Best Eye Wash for Dogs

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1. Miracle Care MiracleCorp Gimborn 90 Count

Miracle Care MiracleCorp Gimborn 90 Count

Their sterile eye wash pads are non-stinging and safe to use around the eye. The cat and dog eye wipes are made to remove eye debris. It's time to say goodbye to multiple steps and spilled eye wash solution. Their cotton pads are made to clean the area around your pet's eyes. Their pet eye wipes are easy to use. Their wipes are easy to use. Put excess liquid into eye by removing eye wash pad from container. The pad can be used to remove debris up to four times a day. Please tighten the lid after use to prevent it from drying out. All Miracle Care products are made in Dayton, Ohio. You can feel confident that your pets are receiving the very best with their own quality assurance team. It's easy to converse on. The go There are 90 eye wash pads in each package. Their wipes are very portable. Carry your purse or backpack with you on your next trip.

Brand: Miracle Care

👤I'm changing the review from a low rating to a high one. After what seemed to be a bad reaction from my dogs, I persisted and now accept the treatment because they want that little treat. I've researched all the miracle treatments that don't work, don't get to the cause and are robbing people. hygiene, hygiene is critical with tears and stains. Boric acid with chlorine in the veryDiluted form of this product is exactly what is needed to create a clean, dry, hostile environment for germs,bacteria and fungus. The combination of boric acid and clorine at a very mild, safe mix used at least twice a day adds so much more protection than just warm water that only wipes the eyes. The mild acids have some stain fading attributes. Will those stains disappear? Unless your dog's eye stains respond more quickly to the cleansing, you probably won't. The stains are not what we should be concerned about unless they are caused by a more serious condition. We don't like it because it's aesthetic. It's a big red flag that your dog's eyes are uncomfortable and needs daily cleaning. We don't see germs outside and indoors, so they can stick to your dog or cat's eyes. They feel it and are waiting for an infection to develop. This is very long. I hope I can share with you what the real necessity is for your dog's eye health and hygiene, and get off the obsession with the aesthetic stains. We love our dog more than we dislike the stains. We need to see what those stains mean for those eyes. There are other hygiene products that have a balance of boric acid and chloride that is safe for our dog's eyes. Acids cause problems with germs in and around eyes. The acids at the right combo and dilution are not harmful to a dog's eyes. Boric acid and chlorine lighten stains a bit over time, so the solution may lighten stains faster on some dogs than others. Boric acid has been used for many years for safe eye pain and disease because of it's antibacterial and antifungal properties. Creating a hostile environment around your dog's eyes is the critical focus, not the unattractiveness of the appearance, no matter how much we dislike it. The product is easy to use and use two and three times a day. Water doesn't work againstbacteria or fungus, and it dries more quickly than water, which is another factor around those eyes. To get the solution over the entire face of my dog, I use a pad to start wiping the corners of his eyes downward, flip it over and wipe the entire eye area out. God knows what we don't know about catches and sticks to our dogs' eyes, I took a big step to clean those eyes of dust. They are exposed to a lot more because of the nose to the ground, floor, and another dog's butt. There is a I highly recommend this route because it's really a myth that any of those pricey concoctions work, but are making a lot of money off of our dog's stains when we can easily treat them! There is a I have high regard for you and hope you can focus on the important indicators rather than the appearance. As long as my dog needs more than just a wipe with water, I will stick to this very effective hygiene tool. The water does not have the right amount of vinegar in it. Changing the ph of the dog's water will cause other problems down the road, even if they are desperate enough to drink it. Would you like to drink it instead of water? Good luck!

2. Honeywell Emergency Eyewash 32 000454 0000 Eyesaline

Honeywell Emergency Eyewash 32 000454 0000 Eyesaline

The directions are printed on the station in both English and Spanish. Eyewash refill have extended flow nozzles. Eyewash and Body flush refill bottles have a gripping surface. Eyewash bottles have instructions in both English and Spanish. It was made in the United States.

Brand: Honeywell Ademco

👤The product had a shelf life of almost three years. The price of sterile water is $7.60 a lot.

