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1. Transparent Glass Eye Wash Cup

Transparent Glass Eye Wash Cup

The eye wash cup is leak-proof and has a hygienic design. Rounded Smooth Edges and Rims fit around the eye sockets. Proper cupping around eyes is provided by the Eye rinse kit. 10ml of water or prescribed liquid. It is easy to clean eyes from loose lashes, allergens and debris while keeping eyes cool and healthy. The set comes with a self-standing mount to keep eye cleansing liquid pure and untouched.

Brand: Soulgenie

👤It's not designed to fit a Caucasian eye. If you want to use it, fill it with water, mold it, and pour it over your face. The eye wash cup is Eco-friendly.

👤When cutting firewood for the fire pit outside my RV I don't like to use the googles so I get a lot of wood chips in my eyes, fill these little suckers up with some eye wash and get all the splinters out, the best thing is when company comes I

👤They crack if you stay away from the plastic ones. I've dropped them a few times and they're very sturdy. They seal around the eye very well. Highly recommended.

👤The eyewash cup is what I was looking for. The stem broke off the old one. I wanted the same thing. The size of the glass is very comfortable. It was affordable, but I didn't really want two. I was very happy to purchase this. My daughter will enjoy the spare.

👤The eyewash cups were the same as advertised. You could tell that someone cared because they were wrapped in cling wrap. They were not breaking. The glass is perfect.

👤Other cups have fit over my eyes. The cup is too small, so I have trouble blinking my eye.

👤I had a stye in my eye and it was very good for washing my eye out.

👤One can go in dishwasher each week if there are two cups.

2. Plastic Emergency Portable Laboratory Portable

Plastic Emergency Portable Laboratory Portable

Speakman Plumbing has quality, innovation and performance with every product. There is no eyewash solution in the bottles, so please refill it with a sterile isotonic buffered solution. The eyewash bottle can be used again. The eye wash kit is compliant with OSHA requirements for emergency eye washing. It is easy to age and break, but it has a long service time. The eye cup can help the user to aim at the eye, direct the outflow and clean the eye of foreign materials. The eye wash kit can be used for an emergency. The SQUEEZABLE BOTTLE is non-toxic and has a 500ml capacity. The eye wash bottle is hard to crack and can be squeezed to control the water outflow. If the eyewash bottle holder is installed on the wall, it will keep the bottles in place. It is easy to position the green color.

Brand: Cgoldenwall

👤When we ordered the eyewash station for our employees, it didn't have any eyewash, just bottles. I went back to Amazon and found bottles that work with the station we purchased. The bottles are kept sealed until opened. I think it was a great purchase, and it arrived in a timely manor.

👤I bought this to replace an eyewash station in my shop, but it's just a wall mount and bottles, no eyewash is included, sorry for the hassle on the instructions. I should have read the whole thing.

👤It was not immediately clear if this did not include the solution. It is a bottle and wall mount.

👤A great deal. The poster is missing. I contacted Amazon and they said I could get a refund and order a different one.

👤It was perfect for our needs. We don't need a full blown station with plumbing, just something for those very rare occasions.

👤It is easy to install and use.

👤Excellent product, great value for our school.

👤There was no eye fluid included. You are buying a plastic rack.

3. First Aid Only Weatherproof Plastic

First Aid Only Weatherproof Plastic

The travel first aid set contains a helpful first aid guide, as well as 2 pairs of gloves and a Bengay Non-Medicated Instant Cold Pack to help ease minor aches and pains. There are 57 essential first aid supplies, OSHA compliant and sufficient for treating 10 people for minor aches and injuries. The set includes bandages, bandages The plastic storage case has an easy to carry handle for transporting first aid supplies. Individual compartments make it easy to retrieve and keep supplies organized. First aid care for small offices, vehicles, home, and job sites is ideal.

Brand: First Aid Only

👤It's an $11 investment to start your own kit and not be able to use it in a serious emergency. The plastic insert makes the box look bigger than it is. Alcohol swabs, pads, and other 1 cent items are common. Silly plastic scissors barely work. The box was great, and has a convenient handle for home storage on a hook, which was great. I filled up the kit I bought 15 years ago from an older, better kit.

