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1. AmazonBasics Rectangle Soft Close Trash Steel

AmazonBasics Rectangle Soft Close Trash Steel

The trash can has a plastic liner and a steel foot lever. The soft- close lid reduces noise from opening and closing. It is smudge resistant, and it is durable. The plastic liner bucket can be easily removed. The lid has a stay-open function for easy garbage bag replacement. The dimensions are 26.4 x 13.6 x 14.8 Inches.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤It didn't take long for me to regret my purchase, even though I initially liked this item. The inside is not finished to prevent it from rusting. This is a huge manufacturer's defect and I really like the size, shape, andFunctionality. If you make a trash can that fills with rust and 888-270-6611 This product is not on the list of good quality products that I have previously bought from Amazon. If an item has design flaws and doesn't work, you have a responsibility to replace or refund the purchase price. The trash can can only be used for dry items with zero humidity and can't be placed in a room where there is humidity, such as a bathroom or kitchen.

👤The quality is good and the value is great. The steel bar pedal is better than other pedals I have owned. The trash can doesn't sit flush so it needs some clearance otherwise it will hit the wall. It was a good buy for the price.

👤I think it's great for a small kitchen, it's sleek and simple. The function works well. I like to put the garbage bag inside the trash bin so that the lid shuts completely and the bag is not exposed.

👤I thought I had bought a trash can. The glass photo frames that were included in the same order were intact. The trash can was well packaged. I think it left the warehouse with dents.

👤I rated the sturdiness at 4 stars only because the steel is a bit thin, and I cannot accurately rate this because I have only had it for a week. This is a great trash can for the price. I could not have asked for a better size because it fits the space that we placed it in. The open / close mechanism has worked well so far. My wife is in love with this trash can. A 13 gallon bag has a plastic inner liner and a top that fits around it. You can't tell if there is a bag when the lid is closed. I didn't see the need to put the liner outside because it went right into use, even though I did notice a slight chemical smell. If it gets damaged or dinged up, I can replace it for less than the big brands. This is an Amazon brand product and I have bought a few other Amazon brand products and have been impressed with the quality - this is the same. You will not be disappointed if you buy it.

👤Wow! I'm very happy with this trash can. When it arrived, it was bigger than when it was first ordered. Will purchase again. There were no scratches. There were no dents. None of that! Periodt!

2. Simplehuman Brushed Stainless Compartment Recycler

Simplehuman Brushed Stainless Compartment Recycler

NEAT AND SECURE - The liner rim flips up for a quick and easy liner change, then closes over the liner to keep it hidden from sight. Keep liners where you need them. If you want a faster liner change, put them one by one inside the can. Simplehuman's invisible silver-ion coating resists fingerprints and the spread of germs without dulling the natural sheen and luster of the steel. One side for trash and the other for recycling. Simplehuman's extra-wide steel pedal is made of strong wide steel and can last more than 20 steps a day for 20 years. Simplehuman's patented lid shox technology controls the motion of the lid for a slow, silent close. InterNAL HINGE prevents the lid from bumping the wall. Code H liners are extra strong and designed to fit this can perfectly. The new liner pocket feature in refill packs makes it easy to store liners in cans.

Brand: Simplehuman

👤I have an admission. I bought a really expensive garbage can because I am a well educated frugal consumer. I love it! One of the best kitchen purchases I have ever made. I live with five people. Everything in one big bucket is recycled in our town. We used to leave the recycling on the counter when we had a step trash can. That eventually led to having a bag sit on top of the trash can with various amounts of recycling. It was not nice. I have looked at various Simplehuman solutions. I was close to purchasing on several occasions, but I just couldn't. How can trash be worth anything? The liners, oh the liners. I don't know how I could be in a situation to buy liners from the trash can company. Really! Then it happened. The dog is taking the recycling around the house and I finally got angry. I didn't like having to move the bag to throw out the trash. I found the trash can. I used to worry that there wasn't enough trash or recycling room under the lid. I could not find a trash bin in this can. I pulled the gun. I paid $200 for a recycling can and cried. I could always return it. I could tie a 13 gallon liner on the trash side and not have to use their liners. The can came. I put the sample set of H size liners in the convenient pocket on the back of the trash side when I pulled it out of the box. All of a sudden, there is more room for trash. The skies opened and the angels sang. I have to tell you that it's worth it. The can performs well. I can throw the recycling bucket in the town bin when I get to the garage. The bags are tied up and the size is slid out to the trash can. I put a new liner in the nice slot before I leave with the full bag. Genius. Oh, and about the liners. They work. I spent a lot of money to get a lot of them because they are so convenient in the pocket on the trash can, and they work really, really well. Register the warranty on the simplehuman site once you get your can. If I remember correctly, they will send you a coupon for dollars off your order at their site. I was unable to find a size that was similar to the one I ordered from the simplehuman site. Purchase them with your coupon. Don't stare at trash or loose recycling, you only live once. Just do it. You will not be sorry.

