Best Eye Wipes for Dogs Eye Discharge

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1. Earth Rated USDA Certified Hypoallergenic Deodorizing

Earth Rated USDA Certified Hypoallergenic Deodorizing

There are 100 plant-based plants. Earth rated wipes measure 8x8 and are USDA Certified 99% biobased. You can wash your dog's face, paw, foot, and tushie without leaving a mess. Compostable to reduce the carbon pawprint. Everything you want in a dog wipe is natural shea butter, aloe, and chamomile, which keep fur soft and luxurious. For the most sensitive puppies. They're mild enough for daily use without alcohol and sulfates. These wipes are ultra-durable and can stand up to sharp puppy nails. Customers love using their wipes for stressed out foster dogs and post- surgery when regular baths are not an option. Do you love taking your furry friend on the go? It's easy to travel with portable packaging that keeps your wipes dry. The hard plastic snap closure makes it easy to pull out one wipe at a time, then sealed for maximum freshness. Why is the earth rated? They are a Canadian company with top-notch customer service. All of their products are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They work closely with animal shelters and rescues to give as many bags as they can.

Brand: Earth Rated

👤Don't buy. The wipes contain a chemical used in plane de-icer and antifreeze. These wipes are all-natural, safe and free of Parabens. They didn't mention that it is toxic. They don't post the ingredients list on the site. Don't buy! Pets may lick chemicals from their paws, so cleaning their paws is not something you want to do.

👤I refuse to give a dog a bath until it's had some time to digest and trust us, and I always have wipes on hand as we foster. I recommend them to adoptive parents because the dogs aren't supposed to be bathed for 10 days after being neutered. They are used to refresh our resident dogs between baths because they hate baths. These wipes are the best we've used. A new foster who had been at the shelter for 90 days smelled terrible when we brought him home. Her scent dissipated after one wipe down. Her smell is almost completely gone after a second wipe. I encourage you to choose the UNSCENTED version of the wipes. lavender may smell good to you, but remember that your dog smells lavender more strongly than you and it's not pleasant for them.

👤It might be a bit much to say that I am obsessed with dog wipes. They are that good. I have tried many dog wipes but none compare to these. The wipes are extra damp and stay that way even after opening. They smell great, have a thick feel, and are very easy to get upset with. I use these wipes to get rid of allergies in my dog, who has sensitive skin. Game changing. Try them out and you will be happy.

👤The wipes are made with great ingredients and they are very hydrating. I wipe my dogs paws with wipes and they look moister after. The cloth is soft and thick, but it had a slight smell that may have been the aloe when first opened. There were two drawbacks that I found. The package is flimsy and does not reseal properly. The wipes get rolled up and come out in bunches rather than one at a time because it does not stay flat and shaped. The size of the wipe is the other thing. They are too small. They should be bigger so you can bathe your dog with them. I would like the company to fix these two issues because I really like them and would like to continue using them.

👤I really like the way this product is made. It doesn't deter my dogs from being cleaned. It is important that they are cleaned before they come in and are allowed on the furniture because they pick up all kinds of stuff on their paws and I love to have them cuddle with me. This product is good on their faces and snouts.

👤I've tried many different brands and these stand out. The packaging was something that stood out to me. This has a hard top plastic type of closure that snaps in place. I've used other brands with sticker closures and they don't work as well as they could and the wipes dried out after many uses. You know your wipes won't dry out with this hard plastic snap closure. I like how they fold their wipes. The smaller package makes it better for storing. This bag is small and tight and it fits better in small places because of that. The small packaging with the hardtop closure makes it easy to put in my purse or bag when I want to take them hiking or to the beach with me. The ribbed texture of the cloth makes the wipes better because they have a chance to grab more dirt and germs from your dog. I use these on my dogs even when it's not raining because I am always amazed at the amount of dirt I get off of them. I don't want my dogs to sleep with the outside that they bring in. I like that they offer both types of scent. I use the scented ones on my cav-a-poo and the unscented ones on my pom-a-poo who has sensitive skin. These wipes are great for me and my husband because he has a tendency to have reactions to things, but he had no reaction to them. People who want to keep their house dust, dirt, and germ-free can use these. All of us have to let our dogs outside. We don't have to let the outside in with our dogs. Check out for a more in-depth review of these wipes.

