Best Eye Vac for Hair Salon Filter

Salon 19 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Bissell Canister 2156A Bagless Vacuum

Bissell Canister 2156A Bagless Vacuum

No more bags to buy or change ever; Dirt cup capacity 2 liters; cyclonic action and powerful suction provide thorough cleaning; plus, no more bags to buy or change ever. You can go from cleaning carpets to hard floors with a flip of a switch. The power rating is 9 ampere. Dirt cup filters and post motor filters are used to capture dust and particles. The filters are replaceable. The cord is 15 feet long and has a button for easy storage. It's less than eight pounds. The carrying handle makes it easy to maneuver.

Brand: Bissell

👤This could be a great vacuum. It was pretty well made. The design flaw is that the floor tools do not lock or click into each other, which is dumb. They slide into each other. They can pull apart all the time. You are not on a hard wood floor when you are not on any other surface. The floor tool pops off when you pull it away because of the strong suction. A simple plastic interlocking click or lock design could have been used to solve the problem. It doesn't seem like it would cost a lot of money to add a locking/clicking feature to the plastic parts, so it's odd that they designed it without it. This will be very annoying when I need to apply the duct tape again after using the vacuum. I think that Bissell made this product bad. The bag version of the vacuum, the Bissell 4122, does not have this problem. The locking mechanisms on the floor tools and the telescoping extenders are made of nicer steel than cheap plastic. The bagless model has the same specifications, but this is for the same price. Printer companies make money by people buying ink, and Bissell makes most of their money by people buying bags. They don't make money on the bagless models so they design them cheaper and worse, while the bagging models are superior, yet for the same price. Bissell had dirty tactics.

👤Our robot vacuum does not get into the corners. I can't carry around a huge heavy vacuum, and a round vacuum can't clean a corner. The zing is entered by the Bissell. I decided to go for it because it was cheap, on Amazon, and a trusted brand. The house is made of hardwood and has carpet in the bedrooms and stairs. This thing is amazing. It's so lightweight, it wouldn't matter, because of the huge wheels on the canister base. I can pull it behind me. I use it with a focus pole and a baseboard attachment. The vacuum cleaner has so much power that it can clean your hairbrushes. My hair is almost to my waist. You can imagine. For the first time in my life, I feel confident cleaning the canister. The hubs is over the moon. It's like pressing a button and the bottom falling out. Why can't they all be easy? It would be cool if it came with long plastic tweezers to grab around the filter. I guess you can't have everything. If you need a supplementary vacuum to get your corners, baseboards, walls, windows, fans, etc. I would recommend this product to you if you have hard floors or someone in the household has long hair. It's a good thing.

👤This thing is not good. I bought it because of the great reviews. I don't think this product is the same one that everyone is talking about. There is no spin brush on the head. Good luck moving it back and forth like vacuuming requires, I just stick it to the floor. There's no way to attach the tubes or attachment so they keep falling off once you get it to move back and forth. I have to bend over at a 90 degree angel the whole time because the hose is so short. I'm short at only 5'2 and my husband couldn't use this cheap garbage. It hurt my back. I hate vacuums. I wish I had spent my money on it. Don't buy.

2. Kenmore 81214 Friendly Lightweight Canister

Kenmore 81214 Friendly Lightweight Canister

The Bagged CanISTER VACUUM is designed to clean all areas and surfaces of your home quickly and efficiently. The Enhanced HEPA filter system traps 99. Allergy-inducing pollutants are reduced in the room by the trapping of dander and dust inside the vacuum. The 2- motor system is great for cleaning. The 4 height adjustments give optimal air and cleaning efficiency. There is light and manageable. This lightweight design is easy to maneuver. There are 3 appendices. Dusting brush, crevice tool, and bare floor tool can be stored on the vacuum. 9 foot attachment reach and 24 foot retractable cord are essentials.