👤This is a lousy first aid kit, you will have to stuff it with other things to get any value out of it. There will be plenty of room for a full box of Band-Aids, Neosporin, tape, and other things if you remove the clear plastic fluff that holds the few pieces up. It is a decent box, don't get excited.

👤We decided to purchase a few first-aid kits for emergencies since my family has been spending so much time at home and getting to see a doctor can be a challenge. We didn't need to use it. It's not super-duty but it's sturdy. There are lots of basic supplies like pain killers and bandaids. There is a It is all together. It can be difficult to find supplies like this in my house. I would leave it in the plastic wrap until I needed it.

👤I have an awesome kit that I put together myself for my home, and I like to be prepared. I needed an easy kit for my car that wouldn't break the bank, and this kit seemed to fit the bill. I was pleasantly surprised by all the goodies it contained. You will not be disappointed.

👤The 1st aid kit was undamaged but the package was delivered in a state that looked like an elephant was sitting on it and someone had to tape it up. The case of the kit is bent over. I will throw it in my car because I can still open and close it.

👤You can change out the gloves if you prefer. The gloves were too small for my hands. The vet wrap should be added to the kit. The medical tape is too narrow for most applications. You can buy a full set of shears. The included scissors don't cut it. Great kit, but not that. You should learn how to use it.

👤This is useful. A guest was cut in the ocean by a large shell. I was able to get her into the boat. I used bottled water. Tripple Antibiotic cream was applied. We put some bandages on. The case fell into the ocean. I will attest that it is waterproof. One of our grandsons fell on the Lanai and received a scrap on both knees. She cut her elbow. We had everything we needed to fix her. This has been useful. It's handy to have on hand.

👤This was ordered for our car. Everything you need for a minor cut or burn is here. The reason it didn't receive 5 stars was because it was too large to store under the car seat. I would have preferred to have it in the car, but I need to store it in my trunk.

4. Be Smart Get Prepared Standards

Be Smart Get Prepared Standards

There are 351 pieces of first aid supplies. First Aid kits in the USA are manufactured by the leading and trusted manufacturer. The guidelines for 100 people were exceeded. It's ideal for most businesses and perfect for family use. silvex Nano silver wound gel is new and exclusive. The original first aid kit has been in the making for over 20 years. Quick access is provided by the fully organized interior compartments. The center divider has a tray with shelves that swing out for easy access. The glow label will help you find your kit in the dark. Convenient access and easy refill can be achieved by swinging out the tray. A refill order form is included. The lid has a rubber gasket that is water resistant to protect supplies. The wall mountablebookcase is made of hard plastic. The easy-slide latches lock into place. The case is 13 X 12 X 4.

Brand: Be Smart Get Prepared

👤It was mostly good. 4.5 stars. Large text labels on compartments would speed up the recognition of where everything is when you are in an emergency. If you open it vigorously, some contents will spill. Solid product.

👤neo was thought to be a good antiseptic. I like the off-brand aspirin, but it was not good. There is a I'm replacing the butterfly Band-Aids with Band-Aid brand. The case glows in the dark.

👤It is very convenient. I keep my keys in my car. It's easy to get to what you need. I'm a mom of children and dogs and this has been good to have.

👤The case is functional and cheap. The starter kit's contents are ok.

👤I own one for my car and one for the house. It is easy to refill.

👤This is a great first aid kit to have around the house. I am happy that we picked it up.

👤Have not used it but have a lot of options for minor injuries.

👤It's a good start. It's great for throwing in the 5th wheel for minor issues that come up on the road because the pieces are cheaper than name brand stuff.

5. Be Smart Get Prepared 20HBC01015REV4

Be Smart Get Prepared 20HBC01015REV4

First Aid kits are manufactured by the #1 manufacturer in the USA. There are over 300 pieces of first aid treatment products. The guidelines for 100 people are OSHA andANSI. The FDA has regulatory standards for medical devices. It's ideal for most businesses and perfect for family use. Quick access is provided by the fully organized interior compartments. The high density plastic case is impact resistant. There are two layers of first aid for large and small.