2. Eye Envy Applicator Pads 30

Eye Envy Applicator Pads 30

Pairs with Ear Stevens solution. Eye Envy Gentle Action Applicator Pads are used for Tear Stain Solution for Dogs and Cats. When you switch from one eye to the other, gently remove the debris from each eye and turn over the application pad. There is a benevolent proverb. The Eye Envy Applicator Pads have a waffle-like pattern that helps clean the area. The product can penetrate deeper and improve the effectiveness of the Tear Stain Solution. It's a scent for eyes. Traditional cotton rounds can irritate the eyes and cause more tears, so Eye Envy Applicator Pads have no loose "fuzz" like traditional cotton rounds. The Eye Envy Solution sits on the surface of the pad and is not absorbed by it. The solution lasts longer. The jar can be used with refill pads. Natural and safe. Eye Envy products are applied to the skin. Eye Envy does not contain any of the following: steroids, bleach, or antibiotics. Pets are safe for all ages. Human grade ingredients have been used since 2001.

Brand: Eye Envy

👤It is working on a project. She has terrible eye staining. This is the best product I have tried and it is working. My dog doesn't mind that I do it. This is done every morning before anything else. She is looking forward to the routine. The powder is not worth the effort. I was wondering if a gel type product would protect the hair under the eyes from getting wet. I would have taken a picture before and after. The difference is amazing. I don't know if the pads are worth the money.

👤The jar contains dry wipes, which is different from the cleaning substance I expected. I used a cotton ball and optical saline solution, which worked well to minimize my dog's tearing.

👤The pads make applying the Eye Envy solution easy. I use several products on my dog. I changed his things. This is the only thing helping.

👤Why would you sell something like that? Wouldn't you have a solution in a plastic jar? It was a joke and a waste of money. I wouldn't buy cotton pads again.

👤They are similar to Stridex Pads but more expensive.

👤I like Eye Envy's products in general. They are valuable and efficient. The pads are hard not soft and the number of pads is not equal, which is something I didn't like about this product.

👤It is easy to use and comes with great instructions.

👤It works to get the dry tear stains on my cats. I am a customer for life.

3. Premium Eyelid Wipes Tree Coconut

Premium Eyelid Wipes Tree Coconut

The official distributor/manUFACTURER of EyeLID WIPES is cleansing eye bones. It's packed with powerful essential oils like Coconut Oil and Tea Tree Oil which can soothe your itchy eyelid and not cause a burning sensation. Being made in the USA means you know you are getting the best eyelid wipes for people there are. It's a popular remedy for people who have dry, irritated eyes. Useful as blepharitis eye wipes to soothe the redness of the eyes. Makeup REMOVER eye wipes are a great option for removing makeup, can be carried with you anywhere in your purse, and are easy to use, without any pain or irritation. An important part of a facial beauty routine is eye cleaning, taking care of all the debris, oils, and dirt that has been building up around your eyes. It's also effective as eye wipes.

Brand: Visual Advantage

👤It works the same if you don't say blephadex. No brand name but the same price. Update 1/19-19. I have both of these and have been comparing them and they look the same, except for the address. There is a difference. The brand packet has a lot of solutions that are easier to use. I would assume that there was more medication. The brand box feels better when used. I am wondering if the no names are long. They are the same price as the name brand and come from the same distributor. What is going on with that?

👤The eyelid wipes were reccommended by my eye doctor. I tried to treat this myself with baby wash and hot wet cloth, but it didn't work. It is important to use the wipes once a day. The twice a week may be enough if the condition is under control. She said that I had Demodex if that diagnosis wasn't enough. I like the word MITE BITES. She said that seniors were more vulnerable to this than younger people. Half of the population will have this condition without symtoms. She gave me a steroid cream to use. I'm very pleased with the product.

👤I was pretty sure that the reviews were written by people who didn't live in the US. I thought I'd give these a try because the ingredients were the same as the pricier product. I am so happy I did. They helped clear up his eye problems. I thought I'd try it on my eyes. I'm hooked on one single gesture. I decided to run the little pad over the skin between my eyebrows and nose because it was not all used up. What's to lose? Well, wow! The patches are almost gone with one cleansing. These wipes are part of my daily routine. My eyes, which have been itching for a long time, can feel good after just a couple of days. Here's hoping it lasts.

