying more from Amazon. If you keep using this product, you will see the difference.

👤My white dog has a lot of stains. We use distilled water. We've tried other things. We took the daily pills. We used a liquid. Dawn dishwashing detergent was tried by us. There was a noticeable difference after a week. I'm still not gone completely, but people don't think I'm neglecting my baby.

👤This is a gentle product for cleaning the gunk that comes out of your dog's eyes. I try to use it in the morning and evening. My senior dog doesn't mind it at all.

👤It is necessary to use this product every day in order to get results.

👤It can help remove staining from your dog's tears. I don't use it everyday. 3 days a week has helped. The dog did not complain.

👤This is the worst tear stain removal. After 10 days of use, does nothing. I have used stain removal on my dogs to get the stain off.

4. Espree Animal Products Optisooth Wash

Espree Animal Products Optisooth Wash

A natural eye wash solution. Eyewash is a natural way to protect your dog's eyes. It is made with 100% organically grown Aloe Vera.

Brand: Espree

👤The first order of this product was empty and had no safety seal. I was asked if I wanted to return it or replace it. I accepted a new bottle. The bottle was full, but there was no safety seal. My pets are family members so I expect safety seals on their products as well, so I will not consume or put any product in my own eyes that doesn't have a seal. I no longer have the option to return the item after I accepted the replacement bottle. I'm stuck with 2 bottles of a product that doesn't have a safety seal. I would be happy to return both bottles.

👤This is a good eye rinse. My dog's eyes were flushed out. I use this in the morning and at night before I put eye lubricant in my lhasa's eyes, and it helps keep any 'film' or 'goopey' substance from building up.

👤I use this to rinse the eyes of the dog after they have washed their head. I love this stuff.

👤It is hard to use. Come out too fast. It's hard to get inside the eyelid. He has an eyelid that rolls in.

👤I haven't used the product yet, opened the box and found an empty bottle.

👤It's an acceptable eye wash. The price is competitive.

👤I use it to clean around her eyes because it is safe if it gets into her eyes. I have purchased bottles.

👤Dogs like getting their eyes washed with this solution. It's good for keeping the eyes clean. I use it at night when the fur around the eyes looks tired. Will use it.

5. I Med Pharma Drops Drop Lubricant

I Med Pharma Drops Drop Lubricant

I-DROP VET is a viscoadaptive artificial tears that help to relieve dry eye symptoms. I-DROP VET combines the advantages of the viscoelastic hyaluronan inactive ingredient and the dispersive physical properties of a lowmolecular weight glycerin lubricant. Dogs and cats have eyes. Fix dry eyes for your pet. It's a blessing for your dogs and cats. A gentle, non-irritating formula. 2 packs: There are 2 bottles of I-Drop Vet Plus Eye Lubricant Bottles. The innovative bottle design features a sophisticated one-way valve that delivers one dosed drop at a time. The tip is anti-bacterial. There may be residual liquid on the blue tip after use. This shows that the bottle is working and not drawing the liquid back into the bottle. Ensure hands are clean before use and turn bottle upside-down. Place the bottle above the area you want it to be in and gently squeeze it until a single drop forms and falls.

Brand: I-med Pharma

👤My dog has dry eyes. We have used one of the better valued drops.

👤Great drops for my dog. Thank you!

👤Dogs didn't fight the application. They did it before they knew it was done.

👤Not much for dry eyes. My pet's eyes were dry for a while.

👤The product came in a timely manner.

6. Vetericyn Pain Free Solution Abrasions Irritations

Vetericyn Pain Free Solution Abrasions Irritations

All animals have an eye wash. Provide safe, effective relief to your pet's eye irritations and wounds with this eye wash. It can be used to remove debris. All animals are approved for use. The solution is pain-free. If you have eyes that are flushed, use a saturated dressing 3-4 times per day until the condition is no longer visible. It's safe to use around the mouth, nose, ears and eyes. It helps prevent tear stains. RECOMMENDED BY VETERINARIANS. If your animal care provider recommends something, you can save yourself the trip to the vet. Care for your animals where they are happy and comfortable, from your home to the farm or ranch. Health care products that are innovative and reliable. The most safe, effective and innovative animal health and wellbeing products are what Vetericyn is committed to developing. Each one is produced with scientific research and a standard of excellence. There are standards. You can trust. All products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in the USA. The family-owned company has been in Rialto, CA since 2009.

