Best Eye Vitamins Lutein and Zeaxanthin 50 Plus

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1. Doctors Best Lutein OptiLut Non GMO

Doctors Best Lutein OptiLut Non GMO

Doctor's Best Lutein helps maintain healthy visual function. The concentrate of natural Lutein is called OptiLut. Two of the major carotenoids found in humans are zeaxanthin and lutein. The body has a spectrum of antioxidant defenses, and zeaxanthin and lutein are potent free radical neutralizers. During the summer months, products may arrive warm but Amazon stores and ships products in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations.

Brand: Doctor's Best

👤I've been buying this for a long time. I have an old bottle that says each capsule is 20mg. Take one per day, 20mg total, checked on the back. I'm looking at a product that says on the back that you can take two capsule for 20mg. The 120 caps in this bottle will equal 60 days worth. Anyone who has been taking this product for a long time and is not aware of this will only be getting 10mg of product, or half of what they're used to. This won't stop me from buying the product. It makes me feel discouraged and irritates me. I have to write take two. When the new bottle arrives, I put it on a label. Just for everyone's information. Please comment if I'm wrong.

👤Do not use mag stearate if you want the convenience of the pill making machines. Buy a better maker if body rejects it. You can read about it on

👤I had bad stomach pain when I started taking these. I used them for several days because I had no idea which supplement was causing the problem. I stopped taking it and the pain stopped. I need something for the floaters in my vision and I wish it had worked for me. If you know of something, please let us know.

👤I have no eye problems if I take lutein every day. I usually take it. I ordered this one instead of those two. I can't remember why. I might have been in a hurry to do an order. It doesn't work as well as theFloraGLO ones. I had eye problems again. It is a small capsule, not a softgel. It's not impossible to swallow, but it's more difficult. The problems have gone away after I ordered one of the FloraGLO ones.

👤My husband couldn't get an appointment at the VA. I ordered this because of his eye problem. There is a He took one pill a day for a week and after seeing an eye doctor, he was told to keep taking what he was taking and he had a solution for his dry eye problem.

👤I couldn't get past the bad taste. The powder flavor on the outside of the capsule makes them taste terrible. I tried taking with milk, but it didn't help. Going back to the gel tab style.

👤I discovered this by mistake. The capsule passes through your system without dissolving. One gets no benefit from this since they don't break down. A complete waste of money.

👤All of these products are using the same patented third-party ingredient so as long as it's a trusted brand you want to go for the best value and this seems to be yet. The smaller side of the capsule makes it very easy to swallow.

👤The items were in good condition.



2. Bluebonnet Nutrition Zeaxanthin Exposure Marigold

Bluebonnet Nutrition Zeaxanthin Exposure Marigold

There are 4 and 12 grams of zeaxanthin and leutin in this item. 60 Softgels. There are dairy-free and soy-free products. Milk, egg, fish, crustaceans, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soybeans are all free. Also free of sugar and corn. During the summer months, products may arrive warm but Amazon stores and ships products in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations.

Brand: Bluebonnet

👤It works very well. It's easy to take. This is a great product. I use this and a lutien supplement a lot. I had shots in my eye for an eye condition that caused serious vision problems. This product was suggested for people who use a computer frequently. I didn't seem to get better with my eyes despite the help of the lutien. When I began taking this supplement, it made a marked change in the quality of my vision, and over the course of a year, I no longer needed the shot I was getting in my eye. I don't get those shots anymore because my vision is monitored by my eye doctor twice a year. The renewed strength of my vision would have to be attributed to this supplement. I'm not saying it cures anything, but it's worth a try and won't hurt.

👤This stuff has changed my view. I take 2 pills in the morning and evening. After taking religiously for months, I no longer need to wear glasses because my eyesight has improved. The pill is easy to swallow. The Bluebonnet brand is very good.