Brand: Be Smart Get Prepared

👤The tweezers are not going to be able to help in first aid. It is flimsy and light plastic. The first aid info can be found in a pamphlet or poster. It is going to be hard to navigate in times of need and may rip when in a hurry to find the info you are looking for, but that should be fixed by adding my own items for substitute. I keep the kit because it is very durable and I can open it with one hand, the twist out shelves are a big plus. My kids will be able to use/ find what they need in case of an emergency if they have lots of compartments to organize and add more supplies.

👤Live this kit! It is easy to see what you need. Not like other kits that are thrown in a box. It opens like a book. See the pic. I received it for daycare. I might need to add a few things, but not much.

👤When this item arrived, I was very happy. It wasn't cracked like most reviewers said. I was happy to see that it wasn't cracked. It had all the essentials of a regular first aid kit. I would buy more for my parents and my car. These are useful for me being a nurse. I will be buying more. When you run out, it has a form for more supplies.

👤The kit is wonderful. My children and I recently moved to a remote village in Alaska, and purchasing first aid supplies separately from the local store would be expensive. I bought this particular kit because it has items to treat burns and sting in addition to other problems. The set-up inside the kit keeps everything neatly organized, and it came with a handy ordering sheet so we'll be able to refill the supplies as needed.

👤Product was damaged when it arrived. The back of the box was damaged. This was a quality issue because nothing was wrong with the packaging. The back of the box is made of plastic that doesn't match the front, but the lid and clasps seem very sturdy. It cracks from being under pressure or handling. I keep trying to select the return option where the cost is deposited back to my Amazon balance but it keeps changing to me. I don't want a new one. The box is worthless. Amazon, please!

👤This would be a good product if the case holding the kit together was not broken. The box wasn't crushed during shipping, so the item wasn't damaged. They just shipped a broken item. I received a refund from Amazon. This kit keeps things organized. I will add a tube of neosporin to the kit after I add metal tweezers. I think it's important to have a first aid kit that is organized. It should not be in the back.

👤The product was exactly what it was described. It is easy to hang and full of supplies. I would like it to have more study inside so that the product doesn't fall out when opened. I really like it and haven't needed to use it yet.

6. Eye Wash Bath Cup Rinse

Eye Wash Bath Cup Rinse

The eye wash cup should be filled with water or an eye wash solution. There are multiple colors available. John Bull Style is 2 1/2 in height. Made in the USA and marked with R.

Brand: Rosso Glass

👤The eye cup is very nice. It is a great way to wash the eyes out if something gets into them. The eye cup is a good fit. I am happy I picked this one. Came very soon after ordering.

👤The product arrived well packaged. It arrived safe and sound, with no breaks or chips. It glows under the UV light.

👤Well done, it was a perfect shape. Really like it! It's perfect.

7. Transparent Wash Effective Cleansing Shaped

Transparent Wash Effective Cleansing Shaped

The set of 2 EyeWash cups is leak-proof. Crystal clear transparency; 100% safe for eyes; all smooth edges. The cups hold 10ml of water or prescribed liquid and are strong. It is easy to clean eyes from heat, loose lashes and debris with high grade plastic. Comes with a stand to keep liquid pure and untouched.

Brand: Soulgenie

👤I bought this set to fit my eyes well. They are reasonably priced and come with a case, and they helped me out of a jam, so I've been moving them with me all the time. I bought them because of allergies. I wear gas-permeable contact lens and by the end of the day they were getting sick from allergies. I recommend these eye wash cups for rinsing my eyes even if I have contacts in place. It's good for lashes caught or irritations. There is a On vacation, these came in handy for a minor emergency. I thought I lost my contacts when one got lodged in the back of my eye. Thanks to the case, I packed these for the trip. I soaked my eye with water in my hotel room and it removed the contact. I was so happy. These were lifesavers in that moment. I'm ordering a second set to keep at the office. Drug stores don't carry eye wash cups anymore, and they're not even in a first aid kit. I believe they are a must have if you ever need to use first aid or have medicine cabinets in your home.