Brand: Kenmore

👤Every time I use this thing, I tell myself I'm going to write a bad review on Amazon. Today is the day. This vacuum is the only redeeming quality that it has, it sucks and sucks with a lot of force. Everything else about it is terrible. The "convenient" silly trick way of connecting the floor tool on the go works about 30% of the time. The thing doesn't want to follow you because the hose exits vertically. It flips onto its side when you tug it. The tube part is made from paper thin aluminum and plastic reinforcement, not chrome plated metal. You have a lot of connections for your tools. They are large as well. Have you ever loved being able to shove your vacuum between your cabinets? Forget it! You can't bleed off the suction like you used to. You can slow the motor down with a slide switch, so you will still suck up and jam on those bathroom carpets. It is located right where you will rub against it when you don't want to. You can't leave the vacuum standing upright. The knuckle joint is too light or the hose is too heavy. It crashes to the floor. You need to stand up. The knuckle is not rotating 180 degrees anymore. Maybe 100 degrees. I lost my ability to roll the vacuum under the bottom shelf in my closet. I have been doing that since 1994. The tube for the knuckle is very large. When you attached the floor tool to it, it hit everything. I used to be able to slide the floor tool behind my cat's dishes. Food and water are spilling out of the dishes because of the huge plastic monstrosity. You have to go along the bottom of the cabinet doors to get to the toe-kick. This is the worst experience I have had with a canister vacuum. This thing is so bad that it makes an already mundane chore nauseating.

👤I wish I'd bought it on Amazon. It would have been cheaper. I'm very happy with the vacuum so far. This is the second vacuum I have had, it was made by Kenmore. The first one lasted 14 years before it ended. I don't know if this version will last, but it appears to be the same high quality, just with a few updated features that I like. I used to own a very high end ultra light weight riccar upright that I used for years in my housekeeping business. I used a lot more vacuums than the average consumer because I had customers who wanted me to use theirs, and I also had housekeeping customers who wanted me to use my machine. This is the best vacuum cleaner you can buy outside of a vacuum cleaner shop. Shark and Dyson are both clumsy and confusing, and no matter what the marketing says, they lose suction worse than a bag model vacuum machine. They are messy to dump the dust cup from compared to changing a vacuum cleaner bag. If you change the bags and filters on time on a high quality vacuum, it won't loose its suction. The design on this appliance is thought out. I can't understand why power team canisters aren't more popular. When I used a customer's upright, I was always annoyed with short hoses, machines that fell over when reaching for something, and dealing with getting the hose in and out of the machine. You can't even vacuum your hard floors with an upright w/ attachment. It's really easy with this machine. The wand pops out when you push a button. The hose is large so your kids won't get stuck, and the pile of paper clips is on the floor. Go ahead and look for those things on the ceiling. You're machine won't fall over while you do it because the wand telescopes so it won't take you any time to assemble it. You can vacuum under the couch. The power head has a low profile and the wand is flat against the floor so you can get under most of the places. I don't have to change the head when moving from room to room or rug to bare floor because the power seems to work just as well on hard floors as carpets. I like it. I assumed it wouldn't vacuum my carpets. I wouldn't have replaced the Riccar if I had known it would be so old and not worth the repair cost anymore. I was okay with the idea that it might take a few more minutes to vacuum the carpet because I was getting the convenience of being able to spot vacuum corners and couch cushions as I did entire rooms in trade for being able to sweep up ground in dog hair in one pass. I was wrong. I had not had a working vacuum for two weeks in June in a house with two big dogs, so I decided to go back to the canister. In one pass, the Kenmore sucked it up. I was happy. It's a lot easier to push across my carpet than it is to push across my wonderful Riccar. There are a couple of things that worry me about this canister. The big back wheels are not very strong. I worry that one of them might break off. It seems like a really odd design choice because everything else about the machine seems to be well thought out. The metal extension wand that holds the attachment on is plastic and not metal. They hold firmly and seem to be pretty sturdy. I can't remember if my last canister had plastic or metal clips, but I remember they never broke over the years that the machine cleaned up after lots of pets in a big, dirty, farm house. I don't think you can get a better designed, more powerful, or durable vacuum machine at this price. The Meile canister power team costs three times as much and is the only machine that comes close in terms of ease of use. The bags are cheaper than the Meile, and the variable-suction control for the Kenmore is on the handle, instead of the canister. The Meile is more likely to last a lifetime if you have the cash. I didn't have a grand to spend on a vacuum cleaner, so I got this Kenmore and I am very happy with it.