👤My eyes hurt when I woke up, despite lubricating eye drops. My eye doctor doesn't think my eyes should be so dry because I have hypothyroid disease that is well-controlled with medication. When I started taking fish oil ten years ago, I was able to decrease the strength of my reader's glasses from 1.75 to 1.25, but now I need 2.5 unless I take fish oil regularly. The dry eye persisted until I began taking this supplement. Bluebonnet is a great brand and I have always found it to be so.

👤Good price and good dose. Leave out the caramel! It's toxic. The Environmental Working Group has limited data on it. Don't trust it. You don't need it. It's always something. This product is very effective. I had a textured spot in the center of my vision, but after just half a bottle of this, it's gone! My floaters are not as noticeable. I am taking another eye supplement that probably contributes, but none of the ingredients are very high doses. It's not clear how effective this product is, but my opinion is that it's the product that healed my vision.

👤I got it today and started with my first dose. Time will tell if it works. I accidentally placed the order for a lutein content of 40mg per serving, which is way too high according to the literature I found on it online. I settled for this one because it has the same dosage as the one my oftalmologist prescribed. It seems a bit pricey. The rewievs were good. At night, my eyesight is giving out because I have some vision problems, but I have been operated for cataracts in both eyes. After using this for a while, I will return and update this review.

👤I trust the Bluebonnet brand, and they have put two vitamins together that I have been ordering separately. I wanted to try the Bluebonnet product to see if the higher price is worth it. I don't know what I'm going to do yet.

3. Viteyes Classic Areds Capsules Count

Viteyes Classic Areds Capsules Count

The AREDS 2 capsule is based on the National Eye Institute's AREDS 2 study to protect your eye health. The AREDS 2 supplement is made with Natural Vitamins E and K. RECOMMENDED BY EYE DOCTORS WORLDWIDE - Since 2002, Viteyes has been trusted by eye doctors in the USA and around the world. They try to keep their products up-to-date. The AREDS study found that Lower Zinc was just as effective as 80 Zinc. The upper limit of zinc is 40mg. adverse side effects can be caused by doses above this Other AREDS 2 brands have double this level. Easy-to-swallow is manufactured in even Smaller vegan capsule, Allergen Free, Red Dye Free, andBeta-Carotene Free. Formulated with vitamins and minerals. 60 capsule/1 month supply is contained in each bottle. The finest ingredients from quality sources around the world are used in the manufacture of the Viteyes AREDS 2 capsule. All of their products are tested for their potency and are formulated without unnecessary ingredients.

Brand: Viteyes

👤Look at the product's labeling. You have to take two pills to get their serving size, even though they advertise a single daily dose. They state that a daily dose is two pills. I've never seen a pill where the ingredients don't describe what is in a single pill but rather what is in a daily dose or two pills. If you only had to take one pill a day, the cost would be twice as high. The price per count is listed in the description.

👤Our eye doctor suggested these to help slow down dry macular degeneration as we age. We have used them for a decade and they seem to be helping. What else could you ask for?

👤I was diagnosed with the beginning of Macular Degeneration many years ago and my doctor prescribed eye vitamins and has kept up with the latest information. He prescribed the Areds 2 test results. I was allergic to the gelcaps I could only find in them. I contacted the Macular Degenration site on the internet and they directed me to Amazon. I appreciate being there with what I needed.

👤The main ingredients in Eye Vites formula seem to be good, but you should read what's in other ingredients before buying. The gel cap is made of a long list of chemicals. Eye Vites should use a gel cap.

👤You're getting half of what you're expecting, because the daily dose is two capsule, not one. There was a bottle full of sticky powder, and the capsule was enormous and cheap. Don't buy.

👤My eye doctor recommended it. I have a disease. My eyes are doing great and there are no issues with this vitamins. I have been taking them for about 5 years.

👤The eye doctor recommended these to us after they diagnosed our daughters with very little vision in their eyes. He said that he doesn't know how they see, and that the amount of pigmentation he has seen is the least he has ever seen. This will delay or prevent vision loss.