Brand: Vetericyn

👤I ordered it because it got good reviews. The bottle I received says it's Hot Spot Antimicrobial gel. There is a white label with a bar code on the blue bottle and it states that EyeWash is in it. I could have been blinded by the Hot Spot Antimicrobial Gel. A white label with a bar code was placed on the bottle to say that the contents are eye wash, but the bottle says it's the hot spot gel. Before applying something to an animal's eyes, be careful to look at the bottle. Had I not looked at the label, I don't know what damage this hot spot gel might have done to my dog's eyes. This is not acceptable.

👤I just bought eye wash and the gel for my two little white dogs and it is the best product I have ever bought for them. I've bought many brands and products for their eyes, but nothing worked. I bought this one because of the reviews. I love it! My dogs do not mind it, and you can see how their eyes open up more from relief. I apply the gel to their drainage and it works. My husband said that my eyes looked great today because of no drainage and opened up wider. It's thanks to Amazon that we all try products that are good and not just by what the pet store employee tells us to buy or thinks is good. I will recommend it to others.

👤English Bulldog has been having trouble with his eyes for a long time. They were getting filled with this discharge because of their age and dry eyes. The vet has prescribed many drops, but nothing has helped the situation. I have been using this product on our dog for the past two days and I have to say that I am impressed by the result and he is definitely happier. I can tell that he can really see now that his eyes are clear for two days. Not to mention how much dry stuff got removed from his eyes. The best solution for your pet's everyday eyes care was considered by me, because so far this product is amazing.

👤This stuff works. My kitten had an eye problem. In the morning, it's always weepy. We tried a prescription eye drop, but it didn't work. When we were desperate for relief, we tried this and it worked. I am so grateful for finding this.

👤I used this on my dog for three days and the improvement was huge. She woke a week ago with her eyes closed. She always has some stuff. The vet thinks it's allergies. I tried this product hoping for a natural solution and it's working, I'm not even seeing the smell in her eyes. Very impressive.

👤I bought this for my dog. She has horrible allergies. She gets a wound next to her nose because of her watery eyes. I've been washing her eyes with Vetericyn plus for two weeks now and it's starting to clear up. I'll post a picture so far that you can see the difference, and then I'll post another one later on. The picture is after two weeks. It looks better now than it did two weeks ago.



The under eye stain cover cream for dogs is hypo-allergenic. Stain Free has been developed to remove tear stains and imperfections on dogs' white hair. Results: As the cream coating protects against the effects of tears on skin and hair under your dog's eyes, it will gradually lighten stained areas. Bio-Groom's Stain free is hypo-allergenic and 100 percent fragrance free. The product is made with all natural ingredients. There are directions. Apply with your hands. Rub on the stained areas. Get out of the way of the dog's eyes. The included comb/brush can be used to distribute the cream.

Brand: Bio-groom

👤I use this on my Maltese dogs and it works great. It protects the hair from the tear stains. It lasts a long time if you take a small amount.

👤I have a Persian kitten. Who has intense, dark red tear stains. She can have natural products in her food to reduce tear stains. This is the only thing that really does. It is a white eye cream. I don't know if I'll use it every day as it is "Makeup-y." It does the trick. I am happy I bought it.

👤It was more makeup than a preventative measure. It was difficult to clean out the fur.

👤This works well on my white people's eye stains. It leaves the surface to repel further stains.

👤What a great product! Her face is protected from the nasty stains. I use a contact lense cleaning solution first. It's our morning routine. She is ready for her day.