3. NEC180 RapidClean Efficiency Headlights Convenient

NEC180 RapidClean Efficiency Headlights Convenient

The Rapid Clean is powered by the latest motor technology. 40 Minutes Long Lasting runs for up to 40 minutes. If you want to increase the amount of cleaning on carpets and rugs, you can use MAX power on the fingertip controls. It's easy to take a break. You can prop the vacuum up on countertops and furniture with the Easy Rest nook. Foam is used in the Filtration. The front of the dust cup has been moved to make it easier to reach under beds and furniture. Bright beams of light make cleaning under furniture much easier because you can see dust and debris that might have been missed.

Brand: Eureka

👤I have been through many of these vacuums. If you really use it, you need to keep replacing it. The model is terribly designed. I don't understand the positive reviews. The entire motor as well as the dirt storage is below the handle. The handle is heavy and difficult to navigate. The rest of the stick is too heavy. If you try to stand it up it will fall. The dirt storage pops open when it falls. Your dirt is all over the floor. It won't be able to charge either. The wall mount is easy to install and works well. If the stick vac clicks into place you can rest it on a counter ledge. It only works if you have a lip of the counter. To sum it up. I can't believe this product made it to the market. I can't believe anyone gives it a good review. I replaced it with a Shark vac which does everything better. Don't leave money on this one, keep looking. I am not paid for my reviews. I try to give reviews to others when I shop.

👤I had looked at several vacuum cleaners before ordering this one. I was very happy that it did everything it said it would do. I would highly recommend this vacuum cleaner to anyone that is looking for a light weight vacuum cleaner. I use it on my floors. The first time you go over the floor, it picks up trash. I can vacuum my entire house if it stays charged for 35 to 45 minutes. It goes under my chairs and sofa with ease, and I like that. The canister is hard to put back on and stay tight, but if you put the lower hook first, it will click right in place. I can't say anything negative about it. I hope it continues to give me good service.

👤The product does not stink. I mean that. It is the most useless vaccum I have ever owned. I uploaded a video. Even after I took the tube off and held it close to the opening, it wouldn't pick it up.

👤The vacuum I ordered had good reviews. The last vacuum that I owned died. I am tired of spending $200 on crappy vacuums but I am not sure if forking out $500 for a nice one is worth it. The reviews convinced me that this was moderately priced. I put it together and immediately tested it. I went around the apartment lightly. My initial thought was that the vacuum was light and gentle. There is no way it is making a difference. The device grabbed small dust particles and dog hair. I was reassured that it could do the job when I went to dump it. I was happy with my purchase.

👤It's easy to handle. The plastic on the vacuum was solid. It doesn't feel cheap and like it is about to break because it is as light weight as it is. The clear collection canister seems less solid, but that doesn't mean the rest of the unit won't abuse it. The lesser suction was not great. It would be great for cob webs and light dustings. The counter rest notch works great for me, I can't tell you how many times my broom has slid off my counter. There are pros and cons, and they include: -lightweight -sturdy -easy attachment options -long reach -run time 45 minutes - quiet. The price point for a trusted name brand is excellent on hardwood. The battery is not replaceable, there is no real charge level indicator, and the collection canister can be difficult to snap back in place. There are no connection points for attachment. If needed, they have to be retrieved. The power and speed buttons are very close and it may take a while to get used to them. RATING: 5 stars. It's use is assumed to be a quick clean up tool and not a main vacuum for heavy cleaning. This unit exceeded my expectations for a price point that I could not find in any other name brand units. I've seen horror stories about name brand sticks that cost three times as much. This will work well for my household.

4. Jonlaki Handheld Cordless Portable Cleaning

Jonlaki Handheld Cordless Portable Cleaning

Requires a professional installation. AANGLE CLEAN : The portable and lightweight hand vacuum is great for cleaning around the house. The broken hair on the cabinet on the barbershop is easy to clean. MULTI-USES In addition to removing hair, cat litter, paper debris and crumbs from your home and car, it is also meant to provide an all-around protection for all the corners of your home and car. It is possible to use a salon, home or car in different ways. The portable hand vacuum is a great way to thoroughly clean the dust of sofa, kitchen, stairs, car and other hard-to-reach areas. All satisfactions of your home and car cleaning are met by one cleaner. The quality of the dust cup is 350ml, which is high for cleaning. The 2000mAh battery comes with a cable for easy charging. On-the-go cleaning. It's small enough to fit in your car or office. Light design concept, small and deep, reduces the fatigue of cleaning.