👤This is a great product. It is surprising to find it cheaper through AMAZON than it is from the manufacturer. It's great that Amazon ships the shipping service, called UPS. USPS is not good for me. The product is free of wheat. Excellent for people who have been affected by the disease.

4. Bausch Lomb Supplement Zeaxanthin 90 Count

Bausch Lomb Supplement Zeaxanthin 90 Count

Eye traumas are included in the observatory adULT 50. Their most advanced formula to help support eye health and replenish vital eye nutrients that you can lose as you age, with zinc, copper, vitamins C and E. The eye veins are visible. Ocuvite eye vitamins support eye health. Ocuvite supports your eyes at all ages of adulthood, with gummies, chewables, formulas and daily eye vitamins for adults over 50. Ocuvite eye vitamins for general eye health and PreserVision for age-related eye health concerns are included in the eye vitamins for healthy eyes line. The eye care experts are Babasch and LOMB. John Jacob Bausch opened an optical store in Rochester, New York. Since then, the company has focused on innovation and quality in eye care products. The Bozch and LOMB eye enhancements are mentioned. Eye health is more than good vision, and they're focused on all aspects of healthy eyes. If you've used supplements from Smarty Pants, iCaps, Trunature, or Viteyes, you should try their eye health vitamins and supplements.

Brand: Ocuvite

👤My vision has remained the same for over 45 years because of this and the Holy Spirit's assistanca. I'm in my 60s.

👤I like the product a lot. My eyes feel better. There is no dry or itchy anymore. I have floaters, but for most of the time, they have vanished. I take it with my breakfast. They are a little difficult to swallow but that's ok because they have improved my vision and my eyes seem more vibrant and healthy. I will be rearranging again.

👤I was told to take this brand of eye vitamins after my surgery. He found a correlation between age and the development of macular degeneration. You only need to take one every morning because these vitamins are small and easy to swallow.

👤I used to use a different branded version of these, but since I started using the Ocuvite brand, I barely have eye floaters anymore. They were with AREDS a lot. I take this to prevent my family from developing it.

👤My husband has had eye surgery because of Agent Orange exposure. His eye sight was getting worse with nothing his doctor could do to stop it. I put him on this after one of his four month visits and when he came back his doctor was happy that the deterioration had stopped. He wanted to know what he had done and he said his wife put him on the supplement. The next visit was better. The product extended my husband's vision. We are happy that it is available. His eye doctor now recommends this to his patients.

👤The ingredients for AREDS-2 are the same as for these.

👤This is the first time that I have reviewed something on Amazon and I felt obligated to do so because of the hard to swallow nature of these. I take pills every day. I have taken pills for colds and headaches. These hurt my throat. I gag after taking them. My eye doctor told me not to bother with these, so I am done with this product. If you have a hard time swallowing pills, these may not be for you.

👤This product is the best value for the money, and I recommend it to anyone who needs it for their eyes, even if they don't know if they need it or not.

👤Es una recomendada por el especialista. Lstima tiene una cara para enviarla a México. Si la recomiendo mucho.

👤Me gusto mucho. Us el suplemento.

👤The purchase date is October 2021. It was the first time trying and hoping it worked. Thanks for the fast delivery.

👤La Entrega fue un importante para salud de ojos.

5. Puritans Pride Zeaxanthin Lutein Softgels

Puritans Pride Zeaxanthin Lutein Softgels

A healthy macula is nourished. Provides nutrition to the eye's photoreceptors. During the summer months, products may arrive warm but Amazon stores and ships products in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations.

Brand: Puritans Pride

👤I was shown by my eye doctor that I was in the top of the yellow zone. Macu Health is too expensive and he told me to try it. I looked at the ingredients and they are in the Puritan's Pride supplement. After 6 months of taking them, he tested my eyes again. There was an improvement. The low edge of yellow was where my eyes had improved. He told me to keep going. The supplement is more affordable.

👤I bought this for my 11 year old son who has different issues with his vision and one of them was seeing floating spots. My son stops seeing floating spots after taking this supplement. I am very happy.