👤What do you think about a refill?

3. Akorn Artificial Irritated Veterinary Approved 59399 0162 35

Akorn Artificial Irritated Veterinary Approved 59399 0162 35

It's appropriate for at- home use. The dry, burning eyes of dogs and cats keep them moist. A lubricated eye is important for animals with existing eye conditions. There is white petrolatum, mineral oil, and lanolin in For Expedited Absorption. It's safe for daytime and overnight use to be used 1-2 times per day.

Brand: Akorn

👤My dog has no tear production. I have tried a lot of different things, including drops from the vet. He was willing to let me put this in his eyes without making a fight. It gives him instant relief and he feels better once it's in. I use it 3 times a day for him and I would recommend it to anyone with a dog that also has KCS! This has been a big change for us.

👤Incredible! I paid $60 for something similar at the vet. I have tried everything for my dog's chronic dry eye, but this is the most amazing product I have come across.

👤My cat had an eye problem. He had a bloody discharge with his eye. I wanted to see if this would work before I took him to the vet. I applied it twice a day and it cleared his eyes in 2 days. He had bloody watery eyes. All you have to do is wash your hands, apply a small amount to your finger, and then rub it on your cat's eyelid. I recommend this product because it's very easy to apply.

👤I bought it because I know vets use it. It came in a couple days, packed well, has two years left and works great.

👤I put a drop in her eye. It's an antibiotic and I need to give it a small amount near the inside corner of her eye to make it easier to close her eye. Her blinking helps her see.

👤When my dog's eye medication ran out, I purchased two tubes of this medication. He had a film on his eye that only contained the ingredients of Vaseline and mineral oil. I feel like an idiot. My dog is poor.

👤The little pugtato had eye surgery and has a dry eye. I was using a different brand, which was great, but didn't last as long as this brand, so I was having to apply multiple times a day. We do this once a night. She hates getting her eye medication, but she is excited for it. It must feel amazing to her. I am so happy! It is a salve, not a waterbased gel, so it helps keep her eyes safe. We love it!

👤My dog had a stinky face. It was terrible. I decided to try these after researching my options. I had no issues with my face. These have been amazing. I don't understand how these work, but they do. It has changed my life. My puppy hated having them put in, but soon got used to it. I think it makes him feel better once it is done. The tubes are small, but you can use a little to work with them. I was a bit surprised by the cost after initially seeing how small the tubes were, but I am not complaining. I have been able to enjoy and bond with my puppy because of this eye ointment. If you have a sensitive sense of smell, you know how important it is for some of us. If you believe it is coming from watery eyes, I would highly recommend trying this. It is the best!

4. Remover Remove Residue Buildup Around

Remover Remove Residue Buildup Around

It has been recently yet effective. Removes build-up by gently and painlessly lifting and removing built up from the sensitive areas around your pet's eyes, whiskers, muzzle, beard, paws and feet. Their quality handheld grooming tool is perfect for all breeds and fur types. Their combs are easy to clean. It prevents new coloration. The use of their comb will prevent the formation of new dark fur and stains in breeds with bright white or light colored coats. Their combs keep your pet's fur clean and healthy. The Tear Stain Remover Solution is sold separately. Alleviates Pete's problem. Tear stains are not good. Their combs are an efficient and safe way to clean hard to reach areas. Their combs are gentle enough to not hurt your pet when cleaning delicate areas that are prone to build up from excessive tears, watery eyes, saliva, drooling, and nose. The professional grade quality is very high. Their Tear Stain Remover combs are made with a thick plastic handle that is easy to grip and waterproof. Their combs are made of fine-toothed steel and will not rust. The comb is designed to be comfortable for your furry friend. The grooming tool can be wet or dry. They are a small business of dog lovers based out of Austin, Texas. Their combs are designed to bring harmony between people and their pets and they think you will like them. The quality of their products is something they stand behind. Let them know if you don't like their Tear Stain Removers.

