Best Eye Wipes for Dogs Natural

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1. Fuz Bigaza Grooming Reusable Cleaning

Fuz Bigaza Grooming Reusable Cleaning

Dog eye cleaning wipes are great for cleaning tear stains and ear dirt, and are also great for cleaning dirty paws, noses, and tushie. Eye wash pads are important for your pets. Each eye cleaner cotton pad can be washed up to 1,000 times. The use of single-use products and the alternative to disposable wipes can be lessened with the help of these pet grooming wipes. Pet eye and ear wipes are soft and gentle. Pet eye wash cleaner for dogs and cats is soft and mild to your pet's skin and they won't feel uncomfortable when removing tear stains and ear wax. The multi-layer tear stain remover pads are portable. When you walk out with your pets, put pet eye cleaning wipes in your bag or pocket. Premium cotton pet tear stain pads are soft and absorbent, and can be used to clean your facial area. You can wash the eye cleaning pads with soap and warm water or put them in the washing machine after use.

Brand: Fuz Bigaza

👤The eye booger solution is simple for us. They are microfiber. I wet them, squeeze them out and use them on my pup. In the video you can see how big my model is. I like them a lot. The brand seems to be consistently good quality, and I have the human version of these for my makeup.

👤It is possible to get into your gods and get clean. It comes with a bag to wash them and not let them loose.

👤These little pads are very cute. They are very soft and easy to wash. I apply a bit of cleaner to the pad and wipe my dog's eyes away, as well as clean their faces and ears.

👤It is easy to use. This product is great for cleaning my dog's tears.

👤They don't clean well.

👤His eyes are cleaned very well.

2. Earthbath Natural Grooming Hypo Allergenic Fragrence

Earthbath Natural Grooming Hypo Allergenic Fragrence

Give your pet the ultimate coat with this All-Natural Pet Care Wipe that removes dander, discharge, and cling-ons from playing in the unknown. Mild cleanser, deodorize, and clean as the exotic Hawaiian Awapuhi conditions the coat and gives it a healthy shine. All animals over 6 weeks old are safe with their Hypo-Allergenic grooming wipes. What goes into their products is just as important as what doesn't. This product is animal cruelty free and contains no soap, synthetic dyes, sulfates, or phthalates, for a better bath every time. 100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product, they will give you a full refund. You have nothing to lose.

Brand: Earthbath

👤I used to buy these at my local pet store. These wipes were the best on the market and kept my dog clean. Two years ago they changed the product and now it is the worst product on the market. The wipes are much thinner now. This is a cost-savings product. I bought a pack to see if they improved the product, and it was still terrible. I would like to see them go back to the old wipes. I would rather pay a bit more for the old better product than pay the higher cost for the new one.

👤I received a refill package instead of a hard plastic container. If you open it and try to use it, you can't return it. The old packaging had a "Made in America" flag image. The last photo shows simple ingredients.

👤I don't write reviews. I did my research and the reviews for this one were good. The lid doesn't shut. They are so dry. The moist will fly off the firsy day or two with this kind of lid. Don't get them.

👤The box has a nice push button, but the wipes are on the side of the damp. My pit bull puppy has short hair and these wipes were challenged to wipe him off or even clean the dirt off. I can imagine a long-haired animal not being able to get a good clean because of the poor penetration of these dry-type wipes. I had to use several wipes to get the result I wanted. It's not cost effective if I have to use that many. The scent was very similar to cherry, without being too candy-like. The smell was light, but it did not remove the dogs smell from my puppy because of the effectiveness of the wipe's wetness factor. I will save the box for future homemade wipes if I add my own solution. I found that my previous task of using a microfiber cloth with a few drops of essential oil was more effective than these wipes. I was hoping that I could carry my puppy with me when we are away from home. My search continues.

👤What do you think about this product? There isn't enough water on them. I might use a kleenex. I had to squeeze out each one that I pulled out under the water and then put it in a container for the whole wipe to use. I smelled a brand new box and found the dates weren't expired. There is a box of precut squares that you need to add water to. A roll of paper towels can be purchased. Save money.