👤I think my eyes are doing a better job. That isn't a rigorous scientific claim. It could be due to other factors. I changed other factors such as using eye drops and eating more greens. It's true for many supplements. The Puritans Pride liquid-filled capsule is high quality and I like it a lot. The little products I have received are really nice. They are pleasant to use and easy to swallow.

👤I was told by my eye doctor that I was at risk of developing a condition that my mother had. Two of the supplements he recommended are in this product. I have been taking zeaxanthin and lutein faithfully for two years and have found that my eyes are better, less watering and fatigue, and the progress of the degeneration has been halted for now. I have used Puritans Pride products for a long time. Good quality for reasonable prices.

👤We buy another supplement based on our doctor's recommendation. This was cheaper here than through the company. We prefer buying a single supplement, but at least this one is the right one.

👤I take PreserVision for my eye vitamins, and I have a disease that causes the loss of vision in my left eye. My eye doctor thought I might be getting too much zinc because I had nausea while taking a multivitamin. I switched to taking 1 PreserVision and 1 of these Zeaxanthin 4mg with 10mg of Lutein per day. Problem solved! These are small and easy to swallow, and I highly recommend them.

👤I have used Puritans Pride zeaxanthin for many years. It's a good supplement to add to your regimen. After my mother was diagnosed with the disease, it was recommended by my eye doctor. It's part of my daily routine. This product is a good value and I would recommend it.

👤My mother is 85 years old and I need this to help with my eyesight. She should have started taking this supplement when she was my age. I am trying to avoid her because she has had surgery to fix her eyes. I purchased this product because of it.

6. Doctors Best Chewable Supplement Zeaxanthin

Doctors Best Chewable Supplement Zeaxanthin

LUTEIN WITH LUTEMAX 2020 Free radicals and blue light can be harmful to the eyes. It is a research that is circumstantial. The eyes will get 20 and 4 zeaxanthin isomers per serving of Lutemax 2020. A natural blend of flowers of Lutein and enhanced levels of zeaxanthin isomers found in Marigold extract. You should increase your eye health. The natural eye health combination of carotenoids in these gummies will help you see better. Gummy form of lutein provides a delicious dose of lutein to protect and improve the health of the eyes. There are natural fruit phetin guillotines. Natural flavors, colors, and ingredients are free of harmful substances. It's easy to take 2 tasty gummies for eye protection. During the summer months, products may arrive warm but Amazon stores and ships products in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations.

Brand: Doctor's Best

👤The only vegan source for 2020 was Healthy Origins. I wrote in my review that the two drugs used in AREDS2 are not a substitute for the real thing. They both have lutein, but they have different amounts of it. ... You could research the issue of meso-zeaxanthin. I have decided that Lutemax is the better choice. If you're worried about carrageenan, you can now find an alternative with safe ingredients that tastes good but is more expensive.

👤Taking these for 3 months straight has improved my eyesight. I'm looking at computer screens for 10 hours. I paid the extra cost for glare because I use a prescription for reading and being on the computer, but it didn't help. I have reduced my headaches and teary eyes after taking these and buying a pair of blue light glasses. These vitamins are recommended so highly.

👤It's good to know that our vision will be protected as we are both in our senior years. I have noticed that I can see better at night. They taste good and I love them.

👤I got these for my kids because they spend so much time looking at screens. I'm not sure if these gummies have improved their vision, but they love the taste and use supplements recommended by eye doctors for eye health.

👤I usually don't give a bad review of gummy vitamins just because of their taste, but these are absolutely disgusting. Mango is more like medicine. They don't taste any better if they are covered in sugar crystals. I will eat this bottle but after that I will look for something else.

👤The value is great. The only difference is that brand eye health gummies have vitamins E and K. The eye health ingredients are more in this product for the price. The amounts of zeaxanthin and lyin are more than the active ingredients. It is relatively inexpensive to add vitamins E and C. The best value!

👤Gummy supplements are so easy to take. One jar was not sure of the benefits. These taste like orange slices.

