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1. Medi First 21526 Saline Bottle 32 Ounce

Medi First 21526 Saline Bottle 32 Ounce

A bottle for easy use. Compares to Dacriose or Collyrium. A bottle for easy use. A bottle for easy use.

Brand: Medique

👤I use this in my English bulldog's eyes to wash out goobers and refresh dry eye in the morning. My vet prescribed it as part of her dry eye care protocol. I bought the large bottle because it was a better value than the smaller bottle my vet was selling. I was expecting the same bottle with the same tip. There is no way to apply the solution directly into the eye because the bottle has a hole at the top. I have been struggling to find a good technique to use. I was disappointed in the bottle design, but the price was good and I would pay more for the convenience of easy application.

👤Our vet gave us a small bottle of this to use in cleaning our cat's face that is being treated for eye cancer. We apply the drops and use a cotton ball to wipe his fur and keep his face clean. He doesn't mind that it is great.

👤I was told about this by my eye doctor. I use an empty eye-wash container and a cup to rinse my eyes because the big bottles are impossible to use. It works well.

👤Does what it should and can't beat the price.

👤The expire date is almost two years away.

👤I like this for the amount. It's price. I use dry eye when I need an eye wash.

👤We were happy to find the best price because we use a lot. There were no problems.

2. Plastic Emergency Portable Laboratory Portable

Plastic Emergency Portable Laboratory Portable

Speakman Plumbing has quality, innovation and performance with every product. There is no eyewash solution in the bottles, so please refill it with a sterile isotonic buffered solution. The eyewash bottle can be used again. The eye wash kit is compliant with OSHA requirements for emergency eye washing. It is easy to age and break, but it has a long service time. The eye cup can help the user to aim at the eye, direct the outflow and clean the eye of foreign materials. The eye wash kit can be used for an emergency. The SQUEEZABLE BOTTLE is non-toxic and has a 500ml capacity. The eye wash bottle is hard to crack and can be squeezed to control the water outflow. If the eyewash bottle holder is installed on the wall, it will keep the bottles in place. It is easy to position the green color.

Brand: Cgoldenwall

👤When we ordered the eyewash station for our employees, it didn't have any eyewash, just bottles. I went back to Amazon and found bottles that work with the station we purchased. The bottles are kept sealed until opened. I think it was a great purchase, and it arrived in a timely manor.

👤I bought this to replace an eyewash station in my shop, but it's just a wall mount and bottles, no eyewash is included, sorry for the hassle on the instructions. I should have read the whole thing.

👤It was not immediately clear if this did not include the solution. It is a bottle and wall mount.

👤A great deal. The poster is missing. I contacted Amazon and they said I could get a refund and order a different one.

👤It was perfect for our needs. We don't need a full blown station with plumbing, just something for those very rare occasions.

👤It is easy to install and use.

👤Excellent product, great value for our school.

👤There was no eye fluid included. You are buying a plastic rack.

3. Speakman SE 582 Traditional Wall Mounted Emergency

Speakman SE 582 Traditional Wall Mounted Emergency

The material of STAINLESS STEEL has a smooth surface and good acid and alkali resistance. The eye wash station can be installed outdoors or indoors. The emergency eye wash kit has dual aerated spray heads which allow eye washing for the full recommended 15 minutes. The eye washer station has a stay open ball valve that allows hands-free operation once the push-handle has been activated. Dust covers protect the spray heads. There is a safety kit. The eye wash safety solution should be wall mounted. The eye wash station is easier to locate in an emergency because of the yellow bowl. AFFORDABLE COMPLIANCE: The eye washing station allows users with the lowest safety budgets to wash their eyes. Speakman Plumbing has quality, innovation and performance with every product. Speakman Plumbing has quality, innovation and performance with every product.

Brand: Speakman

👤We didn't know what type of eye wash station to put in. We looked at free standing with bottles of solution. We decided to go with a plumbed in station after realizing the required maintenance. This is a heavy duty station. The bowl is solid and won't break like some plastic stations. We have high water pressure so we added a regulator. It's there in case of an emergency, but hopefully we won't have to use it.

👤I think this is a good eye wash. Some are better than others. This is tested regularly and is in line with company standards. We have had no issues with this unit for a long time.

👤The item is well made and reasonably priced. The description of the product does not mention that a thermal control valve is required from the manufacturer to ensure that the water coming through the unit is appropriate for flushing one's eyes. My plumbing professional asked where the valve was. The valve costs more than $1,000. Why would you consider selling an item like this if you don't have the necessary information to make it operational and function? I didn't find out until after the allowable date after delivery. It's time to learn how to post on Ebay.