👤The plastic tub was not where I came from. It is easy to get the next one by opening the whole top, but it is not possible with what is in the package. I used to stick to the same product at the local pet store as you can see what you get and they are in a plastic tub.

3. Combo Pack Multipurpose Deodorizing Rosemary

Combo Pack Multipurpose Deodorizing Rosemary

America's number one pet grooming brand is called "Burt's Bees for Pets" and is used by millions of pet parents. If you want to remove dirt and odors from your dog's coat after a long walk, you can use the dog wipes from Burt's Bees. Dog grooming wipes are made with the highest quality ingredients and are a natural cleanser that is rich in vitamins and minerals. The wipes are pH balanced for all dogs and puppies. Veterinarian recommended formula is free of harsh chemicals.

Brand: Burt's Bees

👤The spray has a pleasant smell. It is not overwhelmingly scented because I am scent sensitive. Our dog doesn't mind the smell. The spray nozzle getting stuck after pushing down is the only criticism. Downgraded one star for this reason.

👤I can't tell what the smell is. I can barely smell it.

👤The spray is not strong but it does give my fur baby a nice smell after a bath.

👤It was barely any scent. The wipes are dry out very fast. Wouldn't buy again.

4. Biodegradable Grooming Deodorizing Hypoallergenic Fragrance

Biodegradable Grooming Deodorizing Hypoallergenic Fragrance

Top rated dogs are being worked on. Compostable, made from Pure Bamboo and all natural extracts. 60 Count - Pet grooming wipes are vegan and cruelty free. You can save up to 15% with subscribe and save. How they're different. They focus on quality. Their wipes are extra thick and soft. 2. They are. There is a small business in Royal Oak. 3. They give back by donating a portion of every purchase to animal welfare organizations and environmental non-profits. The wipes are great! It smells amazing and holds up. These wipes are the best. They are large, thick and smell great. Excellent product, I needed it for my Yorkie's eye area. I bought these wipes for my potbelly pig and they work great. Great scent, very effective and durable. Why do customers like dog? It's easy. Pet wipes made out of a thin material use low quality ingredients. Their bamboo wipes are Compostable and 100% Biodegradable, keeping the earth and oceans clean. They guarantee your satisfaction. Their wipes are good for you, your pet, and the planet. They're so confident you'll love their Pet Supplies with Purpose that they're giving you a risk free purchase. If you're not absolutely thrilled, just let them know and they'll give you a full refund. A portion of your purchase goes to animal rescues and no-kill shelters. Their mission is to provide a risk-free experience, and they have many happy customers to prove it.

Brand: Doggy Do Good

👤These wipes are great. The best dog wipes I've ever used. I have good things to say about them. Period. They are very thick and soft to the touch. The scent is not overpowering. It is made from natural ingredients and extracts. They have the perfect amount of water and are biodegradadable. You can't go wrong. I've used them on my own face and hands a few times. I've been buying the small rolled bags for my neighbor's dog, Coco, and the extra large handled bags for my cat, Ozzie, for many years. They have never let me down. The family owned, small business, Doggy Do Good, makes high quality, premium pet products and donates to No-Kill animal shelters and rescues. Is that really true? Can these people be real? Is it okay to care about the planet and other living creatures too? That's how I roll! Do good for the President in 2020.

👤I use these every night when I give our girl a grooming regimen. I wipe her face, ears, eyes, paws, and "personal" areas. I brush her. It's our nightly ritual. She loves it! The wipes are gentle and still get the job done. They don't hurt her eyes, nose, or mouth. I'm happy I found these.

👤The wipes are made in China. We don't trust products made in China for personal care or for pets. There have been terrible incidents with adulterated products. All personal care products should clearly state where the ingredients came from and where they were made. We returned them without opening them because we knew they were made in China. We don't trust their products on us or our pets.