👤It's like a makeup cover up. It helps to cover up stains. This product is used for dog grooming and show dog purposes.

👤It does not get rid of the stains, but it hides them.

👤Eliminarlo tienes a tu perrito. Is the facial is un

👤Coton de Tulear hat insgesamt aus. Hab alles besser, bes Ich ist das Bio Groom. Es deckt ist viel, besser geworden. Es ist beim trinken und abschlecken. I weiter. Bild is a word.

👤I use Bio-Groom a lot. Bobo has a dark red color under his eyes. His eyes looked sick. He looks better since we use the Bio-Groom. It's better to use a Q-Tip to get his fur to rub in. If he is advised to stay on his place for 10 minutes, he will not have to worry about his dark clothes getting sticky with white cream.

👤C'est plus un maquillant.

8. Angels Eyes Plus Dogs Chicken

Angels Eyes Plus Dogs Chicken

For all dogs and cats. All canine and feline breeds can have a clear coat with the anti-tear stain formula. It's easy to use powder to clean your pet's eyes. Both dogs and cats can be shed. Great taste. The chicken taste is very good. The product is made in the USA.

Brand: Angel's Eyes

👤I've been researching tear stain since I got my dog. Angels' Eyes Plus made the most impact so far, after trying many different things. I think there are many different causes of tear stain, that's why solution that works for some doesn't work for others. excessive tearing is a problem for my dog. There's no bad smell or red color, just fur stained brownish. I tried a variety of things, but none of them made a difference. I used to use No Stain Fur Me and decided to try Angel Eyes. Angel Eyes was a bit better. The herbal supplement reduces the amount of tearing and keeps the fur lighter. I use Eye Envy powder to help absorb the liquid and keep the area dry, which is the key to controlling my dog's tear stain. I'm happy I'm narrowing down to something that works after 3 years.

👤After two months with the natural chicken version, my little Cavy was almost tear- and stain-free. I thought I should try it because of the reviews. It wasn't a good fit for her. There is a There are more stains in her tears than before. It's not hard to clean her eyes since it's thin. I have to clean her eyes more often than with the Natural chicken version. I've been using versions of this product for years with my dogs. The company has been fussing about the formulas since the major change about 6 years ago. We have an Angel's Eyes product that works for us, so I can't say anything negative. Next time, I will order the natural chicken version.

👤I didn't think it was working at first, but my Maltese loved it and I continued. I noticed a big improvement after a couple of weeks and the longer I use it the better his eyes look. He doesn't have those awful stains anymore because of his allergies.

👤They changed the formula and it stopped working. It is. It is useless for helping my eyes.

👤I think I will return it. I need something to help with my poodle's tear stains. But... Since it was a powder, I didn't want to put it on her food if it wasn't good. I didn't think it would hurt me to put the teeniest amount on my tounge. It made the tip of my tounge numb. It's been 30 minutes and I'm still numb. This is a concern for me.

👤I used this for my fur children six years ago and it completely cleaned up the red tear stain issue. The red tear stains appeared again after 6 years. I was told to use this for 12 weeks. They changed the formula. I hope this works as well as the last time I used it. I will do an update once the 12 weeks are over. I had my Morkie's face shaved due to the red tear stain. My poodle's face is already shaved and I am giving it to her as well. They had been crying for many years, but they started to tear again. The original formula was amazing. It worked.