👤These and Cliradex wipes are what I have. The Cliradex have less superfluous stuff in them, but they are expensive. If I'm having a problem, I use the Cliradex.

👤I liked the wipes. I had no problem using these. My skin felt fresh after they removed my eye make-up. While using wipes, don't let them fall apart. There are pictures to show the size. I recommend this product to everyone.

👤The mites are going to laugh at the fact that there is no Hypochlorous Acid in the product. The wipes helped with the itching and dryness. I have a product with Hypochlorous Acid that I feel like the mites are going to leave. If you have actual demodex going on, make sure you have Hypochlorous Acid in it.

👤I have dry eye. I was asked to try these by my doctor. The information doesn't say anything about these being helpful for dry eye, but they are amazing. I use 1/2 cloth when I get a flare up or when my eye feels like it has a filmy build up. I was worried that they would have a burning feeling because of the tea tree, but they are simply refreshing.

4. Petkin Pet Wipes Oatmeal Convenient

Petkin Pet Wipes Oatmeal Convenient

Extra large Petkins pet wipes are made to gently clean and soothe itchy, dry skin. Clean face, ears, body, and eye area. 200 dog wipes. These oatmeal dog wipes are gentle enough to use every day around your pet's eyes, ears, face and body and won't remove spot flea treatments. Puppy wipes and cat wipes are perfect. The 7 x 11 inch Petkin paw wipes are enriched with a soothing organic oat extract, vitamins E and aloe, and have been granted vetanion. The ingredients help soothe dry skin. There is lightly scented oatmeal. Petkin wipes are perfect for travel or home. When it's too cold for a bath or a muddy walk, use as a quick touch up. Older pets are difficult to bathe. Keep your pet's coat shiny and soft. Remove the seal and it is easy to use. Pull the wipe out. The lid must be closed tightly. Rub the entire pet clean. No rinsing is required. The dog wipes are safe to use daily.

Brand: Petkin

👤These wipes are really good. They are large enough to be used in between grooming appointments. I have a small dog that I can use to clean and refresh all of her without shredding into pieces. You are getting value for your money because there are 100 wipes in each package. They helped my dogs with their itching. I just wipe her down, making sure to get down to her skin, especially when I see her rubbing against furniture, licking her paws or rubbing her face on the carpet. They have oatmeal in them. Oatmeal baths were always my mom's go to when I had chicken pox or Poison Ivy. The scent is pleasant and not overpowering. They are strong enough to take care of her, but soft enough to be used around her eyes. I recommend Big n' Thick Oatmeal Petwipes to anyone who is tired of having to use several wipes to get the job done, instead of using just one Big and Thick. There is a pet wipe. I will be ordering them from now on.

👤I love these wipes. They do a great job. The smell is good. Every time we come in from our walks, I wipe his paws and under body with the wipes.

👤This is the first time I have purchased this product. I use the Oatmeal wipes on my dog if he needs to be refreshed. The scent is strong. It's not as thick or moist as other wipes.

👤I got these for my animals. I have already used them for both. I like oatmeal. They smell amazing! The ferret seems to like the scent and has taken well to them. The cat has a skiddish appearance. I don't think there's anything she doesn't like about these. It's how she is.

👤The wipes work very well if they don't dry out over time. A light, natural scent, not perfumey, hold up well to use on a semi long haired 45lb dog, and kept her smelling fresh and feeling clean to the touch for several days.

👤I started with Espree. The wipes I tried did not affect their skin or backside. These wipes were found by me. The reviews are good for the company. The oatmeal wipes clean their fur without leaving a strong smell and I also use them to clean their backside when needed. Don't take the headline "Big 'n Thick Extra Large" too seriously. These wipes are cheaper and better quality than any other wipes on the market.

👤These wipes are great. The reason I purchased them was because the summer allergy itch on my dogs has been very minimal since I started using them. The true test will be in August. I was surprised that they smell nice and clean the dogs. These wipes are good to use in between bath times because their coats were soft after using them. If you've been hesitant about them, I recommend giving them a try. I'm pretty sure you'll be happy. I gave 4 easy to use statistics because they weren't easy to get out of the package. It would be great if one of them came up ready to grab.