👤My dog jumps in my lap to get her face cleaned, what is in the wipes? They are amazing! I was having a hard time finding a wipe that was safe to use around the eyes. These are all natural and work well. I can wash her face and paws every day. They make her fur smell good. She hates baths and face washes, but loves them. I was wondering which of the natural ingredients makes her crazy. Is it lavender, green tea extract or lemon peel oil? I appreciate the fact that some of the proceeds go to animal rescues and shelters.

👤These wipes are great. The first thing I noticed about these wipes was that they were heavy, but they are made to last. They stand up to the messiest of dogs. I use baby wipes to clean my dog's feet, but they are not as heavy as these wipes. The scent is clean and fresh, and I use it on my little ones to help my stinky dog smell fresh. These wipes are very good for your dog.

👤I needed dog wipes for my eye area. Prior to using your product, I was cleaning her eye area with a cloth that my dog did not like. A bunch of thanks for a great product.

👤I use wipes to keep my dog smelling good. A good size and weight. One wipe is usually enough to refresh. Less stuff is in the land fill. It's good! There is a A soft scent. It's perfect for dogs that like to lick themselves. This is made in the USA and I like it. Animal rescues and no kill shelters receive a portion of the proceeds. How great is that? The wipes come with a tab so they don't dry out so fast. Nice. I think it's worth it because the others can't cover all the pros listed above, but it's a little more expensive than others.

5. Wags Wiggles Deodorizing Strawberries Convenient

Wags Wiggles Deodorizing Strawberries Convenient

You will be glad you have these gentle wipes in your travel kit when your dog gets into something stinky or dirty. These pet wipes are made without SLS and Parabens, and they clean and condition your pet's coat using oatmeal, and cucumber. If your dog has sensitive skin, you will appreciate how mild these wipes are; you will get all the cleaning with no irritation. The Fresh Strawberries scent will make your dog smell great in no time at all. It's easy to wipe down your dog with wipes, just work from behind the ears to the back of the tail.

Brand: Wags & Wiggles

👤The wipes were fine to wipe off the incontinent dog. The price was amazing. I use a lot of wipes. Amazon jacked up the price to double because I've ordered them before.

👤The price is $3 less than the average, but it is still a great price. I put some water in the bag and let the sheets soak it because a lot of reviews say they are dry. I'm fine with them. I put these wipes on my dog's paws so he wouldn't have to lick them if he wanted to. We use them to wipe his butt after he poops and wipe his undercarriage after he pees and wipes his paws after he comes back from his walk, so I don't bathe him. The price is great and you get a lot for your money. The scent was nice and my dog seemed to like it. They are a little thin, but I have never seen wipes that thick. I'm cool if they don't rip when I use them to wipe my dog or the floor when he poops. The came a little damp but adding water and allowing all the sheets to soak solved the problem. No, really a con. If you can't afford to spend a lot of money on dog wipes, you should just use some paper towels and water or just wash them.

👤My dog's coat is oily.

👤These wipes are great. The wipes I received were not wet. The wipes are moist with a light scent and work well on my boys after they play in the yard. It is a great value. The wipes are strong, soft and scented lightly and honestly, a lack of 100 fir less than $3.00, this deal can't be beat!

👤The male puppy likes to show off how good he is but his little firehose is going in every direction, so it is great for those little accidents. It is helpful for those quick wipe downs when they roll in something but they don't smell like a dead animal. You hope they rolled just to roll. They were appreciated when they put their strawberry scented butt on or near you. All of the packs I have ordered have been moist and properly sealed. Will continue to get this!

👤The bushes my dog runs through in our backyard are not very friendly to him. I had an allergy when he came back in the house because of the shrubbery and he would do his business behind it. I wipe him off when he comes inside. He is a wheaten terrier with long hair and is 40ish pounds. I can wipe him off with one wipe, but sometimes it takes two. The scent is mild and I am amazed at how much dirt shows on the wipe after using it. After using these, my allergies have been greatly reduced. It's definitely something to keep on hand.