Brand: Jonlaki

👤Don't waste your money, it might pick up a chip or two.

5. Hoover CH30000 PortaPower Lightweight Commercial

Hoover CH30000 PortaPower Lightweight Commercial

The Roomie "Vincent" vacuum, charging base, AC power adapter, multi-function crevice nozzle, and their instruction manual are what you get. The stretch hose can be used to extend your cleaning reach into tight spaces, which can be hard to reach with upright vacuums. Light weight: Carry it by hand or over your shoulder, it's only 8 pounds, and it's easy to maneuver. A built-in windmill. Dust and debris can be easily dispersed by a built-in blower. What's included: The accessory pack has a shoulder strap, 2 chrome wands, dusting brush, furniture nozzle, rug/floor nozzle, wall/floor brush, and cord storage strap.

Brand: Hoover Commercial

👤Don't buy this product. I bought this vacuum about 5 years ago and have ordered another. The lever that holds the main vacuum hose to the unit must have been changed to prevent the bag door from opening. The vacuum that I received does not perform the two functions. Either it keeps the bag door open or it keeps the hose in place. If the lever fails to perform both functions, you need to keep a third hand available in order to keep the vacuum together. The design change was really bad. The same vacuum was purchased 5 years ago. I contacted Amazon and they sent me a replacement vacuum. It has the same problem as I received it today. The issue isn't an exception. It seems to have been a bad design change. I contacted Hoover customer service and have yet to hear from them on how they plan to address this issue, or if I need to purchase another supplier's vacuum. I will update this review once I hear from Hoover. Stay away from this vacuum cleaner. I called Hoover and spoke to a person who gave me a contact for a local Hoover Warranty claims repair location. I called the repair center to describe my problem before I took the brand new vacuum to the repair center. I'm happy I called. The repair center stated that there was nothing they could do to fix the problem if I brought the new portapower vacuum to them. Wow, who would have thought that customers would tolerate such an inferior product?

👤I used to work for a cleaning company that used these vacuums in every home. We cleaned 5 houses a day, some with animals and some without. I loved this vacuum. It made my work life easier. I decided to buy a vacuum for my home after a few years. I will write a review. The house we bought has all wood floors. We got two dogs. The short haired dog is larger than the 80 pound dog. With winter coming to an end and an installation of a doggy door... The floor has been covered with dirt and a dog shed. One of my biggest pet peeves is the feeling of dirt on my feet. I had to sweep every single day because the dirt and hair built up in hard to reach areas. I remembered the vacuum I used to love when I was debating on shaving my dog. I ordered it. The package arrived on time. I rushed home after my lunch break because I was so excited to open it. I don't know if it's written somewhere, but I didn't look. I was expecting a black vacuum with black attachment. The vacuum is grey. The floor attachment is smaller than I remembered, so it doesn't cover as much floor as it used to, and the bristles use to cover the entire edge so that your floors wouldn't be scratched, and they switched it up for some reason. If you have animals, the larger attachment is useless. I assume the smaller attachment is for stairs and it has rubber bristles. The furniture attachment is what you would expect and the corner attachment is shorter. The cord is very long. Everything arrived in perfect shape. It was important to me that the specific attachment work was done on the vacuum. I waited two days before vacuuming to make sure the dirt and hair build up. I could see how the vacuum works. The shorter attachment makes the job take a little longer but it works well if you do your vacuuming right. It's great! I can get under, behind and more with this vacuum. After vacuuming my entire house, my feet feel clean, and it sucks up hair. I used the vacuum with the cloth bag it came with because the paper bag is taking longer to get here, but I suggest getting the paper bags. The cloth ones don't collect everything as well as the cloth ones because hair and dirt get stuck in it. The vacuum can be a bit uncomfortable. The most uncomfortable place to walk with it is bending over. I made the strap as long as possible and it's much more comfortable that way. If you want to spend the money, they sell a bag that goes with the vacuum that makes it more comfortable. I really like this vacuum. I think it works. If I received what I was expecting and the attachment I use, I would give a 5. I'm not sure why some of the reviews were so bad. It could be that the vacuum works great at first and then goes quiet. This is a great deal. I will update my review if I have any issues. Enjoy the clean floors. :D