👤I had buyer's remorse as soon as I hit the one-click button, because I never imagined I would spend so much for a trash can. Think about it. I live in a one bedroom apartment with only one trash can. It's something I see a lot. The $10 Rubbermaid had food dribbling from the edges and had to be hosed out weekly. I use this with regular garbage bags. I have arthritis in my fingers and it's painful to insert a new bag, but it probably goes with the territory. I chuckled when I read reviews that said this holds more than a regular bag. It seems to me! I don't have any facts to support this. Look at it sideways, if you're complaining that they could do without the liner bag at the back. The bag liner storage is not caused by the door hinges. The bin is devoted to holding the garbage. The edges of the garbage bag are hidden by the bag storage system. I was told that it's good at keeping odors down. I don't have a sense of smell, but I hope so. My rubbermaid did not. If you're going to spend $5,000 on a kitchen renovation, this is small change. It makes my small kitchen look better and work better. I caved and bought the Simple Human trash bags. They're easier to fit on the bin, they're designed to disappear under the rim, and they seem to be better quality than the Glad bags I'd been using. The Glad bags often had a leak from something sharp-edged in the trash. Everyone knows what a hassle it is when the trash bag falls apart as you try to get it to the garbage chute.

3. Eufy Upgraded Super Thin Self Charging Medium Pile

Eufy Upgraded Super Thin Self Charging Medium Pile

Bright beams of light make cleaning under furniture much easier because you can see dust and debris that might have been missed. The EufyHome app and Amazon and the Google Assistant voice control-services let you do your vacuuming without having to do anything. Boundary Strips and the robotic vacuum cleaner's slim 2.85” body with 1500Pa* suction only clean the areas you want. The technology is called BoostIQ Technology. The robot vacuum cleaner will increase its power within 1.5 seconds when you need more strength. A Quiet Clean is up to 100 minutes of constant, powerful suction at a volume no louder than an operating microwave from this robotic vacuum cleaner. 40 watt power consumption W. The RoboVac 30C includes Boundary Strips, remote control, charging base, AC power adapter, cleaning tool, and a worry-free 12-month warranty.

Brand: Eufy

👤The robot does a great job. It's able to climb a high pile carpet most of the time. It has trouble finding its way home if it isn't close to the base. After I submitted my review, Anker contacted me and offered a free charging base to alleviate the returning home issues. They also offered an additional product of my choice of $30 or less. I'm a loyal Anker/ Eufy customer because you do customer service this way.

👤The previous owner of Eufy. Love the mobile app. The unit is shorter in height with 25% more suction, but it comes at a price. 45 minutes on max-suction is the battery run-time. It works that good if you stop manually vacuuming. Has exceeded expectations. I had an issue with one of the units I purchased. Eufy-Support sent me a new unit and I had to return the other unit. Their response was swift, well communicated and decisive. Customer support is excellent. The product is a great one and the customer service is great.

👤I'm picky about everything and cleaning my house is no exception. I bought an iRoboto/Roomba when it first came out in 2002 and it was a piece of junk. We have come a long way, baby! I heard that the tech on therobovacs had improved since I saw one at a relative's house, so I decided to try it again. I returned all of the highly ratedrobovacs, Roomba, Ecovacs, etc., but this machine was the best at just plain cleaning. It does a great job on bare floors, but it's also very good on carpet. I was vacumming once a day before this machine. I am vacuuming once or twice a month. I have a house and a border collie and this machine can handle both of them. It's very quiet compared to the other ones. It has some flaws. The battery doesn't last very long. The machine doesn't last an hour on one charge. I don't have a big house so it doesn't bother me when it cleans my house. If you have a bigger house, it may be a problem. 2. The machine never goes back to its charging base on its own. I have to grab it and put it on the charge after it dies under a sofa. 3. It doesn't clean corners very well. I have to clean it myself. The machine is one of the best purchases I have ever made on Amazon and it is well worth the price.