Brand: Bodhi Dog

👤I have a long haired dog and I have to brush it at least once a day. I use the small face combs as much as my good Chris Christensen combs and brushes, and they are the only combs I use that are the same size. If the eye goop is wet, it combs out. If it's dry, I give my dog a small treat that's a little hard to work on while I hold the wipe under his eye to saturate it and warm it up. The comb goes through the hair under his eye and cleans it out. I don't know what I'd do without these, because he's almost done teething, but the drainage will improve soon. I used to have to pull out the little pieces the eye wipes didn't remove on their own with my fingers, and with a wiggling puppy I was always afraid of poking him in the eye. These are quicker to point at since his eye area is clean in 1-2 quick passes.

👤I have a yorkie and his eyes are gunked up and it's hard to keep them clean. These small combs allow me to get close to the eyes and get the build up quickly and he doesn't argue like when I use a wet cloth or my fingers. I was mad at myself for spending $10 on combs, but these are a great investment. Do they remove the stains? They keep the build up out and are not just combs.

👤I love that there are two. I use the smaller one for around his eyes. The larger one is ideal for his beard. It's easy to wipe cleans with a tissue or paper towel. I use to naturally remove tears stains from my dog's beard and saliva.

👤Three of the four Yorkies need more eye care than the one. Don't think you can run this through dry matted hair because it will hurt them. I use a warm wash cloth to keep the area wet. It really cleans the gunk. It's a time consuming job. The dogs will never agree to it on their own. They put up with it. I use hot water to clean the comb.

👤I am happy with this product. I use it to remove eye mucus from my shih tzu puppy. He is our first shih tzu and I noticed the mucus at the corners of his eyes. I found these on Amazon. I use them more to prevent the tear stains than to remove them. I won't worry about him being injured because the tips are blunt. They get the job done and brush the boogers out. He was getting used to the quick procedure after a few tries.

👤I needed to clean my dog's eyes because he gets nasty eye boogies. You need a fine tooth comb to get food stuck in his mouth. It works well and can also be used as a flea comb. I used a damp cloth to clean my dog's face, but he still tolerates it.

5. Vetericyn Animal Antimicrobial Hydrogel Wound

Vetericyn Animal Antimicrobial Hydrogel Wound

All animals have hydrogel. Help jump-start the healing process for wounds. The gel protects the wound site after treatment. All animals are approved for use. The solution is pain-free. After treatment, apply the thick gel to the affected areas. Slowly, the excess residue will evaporate. It can be used on animals from young to old, and is formulated so it won't burn or sting. RECOMMENDED BY VETERINARIANS. If your animal care provider recommends something, you can save yourself the trip to the vet. Care for your animals where they are happy and comfortable, from your home to the farm or ranch. Health care products that are innovative and reliable. The most safe, effective and innovative animal health and wellbeing products are what Vetericyn is committed to developing. Each one is produced with scientific research and a standard of excellence. There are standards. You can trust. All products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in the USA. The family-owned company has been in Rialto, CA since 2009.

Brand: Vetericyn

👤My cat had a cyst on her neck. We went to the vet, but there was no change. A cone was not recommended because of the location of the wound. I have tried many different dressings and she was always able to scratch it open after it healed. I bought a cone, but it didn't help. It was the size of a quarter and still not healing. I was worried about another useless vet visit. I read about this product on a forum and thought it was cheaper than the vet. I bought some vet specific coban wrap and a spray and cleaner. I covered the cone with a piece of coban amd and put it over. The wound was the size of a quarter open wound and healed today. I am very excited. My cat is happy. I will be leaving the cone on for a few days so that I can take it off. I hope she doesn't open it again but it looks amazing. Thank you so much for the product.