6. Cordless Cleaner Brushless Powerful Detachable

Cordless Cleaner Brushless Powerful Detachable

The best purchasing experience for their valued customers is provided by Yunjetek. Powerful Suction andBrushless Motor. The Yunjetek is equipped with a 300W motor which provides 26K pa strong suction power, and can meet your daily cleaning needs, 9K pa deal with hair and low pile carpet,15K pa deal with biscuits, and 26K pa. The new brushless motor has a longer service life, higher efficiency, less heat and noise, which will give you better use performance for Whole- home Deep Cleaning. 45 minutes max long lasting You can move from one model to the other with the built-in 2200 mAh battery, which can be charged in just 4 to 5 hours. The battery can be removed from the machine and charged on its own. There is a chance to order spare batteries to increase the runtime. The Multi-Cone Cyclone Filtration is 40-60% better than the general vacuum cleaner and doesn't need to be replaced frequently. The exhaust air cleaner is able to prevent secondary pollution by capturing dust and particles to 0.1 microns. No hassle of suction power weakening or dust clogging can be avoided with the Detachable HEPA filter. You can glide across all floors with the Flexible Motorized Brush with the 2 in 1 Triple Turbine Motorized Brush, it's easy to see the front lights. The low noise design and light weight of the vacuum cleaner makes it friendly to your baby and pet. The extendable tube and multiple attachment make it easy to vacuum curtains, ceilings, and high surfaces, meeting you floor-to-ceiling cleaning needs.

Brand: Yunjetek

👤It is the best vacuum cleaner I have tried. I have tried a number of cleaners. This has many advantages over the others. The main foot does not have a brush so it does not shoot back out. It has the best design. You don't need to have 4 hands to change parts. You can remove the parts with one click if you hold the handle with one hand. A few other cleaners are more powerful. I know they are tiring and frustrating. I think this is a good one.

👤Wow! The vacuum is the best. The filter is easy to clean. Our previous stick vacuum had almost no suction at all. I was surprised how much dirt the vacuum pulled out of the carpet, it looked clean before I used it. It's easy to empty. Not loud either! This is perfect. The packaging was great.

👤I bought a black decker vacuum for my car, but it barely had any power or battery life. I started looking for a vacuum with a longer advertised battery life and a good amount of suction power. I didn't expect much when I bought this. The battery life and power was very good. The dust was removed from the car by a vacuum. I began using over the house. It was light and easy to maneuver in my small computer room. The light on the vacuum made my life so much easier that I know there's no dust or anything left behind.

👤Great vacuum! I was surprised that this vacuum has 3 modes, I've never seen any of my last vacuums do that. It is not too noisy and light weighted and my nephew can hold it. You can extend the length of it if you switch heads. It took me three full rounds of cleaning to charge the battery. I was happy with my purchase.

👤This is one of the best investments I have made. I wanted one of these but didn't want to pay the premium price for a Dyson. I saved money and went with this because I used to use dysons at my job. I can't help you because my house is hardwood floors. It's great with 3 modes. I have a lot of hair on my pets so it's great for cleaning after cooking. It's easy to dump the trash and take apart for cleaning. You can hang it on the wall with the mount. I ran it for over 25 minutes in a single use and haven't had it die on me. I charge it overnight because it takes a little while to charge. Its great.

👤I bought this to see if it would be better than Dyson. My mom has Dyson and I like it. It is so expensive. The cheaper version I found was what I was looking for. It actually works. I didn't think it would be there, it got so much dust that it had a strong sucking power. It has 3 speeds mode as well. I like that you can adjust the handles. It can be useful when you're saving space. It was a great find for an affordable price.