👤I'm very impressed with this vacuum. Due to the amount of options and features available in the market, I was hesitant to purchase it. I'm very happy I did. We have two large German Shepherd mixed dogs and this tiny vacuum does wonders on both our hardwood and carpeted floors. I'm able to schedule it's run time via the user friendly app, as well as program the cleaning cycle, whether it be auto, edging, 30-min quick clean, etc. I'm amazed at the dog hair it picks up when we run it on the auto cycle. It's rewarding to wake up to fresh vacuum marks. It's done well around edges and rugs. The first time it was running, it was like baby-proofing, lifting up curtains that hang on the ground, and removing rugs that don't have a non-slip backing. This vacuum is the best bang-for-you-buck vacuum I've ever purchased. Highly recommended!

4. Simplehuman Rectangular Soft Close Stainless Hands Free

Simplehuman Rectangular Soft Close Stainless Hands Free

NEAT AND SECURE - The liner rim flips up for a quick and easy liner change, then closes over the liner to keep it hidden from sight. Keep liners where you need them. If you want a faster liner change, put them one by one inside the can. Simplehuman's strong steel pedal can last over 150,000 steps for 20 years, which is more than 20 steps a day. Simplehuman's patented lid shox technology controls the motion of the lid for a slow, silent close. Dent-PROOF PLASTIC LID doesn't show dirt or fingerprints. InterNAL HINGE prevents the lid from bumping the wall. FINGERPRINT-PROOF is a finish that resists smudges. Code M liners are extra strong and designed to fit this can perfectly. The new liner pocket feature in refill packs makes it easy to store liners in cans.

Brand: Simplehuman

👤The can is beautiful, but Simplehuman put a big flaw in all of their cans. The bag dispensers are in each can. The opening is supported by a purple piece of plastic. The hole in the can adds a block to the back of it. The plastic holder popped out of the can after a month of use. The plastic holder claws into the trash bag making it impossible to take out. It's a huge flaw in the name of selling bags.

👤I didn't click on the hole in the back of the can when I read the reviews and product information. I will never buy the Simple Human bags and store them in a compartment in the back of my can, I will buy whatever bags are at the market and store them under my sink. The bag dispensers is useless to me because I want a fully sealed trash can. I just spent $100 on a can with a big hole in the back and I am going to have to seal it up.

👤Can you fall in love with a trash can? I don't know if it's because I've been suck in the house for so long with these kids or if I'm really in love. This thing is gorgeous, I will say it is half and half. *>

👤The reason for a 4 star is because the inside compartment has a holder for the bags that isn't perfect and sometimes I rip the bag out when I take it out. There was no luck trying to push the plastic piece back in.

👤The kitchen trash bin is one of the things I don't think you have to spend a lot of money on. You end up having to purchase things over and over again if you don't pay much. The simple human trash bin was purchased because of its quality. It was not easy to clean those. The clasp was plastic and broke. You have to put the lid back on it. You have to find a bag to put it in. The human trash bin is not the same as the simple human trash bin. There is a small compartment on the back that holds trash bags. The only thing I dislike is that it's barely noticeable in the kitchen, but I have the 45L bin and it fits perfectly. It has been easy to clean. So far, it's worth it. The bags might be a little more expensive for some. I like to purchase them because of the bag compartment on the can. I have some glad force bags that work well.

👤It's hard to find the perfect trash can. This model has a pedal-open. If you have it against a wall or cabinet, it will get scratched if you use it a lot. It's still a pain to constantly re-adjust the position of the can, even though I have some 3M felt dots to cushion the back part that hits the wall. I can't recommend it because of this movement. Next time, I will use a can with a swinging lid.