👤This product is very good. I wrote a review after using my second bottle for a couple months on my cat. I used it to clear up my cat's blackhead problem. I have tried alcohol, soap water, green tea, and pads for cats before using this product. None of them worked. It was getting worse and looked like it was swollen and black. Chairman peed on the floor a couple times and he was trying to scratch his chin so it was probably itchy. I was so desperate to take him to the vet that I saw a post about a bottle of Vetericyn Wound & Skin Care Hydrogel that was kept around the house. I asked if she used it for blackhead and she said it should work. I got a bottle. The scent was the first thing I noticed. Cats are more sensitive to smells than I am. When I compared it to everything else I tried, Chairman was not resistant to it. My kitten licked the bottle every time I put it on Chairman. I started by spraying on my finger tip, rub it on Chairman, and wipe it off with a paper tower and repeat as many times as possible until it clears up. The first time I used it, I saw a bunch of black spots coming off his chin on the paper towel and it was a light yellow color. I have found that warm Chairman's chin with a hot towel will open his chin. I apply the spray. He would turn his head around after a few uses because he knew it was good for him. I could clean different areas. He is ok with me spraying on his chin. I give him a treat right after I put the spray on him, so he has a positive association with it. I saw a huge improvement on his chin after just a few weeks and it was almost completely healed on the other side. If I kept cleaning his chin twice a day, it would have cleared up quicker. If time allows, please do that. Chairman's chin is almost completely cleared up after 2 months of consistent use of the spay. It will go away, just take time to get rid of the last little bit. I cleaned his ceramic bowl every day and I switched his can food and dry food to have a lower fat percentage. I decided to write a review about this product because I didn't see many reviews about it. I have never thought blackhead would be so hard to get rid of, but hopefully this will give you some tips on how to deal with it. Thank you for the product.

6. Burts Bees Dogs Multipurpose Grooming

Burts Bees Dogs Multipurpose Grooming

If you want to remove dirt and odors from your dog's coat after a long walk, you can use the dog wipes from Burt's Bees. Dog grooming wipes are made with the highest quality ingredients and are a natural cleanser that is rich in vitamins and minerals. If you want to avoid eyes, wipe your dog or puppy from the back of the ears to the tail. These wipes are great for paw and spot cleaning. The wipes are pH balanced for all dogs and puppies. Veterinarian recommended formula is free of harsh chemicals.

Brand: Burt's Bees

👤I bought this product for my dog. I wiped his face off and within 30 minutes he was throwing up. He had a swelling face after he settled down. My dog had an allergic reaction to this product. His eyes grew bigger, his lips grew bigger, and he had big blisters on his neck and body. I took him to the ER vet because he needed steroids. If you have a sensitive breed dog, don't buy this product. It makes dogs smell bad.

👤I used one on my Yorkie. I had cleaned her with it. She began to vomit a few minutes later. She's never done this before or since and I think it was the wipe that made her sick. She settled down after throwing up many times. I would have gone to the vet if it had gone on much longer.

👤I have a 7 month old German Shepherd puppy with sensitive skin and a grass pollen allergy, she is prone to getting redness and irritation around her delicate areas, like the groin and between the toes, when she is outside. I use a wipe to clean her feet after she walks, and it always helps with itching and removing dirt. They work well to clean out ears. They have a light, sweet honey scent that doesn't linger or make her smell like wet dog, and they don't leave a scent. I would recommend these to anyone who is looking for a quick paw wipe after a walk. Who knew that the bees of Burt's are good for our furry friends?

👤We use them for quick wipes on paws after being outside. He's a house dog and his hygiene is important. I have used these to wipe down his ears, he's a French bulldog and they get dirty fast. These are correct. They are thick and sturdy, so they can do a quick wipe down for the four-legged children. A quick facial rejuvenation around the ears. Absolutely recommend.

👤My dog likes to roll in other dogs' poop. My stepdaughter used this on my dog when we were visiting recently and it really worked. She trains rescue dogs and keeps wipes on hand so you don't have to be upset when your dog smells like poop. If you haven't already done this several times in a day, you could give your dog another bath. The wipes are small in size if you own a German Shepherd or larger dog, but they work. I don't have to give my dog repeat baths. I use 1-2 wipes to remove the odor from her head and shoulder blades. I am not sure how many wipes my stepdaughter uses per dog.

👤These wipes are a floor saver because my Golden retriever isn't always careful where he steps. These are clean, but they are too small for our pups. When there are only 50 in a package, I find myself using up to four or five for one paw. These don't have any smells of perfume or chemicals. I would buy them in a heartbeat if they were offered in a larger size, but I will try another brand and hope for better results.