👤These wipes are great for our dirt magnets. I keep them close to the door so they don't get dirty when entering. The little guys are starting to move their paws.

6. Petkin Jumbo Eyewipes 80 Count

Petkin Jumbo Eyewipes 80 Count

Extra moist jumbo wipes for pets make it easy to remove those stains. The formula gently removes dirt, discharge and tear stains from the eyes. There is a pack of 80 wipes. Keeping your pet's eyes clean and healthy can be difficult if you don't use Petkins Pet wipes. Puppy eye wipes are safe and natural. The easy to use eye cleansing wipes are Veterinarian approved and are moistened with a mixture of botanical extracts. Add dog eye wipes to your grooming kit. Petkin eye wipes will help keep your dog or cat looking their best with a refreshing solution to gently remove dirt and debris from your pet's sensitive areas. It is easy to use eye wipes for pets, just open the lid, pull out a wipe, and clean dirty spots off your pet without water or rinsing. Thesealable snap-lid canister is ideal for home and pet travel.

Brand: Petkin

👤The wipes should be on a show. The opening of the canister was an event. Between opening the lid and putting the wipes in the opening. I shredded a wipe out to try to use it, but my dog's eyes were clean by the time I got it. I pulled the wipes. They just kept coming. You can't just pull out one at a time. They shred. The cotton fibers were shredded because the wipe opening lid was very sharp. Poor design. The money was wasted.

👤I bought these wipes to clean the eyes of my Shiz tsu so that they wouldn't hurt the delicate skin around them. They are useless because they arrived almost dry. I have to wet them myself. I don't know if the product is so old that it dried up, or if it is like that to begin with. The plastic container is hard to open and I almost cut my finger trying to thread the first wipe through the cut openings. I don't think it's a good idea.

👤The regular petkin eyewipes are great. I thought the jumbo was the size of the container and number of wipes. The wipe is 7 x 5. They were cut in half for my dog. They do a good job of cleaning up after my dogs. The petkin eyewipes is a better size for small dogs than a jumbo pack. The smaller size wipes seem to be a little more absorbent.

👤I have been using this for two years to clean the daily tear stains from my dog's eyes. It doesn't seem to sting. The towels are moist so buy the Jumbo size. Some of the smaller towels were wet. I opened a second container and the towels were barely wet. I had to add water to the container as well. Maybe our orders were pulled from the same stock. I had to add water to it for the first time, which is not the same as having it saturated by the formula for removing tear stains. I took out one star from the rating.

👤The wipes are okay. There are two concerns I have. These things are way beyond "jumbo". You could wash the Great Danes face, but not use one up. They are difficult to get out of the container. These have to be wound off the outside of the roll instead of being pulled out of the center. This requires removing the lid, pulling the roll out of the bottle, winding a wipe off the roll, and putting it back inside. I'll come back when the manufacturer gets its act together.

👤The double doodle has a lot of discharge in the morning so we bought these to use on his eyes. They're easy to use and not rough.

👤The first container was great, but after that I had to add more humidity. If I wanted to use water, I would just use it and not spend money on wipes for my cat. They should be more saturated with the solution. They don't stay pulled through most of the time and are hard to pull out of the case. I like the size and have had good experiences with other Petkin products, but I won't be re-ordering this one.

7. Wet Ones Multi Purpose Wipes Count

Wet Ones Multi Purpose Wipes Count

There are wet ones. Wet Ones hand wipes are available for your furry friends. The same team that brought you Wet Ones wipes for humans now has dog wipes. Dog wipes from Wet Ones for Pets are formulated with top of the line ingredients to eliminate dirt, dander, and debris while keeping your pet fresh and clean in between baths. There is a great swath of Tartary. The light Tropical Splash scent left behind by the dog grooming wipes from Wet Ones for Pets will help combat dog odors and leave your pet smelling their best. The Wet Ones for Pets 50 count cannister is very easy to use and lock in freshness. Close the cannister after you're done using the wipes to keep them moist. With soothing alOE VERA. To keep your dog's skin and coat healthy, nourished, and moisturized, Wet Ones wipes include soothingAloe Vera for a feel-good clean everyone can enjoy.