5. EKO Mirage T Rectangular Brushed Stainless

EKO Mirage T Rectangular Brushed Stainless

A sleek exterior with a brushed steel finish. The sensor mechanism has a soft close lid. The no-liners version allows for greater inner capacity. Touch switch for manual operation. The inner rim holds the bag in place. There are no special orders for the standard 13G kitchen trash bags. 6 AA alkaline batteries are not included.

Brand: Eko

👤The can has a sensor that works well to open and close it. The separate close button can be pushed to keep the lid open. The bags are wrapped around a frame and placed in the can. I had a prior model that failed. I couldn't find that model. I preferred the older model. The can had a plastic liner inside. The liner can was sized so that the trash bag would fit in it and stay in place when loaded and removed. If there was a mess of soft garbage in the liner can, it could be removed with a fully loaded bag. There was no need to change the look of the can. The cheap plastic ring does not hold the bags securely until it is pushed down into the can to lock them in place. You have to watch that part of the bag to be sure. Several attempts are made to get the bag seated. When removing a fully stuffed bag, you have to wrestle with the outer can, leaving fingerprints, and cleaning the seams is not as easy as cleaning the old, seamless liner can. It is not as nice as the predecessor.

👤The trash can has been used for about 4 full bags. I researched and bought this brand because I had a prior EKO model that I also got at the store, and we were very happy with it. The new model is sleek and attractive and the motion sensor is an improvement over the previous model. The bag design is a real issue. The EKO "G" bags that come with this trash can't be found on-line. The EKO's have a tight fit on them and those measurements came to 26”W x 33”H. Most bags give the max capacity, so shouldn't they say it has a 0-90 liter capacity? They are branded as EKO, but you can't buy them on their site. Someone from EKO told a consumer that it works best with 20-gallon trash bags from Glad or Kirkland, as a reply to a post on Amazon. This is not correct. The Glad sizes are 2ft x 2ft 8 in. That is 24” wide when flat, so a 4” total shorter perimeter when opened. The Glad 20Gal will not fit in the EKO bag. The issues are confused by using the "G" naming convention on the EKO bag. Simple Human uses letter coding on their bags and there are replicas that use the same convention. Simple Human has a bag that is 30 liter. This bag is 1/3 the size and wouldn't fit on EKO's awkward "ring", so I would put money on it. Simple Human also does not post their bag dimensions, which made finding the correct size bag difficult. I was able to find a customer response comment on the Home Depot site that said the code X custom fit can liners are 25.98” wide and 34.65” long. The Code X fits better than the EKO "G" bag. It's over 1.5” longer and is a bit larger in width. Here is the kicker. The 80L bag is specified as the Code X. It is 1.5” longer and a little wider. I trust the Engineers at Simple Human more than those at EKO. The EKO "G" bag is clearly smaller than the EKO "G" bag. My rant on the ring. Not sure if this was tested by EKO. This is an innovative design. I am a mechanical engineer, and I think I'm pretty handy. It took me a long time to figure out how to put a bag on this silly ring. The best way to install it is to put the top of the bag through the inside of the ring and then fold the bag over the ring, so they cover the ring top and then rest on the outside. A video and/or clearer instructions would be a huge improvement for the lay, non-Engineer-type, home-sanitation responsible person. The use of the ring. I was not sure if they tested it. I have removed some bags from the trash can. The previous EKO Can was a standard concept in the home trash removal business. You could pack the bag, but sometimes this caused a tight press fit in the container, and you could slide the bag out, even if someone needed to help you hold the liner. This can has a handle in the back, sharp-lipped steal edges around the top and an odd ring. I haven't pulled a bag out of this can yet because it could get sliced in many places. Stuffing this bag will cause holes and slices in your bag. This design allows for more capacity with a smaller outside profile, which is a great design goal. EKO has shown poor execution on the functional aspect of a TRASH CAN. Why wasn't the inside of the steel smooth? The back of that handle was put there by someone. Why didn't you cover the lip on the steal can with a ring or something similar? To sell these, you need to improve the design. You are welcome to work with design consulting and engineering services. I'm willing to negotiate my service fee.