5. Vets Best Cleansing Deodorizes Disposable

Vets Best Cleansing Deodorizes Disposable

The vet's best ear relief finger wipes gently and effectively remove dirt and build-up. Regular use of their wipes will help to remove build-up and discharge that can cause odor. Their wipes are made with all-natural ingredients like Tea Tree Oil and Witch Hazel, which are free from Parabens. For regular use, wipes should be free of visible wax or build-up after use. Use 1-2 times a week to maintain clean ears. Simply rub the accessible portion of your dog's ears with their pre-moistened wipe and dispose after use.

Brand: Vet's Best

👤I like this brand for other products so I wanted to try their ear wipes. They don't fit on your finger. Unless you have small hands. My dog ran away when I couldn't get it on my finger. There is a They are not helpful in the cleaning process because they are dry. I gave it 2 because I've really liked other products from them and won't buy them again.

👤When my dog's ears bother her, she rubs her head on the couch, on the bed, and on pillows. I thought we should try them out. They are easy to use. Rub inside your dog's ear with one of your fingers. When we clean her ears with a soft and liquid-filled condom, she goes back to being a normal and happy dog. This is a good solution to our dog's earache. This was a good value for my money.

👤I wish I had known about them sooner. These are soft and gentle enough to be used multiple times a week. I have 2 puggles and they get dirty if not cleaned regularly. I used to wrap a damp cotton round around my finger to clean their ears, but these make it much simpler. The wipes fit perfectly over my finger. I will buy these for my boys. What a great invention!

👤My dog hates having his ears cleaned, but these are a game-changer. He doesn't mind that I clean his ear. If you have a dog that hates getting their ears cleaned, they are worth the purchase.

👤My 10-week old Basset hound has a huge problem with how to keep it clean. He has to keep his ear canal free of wax and debris every week. I recommend this product on all the basset hound group pages because I can use it to clean out his ears and make him happy. So easy!

👤My dogs don't like having their ears cleaned, but will wait for me to do it. I can feel the shape of their ears with these fit on my fingers. This also cleans well. This product is the best way to clean dogs ears, and it works. Highly recommended.

👤I trust Vets best for a lot of our pets care needs. All natural and at a reasonable price are great products.

👤I like to clean my ear wipes. I was not sure how I would like it. It works well and is easy to use.

👤I love ear wipes. They are easy to put on and stay put while I clean my dogs ears. My dog doesn't like his ears being cleaned, but he sits still and lets me do it with the wipes. He tends to have sensitive skin and has not had a reaction to the product. The container clicks shut so that the wipes don't dry out between uses. I will be buying more.

👤We clean my dog's ears with these finger pads when the weather is warm. I think she likes them because they are cool and moist.

6. KIVEMA Cleaner Remover Removes Discharge

KIVEMA Cleaner Remover Removes Discharge

The retractable It's easier to clean your pet without the mess of cotton balls and cotton buds. Non-irritating wipes can be used as doggy eye wipes or doggy ear wipes. Universal applications can be used for any pet breed. They're a great accessory for keeping your pet well-groomed. These wipes are approved by the vet. The wipes are easy to use and will save you time and money.

Brand: Kivema

7. Nutri Vet Rinse Liquid Dogs 4 Ounce

Nutri Vet Rinse Liquid Dogs 4 Ounce

It is formulated to create an inhospitable environment in the eyes for germs andbacteria. Borid Acid is used to fight eye infections caused by foreign particles and air pollution. Keep your eyes clear of stinging objects. tear stains can be removed with regular use. The capillary formULA is a remedy for the most sensitive eyes. It is safe and effective to keep dogs' eyes free of irritation and can help soothe effects from seasonal allergies such as smog and pollen.

Brand: Nutri-vet

👤When we adopted our Maltese, he had watery eyes. He couldn't open his eyes completely because of it. I had tried a lot of different products. I applied the eye rinse every day, even though I didn't see much progress. Slowly, but surely, his eyes were getting better. He had improved dramatically after four months of treatment. I still use this eye rinse to keep his eyes free of debris.

👤Do not use it.