7. Miracle Care Clear Sterile Count

Miracle Care Clear Sterile Count

It is easy to apply. Less waste when applying. Eye Clear Formula is exclusive. Eye drop formula is also available.

Brand: Miracle Care

👤I have had dogs for over 30 years and have tried many eye wipes. These are great. They do a great job and don't have to worry about getting in the eyes. My 3 dogs like getting their eyes wiped and it doesn't bother them. I have read that they are hard to get apart. They are thin and do the job. If you want to separate them, just grip each side and pull them apart. In a product like this, sterilization isn't important. Don't put therm back in the container. I pull them apart and keep them clean because I am a retired nurse. I have 4 new products and one that I am using. I don't want to run out. Great product.

👤The 2 pack was wet when it arrived. One of the plastic containers had a metallic seal that was partially open and some wipes that were missing. The other plastic container was locked. There was a container that had been opened. Who opened it? I was hoping the item would help my dog. I threw out the jar. Amazon should investigate who did the damage and where it happened. Scary! I'm not asking for a refund, but this is very concerning.

👤I bought more for my dog. The wipes are so large that they are very useful. This product is perfect for my baby dog. Highly recommended!

👤Does not work. Not even a little bit! Throw these in the trash. Don't waste your money. A soft toothbrush and a paper towel are better for baby.

👤It was disgusting. It looked like the containers were open with mold.

👤I don't want my money back. The package had a weird smell after it was burned. Will not put these on my dog.

👤I'm not sure how good this is. My dog has allergies and I have an eye problem in the morning. It's easier and sanitary to use a wash rag.

8. Top Performance ProEye Cleansing Pads

Top Performance ProEye Cleansing Pads

Pre-moistened pads make it easy to touch up the eyes, ears, and teeth. The formula removes dried mucus, discharge, and tear stains, reducing the risk of eye irritation and itching. No rinsing is required. Also available in ProDental and ProEar.

Brand: Top Performance

👤I only read reviews and not all of the questions. These are made in China. I don't use anything from China for people or pets. Money was lost but lesson learned.

👤These wipes are barly large enough to wrap around a single finger. I have a small dog. The wipe is too small for him. I don't recommend. It might be useful if the wipe was 1inch wider. I won't buy this item again. The money was wasted.

👤These puppies are the only way I can get my dogs to sit still for a daily cleaning. That's huge for someone who wants the best for their furry children. I've tried a lot of different things. They had to fight to get them to sit still. They like the minty feel of these. All I have to do is pull out one of the thin discs, hold it taught on my index finger, and wipe over their teeth. The wipes have a brown spot on them that shows the gunk that came off their teeth. I'm left with dogs who have better breath, all of my fingers, and my sanity. Professional teeth cleanings aren't needed as often now that we're using these, because you should always work with your personal vet in regards to your pets' needs. These are worth a lot in my book.

👤I use them differently than they are. I buy these because they are thin. I rinse the pads and then use them with eye envy solution. The Eye Envy solution is pretty expensive because of the absorbent pads. The slight texture of these allows me to use less solution to moisten the pad. I haven't been able to find any dry pads like these that are thin and textured like these, so 7 bucks is still fairly expensive for 100 plain pads.

👤Really not impressed and disappointed. I thought this would be helpful as it claims to be a wipe to wipe, but also to prevent eye discharge, sooth and help irritation, as my cat gets crusty around his eyes. I think a wet washcloth is more helpful. I think his eye boogers are worse now. I used the wipe after he had a giant thing crusted over. He was crusting up again 12 hours later.

👤I didn't think dog teeth wipes would work. I was wrong. The dogs don't like having their teeth wiped, but it's not horrible. It started helping very quickly. I like that it isn't every day. The little one doesn't fight it too much if I stay calm, because the first time I was getting frustrated, the little one didn't fight it.