👤I had gotten these before. They were okay the first time. I didn't hesitate to get them again but the flavor was terrible and I threw them away.

👤I did not see a change in my vision after taking the gummies. I was taking Lutein before the Gummies.

7. Quantum Health Softgels Supplement Macular

Quantum Health Softgels Supplement Macular

Powerful eye health remedies to support vision health as you age, helps to filter blue light, see in low light, and recover from glare. It is recommended that you take a 5:1 ratio of zeaxanthin and leuin to promote eye and vision health. Premium eye care can be done with more vitamins and Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Eye health form by doctor The world's most renowned eye nutrition experts is a research scientist. There are no artificial colors, flavors, wheat, dairy, or corn in this picture. There is a substance with the word "gelatin." The easy to swallow softgels are specially created for adults. Take 2 softgels daily with food.

Brand: Quantum

👤I have floaters in my eyes, but these do not permanently fix them. I consulted an eye doctor and she said that taking these was a good preventative measure, especially if I'm looking at a screen all day. I only take them a few times a week, but I can see clearer on the days that I do.

👤There are legitimate concerns about the effectiveness of the vitamins because they don't show an expiration date on the bottle or retail box. The manufacturer of vitamins has chosen not to tell the consumers about the shelf life of their vitamins, even though they areReputable manufacturers of vitamins. Since I have yet to try this particular brand of vitamins, I can't comment on anything else.

👤I didn't think the product would work fast, but it did, and it's amazing. I was frightened. I will keep buying this because of my eyes. Prostitution. So. It is much harder to try this if you have blurry vision.

👤I only take 1 a day, when I remember, but I use these along with the glasses to keep my eyes alert.

👤I am in my 70s and am starting to have vision problems. I am taking vitamins. My doctor said I should have started taking them 10 years ago.

👤It will be a while before my next eye exam, but I can say that this supplement helps my vision. I thought I'd take the extra precautions with this supplement because I didn't have any eye problems at my last exam. Unless my doctor tells me it's not necessary, I will continue taking this. I think it will be as I age. It's worth a try if you think you need more protection.

👤I noticed that my night vision was improved immediately after taking these. I would definitely recommend it.

👤We need them, so we ordered them. And age. I'm sure they are wonderful, but the capsule arrived stuck together, maybe due to storage and heat. We couldn't pried them apart without damaging the product. They are easy to swallow and have a neutral taste. A replacement is on the way after contacting customer service. Once we start taking them, a further review will come. I am thankful for the response from Amazon.

8. EyePromise Zeaxanthin Lutein Eye Vitamin

EyePromise Zeaxanthin Lutein Eye Vitamin

A simple, nutrition supplement that provides the critical vitamins zeaxanthin and lutein. EyePromise zeaxanthin + leuin has the optimal combination of essential vitamins for healthy vision. The amount of ingredients needed to build and support your eye protection was created in this formula. The National Sanitation Foundation is an independent agency that checks the contents of supplements to make sure they match the label data. They go the extra mile to make sure you are making the right choice for your health. The clinically proven formula is made with high-quality natural ingredients. It's safe for vegetarian and diet without gluten. It's perfect for people who want to add an eye-healthy formula to their daily regimen. EyePromise supplements are made in the USA with domestic and imported ingredients, and they are free of any harmful ingredients. EyePromise products are certified so you can be sure they are supporting your eye health. Set up a monthly subscription with Amazon's S&S program and be strategic with your purchase. You can see the results from EyePromise in 60 days.