👤Nice unit. Glad we got it. We need it for many reasons.

4. Fend All Bottle Sperian Concentrate Station

Fend All Bottle Sperian Concentrate Station

There are OSHA eyewash stations. It was made in the United States.

Brand: Sperian Welding Protection

👤The small bottle of eyesaline 70oz concentrate bottle is recommended by sperian as a refill for the 16gallons of porta stream II. It was bought 2. Only one bottle can make 700 ounces. The porta stream is large. If this is theRECOMMENDED REFILL, I did not do the math. One of the bottles had a hole in it and half empty.

5. Fendall Emergency Station Refill Cartridge

Fendall Emergency Station Refill Cartridge

Simple maintenance: easy. Simple 6-month maintenance for traditional plumbed units is what Cartridges offer. The foliage is long-lasting. The Fendall Flood Eye Wash Station has refill Cartridges that last up to 24 months. SAline eye wash vs. The 1-Gallon refill is better for tap water than it is for eye wash. There are quick changes. The eye wash station refill cartridges are easy to change without measuring or mixing. The stripper is named Tamer-RESISTANT. The opening is sealed to prevent tampering. Four 1 gal refill cartridges are needed for each case. Four 1 gal refill cartridges are needed for each case.

Brand: Honeywell Safety Products

6. Skywin Eye Wash Kit Attachment

Skywin Eye Wash Kit Attachment

Get product out of eyes. If contact occurs, rinse it off with warm water. If symptoms persist, seek immediate medical advice. They will give you a new replacement or solution if you have a problem. I'm followingEMEDALASHES. If you keep your Faucet, you can adapt it into a First Aid Eyewash Station that can be turned on/off in 2 Seconds and provide a continuous flow of water during an emergency. Adding emergency eyewash capabilities that can be activated in moments with the flip of a lever will keep the normal function of your sink. Replacing your Faucets Removable Aerator with the Faucet Mounted Station requires screws onto the existing faucet. 3 of the most common fitting adapters were included, as well as 2 inspection tags and a "Emergency EyeWash Station Keep Area Clear" sign. Eye nozzles can be used for water flow. When necessary, you can easily located and activated to provide first aid and clean the air with clean water. It's compatible with most Faucets. Existing Faucet must have a replaceable Aerator or inside/ outside threads. The standard faucet and sink are not included. It's compatible with most Faucets. Existing Faucet must have a replaceable Aerator or inside/ outside threads. The standard faucet and sink are not included.

Brand: Skywin

👤The auxiliary eyewash station I bought was an older unit. Installation was easy and I was pleased with the work.

👤This was purchased for the shop.

👤The product is nice. I'll buy this one if I need another one.

👤It was easy to install and perfect for what I needed.

👤The product is well designed and can be fitted to the faucet. Well packaged as well.

👤Simple and easy to use. Comes with many different aerators.

👤It was easy to use and install.

👤It's perfect for my shop.

👤It was easy to install. Also comes with a sticker on the wall.

7. HWL32001050 Sperian Safty Eyewash Cartridge

HWL32001050 Sperian Safty Eyewash Cartridge

It was made in the United States. The Eyewash Station 1000 is compatible with the Products For You 15 minute Pure Flow Eyewash Station. 3.5 gallons of preserved, buffered, pH-balanced, saline solution is contained in each Pure Flow Cartridge. Installation takes less than 5 minutes. The life of Cartridge is 24 months. Factory-sealed saline solution has been Purified, contaminant-free, and physiologically correct. A limited warranty from the manufacturer. A soft "ribbon" of a 100% preserved, buffered, pH-balanced saline solution superior to tap water is delivered by a unique nozzle design. The change takes less than 5 minutes.

Brand: North Eye & Face Protection

8. Bradley Replacement Inspection Emergency Station

Bradley Replacement Inspection Emergency Station

It was made in the United States. Bradley Corporation is a manufacturer. It was made in the United States.

Brand: Bradley

9. Honeywell Sterile Station Trilingual Bottles

Honeywell Sterile Station Trilingual Bottles

Instructions in English, Spanish and French are provided on each bottle. Immediate flush until the injured person can be helped to a primary emergency eyewash device. Double 32 Oz. A wall station. The directions are printed on the station in both English and Spanish.