👤I know where it was made. I tried other brands but my dog wouldn't touch it. She won't let me brush her teeth, but will let me wipe and rub her teeth with this. They are perfect for a small dog of 20 pounds or less. It helps with canned food dog breath. I give her a drop of mint oil.

9. Myk Zoid Discharge Micofiber Washable Reusable

Myk Zoid Discharge Micofiber Washable Reusable

It is easy to use bamboo cotton microfiber to soothe your pet and remove eye boogers. Performance can be multi-purpose. These multi-application wipes effectively clean around the eye, ear, and face. Premium quality. They can wash each pad up to 1000 times. There are over 16,000 sessions with a single 16 pack kit. All natural. Zero waste. The solution for a pet grooming routine is green. The bamboo fiber is of the highest quality. There is proactive control. Their pads absorb gunk more than disposable wipes. Less chances for inflammation, infections, and irritation will be a result of this.

Brand: Myk-zoid

👤The packaging is easy to open and close. The design is completely eco-friendly. The pads are the perfect size for any dog. The pad fits easily in your hand and will give your dog a soft wipe and help clean their face. I have a giant Mastiff that loves getting his face wiped. The product is easy to wash and dry. I love these!

👤These are small round pads that are advertised for use in cleaning delicate areas. You can either wet them or apply something to their skin. I found it easy to use a wash rag. Since they are so small, washing them in a garment bag and doing what you can to not lose them is one more thing to have to keep up with. I rate them 3 stars. The pads seem well made, a bit thick, and soft, but they are impractical to use in a busy household. I would recommend saving your money and using a rag. If your dog has a condition where you have to have everything sterile before you apply, I would only recommend these. These can be kept separate from other laundry in that scenario. A rag is easy to manage.

👤Our two dogs don't like to be used on unless they have been washed. It means we need to replace these every other day and wash them once a week. The wash bag is nice and works well. We have reverted to using disposable wipes most of the time because all of this is a bother. We try to use the wipes as much as we can despite our dog's preference for disposable wipes.

👤I like to wash my dog's eyes, but he doesn't like the cotton round pads, so this is great! They are easy to use and come in a nice bag. You can use them in the wash. I have read that bamboo fiber is soft and gentle, so it's a plus. The pads have not fallen apart despite being washed. I recommend these pads.

👤My dog has a problem with eye goop. The cleaning pads are a plus. They help keep my dog's eyes clean. Add your preferred cleaning solution and wipe them. They have a mesh bag that you can use to throw the wipes into the laundry. It is great to have a sustainable alternative to disposable wipes.

👤This product works well for a new puppy parent who wants to keep their eyes clean and clear while being eco-conscious. The instructions are very clear about what to do and not do, which is important when you have not done this before. They clean quickly and stay in high use. It's a good idea for new owners and those that have dealt with this before.

👤Does it work? Yes. Is it necessary? No. I have used these for a few days now and they are easier to use than a paper towel. It comes with alot and a bag for them to be washed in, but unless your pet needs to have its own rag, it does work great. I would suggest just using a paper towel or cloth to wash.

10. Medi First Eyewash Rinse Protection Supplies

Medi First Eyewash Rinse Protection Supplies

It can be used to give eye drops to pets. Compares to Dacriose or Collyrium. A bottle for easy use. A bottle for easy use.

Brand: Medique

👤This eyewash has no chemicals in it and is safe for babies, kids, cats and dogs. Pets can be harmed by chemical eye washes. We use this for tired eyes. We will definitely continue to buy it.

👤Every person with sensitive eyes or lashes in their eyes is the solution. The solution is soft on the eyes and comfortable to use. I use it during allergy season so that I don't itch at my eyes.

👤My dog needs his eye cleaned daily. It works well to get rid of the gunk that shows up in the morning.

👤I have always used lip balm and eye drops. I've gone through all the ones I could afford, but only took a chance on one or two that I really couldn't afford. I was looking for more than just a couple of drops in my eye and needed more than that. Living in the high plains, you can see small rocks in your eyes. Is it messy? It's a good flush. The bottle has a nozzle and it takes a couple of times to get the hang of it, but I do not mind a little washing through my eyes and having to put it out. It is an eye wash. I love eyewash. You will notice how much better your eyes look when you take a couple of drops.