Brand: Eyepromise

👤They are great. The manufacturer has gone from a capsule that looked like a dark cranberry to a soft gel that looks sickly red/orange. Yes. The vitamins are showing through the soft gel. I can live with the color. The soft gel is a challenge. I have a lot of diseases, including osteo and rheumatoid arthritis. Each week I sort my medication into containers. I would miss at least three doses a week if I didn't check the containers, because the soft gels stick to the evening containers. It's not easy to dig out the lone soft gel. I wish you would just return to the old format of the hard, cranberry colored capsule that fell out, instead of making me work for them. It wasn't broken. It didn't need to be fixed. I called and made my displeasure known to one of your customer service reps, who sent me 2 free bottles to make up for my annoyance. Even though they are the cause of my irritation, I took them. I assume this is a cost saving measure. Cut corners! I am neither a vegetarian nor a vegan, but those who are will refuse to use your soft gels because they are made from animal fat. This is an example of an old adage. You are cutting off your nose. When the vegetarians, vegan and those with severe arthritis find someone else to buy their vitamins, you will lose.

👤I have known for a long time that I have an increased risk for the disease. I have blue eyes and have had a genetic test that shows me to be at an increased risk. My eye doctor has been watching the situation. He prescribed vitamins 15 years ago. I didn't take them because they were expensive. He noticed some changes in my eye a couple of years ago. I was worried about these vitamins and I was serious about it. He told me that my macula has improved. I have only taken these vitamins daily. I take them religiously now. I wish they were cheaper.

👤It's difficult to review something that is preventative. My parents have had eye diseases, so I'm hopeful that taking care of my eyes will keep them healthy throughout my life. My husband and I take EyePromise supplements.

👤Eye Promise Restore was recommended to me by my doctor. I switched to the Zeaxanthin + Lutein formula because I get the other ingredients from other supplements. My eye doctor told me that my eye was very healthy.

👤I have noticed a change. I have been taking these pills for two months now and I feel like my eyes have gotten less dry and coarse. I noticed that the pills ease the dryness of the allergy season in Dallas, which has a lot of bad allergies. I would recommend these pills to anyone looking to improve their eye health. Most people do not get their eyes through food alone.

👤I have a side effect of keratoconus and it's hard to see at night. Projections from light sources are making my vision blurry. Driving at night with headlights from oncoming cars is dangerous. After taking this supplement for about two to three weeks, I see a noticeable decrease in the obstructions at night. This is anecdotal, but I stopped taking this for 6 months in order to save money. I decided to give it another try after I noticed that my vision was not as good at night. I got the same results when I took it again. It is a little pricey but worth it.

9. PreserVision Vitamin Mineral Supplement Zeaxanthin

PreserVision Vitamin Mineral Supplement Zeaxanthin

The AREDS2 was completed in the year 2013).

Brand: Preservision

👤Five years ago, the disease was diagnosed. They were told to take AREDS 2. My MD has not advanced. I am a believer.

👤Have one side of the eye. The doctor put me on these. I could find a better price in local stores. Thanks.

👤This is the product for you if you need or want AREDs. You will pay for it. It's completely overpriced. One ingredient at a time is how you can assemble your own AREDs formula. I have done this for a long time. It is a pain. You take a lot of pills, but with this product, it's all rolled up into one. You pay the price for convenience. This product is not going to improve night vision.

👤3 months ago, I was diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration. I was told the disease had not gotten any worse when I returned to my eye doctor. I have been taking AREDS-2 as part of my treatment. The doctors said it's important to keep taking this product. Anyone with this disease should consult their doctor, but this product should be part of their treatment.

👤I have been taking this for my eyes twice a day since I bought it from Amazon. I received an email from Amazon stating that the vitamins might not be authentic. I will never purchase anything from Amazon again due to health and safety concerns.

👤The long term effect of these will be significant. I can't say anything until my next eye exam. For the first time in 60 years of wearing eye glass, I received a good one after using my Bemer for a few months. I was told to use the eye vitamins. One patient had their cataracts reduced with the use of them. If I use both, I will tell you if I have further improvement. I will wait and see if the eye vitamins benefit my eyes.