👤I think doggy parents should try this. It burns. The opthamoligist recommended using human grade eye rinse. This isn't sanitary or sterile. The cap is not completely covered. The liquid moves through the cap. My dog has had thousands of eye drops in her life, and this is the only one that makes her flinch.

👤My Shiu dog has a bad drainage. I put drops in his eyes and then wipe them with a cotton round. It was difficult to get them clean before I used this. The crust is dissolved quicker by this. He doesn't like it but once it's in his eyes, he feels better and I should wipe his eyes off. Excellent, highly recommend. Good price too.

👤My dog went blind about a month after I used him. They were stumped as to why she would go blind so fast. Don't use it.

👤My dog had his eye closed for a couple of days. Taking him to the vet was going to be a lot of work and it was going to cost a lot. I bought this hoping it would work because I can't afford a vet. He had a normal eye after three days. It was a miracle, I felt so bad. I thought of giving him up since I couldn't afford to stop his suffering. My prayers were answered, I'm so happy with this product.

👤If you have a dog, it's not an overnight miracle treatment, but if you use it everyday, it will remove existing tear stains and prevent them.

👤I switched to a chicken based food for my dogs because I feed them a non-chicken based food. One of my dogs started getting really gross eyes almost immediately, I will not go into detail. I switched back to non-chicken food after 2 weeks of no chicken, but he still had the gross eyes, and by this point had eaten them for about 4 weeks. His eyes were not clear. To yellow goop. I used it twice in one day, once the next day and then again the next day, and his eyes were better the third time. No more goop. It knocked it out in 2 uses. I used it a few more times to be safe, but it has been 2 weeks without any drops or gross eyes. We will have a lifetime amount as the bottle is really big, but I used 8 drops total. I found the best way to put it in his eyes was to put a couple drops in his hand and then put the bottle in his eye. Hope this helps!

8. Petkin Jumbo Eyewipes 80 Count

Petkin Jumbo Eyewipes 80 Count

Extra moist jumbo wipes for pets make it easy to remove those stains. The formula gently removes dirt, discharge and tear stains from the eyes. There is a pack of 80 wipes. Keeping your pet's eyes clean and healthy can be difficult if you don't use Petkins Pet wipes. Puppy eye wipes are safe and natural. The easy to use eye cleansing wipes are Veterinarian approved and are moistened with a mixture of botanical extracts. Add dog eye wipes to your grooming kit. Petkin eye wipes will help keep your dog or cat looking their best with a refreshing solution to gently remove dirt and debris from your pet's sensitive areas. It is easy to use eye wipes for pets, just open the lid, pull out a wipe, and clean dirty spots off your pet without water or rinsing. Thesealable snap-lid canister is ideal for home and pet travel.

Brand: Petkin

👤The wipes should be on a show. The opening of the canister was an event. Between opening the lid and putting the wipes in the opening. I shredded a wipe out to try to use it, but my dog's eyes were clean by the time I got it. I pulled the wipes. They just kept coming. You can't just pull out one at a time. They shred. The cotton fibers were shredded because the wipe opening lid was very sharp. Poor design. The money was wasted.

👤I bought these wipes to clean the eyes of my Shiz tsu so that they wouldn't hurt the delicate skin around them. They are useless because they arrived almost dry. I have to wet them myself. I don't know if the product is so old that it dried up, or if it is like that to begin with. The plastic container is hard to open and I almost cut my finger trying to thread the first wipe through the cut openings. I don't think it's a good idea.

👤The regular petkin eyewipes are great. I thought the jumbo was the size of the container and number of wipes. The wipe is 7 x 5. They were cut in half for my dog. They do a good job of cleaning up after my dogs. The petkin eyewipes is a better size for small dogs than a jumbo pack. The smaller size wipes seem to be a little more absorbent.

👤I have been using this for two years to clean the daily tear stains from my dog's eyes. It doesn't seem to sting. The towels are moist so buy the Jumbo size. Some of the smaller towels were wet. I opened a second container and the towels were barely wet. I had to add water to the container as well. Maybe our orders were pulled from the same stock. I had to add water to it for the first time, which is not the same as having it saturated by the formula for removing tear stains. I took out one star from the rating.