7. Flowbee Super Mini Vac Convenient Separately

Flowbee Super Mini Vac Convenient Separately

The low noise design and light weight of the vacuum cleaner makes it friendly to your baby and pet. The extendable tube and multiple attachment make it easy to vacuum curtains, ceilings, and high surfaces, meeting you floor-to-ceiling cleaning needs. It is a must have for your system. It helps give a perfect haircut. No more long hoses or extra adaptors are needed. Save money! Save time! Have fun! 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee.

Brand: Flowbee Haircutter

👤I only used my vacuum once, but it made the Flowbee experience even simpler. Plug the hose from Flowbee into it, and off you go. The vacuum is powerful. My hair is very thick, and it sometimes felt as if my regular vacuum had lost some of its power, and so it took many more passes over my head for Flowbee to cut all my hair at even lengths. The cut with the new vacuum was short and sweet. I'm very happy. For the price, I gave it 4 stars. The lowest price for shipping on the Flowbee website was $19.54. The price on Amazon was $65. Not really. The price is reasonable. It's just a ploy to get people to pay $652.95 and get free shipping.

👤I decided to purchase this product despite being hesitant. I am very happy that I did. I love it! I can take the Flowbee with me. I've been using the Flowbee for 20 years and can't imagine getting a better haircut anywhere else.

👤For 15 years, I had to hook my Flowbee up to my Kirby vacuum. The Flowbee Mini-Vac was purchased this year. I'm glad to have the convenience. It's so easy to hook up. It is easy to clean and has a strong vacuum power.

👤The vacuum makes using the flowbee much easier, but I wish it had more power. I have been using a small shop vac for it. It doesn't compare.

👤The Flowbee system was given to our son for Christmas, but he didn't have a vacuum cleaner. This is to go with it. He was always coming over to borrow ours, so I'll update later on how it works.

👤I like the small size of it that makes it convenient to use the Flowbee anywhere, and it has power and a simple connection. I have only used it once and can't comment on its dependability.

👤It's nice to have something that was built for the flowbee, but it's too loud. If you're going to ask people to buy something that only has one purpose, it should be the best product for the job. I'm not sure if it's worth the space in the closet.

👤It is small and easy to move around, it cleans out quickly, and it connects to the flowbee fast.

8. Kenmore Lightweight PowerMate Telescoping Retractable

Kenmore Lightweight PowerMate Telescoping Retractable

The canISTER VACUUM is baggy. All areas and surfaces in your home, den, kitchen, car and garage can be cleaned with a Multipurpose design. The Pop-N-Go floor brush is included in the power cleaning system. There are three additional tools included: a dirt brush, a bare floor tool and a crevice tool. Enhanced HEPA filter traps 99. 99% of dirt is trapped inside the vacuum. Pet Powermate and Pop-N-Go BRUSH: Motorized attachment lifts stubborn pet hair and dirt quickly from surfaces. The hair is removed from the brush. Stores inside the vacuum are attached to a handle and wand. ALUMINUM TELESCOPING. The wand can be extended to 10. To get to difficult areas. At 22 is lightweight. accessories and attachment fit within vac

Brand: Kenmore

👤I have been a canister vacuum user for a long time. I had a refurbished one that lasted 10 years. My second one was purchased after 10 years as a cleaning lady, and my third one just arrived. I upgraded to this model because I like the ability to use my foot to release the carpet attachment and go right to the hardwood floors without having to attach the floor attachment piece. I was a little skeptical when I opened it because I had never seen a floor piece attachment like this before, and I like their floor piece so much. So far, so good! It seems to do the same job as the older models. My reason for buying this vacuum is that I need the motorized powered pet mate attachment in my house and no other vacuum on the market has it. It is the only way to clean carpeted stairs, stairs with a runner, or furniture. If you have pets. A regular attachment doesn't do it. You need the power. I'm disappointed in the flimsy cover. It is thinner plastic than the previous models, and doesn't feel like it would hold up well to high use, with the floor attachment already attached with an easy step release button, maybe it won't be a high use feature. The height of the carpet attachment is higher than the previous models, which makes it difficult to fit under my couch, as the other ones did. They still have the full swivel, but the part where the hose sticks up is larger, so I have to go a little slower when I want to make my vacuum flat. I ordered the plush carpet first as I wanted this one. It was out of stock and I needed it. That one slid well under my couch. The cord was shorter and did not reach around to my back door like previous models, so I'm happy to have the longer cord again. The pet-mate powered attachment is a deal-breaker that no other vacuums have, so if you're looking for a quality piece, this vacuum is definitely worth the money. I'm not sure if it makes the vacuum lighter. I am very happy with my new look. Expect a good 10 to 20 years out of this one.