👤I received my package from Amazon. It was visible through Amazon Prime. Within an hour of taking my first dose, I started to feel unwell. I was vomiting a lot about ten minutes later. It's not good that the gel caps are red, so it looked like I was vomiting blood, but I realized it was just the vitamins. It's only been ten minutes since I last went to the bathroom, but I'm hoping it doesn't turn into something worse. I found that nausea, vomiting and other forms of stomach and intestinal upset are not uncommon with this product. One user on another site speculated that it might be the high dose of vitamins E and E2 in it, as they switched to Ocuvite Blue Light and didn't have a problem with nausea with that product. I started taking it because my elderly father was told to start taking it after he was diagnosed with age-related wet macular degeneration. I bought a large bottle of Occuvite AREDS 2, which is now a waste of money, as I won't be taking it again. If you've never used this product, you might want to consider buying a smaller bottle to see if you can tolerate it.

10. Systane ICaps Vitamin Supplement Zeaxanthin

Systane ICaps Vitamin Supplement Zeaxanthin

Promotes healthy eyes. The delayed-release formula allows the ingredients to be dissolved gradually. It's recommended for people who are interested in eye health.

Brand: Systane

👤The tables have changed. I bought the ICaps for two reasons. They do not have synthetic vitamins A and A. I am concerned that a study in the 1990s found that smokers who took supplements of -carotene alone or with retinyl palmitate had a higher risk of cancer. I explain at the end of the review how the other reason is related to their dosages of lutein. 1. The source of components is not known, but for lutein and zeaxanthin. Two non-provitamin A carotenoids, which are provided by Kemin Industries, are derived from dried marigold flowers. The vitamins, minerals, and other active ingredient dosages are currently not given by image or text in the webpage. The purchase date was 11 months from now. 2. The coated tablets are small but must be eaten whole according to Alcon. The risk of inhaling titanium dioxide dust is increased by crushing or cutting the tablets. If Alcon were to recommend taking 2 tablets twice daily, the container would only last 25 days, and the price per dose would be $0.06. A price per dose is more useful than a price per count when comparing vitamins. 3. The recommended dose of L&Z is 1/3 less than that of the second AREDS study, so those interested in these ICaps should be aware of that. The recommended upper intake level for males and females is between 8 and 11 and the 84.6 zinc dose is too high. The dose recommended for healthy adults is more than that. The two minerals need to be separated at least 2 hours apart from one another and not at the same time, because zinc can interfere with the absorption of copper. 5. Some of the excipients are highlighted as they deserve comment. The Important Information section of this page states that the ingredients listed are inactive, but those with vegan affinities should know that it is from pigs. 6. Nowadays titanium dioxide is a synthesized product, although it is a naturally occurring oxide of titanium. The International Agency for Research on Cancer classified TiO2 dust as a possible carcinogen in 2006 due to its use in the form of nanoparticles. The European Food Safety Authority no longer considers TiO2 safe as a food Additive. 7. The blue #2 lake is an FDA approved synthetic indigotin-disulfonate dye. ICaps are not a children's supplement, but advocacy claims of synthetic food dyes posing a risk in children have received support. In 2007, a UK clinical trial showed that dyes can cause increased attention deficit disorder in children, and this led the European Parliament to order such products to carry a warning. A peer-reviewed report by the California's Office of Environmental Health Hazards Assessment determined that dyes are associated with adverse behavioral outcomes in children. If you take these ICaps with an unnecessary dye, you should keep this in mind. I was interested in a low lutein dosage since, when combined with an L&Z supplement, the total will put her in the upper part of the range considered effective and safe by the researchers. I want optimal L&Z levels for her, but I have no interest in an AREDS2 formula because she doesn't have large drusen or any preventative effects. L&Z preferentially accumulate in the brain itself, in particular the hippocampus, which has a principal role in learning and memory, as an emerging medical interest. Recent studies show that L&Z can improve cognitive function in pre-adolescent children. Older adults. There is an update on March 2022. I decided to update the review because the last delivery my mum received was different from what this website describes. Sistane has changed the amounts of two active ingredients and removed several substances from the excipients. The old and new formulas are compared. There are many changes in the excipients, with one exception, that 19 of 30 substances were removed and only 2 added. The less, the better. Titanium dioxide and FD&C Blue #2 are still used. It is a better news for pescatarians than it is for vegan people, as the porcine gelatin is gone but fish components are in. The 'From the Manufacturer' section of the website still states "ICaps are not made with gluten", so it's providing dangerous information to those with a sensitivity to the grain. Grain is included in the list of new excipients. Sistane's change is unneeded and undesirable, and the lack of actualization of this webpage puts some shoppers at non-trivial medical risk, not to mention the legal risk to the manufacturer, the distributor, and the seller. The AREDS clinical trials found that the dosage of the active ingredients was safe, and the 1.5 fold increase in the amount of vitamins E and C was the only significant change. It is important to keep in mind that many foods provide vitamins E and that it can accumulate in the body as a fat-soluble supplement. The increase in concentration is very small. My mother said that it was easier to open the bottle with the new shape of the lid. _