👤The wipes are okay. There are two concerns I have. These things are way beyond "jumbo". You could wash the Great Danes face, but not use one up. They are difficult to get out of the container. These have to be wound off the outside of the roll instead of being pulled out of the center. This requires removing the lid, pulling the roll out of the bottle, winding a wipe off the roll, and putting it back inside. I'll come back when the manufacturer gets its act together.

👤The double doodle has a lot of discharge in the morning so we bought these to use on his eyes. They're easy to use and not rough.

👤The first container was great, but after that I had to add more humidity. If I wanted to use water, I would just use it and not spend money on wipes for my cat. They should be more saturated with the solution. They don't stay pulled through most of the time and are hard to pull out of the case. I like the size and have had good experiences with other Petkin products, but I won't be re-ordering this one.

9. KIVEMA Cleaner Remover Removes Discharge

KIVEMA Cleaner Remover Removes Discharge

The retractable It's easier to clean your pet without the mess of cotton balls and cotton buds. Non-irritating wipes can be used as doggy eye wipes or doggy ear wipes. Universal applications can be used for any pet breed. They're a great accessory for keeping your pet well-groomed. These wipes are approved by the vet. The wipes are easy to use and will save you time and money.

Brand: Kivema

👤They wanted a refund, but they were dry.

10. OptixCare Lube Plus Hyaluron Horses

OptixCare Lube Plus Hyaluron Horses

The doctor has over 30 years of experience and recommended the REFRESH family of products. It provides long lasting comfort to dry, itchy and irritated eyes. It supports long lasting protection and hydration.

Brand: Optixcare

👤I have a Pug. He has been on Optimmune for 3.5 years for dry eye. I felt as if he wasn't responding to the Optimmune, his eyeball was dull looking. I decided to try this out after some research because it is a small tube for a high price. His eyes look great! It seems like his vision is better now that they are glossy. I have been using it for over a week. I am happy with the switch. The price is great for the quantity. We are doing 3-4 applications a day.

👤The right eye was removed in August. I need this twice daily, according to my mom. She puts the drop in quickly and easily. My eye feels better. I'm doing well now.

👤I like this product. I have a dog with dry eyes. If you have a senior dog with the same condition, you know how expensive eye lubrication is. A fourth of this size is usually 45 dollars. I love my dog, but I have to spend a lot of money to get an iffy product. I'm very satisfied with the results of this product. I apply twice a day. This product restores the shine and glossy look to his eye, even though I still have to clean it every few days. He doesn't rub his eye as much. I think it works a little better than the vet gave me. The product has lasted for nearly two months and is less than 15 dollars. You don't need to keep it out of the cold. If you love your dog but the vet's stuff isn't working, try this.

👤My dog had the worst case of dry eye I have ever seen, she would get tons of green boogers on her eyes and it was hard to even open them. The vet put her in a hospital. I couldn't keep up with the 48 dollars for each tiny bottle of it. They wanted to put her on 75 dollars worth of medication that would only last a couple weeks. We have tried so many things, until I finally found this and thought it would be good to try, within the first application. I never thought that a bottle of this would be a solution to her struggle, but after a week, her eyes look so glossy and full of life. Thank you so much!

👤I use this product because it was recommended by my vet. The price through Amazon is better than at the vets, and my vet suggested I buy it from Amazon.

👤I like this product for my rabbit. This doesn't have the same look as a petroleum based product. I don't worry about him grooming it if I apply too much. It's been great for Titan because our veterinary opthamologist prescribes it.

👤It was a good product to protect my dog's eye. The tube made me give 4 stars instead of 5. It is squishy and hard to control the amount of gel coming out.

11. Cliradex Natural Eyelash Cleansing Towelettes

Cliradex Natural Eyelash Cleansing Towelettes

The Clinton Natural Eyelid Towelettes are vegan and made with natural ingredients. Their wipes are made from tea tree oil. MITICIDAL: The mites are associated with eye irritations. Proper eyelid margin hygiene is maintained with specially formulated facial wipes. Their formula is made from tea tree oil that is used to cleanse the face, eyes, and eyelashes. Cleaning grimy things: deep. After a makeup removal, wipe away the remaining debris. The tea tree oil is used to cleanse the skin. The main component of tea tree oil, 4-Terpineol, is made in the USA. It is not safe to use pure TTO directly on or around the lid margin of the eye.