👤The Dyson V10 is an excellent product. We need a vacuum cleaner that has a battery that lasts until the whole house work is done, and that has a good suction. There is a gap. It's easy to clean and remove dirt and dust. The strength of the suction is amazing. The Powermate makes large area cleaning easy. The canister body has accessories for all possible areas, and they are easy to get to no matter where you are. The retractable power cord allows a 26' cleaning radius and can be pressed with a button. The handles and hardfloor switch cover the full range of floor types in the house. The vacuum level can be adjusted to fit all cleaning needs. Highly recommended product!

9. Ultra Quiet Detachable Lightweight PRETTYCARE W300

Ultra Quiet Detachable Lightweight PRETTYCARE W300

9 foot attachment reach and 24 foot retractable cord are essentials. The new PRETTYACRE VAC is an upgrade to the old one and it has powerful suction to meet all of your cleaning demands. Stick vacuum does a good job on all kinds of hardwood floors, carpet, stairs, windowsills, sofa and bed, desk and curtain. LED Touch display with 35 minutes. There are two modes, "+" is the max level and "-" is the standard mode, the stick vacuum cleaner has built-in batteries which are perfect for vacuuming. A full charge is enough to clean your home. Pure air for your family and an excellent cleaning experience can be provided by the PreTTYCARE vacuum cleaner. Good suction can be maintained by regular cleaning of the filter. After it is completely dry, use the filter. The vacuum cleaner has various accessories for use in handheld mode. It can be used as a handheld vacuum with versatile attachment, allowing you to reach corners, stairs and crevices for a full deep cleaning. The corded vacuum cleaner has a motorized brush head that can be turned sideways to capture dirt under furniture. It's lightweight and easy to use, even for a whole house cleaning. It can be placed on the wall and charged at the same time.

Brand: Prettycare.

👤I've never found a perfect one. I have pets so I have bought many. The pros and cons are listed here. It is light weight. It is fairly quiet. It picks up good on hard floors. There is a The batty power lasts about a half hour. The vacuum power must be turned on when going over rugs. When the power is turned on, the battery life is short. I mean very quickly. There is a The collection tank loosens if bumped. When this happens, the brush and light turn off. There is a It won't stand up easily even when proped against a wall. I don't like to put screws in my wall to hang a vacuum. I don't want to have to paint my wall every time I get a new vacuum. I have to place my trash can against the corner of my laundry room to keep it from falling over.

👤The vacuum is great. The corded vacuum doesn't pick up messes on hardwood or carpet, but the suction power of the vacuum does. It is very light and easy to maneuver. The controls are easy to use. The battery can vacuum multiple rooms. You can see the battery percentage on the screen while vacuuming. It charges quickly. It is extendable and Shrinkable with the floor attachment. You can use it to pick up messes on couches. The vacuum exceeds expectations.

👤Hello. I got a vacuum because I had a bird. A bird is messy. An incredibly messy bird. I didn't want to have to vacuum my floor every day for the feathers, food and dander that were in his corner. I'm also allergic to birds. Yes, sure am. The vacuum is small and has good suction. I don't think my big vacuum would get all the bigger feathers. It has kept my home clean. It's easy to clean. I will say that every once in awhile the floor brush part stops spinning, but I believe it's either a user error or I refuse to read directions. They might be blocking it up a bit.

👤I thought it was ok after the first use. We need a good vacuum because our chocolate lab sheds a lot. The hair got stuck in the tube. The roller bar fell out again. The third time it worked, it shut off. The battery wasn't dead, it just wasn't turning on. The vacuum turned on for the fourth time and did the best job it has ever done, but it wouldn't turn off. I had to remove the battery to stop it from running. I see a lot of good reviews, so maybe I got a dud. This is almost nothing like a Dyson. It is worth buying a similar dupe that has a well known name brand.