Brand: Wet Ones

8. Vets Best Application Multi Purpose Treatment

Vets Best Application Multi Purpose Treatment

The vet's best flea and tick wipes for dogs and cats are safe and effective. Repels mosquitoes as well. Natural formULA includes certified natural essential oils, and from clove plants. The wipe material is free of plastic. Ultra- soft wipes allow for targeted application to sensitive areas, such as around the ears. Direct application may be used on dogs and cats 12 weeks or older. It is possible to use on home surfaces for instance baseboards, pet bedding, or collars. Their products are made in the USA with quality domestic and internationallysourced ingredients.

Brand: Vet's Best

👤I didn't think these wipes would help me. I have fogged up my home with flea bomb foggers, sprayed RAID for flea, covered every inch of the house in Diatomaceous Earth, and used the VETS best Sprayer to wash every piece of cloth in the entire house. There is a My cats needed to be treated. I spent my money on frontline plus and Adams flea shampoo that didn't work, but I found this method that worked for my cats. When I give them their bath, I use the VETS best flea and put it on the wipe, but if the flea jumps off the cats or is still alive in the comb, it dies instantly. I have finally found a place called FLEA KRYPTONITE! I use a whole wipe bottle on my cats and they don't like the smell and try to run when they see it coming. I don't see any more itching or scratching. Cats lick themselves so the fact that this is natural no toxins in a win for mama! This review is for wipes. I used the sprayer on all my furniture and found the fleas DEAD in my cushions the next day, I went to start fogging, but I didn't know it at the time. If you don't treat your environment as well as the pet, your pet will get reinfested. I loved the smell of it, but after spraying and wiping it off, I was getting a little dizzy, but it was worth it, I felt clean and like I had won the war! All my neighbors have cats and they are asking me for help. The last bath my cats were given, and the fleas that died of contact with the wipes, I have a photo of. I'm not biased or getting any kind of discount for my items, I'm simply someone who has done everything, washed every cloth in the house, poisoned herself with toxins trying to kill off my cats fleas, and kept them safe for months and trying to give credit where it is Happy hunting! I hope this works for you.

👤The product we purchased was all natural with essential oils. We didn't know at the time that essential oils can be harmful to cats. The Eugenol and the Peppermint are toxic to animals. Cats don't have anidase needed to process this. They lick it off their fur even if you don't get it near their face or genitalia. We used 4 wipes in the course of 2 weeks on our fur baby who was over 16 weeks old. The kitten died after using this product. We were devastated by the loss of our cat. We want to make sure this doesn't happen again.

👤The smell is great. Work well. Fleas are killed on contact. Roll up a wipe and put it in a spray bottle. Put water in it. You can use one wipe until the water is gone. It works every time.

👤This is something I want to do today. My cats don't like my help with fleas. Bite me, scratch, etc. I tried this on my male and he was very receptive. He helped me rub it on him after sniffing it a couple of times. I would say it was a great response. I haven't tried on the female yet. I got my fingers crossed. I need to change my rating. Two wipes over a couple of days. My female is not with me. Not all felines can handle the oil. I blame myself. I didn't check the reviews further after reading them. Many cats are on the TOXIN list. Natural doesn't mean it's good for cats. It depends on the cat. They told me to call Poison Control when I was talking to the emergency vet. I bought a product to make my pets feel better. I have to cremate one. Your baby is killed by Hartz flea treatment. Be a parent who is educated. Buy through your doctor. You won't be burying your baby if it costs more.