6. ITouchless SoftStep Stainless Garbage Kitchen

ITouchless SoftStep Stainless Garbage Kitchen

Your 100% satisfaction is assured and backed by a full-service manufacturer's warranty and dedicated customer support. It's easy to replace air damper for years of like-new performance with the GenTLE & Silent LID CLOSE. It is easy to clean beautiful STAINLESS STEEL. It adds to any kitchen or office décor. The large steel pedal is designed to last over twenty years, and it has more than twenty steps a day. PREMIUM features include a Tuck & Hold bag retention, a rubber pad on the non-skid base, and a Fingerprint-Proof STAINLESS STEEL.

Brand: Itouchless

👤Went through 3 cans. Poorly made, the clip that holds the lid in place breaks. Will be buying a totally different brand and sending back the old one. 3 strike your out.

👤The PLASTIC washer piece that allows the lid to shut slowly broke into pieces. I've tried to find the part. The lid has closed. I paid a lot for this in June. It has been used for 3 months and needs to be replaced. Do you have the parts to fix the problem? Will you replace the can?

👤This trash can was everything I thought it would be. The photo does not do it justice, it is slick and modern, and I love that it has a plastic container inside. It is light and wipes down well.

👤A very nice can. Most other cans I reviewed didn't last long. After 6 months, use the plastic piece that houses the broken stem rod. The phone number to the manufacturer was a delight, and they were sending a replacement part. Good job.

👤The foot pedal is easy to use. Doesn't hit the wall and can be pushed against it. The trash bag can be tucked in between the cans. You can't see it when it's closed. The size is great. I like the slow close lid. It looks great. Highly recommended.

👤The can is nice and sleek. It was very well made.

👤I gave this company a 5 star rating, and was very pleased with the quality, size and customer service provided by the company. They sent me the missing part when we were missing the charcoal filter. This one seems better made than the Simply Human one we had. The review has been updated. We have been using this can for about 5 months and I am changing my rating to 2 stars. The metal lever lid does not open when you touch the foot pad because of a broken plastic loop. It was disappointing considering how much it cost. I will contact the company to see if they can send me a replacement part for the one that is supposed to be under warranty. There is an update. I was able to chat with the customer service rep and they were going to send me a replacement part. Changing my rating to very good is what I am going to do. I think the iTouch company has good customer service.

👤It adds a bit of class to the kitchen. The large white plastic kitchen bags are easy to use, roomy, and open wide. The distance from the wall to thecountertop edge is the 'con'. In our case, it is out from the wall, and I put a few small plastic bumper circles on the counter edge as a buffer. If you want to use the feature that keeps the lid open for an extended period, you'll need a minimum of 6. I think we'll get used to it after a week.

👤The steel rod lifts. I have had to remove the mechanics that lowered the LID because it broke after a short time. It's a standard bin that you have to open and close yourself.

7. Household Essentials TK10XL 1 Trash Krusher

Household Essentials TK10XL 1 Trash Krusher

The trash can has a manual trash compactor built into the lid so it can hold up to 2x as much trash. 13 gallon plastic trash bag liners are compatible with the bin liner. The step bin foot is open. When changing out the bag, keep the lever open. x 25.5 H x 14.2 W There is a US patent 8,584,886.

Brand: Household Essentials

👤Tired of being told by your spouse to take out the garbage when you are already out the door? The burden of taking out the rubbish receptacle has caused many arguments. The real magic of a garbage can is that it can limit the amount of garbage bags you need to buy, so you won't ruin your life. How might you ask? There is a Simple. I used to go through 4 garbage bags a week. I kept the big garbage can near the garage because of the 4 bags. Many of you out there are either told to take out the garbage or tell it. Many of you don't like taking it out because the one telling you to do it loves bossing you around. I now use one bag per week. I keep a big can near the garage on the day the garbage man comes to pick it up. I buy a box of scented white bags and they will last me 50 weeks, or 2 weeks shy of a year. There is a The bears that used to destroy my garbage can don't like the new one because there is nothing left for them to do. You have a bossy partner, but you don't have bears. Take away the pleasure of being a bossy person to your significant other and take back your freedom. Buy something. This can. Save your relationship. Save money. It's time to stop giving dangerous wildlife a reason to visit.