👤I had an eyelash in my eye for three weeks. I flushed it multiple times thinking I had gotten it out, only to have the irritation return. I bought this cup and eye wash from Amazon. I was able to get that eyelash out after a single flush. You can move the eyeball around in multiple directions if the cup surrounds the eye. That is what caused the eyelash to fall out.

👤A friend told me about them. I have very bad allergies, and I have trouble with my eyes. These have helped a lot. Whenever I have itchy eyes, I use them with purified water eyewash. I get relief very quickly. They fit perfectly over your eye. They have a case to keep them in.

👤I bought this to help me wake up. I will do it. I was working under my truck when something fell into my eyes. If felt big and I folded my eye lid it didn't help. It hurt to open my eyes. With my eyes closed, I retrieved the wash cup, filled it with water, and washed the debri out Firts attempt. I was glad I had it.

👤I wanted glass, but the sellers didn't say what materials the eye wash glass was made from. They weren't glass. I am not happy about them being plastic. I can get them from anywhere.

👤I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived. I expected flimsy plastic but these are great. The plastic case is very smooth and lightweight and the lid is closed so it doesn't pop off. I'm 5'4" and 150 lbs, female, so they fit well over my eyes. Due to allergies, I have to wash my eyes out several times a day, and these allow me to use water from the sink. It's much more healthy. In case of emergencies, the medicine cabinet is great.

8. Arm Hammer Simply Saline Remove

Arm Hammer Simply Saline Remove

It doesn't burn or stinging. Drug-free. It helps promote healing. There are two sizes available.

Brand: Arm & Hammer

👤It has the convenience factor going for it, and was used for wound care. It seems to be effective and has adequate stream pressure. I was not expecting the can to be empty so quickly. I was only getting a few uses per can. I thought about how much it would cost me to clean each time, and how much it would cost me to use the solution. I tried to use it conservatively, but it didn't help my wound. I will not purchase it again because of economics and will look for another option.

👤I bought 8 cans to share with my family and friends. I use the Arm and Hammer Simply Saline WoundWash on myself, my husband, and the young children who visit our home. The kids are always cooperative when there is a need to cleanse a wound. My husband's thin skin is easily broken when bumped. The steam from the saline can be used to clean the area without damaging his skin. Everyone should use Arm and Hammer Simply Saline WoundWash for their first aid kit and medicine cabinet.

👤They do a good job of keeping my piercings clean.

👤This product is sold in bulk. I have been using it for three months to change the dressing on my husband's skin transplant. The price is right for us.

👤The upside effect is needed for hard to reach areas. Sometimes I get containers with a broken spray nozzle which I can't use. It is a waste of money. The product is expensive.

👤I have multiple piercings that are still in the early stages of healing. Since I go through a can of H2 Ocean in a few weeks, I tried this as a cheaper alternative. The water from this can comes out in a stream and I have to use the entire can to clean both ears. I think the H2 Ocean is 50 times cheaper than it is. It was very bad...

👤I was happy to find this on Amazon. It was necessary for washing my pup's incision, and I was able to do it much easier than my vet recommended. How long does he think a puppy can lay down?

👤I am a nurse and have been helping my boyfriend's grandmother with a pressure ulcer. The home care company gave a wound cleanser. The dead tissue is gently loosened by the nozzle.

9. GMS Optical Glass Eye Wash

GMS Optical Glass Eye Wash

They've all experienced dry, irritated eyes. The GMS Glass Eyewash Cup is a safe and reliable cup to use for removing dirt, debris, or any irritants from the eyes. The cup can be cleaned easily. Put the cup in the boiling water for 10 minutes and you will get a sterile eye bath. The cup is designed to fit most people. It has a smooth, curved lip to fit around the eye sockets and a base handle to hold the cup in place. It's a great way to clean and refresh tired eyes. The EyeWash Cup can be used to refresh your eyes. The GMS optical glass eye wash cup can be used to wash your eyes. Product dimensions are listed. Cup width is 1.32" and cup length is 1.85".