9. PetAlive PEHL001 Eye Heal 59 Ml

PetAlive PEHL001 Eye Heal 59 Ml

Eye-Heal is a safe and effective herbal supplement. Eye-Heal is a natural medicine that supports eye problems and irritations in pets. Eye-Heal contains a selection of herbs for soothing and cleansing pet eyes. Eye-Heal uses a unique blend of herbal ingredients certified organic Burdock, certified organic Celandine, wildcrafted Meadowsweet, and certified Rosemary in a concentrated liquid formula to support visual health and functioning in dogs and cats. It's easy to use and gently wipe eyes from inner to outer corners. Each eye should have a new swab. PetAlive products are made from the highest quality, laboratory-tested, raw ingredients formulated in therapeutic dosage by clinical experts in natural remedies. They're free of added ingredients such as artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. The Full Spectrum method of herbal extract keeps the plant's natural integrity and balance. Local certified organic growers and a group of wild harvesters are supported by them. Their distinct manufacturing processes ensure the consistency, reliability, and potency of all their remedies. All PetAlive products are made in FDA-registered, Good Manufacturing Practice- compliant facilities. The highest degree of consistency, reliability, and potency is guaranteed. Their remedies are not tested on animals.

Brand: Petalive

👤I had to write a short review about this product. It works. I was going to take my dog to the vet if this product didn't work, I tried other methods, but they didn't work for me, and also put Cod Liver, which didn't work for me. After using this product on her eyes, the mucus that was coming out of her eyes was less the day before, and I immediately used it on her again. The second day was almost all gone and she was able to sleep with her eyes closed. The swelling of her eyes began to diminish after 1 week. I was happy. Money stays in the pocket when there is no vet visit. After a week, the bottle was gone and ordered to be kept to make sure the swelling goes away. She is doing much better now. I don't have to go to the vet's office. If it doesn't get better within a week or so, we go to the vet. I am giving her Spirulina, which is good for allergies. She's been on the drug for about 2 weeks. You only need a small amount of Spirulina a day with your food. I know this is not the only reason why she is getting better, but the Spiraling also has a major part as with allergies dogs or cats have to be on medication and my dog is not on any type of medication. There were no vet visits or medications. I take Spirulina for my health.

👤PetAlive Eye-Heal is everything according to its reviews. I found this product through researching natural products that could help save my dog's eye. She had a detached lens in her right eye in October of 2013). The vet said that the eye would become more painful after it was removed. Her left eye showed the same signs and symptoms a month later. I couldn't help but think of her losing both eyes. I read everything I could about the two diseases. I went back to the vet with her and told him what I was going to do for her, rather than taking her eye. I told him that if I could keep the pressure in her eye close to normal, she would not feel any pain. I was told I could try. Her eye pressure has stayed low thanks to the help of this product and some diet changes. The cloudiness that had begun in that eye has vanished. Her appetite and energy level are normal. I recommend this product to anyone with a dog that has been diagnosed with a disease. It has made a difference for her in a few weeks.

👤I bought it in June but I am not sure about the shelf life. The infection came back in september. The bottle is almost gone and I tried it again, but it doesn't seem to work. I came home from my lunch breaks to put it on my cat's eyes more frequently and it didn't seem to provide relief. I had to order something else.

10. ANGELS EYES Natural Potato 120

ANGELS EYES Natural Potato 120

For all dog breeds, there is an anti-tear stain formula without antibiotics. Natural. There are no food dyes, wheat, corn, or soy that may have negative effects on your pet. cranberry powder, Oregon grape root, and marshmallows root are proprietary liqueurs. 100% sweet potato recipe. It is recommended that your pet's natural inflammatory response is supported by natural Antioxidant.

Brand: Angels' Eyes

👤I bought this new sweet potato flavor for my dog to give her more variety in her tear stain regimen and so far she loves it and it's keeping the tear stains away. I've been using Angels' Eyes products for a few years now and can't say enough good things about them. They launched a new flavor with a vegetarian source of meat.

👤I have been using the Angels' Eyes Sweet Potato Powder for a long time. I have 3 amazing French Dogs. They all suffer from food and outdoor allergies, so they need Angels' Eyes. We only feed them a fish base diet. It's so easy to give each dog 2 chews instead of waiting for them to finish their food because Angels' Eyes has the Sweet Potato in a chew form. Thank you! Thank you! I use the wipes when they get yuckies.

👤My dogs eyes look better after I give them these treats. They love the taste and want them. I can not recommend them enough.