9. Akorn Artificial Irritated Veterinary Approved 59399 0162 35

Akorn Artificial Irritated Veterinary Approved 59399 0162 35

It's appropriate for at- home use. The dry, burning eyes of dogs and cats keep them moist. A lubricated eye is important for animals with existing eye conditions. There is white petrolatum, mineral oil, and lanolin in For Expedited Absorption. It's safe for daytime and overnight use to be used 1-2 times per day.

Brand: Akorn

👤My dog has no tear production. I have tried a lot of different things, including drops from the vet. He was willing to let me put this in his eyes without making a fight. It gives him instant relief and he feels better once it's in. I use it 3 times a day for him and I would recommend it to anyone with a dog that also has KCS! This has been a big change for us.

👤Incredible! I paid $60 for something similar at the vet. I have tried everything for my dog's chronic dry eye, but this is the most amazing product I have come across.

👤My cat had an eye problem. He had a bloody discharge with his eye. I wanted to see if this would work before I took him to the vet. I applied it twice a day and it cleared his eyes in 2 days. He had bloody watery eyes. All you have to do is wash your hands, apply a small amount to your finger, and then rub it on your cat's eyelid. I recommend this product because it's very easy to apply.

👤I bought it because I know vets use it. It came in a couple days, packed well, has two years left and works great.

👤I put a drop in her eye. It's an antibiotic and I need to give it a small amount near the inside corner of her eye to make it easier to close her eye. Her blinking helps her see.

👤When my dog's eye medication ran out, I purchased two tubes of this medication. He had a film on his eye that only contained the ingredients of Vaseline and mineral oil. I feel like an idiot. My dog is poor.

👤The little pugtato had eye surgery and has a dry eye. I was using a different brand, which was great, but didn't last as long as this brand, so I was having to apply multiple times a day. We do this once a night. She hates getting her eye medication, but she is excited for it. It must feel amazing to her. I am so happy! It is a salve, not a waterbased gel, so it helps keep her eyes safe. We love it!

👤My dog had a stinky face. It was terrible. I decided to try these after researching my options. I had no issues with my face. These have been amazing. I don't understand how these work, but they do. It has changed my life. My puppy hated having them put in, but soon got used to it. I think it makes him feel better once it is done. The tubes are small, but you can use a little to work with them. I was a bit surprised by the cost after initially seeing how small the tubes were, but I am not complaining. I have been able to enjoy and bond with my puppy because of this eye ointment. If you have a sensitive sense of smell, you know how important it is for some of us. If you believe it is coming from watery eyes, I would highly recommend trying this. It is the best!

10. Burts Bees Dogs Natural Chamomile

Burts Bees Dogs Natural Chamomile

America's #1 pet grooming brand is available to millions of pet parents who can't get enough of Burt-s Bees for Pets. Remove stain-causing particles from fur around your dog's eyes with the help of a Tear Stain. Dog tear stain remover is made with the highest quality ingredients and removes stains the natural way. It's best for all dogs and puppies. The dog tear stain remover is balanced for all dogs and puppies. Veterinarian recommended formula, free of harsh chemicals and fragrances.

Brand: Burt's Bees

👤You have to use this product for at least a week before you can see if it works. My dog had eye problems. The left and right pictures are of the same product. My dog didn't mind that I used this product on her. She was not bothered by the pads I used, she would resist them.

👤I used this product for a while before buying more from Amazon. If you keep using this product, you will see the difference.

👤My white dog has a lot of stains. We use distilled water. We've tried other things. We took the daily pills. We used a liquid. Dawn dishwashing detergent was tried by us. There was a noticeable difference after a week. I'm still not gone completely, but people don't think I'm neglecting my baby.

👤This is a gentle product for cleaning the gunk that comes out of your dog's eyes. I try to use it in the morning and evening. My senior dog doesn't mind it at all.

👤It is necessary to use this product every day in order to get results.

👤It can help remove staining from your dog's tears. I don't use it everyday. 3 days a week has helped. The dog did not complain.

👤This is the worst tear stain removal. After 10 days of use, does nothing. I have used stain removal on my dogs to get the stain off.