👤It's a very nice looking trash can. The idea of a compactor is a waste. The magnets are not strong. The handle has to be snapped back up into the lid. It's not fun to stick your arm into a trash can multiple times and then clean the smasher handle, because it's not fun to get something off your arm. If you push more than halfway down, the garbage bag will be stopped halfway down by air pressure. It's a pretty good idea, but it turns out to be a bit cumbersome. A $50 can is better than a $130 compactor because you're not going to use it after a couple tries. It looks nice. It's too much hassle for me to return it, so I'm keeping it. If you don't put food waste in the can, it would be a good idea to compact plastic, paper, and aluminum. This item would be a 4-5 star item if it were not for the Krusher.

👤Awesome design! The Trash Krusher TK10XL is 50L. It does as it is described. The Main City Trash Bin has been saved as the city changed out our waste bins. The Trash Krusher saves us. The black steel is looking sharper than before. I prefer the black steel over the chrome steel. When I am in the kitchen, I will set the lock on the trash can lid to open if I know I am going to use it a lot. Price is also great. We were going to buy a Trash Compactor at a store here, but it was out of the question for it to cost more than $100. I stretch the top edges of the regular tall kitchen garbage bags so that they fit around the top of the bag, so I don't have to buy special bags.

8. ITouchless Stainless Automatic Odor Absorbing Separately

ITouchless Stainless Automatic Odor Absorbing Separately

Your 100% satisfaction is assured and backed by a full-service manufacturer's warranty and dedicated customer support. A Natural Carbon Odor Filter is included to absorb and eliminate trash odors. Extra-long battery life only draws power when needed. The battery life of other sensor cans is 3X. The batteries can last up to 1.5 years. The two power options are battery-free power and AC power. The STAINLESS STEEL is easy to clean. Any kitchen or office décor can be improved with modern design. Efficient rectangular shape fits in tight spaces and corners. No expensive custom bags are required. 25 percentage more capacity is provided by the Efficient design, which requires no inner bucket. Large items have an extra wide lid opening. Premium features include an on/off lid lock, retention ring, air vent and manual open/close buttons.

Brand: Itouchless

👤It's been a blessing to use this as a diaper bin. We only smell the nastiness when the lid is open. You wouldn't know the horrors that were inside. Since I bought it, it's been running strong. The bag ring is great and it is easy to replace. The bag is completely concealed with the top back. I'm not sure how much the charcoal filter helps, but it works perfectly for odor when the can is closed, and I was worried about it. The unit looks great as an added bonus. This is a workhorse and I have been using it daily for six months. When I received the batteries, I was able to block diaper odor and still run on the same batteries. The lid decided to give up on me a couple weeks ago, after working perfectly since last November. I swapped in a new set and nothing happened. There was no light, no movement, and nothing at all. I thought I might as well try customer care and write it off. I sent them an email with a screen shot of my original order. I got an email back within 24 hours with an incident number and instructions to call in for service. I called in thinking they would want me to send in the lid, but they said their policy had changed, and I had to pay a $9.95 service/shipping and handling fee, and a new lid would be sent out. They didn't want the old one back. I paid the fee because it would cost more to just ship the original lid in. I received my new lid a week later. I can't say enough good things about the customer service I received from itouchless. I'm leaving my review at five stars because it was very simple. If you found the review helpful, please let us know. Don't hesitate to ask if there's something missing. I hope that these will help other buyers make a decision with so many similar products available for purchase.

👤I waited almost a year to write this review because I wanted to make sure the product was long- lasting. There is a tiny kitchen in our beach house and a weird space for a trash can. I researched forever and finally settled on this one. It is perfect in the space and has exceeded my expectations. It fits a lot of trash in a discreet way. I like it.

👤I only had these cans for a month. They hold a lot of trash. I used to throw the trash out. The trash cans hold a lot of trash. I bought the stickers on Amazon.

👤The trash can I bought 8 years ago is still there. The fact that this was the most reasonable and it had an automated lid seemed like a pretty easy choice at the time. It works great and still looks great. There is a button on the front of the device that you can use to open the lid. The lid is very good at keeping odors out while it's closed. I wouldn't change out the carbon filters in it to use the advertised deodorizer, and I've never bothered to do that either. The cord is battery powered, and there is no AC adapter, which is mentioned in the review. It states that the batteries last for a year, but I find they last much longer than that for us and we use them regularly. Kitchen bags are used. There is a plastic ring inside the bag that keeps the bag from hanging out over the edges. Even if you put a lot of heavy items in the garbage, it does a great job of keeping the bag in place.