👤The vacuum is garbage. Do not waste your time. On bare floors, it has very little power for carpets. It falls when you lean it up against any surface. And look at your foot. Even if you think you have secured it well, it will still fall. It is a waste. I bought a different one from Jashen. This thing is very good. When leaned correctly, it will stand. The other reviews giving this 5 stars are not legit.

10. Central Vacuum Automatic Dustpan Almond

Central Vacuum Automatic Dustpan Almond

30 day money back satisfaction guarantee. Under the cabinet kickplate is a mount. Under the cabinet kickplate is a mount. Under the cabinet kickplate is a mount. In the kitchen, bathroom, mudroom, and entryway. It's possible to install in new or existing homes. Requires a professional installation.

Brand: Lifesupplyusa

👤The part was easy to find and install, it was a great price, and it worked like a charm.

👤It was a replacement. The original lasted 17 years.

👤As long as the product isn't bumped, it functions fine. I'm not sure if it can be made more rugged, but I ordered 2 in case I can't find them.

👤They don't like DIRT. They are great.

11. EyeVac Home Stationary Efficiency Filtration

EyeVac Home Stationary Efficiency Filtration

The 1000 watt vacuum is fast and powerful. Eye vacs are activated automatically by always on and always ready infrared sensors. The EyeVac is perfect for pet owners and parents. The EyeVac removes dust, dirt and debris from your home and returns clean air to the environment. Touchless operation. The EyeVac can be activated by the use of the sensors that detect the sweeping motion.

Brand: Eye-vac

👤I love it! It works great, but I wish it was a little more quiet. It was warned that it wouldn't work well in low light with a broom. I had a broom with dark bristles and it was in a dim corner. Excited to see how this helps me. My kids said it looked like a penguin, so I added a beak. See the picture.

👤There is a lot to teach about physics, math, and philosophy. The Sisyphean fight against entropy is exemplified by the little line of dirt left behind by the dustpan, which reduces in magnitude by half each time you try to sweep it up, and yet you can never make it. The Eye-Vac has helped alleviate the crisis I have when I clean my house. The dirt is sucked into the black hole of the Eye-Vac if you sweep the undesirable atoms into the sensor zone. Highly recommended.

👤I got this for my kitchen. It works as expected. People can startle if they walk too close. I use it in a completely different way now. I had a problem with one of my cats. She hit at my bedroom door at night. She was ruining the carpet and keeping us awake. I can not let her in the bedroom because of allergies. I thought I would try Eye-Vac after seeing videos of aerosol sprays. Success! I get to sleep through the night because of the eye-vac. Everyone is happier now that the cats are sleeping outside the bedroom door. A good night sleep makes a big difference in our lives.

👤This is a great vacuum! I wish I could give it 5 stars, but it didn't work out. I decided to open it and see if anything was broken after reading reviews of people having a hard time returning products. The sensor was not connected to the electrical board. It works fine now after being hooked back up. I would love to have one in every corner. When I opened it up, it was clear that it wasn't brand new. There was a nasty build up inside. I had to fix it and got 1 star off. 2 stars were taken off for clearly sending a used product. It was gross.

👤I clean my floors every couple of days because I have hardwood floors and 3 dogs. I like the auto feature. I have collected the dog hair and dirt and it sucks. I can take it to the downstairs family room to clean the floors. There is no need for a broom or dustpan to get the dirt and dog hair up. I use a regular hardwood floor vacuum weekly for thorough cleanings. It's very easy to sweep the floors in between vacuuming.

👤I love this thing. I have 3 long haired dogs and they all take up a lot of hair. I almost didn't get it because of the review. That isn't the case. It keeps the hair in place and doesn't let it go. I empty it once a week and clean it almost daily.


What is the best product for eye vac for hair salon filter?

Eye vac for hair salon filter products from Bissell. In this article about eye vac for hair salon filter you can see why people choose the product. Kenmore and Eureka are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye vac for hair salon filter.

What are the best brands for eye vac for hair salon filter?

Bissell, Kenmore and Eureka are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye vac for hair salon filter. Find the detail in this article. Jonlaki, Hoover Commercial and Yunjetek are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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