11. Petkin Petwipes 400 Wipes Convenient

Petkin Petwipes 400 Wipes Convenient

Extra large pet cleaning wipes are heavy duty and remove daily dirt and odor. It's easy to keep your pet clean. There are 4 packs of 100 wipes. These refreshing dog wipes are gentle enough to use every day around your pet's eyes, ears, face and body and won't remove spot flea treatments. Puppy wipes, cat wipes, and pig wipes are perfect. The 7 x 11 inch Petkin wipes are enriched with a soothing organic oat extract, vitamins E and aloe, as well as a gentle cleaning formula. The ingredients help soothe dry skin. It was lightly scented with coconut. Remove the seal and it is easy to use. A dog is being wiped out. The lid must be closed tightly. Rub the entire pet clean. No rinsing is required. The dog wipes are safe to use daily. Goodbye soda is perfect for at home and travel. As a quick touch up, use it when the dog paw is wet or when it's too cold for a bath outside. Older pets are difficult to bathe. Keep your pet's coat shiny and soft by reducing the amount of dander.

Brand: Petkin

👤The dog wipes claimed to be "big and tacky." I realized they were a bit longer than the average dog wipe after opening the package. They were an average thickness. I've tried many dog wipes on Amazon, but I'll stick with my Pogi's grooming wipes - Hypoallergenic Pet wipes for Dogs and Cats - Plant-Based, Earth- Friendly, Deodorizing Dog wipes. They are the best quality that I have seen. They are a large and thick pad with no scent and their prices are quite competitive.

👤A 75lb German Shepherd mix was used. Compared to a normal pet wipe in the picture, these wipes are not as big or as thick. The scent is mild but fresh. It smells like coconutty. It was not a scent of laundry detergent or old lady perfume. Softness 4 is the same texture as the dog wipes I already use. Nothing special for this one. They are soft and moist. I use them to wipe down my doggo at the end of the day. I try to get the dirt out, but they stretch out very quickly. Since I have a large dog, I usually have to use a second or third one.

👤These wipes are not thick. Not worth the money. Will not buy again. If I returned them, they wanted to charge me a 20% restocking fee.

👤I like the blue ones because they don't overwhelm with the scent and they have different scents. The size is large enough to clean a dirty cat. They don't go running because they think it's a complete bath, but they do a great cleaning job. I have been using them for a long time.

👤These wipes are large and thick. I have a supply of others that are so small and flimsy that it is hard to run them through my dog's hair. I like the scent, but it doesn't smell strong like a cologne. The scent is gone. My only wish is that the package has a more attractive canister. We left it next to the door. It looks bad. I'll find a solution, but a canister would have been great. The order arrived quickly.

👤Excellent product. I saw this canister in HomeGoods TJMaxx and bought it. I have two pets and a foster, and it lasted for 5 months until I had to buy this product. I was hesitant of buying it until it arrived. It is very durable and can be used between my two fur babies at the same time. I have small and medium size dogs. I would recommend this product to others.

👤These wipes are the strongest I've used. I feel like I could use them for everything because they come in a huge package. They have a mild scent. I use them to wash my pig's face, and they don't rip, and he is very clean.

👤A life saver for my dog. My shiz tuz has long hair and gets so dirty that I always clean his paws and face. The wipes smell great and have a clean scent. I use it around his eyes for eye boogies which he gets often from crying and being a white fur dog it's so gross leaving him like that so these work great for that and get rid of anything. They are soft and gentle.


What is the best product for eye wipes for dogs natural?

Eye wipes for dogs natural products from Fuz Bigaza. In this article about eye wipes for dogs natural you can see why people choose the product. Earthbath and Burt's Bees are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye wipes for dogs natural.

What are the best brands for eye wipes for dogs natural?

Fuz Bigaza, Earthbath and Burt's Bees are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye wipes for dogs natural. Find the detail in this article. Doggy Do Good, Wags & Wiggles and Petkin are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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