Brand: Cliradex

👤I have been battling with blephritis for 2 years. I stayed home from work for a week in April because of a large marble size stye on my lid. The stye turned into a chazlaion and I was treated with antibiotics and eye drops. I bought ocusoft scrub lids and their foam lid scrub. I used those products daily but they didn't help. I couldn't wear eye makeup or contact lens. The lump stayed for about two months. I took a month of oral antibiotics and steroid drops after changing eye doctors. The stye/chalazion remained red even though it decreased in size. I had lasik eye surgery because I believed these were secondary to chronic contact use. I had a lump and redness of my lids after lasik. Last week in September. I was told by my doctor to get cleridex. I purchased it because I was desperate. I have no words. The redness and irritation of my eyes are almost completely gone in 4 nights. I opened one of the pads and cut it into 4 pieces because they are expensive. I kept the whip in a bag so I could read it later. The product is not very cool but it is not too bad. I keep my eyes closed for a few minutes and then open them. I only rub it along my lashes a couple of times because I don't want to scrub my eyes. I wish I knew about it sooner. I recommend to everyone who has had the same experience. I had dry eyes for two years. In the morning I would have to put eye drops in my eyes. I thought it was due to dehydration. Chronic contact use is also included. I didn't need to use eye drops anymore. I think my dry eye was caused by my pharbleitis. Sorry for the lengthy review.

👤I used these nightly for 40 days in a row. My eyes are doing great and I have cut down on the number of times I see them. White build up and dryness symptoms have not returned. This is the first time I have ever reviewed a product on a website and I will list all the products I have tried. I apologize, but I want to document everything I have tried in order to help others rule out something. I want to help other people like I helped myself with their reviews. I had bad dry eyes for a while. I woke up with dry eyes, then it got to the point where my eyes were getting very dry throughout the day. I had a bad panic attack because I thought I had a problem with my eyes and that there was no cure. People are looking for help on websites like "dry eye zone" and "help finder". Studying for school became difficult because I was only able to blink. I couldn't wear make up and contacts, which made me even more depressed. The first doctor that I went to said he didn't see any problems with my eyes and gave me a sample of Systane eye drops. These didn't help at all. I started taking Omega 3 supplements but didn't see any improvement. I was diagnosed with stapharph bleitis after going to a second doctor. He prescribed me antibiotics for a month and eye drops for two weeks. He recommended Ocusoft scrubs. There was some improvement, but not much. I went to a doctor who was a dry-eye specialist. He took pictures of my glands and didn't see any issues, and he didn't see any signs of blepharitis. He gave me two weeks of hot compress. I still needed drops to get through the day, but there was a little more improvement. I tried a lot of things, but none of them worked. I went to my second eye doctor to get help. I was referred to a 4th doctor by him. The doctor didn't know what was causing the blepharitis in my eye lashes. He prescribed me Avenova twice a day. I started using this on January 10th, but it took me 2 weeks to get used to it. I had put off buying Cliradex because of the price, but I started using them at night and didn't wash them off until the next day. They do burn, but I started using alcohol free witch hazel when I woke up to help with the skin irritation, because they did dry out the skin underneath my eye quite a bit. This is a routine that I have been doing for a long time. When I wake up, I use alcohol free witch hazel and Cliradex to wipe. I ordered two more boxes of Cliradex wipes because I've read that they should be used for at least 6 weeks or 60 days in the case of mites. I'm not sure if that's the cause of my blepharitis, but it seems likely to me at this point. I'm hoping that I won't have to use them for maintenance, but if I do, I'll have a solution. I'm very thankful for this. I don't use eye drops at all. My eyes are not dry. I don't think about my eyes or blinking, like another reviewer said. My heart goes out to those who have had to suffer for years and are still suffering, I get white "flurries" on the tip of my lashes. I attached the picture to make sure it could help someone. I wish everyone well.


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What are the best brands for eye wipes for dogs eye discharge?

Earth Rated, Eye Envy and Visual Advantage are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye wipes for dogs eye discharge. Find the detail in this article. Petkin, Vet's Best and Kivema are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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