9. ITouchless SensorCan Touchless Control Stainless

ITouchless SensorCan Touchless Control Stainless

The motion of your hand opens the lid. The choice is the hygienic and convenient. You get a full-service with parts and customer support. 100% satisfaction is what you get. Control odors includes a natural carbon odor filter to absorb and eliminate trash odors. The extra-long battery life only draws power when needed. The batter life of garbage cans is 3X. The batteries can last up to 1. 5 years. 2 Power Options are powered by an AC Adapter or 4 D size batteries. It is easy to clean the beautiful STAINLESS STEEL. Any kitchen or office décor can be improved with modern design.

Brand: Itouchless

👤The trashcan is ok, but not worth what I paid for it. It was pretty flimsy and had a lot of scratches. The sensor is sensitive. I want it to open when my hand is near the lid. It is great that it fits under a counter but you cannot put it too far back or the sensor will not shut. I wonder if anyone thought putting the odor filter in the trash bag would make it easier to get trash all over it. It should be on the lid. The power cord needs to be purchased separately. I had to get a new one after I received the wrong one.

👤Excellent customer service is a pros. I received a new product after my sensor stopped working. The design is great and it is important to get the trash out. The smell is contained. The charger was not included. I used the batteries for a while, but I need the charger now. I had to place the trash can at an angle because the lid opened when I walked by. If users could just adjust how far the sensor goes, that could be resolved.

👤When a product description matches its performance, I love it. This one does it. It uses 13 gallon trash bags. There is a plastic ring that keeps the bag out of the can. If you move your hand close to your hip, the sensor will open quickly. It doesn't "snap" closed when there is a pause before it closes. We would recommend it to anyone in the market for a cheap trash can.

👤When you see that this needs 4 batteries, you'll be surprised, though I recommend name brand batteries. This is unreliable in every day use. It gets confused and leaves the lid stuck open if anyone tries to open it. I've spent many minutes fiddling with open and closed until I get that magic combination that will allow the lid to close on its own again. We don't have time to explain the use of the trash can to every person that comes over, and the main issues are when company comes over and tries to close the lid manually. Can you imagine a conversation? Family! It's great to see you all over! I would like everyone to congregate around our trash can here so I can explain to you all the benefits of it. I wouldn't want this trash can on my enemies. If it worked, I would be very happy, but the picture on the Amazon page is something that will become familiar to you if you buy this trash can.

👤The trash can has been in my possession for less than a year. The lid is no longer compatible with the can. I was very happy to see that the Itouchless website has a limited warranty and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. That is not true. The can isn't covered. The Can Body, AbsorbX® Odor Filter, Retainer Ring, Filter Compartment, and battery cover are not covered by this warranty according to the user manual. The warranty is useless. The customer service representative that I spoke to was not helpful and did not give me any satisfaction. If I had this can for a long time, I could understand. I had it for 10 months. This is not good customer service. For the price of the can, you can get something from a company that really cares about customer satisfaction.

10. MOPUP Touchless Essential Wastebasket Aromatherapy

MOPUP Touchless Essential Wastebasket Aromatherapy

The ADA-COMPLIANT is ADA- compliant. When the light is on, the smart trash can lid is locked and can't be opened, and when the light is off, the touchless trash bin would be opened. Don't try to open the trashcan lid when theligh is on, thanks! When installing the battery, please pay attention to the direction of the poles. The trash bin power is included in the package. There is no essential oils in the bottle or the diffuser. The newest motion sensor system will allow you to open and close the garbage can without touching it. 5 seconds later, the object will be closed. It can be manually opened and closed when power is lost. The electric trash can is perfect for bathroom, every home, or office so you can create a calming atmosphere. If you don't want the whole house to smell like you don't like, the no touch garbage bin with diffuser will create the perfect environment so you can breathe and to the toilet better, relax, and feel better than ever. Their touchless smart bathroom trash can have a unique aroma Diffuser that will let your bathroom smell nice, and stay away from disgusting smells. Double click to stop the spray in the first gear mode, then double click again to stop the spray in the second gear mode. The smart bath garbage can opens automatically when you move your hand or knee. It is a convenient choice. The gold smart bathroom trash can is a space saving design that fits into any space. The trash bin has a motion sensor. The rubbish bin is an attractive addition to any room in the house.