Brand: Gms Optical

👤The eye cup is made of glass and it fits in the eye sockets. The glass is important to me because I can boil it for ten minutes to sterilize it. There were some mold marks on the sides that were a little rough. I held it under the faucet and sanded the rough marks with an emery board as I was rinsing it. It took 15 seconds, so I am not downgrading it. I got an eye infection from rubbing my eye with a dirty hand. My tear ducts were swollen and the eye had some discharge, but it wasn't red. I boiled the solution for fifteen minutes and cooled it. Within 24 hours, the eye infection was cleared up by the saline bath. I put the stem between my third and ring fingers to fit the cup into my eye sockets, press the cup to fit comfortably around my eye, and then raise my head. I bend over to empty the eye cup and clean it. I keep a clean tea towel at the ready in case of a leak. The eye cup fits in my eye sockets and leaves plenty of room for my eyes. During allergy season, when my eyes get gummy, and in the winter, when my eyes get too dry, this cup will help me. I am glad I got this cup.

👤We had a glass eye wash cup in the medicine chest when I was a little girl. It was something you knew you should never be without. It needed to be of good quality and smooth as it would be going around a sensitive area. The quality of this GMS optical glass eye wash cup is what I wanted. Thank you.

👤The cup I bought 40 years ago is less wide than this one. The cup is designed for either a small child eye or an Asian eye that is very slanted. The picture I attached shows the difference between the two cups.

👤This thing leaks as others have reported. It's quite annoying that the plastic ones don't leak. I think the leaking has more to do with the wide rim than with the aspect ratio. The cheapo plastic ones are about 1/6" wide.

👤I've used glass eyecups for a long time. I wanted a backup glass cup because my grandmother passed it on to me. This one is nice but not perfect. It's a little short in the handle. The top area is thick and wide so it has to fit someone with large eye sockets. I used an eye wash after I cleaned my house and the first cup I tried leaked down my face and onto my shirt. I had to press on my eye a little harder on my second try because it was not comfortable. I'll be buying a better designed glass eyecups and using the one I have for something else.

👤My mother used to have a glass eye cup. The plastic ones have a small bottle of saline for $6.00 a box. They were plastic and flimsy. The glass eye cup is very comfortable to hold and doesn't leak. If it is dropped, you have to clean it to avoid being contaminated. Each person should have their own.

10. First Aid Only Responder Emergency

First Aid Only Responder Emergency

There are two sizes available. There are 158 essential first aid supplies, OSHA compliant and sufficient for treating people for minor injuries. The set includes bandages, bandages A duffel bag with a handle and shoulder strap is convenient for transporting first aid supplies in an emergency. The kit has a pocket, divider, and pouch, as well as a business card holder. First aid care for manufacturing facilities, job sites, sports teams, and public venues is ideal.

Brand: First Aid Only

👤If I were going to make any improvements to this product, I would use a zip up instead of a clip, and purchase a couple of chest seal and quick clot bandages, which I added to my kit.

👤Very disappointed. There are so many boxes of bandages and bandaids that you have to repeat them. It's a very large container, but it's hard to find stuff because there are few compartments where you can see what's in it. Pricey and not usable. Highly disappointed. I will double the price to outfit it to be used, but it won't be very effective as everything gets buried. It was so disappointing. I think I'll use this to store my medical stuff. It will take up half a cabinet and annoy me. I wouldn't recommend it. Imagine using this thing in an emergency if you look at the photos carefully. You would dump it on the ground and then paw through whatever you can see to get what you need. I would give it a single star, but it does have some basics. A lot of the same things, but not all of them. I don't recommend this in any way.

👤Most critical items in the first aid kit are what one would need for a small medical emergency. There is more room in this bag to add items that are necessary to complete the medical kit. For example, additional cleaning swabs for minor cuts, finger splints, and other injuries. I am very satisfied with the variety of contents and the carrying bag.

👤I researched first aid kits to find one for my car. I thought I'd have to build my own kit because I couldn't find one that had everything I needed. There is a kit for small injuries and large emergencies. My husband is an EMT and uses this kit when he is not working. I bought it thinking it would be a great thing to have for my children who are prone to accidents, but my husband took it because he liked it so much. We have used it for small things, like when my husband splashed gas into his eyes. We haven't used it for a big emergency, but it gives us great comfort knowing that we are prepared. I recommend this for every day parents who might need it. The kit needs some "extras" to be complete. I added a stethoscope, a pen light, and lots of plastic gloves. The kit has a few empty pockets. The kit is small and doesn't take up much space in my car or wherever you plan to store it. It's a great buy and worth the money.