👤There are many eye wash types. This is the only one I have found that completely washes out the debris that can come off the lid. A gel can be used at night time. Very happy.

👤I would say it works pretty good. You get a lot for the price too. It clears up cloudiness in the eye from things getting in there.

👤It is easy to use in an emergency. A stream of sterilized water can be twist off. It's a must for any emergency med kit. I bought enough for the emergency medical kit, the car, and the bathroom. I wish I had this back when my granddaughter got sand in her eyes. I'll have it when the children at the sand box do again. How often does it happen? Cheap insurance for something that is precious.

👤It works well. It is comfortable in use on eye. Most substances are clear from your eyes. The cats think my eyes are their second home.

11. Angels Eyes AENSC120PLBF Counts Chews

Angels Eyes AENSC120PLBF Counts Chews

For all dog and cat breeds, there is an anti-tear stain formula without antibiotics. It is easy to use chopsticks. Your pet's eyes are free of stains. Both dogs and cats can be shed. A great beef flaVOR has no wheat, corn, soy, or artificial food coloring. The product is made in the USA.

Brand: Angel's Eyes

👤The Maltese is 9 months old. Since we got her, she had dark circles around her eyes. Her dark circles are gone after she finished one jar of Angel Eyes. Full disclosure. I was told by a local breeder not to use fabric softener sheets when washing her bedding and only give her distilled water to drink. I cover her beds with large cotton bath towels and add a fabric softener to the rinse water when washing her towels. I ordered the Angel Eyes Plus to keep her eyes white.

👤You should see a marked improvement over a period of 3-6 months if you use this per label directions. I have been using this product for a long time and it has been credited by my sister for the disappearing act of tear stains. I have used this product for over a year and will never be without it. My dog likes the taste and it's a big plus.

👤Absolutely does not work. The powder is better for something. It doesn't do anything for the staining, but it does help with the fouls odor that comes from the eye discharge. I recommend Henry's schein tear stain remover and Tropiclean Spa tear stain remover for staining. I use both and she has white eyes. I've bought every product known to man. I have finally found something that works for us. Angel eyes... The new product is not up to par.

👤I wasn't sure if this product would work on the tear stains. A friend suggested this product to me. The reviews stated that the product no longer worked after the low dose antibiotic was removed. I didn't want him on a daily antibiotic. My Maltese is 16 months old. I have to say that the tear staining problem has greatly improved since he started on these chews. I offer you other tips to try, including washing undereye zone with SpaLavish, spot treating with hydrogen peroxide on a Q tip, and only on stained fur. I hope this continues to work. For now I am grateful to find something that makes my cute little fluff look cute instead of looking like he has been in a fight.

👤These actually work. I've tried the powder, but had issues with consistency. I didn't think these treats would have the same power. However, they do! I'm very happy. It's much easier to give a pet a dose of them.

👤My dog did not like the chicken flavor that I bought. I wrapped it in cheese. I will try the beef flavor when the jar is gone. Her tear stains are gone. There are still some stains in her mouth. I hope those will be clipped off as her fur grows. There is a big improvement. I would recommend the product and buy it again. It was recommended by my vet, which is a big plus.

👤My daughter bought this for my Morkie because she had bad drainage from her eyes. I started giving her one a day. She liked the taste so she would wait for me to give it to her. I went through half the jar and didn't notice a difference, but I was a little disappointed. It got better all of a sudden. There is no discharge when I am on my second jar. She looks like a different dog without those black lines. Awesome product!


What is the best product for eye wash for dogs?

Eye wash for dogs products from Miracle Care. In this article about eye wash for dogs you can see why people choose the product. Honeywell Ademco and Akorn are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye wash for dogs.

What are the best brands for eye wash for dogs?

Miracle Care, Honeywell Ademco and Akorn are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye wash for dogs. Find the detail in this article. Bodhi Dog, Vetericyn and Burt's Bees are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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