Brand: Honeywell

👤The bottles are held in place with elastic cords on the base of the item. The molded base depicted the bottles snapping in place. The elastic cords on the base allow the bottles to fall off over time. It is a great product, but we need a newer base. I am returning it because I want the unit with the "snap" in base.

👤I have ordered this before with 2 black elastic bands that broke down within a year or two. The bottles almost appear to snap into the slots shown in the photo. I didn't receive what I received. I received the kind I had ordered before. It's probably not a huge deal but still annoying.

👤Don't buy this item! The cheaper version of this that has small straps holding the bottles onto the wall mounted holder is what you will get, not the wrong picture by Amazon.

👤In case of injury, we use this on the job site.

👤The bungee cord on the wall holder breaks and bottles end up on the floor. The image is not something that you see. I am.

👤I need exactly what I need and depend on daily for the connection.

👤It's perfect for our office. It is easy to install and use.

👤The producto is bueno pero la base is not sostiene por el peso.

👤La botellas lleg.

10. Honeywell Emergency Eyewash 32 000454 0000 Eyesaline

Honeywell Emergency Eyewash 32 000454 0000 Eyesaline

The directions are printed on the station in both English and Spanish. Eyewash refill have extended flow nozzles. Eyewash and Body flush refill bottles have a gripping surface. Eyewash bottles have instructions in both English and Spanish. It was made in the United States.

Brand: Honeywell Ademco

👤The product had a shelf life of almost three years. The price of sterile water is $7.60 a lot.

👤What do you think about a refill?

11. Honeywell Fendall Eyewash Station Capacity

Honeywell Fendall Eyewash Station Capacity

The NMC Sign Muscle coating protects the text against fading, scratches, and scuffing. The UV-cured, clear coating creates a strong bond. A self-contained eyewash station can be mounted on a wall, stand, or mobile cart. 15 minutes of flushing at 0.4 gallons per minute is what it takes to meet the standard. Factory sealed, Purified, pH-balanced saline flush solution is provided to eliminate measuring and mixing. After the door is pulled open, hands are free to hold the eyes. Waste fluid is captured to simplify disposal.

Brand: Honeywell Safety Products

👤I researched eye wash stations for a while and settled on this one even though I have some reservations about it. If you have to move, this unit can be moved. You just need to change the location of the wall hook and hang it again. It's nice that the unit has a built-in bucket to capture the water when it's activated, and a spigot to drain it when it's needed. Most other stations expect you to either endure a wet floor or to attach a hose to lead to a drain nearby. The sealed saline containers are a big selling point. It's much easier to stay in compliance with these because they have a visible expiration date on the handle. Changing out the containers takes a bit of time. Once you get the hang of it, it's a 10 minute affair. You save a lot of labor by not having to replace the buffer solution every 3-6 months when you use the saline solution. Since the expiration date is plain to see, you don't need a log book to capture when the containers are changed out. The cost is a common issue with 'OSHA-compliance' devices, books, and other things. This station is no different than the other ones in that it is sold at wild markups. The initial outlay will be over $500 because you have to buy the saline separately. The final sale price for the plastic enclosure and two bags is likely to be less than a tenth of that. The units are priced to compete with the cost of fixed-installations.

👤The system that has a tank with water is not as good as this one. The water in those systems can be easily contaminated. That is not the case with this system. The Pure Flow 1000 refill is worth it because it ensures that the system will work when you need it.

👤These products were purchased to replace eyewash stations that required frequent mixing and changing of solution. I have replaced 15 units and found them easy to install. I haven't had to use one yet.

👤We like this eye station more than others. It was shipped and arrived here in a few days at a very good price.

👤Wait until you have to change the cartridges to use it as an eyewash station. If you don't have the release tab, you are in for a treat. It is nearly impossible to remove the nozzles when you replace the cartridge. I pulled the white nozzle support base out of the station after emptying the solution. The video says to pull up the nozzle where the tubing connects to the nozzle and pull out, but I ended up tearing the nozzle up after I did the replacement procedure. I would look at other eye wash stations that would make it easier to replace a cartridge.


What is the best product for eye wash station refill?

Eye wash station refill products from Medique. In this article about eye wash station refill you can see why people choose the product. Cgoldenwall and Speakman are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye wash station refill.

What are the best brands for eye wash station refill?

Medique, Cgoldenwall and Speakman are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye wash station refill. Find the detail in this article. Sperian Welding Protection, Honeywell Safety Products and Skywin are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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