👤The eye wash was used to wash wounds. The sterile pad was used to cover the gravel. Half of this kit was used in a traffic accident where a suburban rolled over full of kids and adults. I was very happy to have this kit. If you carry your kit in your truck all year long, your eye wash will freeze up in the winter. Put your own size of gloves in the pocket. We have used the kit on our road trips and at camps. I'm a retired instructor and love this kit. You might want a better set of shears.

11. First Aid Only Piece All Purpose

First Aid Only Piece All Purpose

The First Aid Only 312 Piece First Aid Kit is designed to be used at home, in the office or on the go. There are 312 pieces of essential first aid supplies in this item. Clear pockets in the fabric pouch make it easy to locate the first aid supplies. The kit is the perfect size for a backpack, vehicle compartment or desk drawer. First Aid Only 312 is a First Aid Kit that will help you in the event of an emergency at home, in the office or on the go.

Brand: First Aid Only

👤There are a lot of the same things in this. Alcohol wipes and bandaids were in mine. It's a mess. In an emergency, you should be able to find things quickly. The American Red Cross recommends that a family of four have a kit that includes: 2 absorbent compress dressings (5 x 9 inches), 25 adhesive bandages (assorted sizes), 1 adhesive cloth tape (10 yards x 1 inch), 5 antibiotic packets, and an antiseptic wipe. Add to kit my own suggestions for sterile gloves. Pre-cut strips of standard tape are used to reduce pain and swelling. If you need to use an Asthma inhaler, you can use Injectable Epistein and Antihistamine. If you're tested for drugs at work, you have medical documentation. If it's legal in your state, you can use medical marijuana. In some states, it is legal if you don't use marijuana and you don't use cannabidiol. An Indica strain with 25%Cannabidiol can help with pain without being addicted to pain killers. Joint protection tubule should not be a problem.

👤The kit is well thought out and has a lot of different items in it. The pieces are a little deceptive. 50 of the 196 Band-Aids are the tiny "Junior" Band-Aids. If you have small kids, those Junior Band-Aids can be useful. Giving them something that makes them feel better is not necessarily for using as Band-Aids. Even though it's superficial at best, a small Badge of Honor and a trophy to show that they've been wounded. Ibuprofen and Tylenol are listed at 6 each, but are actually just 3 packages of 2 each. Some of the medication can last a little more than a year. I don't think that's a big deal because Common belief is that over the counter medication doesn't get dangerous with age. I wish the kit had more items and less Band-Aids. The kit only has one trauma pad, one 4x4 sterile gauze, one burn gel, and one set of gloves. If I'm in a situation where I need a 4x4 gauze, only one will do anything for me. I could always put Band-Aids on it and hope it holds. I think I got my money's worth for the price I paid, because it was on sale. It's a good place to start building a kit. It will need to be fortified in order to be an excellent kit.

👤I feel good! If you count a package of two pills as 2 items, and a package of two gauze pads as 2 items, then I think this First Aid Kit contains more than it was supposed to. That is ridiculous. A sealed package of two pills or a sealed, sterile package of two pads would be counted as 2 items. If only one pill is used, the other becomes useless since the package has been opened. There is no doubt that the first aid kit's description is deceptive.

👤They must be hoping nobody will check to see if everything they list will be in your case, because they didn't get everything listed. So disappointing. There are open spots in the pictures where I didn't receive some items. I didn't get enough pills. No thermometer...


What is the best product for eye wash kit fsa?

Eye wash kit fsa products from Soulgenie. In this article about eye wash kit fsa you can see why people choose the product. Cgoldenwall and First Aid Only are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye wash kit fsa.

What are the best brands for eye wash kit fsa?

Soulgenie, Cgoldenwall and First Aid Only are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye wash kit fsa. Find the detail in this article. Be Smart Get Prepared, Rosso Glass and Soulgenie are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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