Brand: Mopup

👤It feels nice and sturdy. I was willing to pay a bit more for a bathroom trash can, but I didn't think it was worth it. It was worth the expense.

👤This was bought as a biased trash and it doesn't seal at the top. It is very small and cheap. I'm not sure how the bag holder works. It was a bad cheap everything. I took a risk on an item with no reviews. Lesson learned.

👤The piece of garbage was cheap. Don't waste your money.

👤It's useful for the dogs to not get the paper out of the trash bin.

👤I was skeptical about the product at first. I was pleasantly surprised that it works, it is the perfect size for what I need, and it fits the aesthetic!

👤There is a trash can in the bathroom. You would never guess it's a trash receptacle with the sleek design.

👤Too small, flimsy, looks better in pictures.

11. EyeVac Home Stationary Efficiency Filtration

EyeVac Home Stationary Efficiency Filtration

The 1000 watt vacuum is fast and powerful. Eye vacs are activated automatically by always on and always ready infrared sensors. The EyeVac is perfect for pet owners and parents. The EyeVac removes dust, dirt and debris from your home and returns clean air to the environment. Touchless operation. The EyeVac can be activated by the use of the sensors that detect the sweeping motion.

Brand: Eye-vac

👤I love it! It works great, but I wish it was a little more quiet. It was warned that it wouldn't work well in low light with a broom. I had a broom with dark bristles and it was in a dim corner. Excited to see how this helps me. My kids said it looked like a penguin, so I added a beak. See the picture.

👤There is a lot to teach about physics, math, and philosophy. The Sisyphean fight against entropy is exemplified by the little line of dirt left behind by the dustpan, which reduces in magnitude by half each time you try to sweep it up, and yet you can never make it. The Eye-Vac has helped alleviate the crisis I have when I clean my house. The dirt is sucked into the black hole of the Eye-Vac if you sweep the undesirable atoms into the sensor zone. Highly recommended.

👤I got this for my kitchen. It works as expected. People can startle if they walk too close. I use it in a completely different way now. I had a problem with one of my cats. She hit at my bedroom door at night. She was ruining the carpet and keeping us awake. I can not let her in the bedroom because of allergies. I thought I would try Eye-Vac after seeing videos of aerosol sprays. Success! I get to sleep through the night because of the eye-vac. Everyone is happier now that the cats are sleeping outside the bedroom door. A good night sleep makes a big difference in our lives.

👤This is a great vacuum! I wish I could give it 5 stars, but it didn't work out. I decided to open it and see if anything was broken after reading reviews of people having a hard time returning products. The sensor was not connected to the electrical board. It works fine now after being hooked back up. I would love to have one in every corner. When I opened it up, it was clear that it wasn't brand new. There was a nasty build up inside. I had to fix it and got 1 star off. 2 stars were taken off for clearly sending a used product. It was gross.

👤I clean my floors every couple of days because I have hardwood floors and 3 dogs. I like the auto feature. I have collected the dog hair and dirt and it sucks. I can take it to the downstairs family room to clean the floors. There is no need for a broom or dustpan to get the dirt and dog hair up. I use a regular hardwood floor vacuum weekly for thorough cleanings. It's very easy to sweep the floors in between vacuuming.

👤I love this thing. I have 3 long haired dogs and they all take up a lot of hair. I almost didn't get it because of the review. That isn't the case. It keeps the hair in place and doesn't let it go. I empty it once a week and clean it almost daily.


What is the best product for eye vacuum home touchless garbage can?

Eye vacuum home touchless garbage can products from Amazon Basics. In this article about eye vacuum home touchless garbage can you can see why people choose the product. Simplehuman and Eufy are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye vacuum home touchless garbage can.

What are the best brands for eye vacuum home touchless garbage can?

Amazon Basics, Simplehuman and Eufy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye vacuum home touchless garbage can. Find the detail in this article. Simplehuman, Eko and Itouchless are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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