11. Puritans Pride Lutein Zeaxanthin Softgels

Puritans Pride Lutein Zeaxanthin Softgels

Lutein supports eye health. It is found in fruits, vegetables and even plants. Antioxidant properties for adults are also found in Lutein. During the summer months, products may arrive warm but Amazon stores and ships products in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations.

Brand: Puritans Pride

👤The levels of lutein found in some foods are not as high as in others. This is a small amount of the drug. If you are a vegetarian and don't take supplemental vitamins, this probably isn't a high enough dose. If you get lots of meat, eggs, vegetables and a good multi, then this is enough. Okay. Why did they stick it in here? The incidence of age-Related Macular Degeneration is lower with the use of leutin and zeaxanthin. You will find them in many products together. I always prefer the gel capsule because they break down in your stomach. A bottle of wine was purchased for a cheaper price. It's a great buy. If you need a higher dose, you can take 2 a day and it still beats the price of several companies daily dose. It is not necessary to have anything over 12 to 14 Mg. If you're paying for 20 Mg a day, it might make you feel good, but your body doesn't need that much. You're wasting money. I would like to thank you for reading my review.

👤I ordered 200 softgels of Puritan's Pride Lutein. I opened the bottle and counted it. The 200 on the label was not the actual number. That's either a terrible quality control issue or Puritan's Pride is cheating everyone. That's really bad.

👤I was told by my optomologist to take Lutein. He did not recommend more than 10mg/day. Most stores seem to carry more than 20mg. The 6mg was only stocked intermittently and in smaller quantities. This seems to be a cost effective source.

👤Optimal eye health can be achieved with the use of leutin and zeaxanthin. I take this eye supplement every day and it makes my eye health better. I can see clearly even without my glasses on because of this product. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to see more clearly.

👤I bought these because my vision was getting blurry. I had to have surgery. I took these to strengthen my eyes after the surgery. I made a full recovery and my vision was completely false. The scarring from the surgery was minimal with the help of these. I buy these when I run out. Some people may want to adjust the amount to find the right amount.

👤I suffer from dry eye and flare in my 70s. Flare is when I come in from the sun and see a bright yellow flare in the center of my eye. I was told to take an expensive eye supplement. I didn't want to do that and it appeared to me that the primary ingredients were lutein and Vit A. I got those instead. I don't have to use eye drops as often because I haven't had a flare in a while. I take 2 of these 6mg a day.

👤My eye doctor told me that if you exceed 6mg per day, you will just pee out the extra. The 6mg is hard to find.


What is the best product for eye vitamins lutein and zeaxanthin 50 plus?

Eye vitamins lutein and zeaxanthin 50 plus products from Doctor's Best. In this article about eye vitamins lutein and zeaxanthin 50 plus you can see why people choose the product. Bluebonnet and Viteyes are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye vitamins lutein and zeaxanthin 50 plus.

What are the best brands for eye vitamins lutein and zeaxanthin 50 plus?

Doctor's Best, Bluebonnet and Viteyes are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye vitamins lutein and zeaxanthin 50 plus. Find the detail in this article. Ocuvite, Puritans Pride and Quantum are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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