👤My Mal-Shi is on a bottle of Angel eyes. I haven't seen a reduction in his eye stains despite taking two chews for 3 months. I won't buy it again when he finishes his second bottle.

👤I love my dog. It was the first time that I bought on Amazon. Indy seems to like the new sweet potato flavor.

👤My dog loves these treats and they have helped her eyes. These treats are great for dogs with tear stains.

👤Over the years, we used angels eyes to clear up our dog's eyes. It has been a while since she had any. We got the sweet potato to start. The girl ate it like a treat.

👤My dog wouldn't touch it. We had to return it.

11. KARRYUNI Cataracts Formula Promotes Ointment

KARRYUNI Cataracts Formula Promotes Ointment

The result will be better if the product is used more often for eye cataracts and for continuous care. KARRYUNI Special Formula People and Pet Eye Drops Cataract. Pet Eye Health Ointment Drops are a safe and gentle pet treat. VeTERINARIAN RECOMMEND FORMULA: Promotes eye clarity in pets. Twice as strong as most similar products. Eye Drop for dog and cat. Eyedrops for dogs and cats with Cataracts use only natural ingredients to soothe and relieve dry eyes. Pet care eye drops. Symptoms from cataracts, dry eye syndrome, and nuclear sclerosis can be alleviated with this safe remedy. It has been proven to be safe and effective for lubrication and cleaning of pet eyes. Assists in maintaining its clarity by reducing the amount of transparency in the lens. It is formulated by veterinarians and scientists to help protect and improve vision. The drops come in a squeeze-tube dose dispensers. Clean eyes before using, apply drops to the eye twice a day. The best result for continuous care and use more is 3-6 weeks more for eye cataracts in pet and All. The product can be kept at a normal room temperature. The product should be stored in the refrigerator, but not frozen, to get the best shelf life. Keep away from the sun.

Brand: Hulx

👤This cleared my dogs eyes in a few days. I have a dog with goopy eyes. They are clear after a few days of use.

👤The Blue-nose has both allergies and cataracts. I would have done anything to prevent eye problems if I had been able to hear him. I have no expectation of efficacy and we were able to reduce the film from the eye within two days. Within a day of finishing the two bottles, he got all gunky again. He requested that I keep it coming and reorder it.

👤My dog has cloudy eyes and so far so good. I have been using the drops in her eyes for a week now and can see a difference in her clarity. I hope it works for my baby.

👤My Pug pup was born with a small blemish on his eyelid. It was getting worse week after week and he was starting to develop a blueish film on one of his students. I decided to give this remedy a try before I spent hundreds of dollars on him going to the vet. I used it for 2 weeks, maybe one dose every day. The bluish film disappeared from his eye almost a month and a half ago, and now it is almost completely gone. I am not sure if this is a cure for my pups eye problem, but I am certain that the treatment helped. Maybe my pups age development and good health are playing a role, perhaps the medication gave it an extra boost, I'm no vet. I wouldn't know. I know that the eye drops worked for us, it will probably work for you.

👤Around 2 inches in diameter. My dog's eyes did not improve and it seemed to get worse. I used a liquid called "nutri-vet eye rinse liquid" which seemed to help my dog's sight. Bigger bottle. I tried different things for him.

👤I have been using this product on my Boxer for about two weeks. The film over his eyes hasn't cleared up any, but I think it has prevented them from clouding up.

👤My dog was sick after a few days because of not work. He started walking again when I stopped.

👤My dog's eyes were covered in brown dirty stubs, it's hard to move it away.


What is the best product for eye treatment for dogs?

Eye treatment for dogs products from I Love My Pets Llc. In this article about eye treatment for dogs you can see why people choose the product. Hownd and Burt's Bees are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye treatment for dogs.

What are the best brands for eye treatment for dogs?

I Love My Pets Llc, Hownd and Burt's Bees are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye treatment for dogs. Find the detail in this article. Espree, I-med Pharma and Vetericyn are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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