Best Eye Wipes for Dry Eyes

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1. Refresh P M Lubricant Ointment Sterile

Refresh P M Lubricant Ointment Sterile

Nighttime relief for eye problems. It calms eyes while you sleep. Exposure protects eyes from nighttime dryness. It's ideal for use at night. The doctor has over 30 years of experience and recommended the REFRESH family of products.

Brand: Refresh

👤I have used mineral oil and petroleum free nightime drye eye ointment before. Apparently not this brand with alcohols. I didn't think it would be a problem because the box clearly states that the alcohol is an inactive ingredient. I was wrong. There is a The first time I used it, my eyes turned bright red and I felt numb. It was the middle of the night in the middle of a Pandemic and I spent hours trying to get rid of it, it was very disturbing and I wanted to go to the ER. I hope this helps people who are sensitive to drugs.

👤They are not sending refresh Lacri-Lube. Lacri-Lube has a preservative. Doctors don't recommend using products that cause irritation to your eyes.

👤For dry eyes. It made a difference in just 30 days. I use it every night. My eyes are feeling better. It is very expensive for a small tube.

👤I have used the product for a long time. The product was opened and the seal was broken, so I can't use it. The product is usually good. I use this over night because of my dry eye. My dry eye is better in the morning. Highly recommend this product, not this dealer.

👤I used to wake up with bags under my eyes. My eyes were filled with tears all morning. I talked to my eye doctor, who said that refresh might help with tearing in the morning. She was correct. The swelling under my eyes also disappeared. I don't understand why my eyes are moist, but maybe it's because my body isn't pooling water under them? Maybe refresh is making people feel better? You want to use these before you sleep. The film will be over your eyes. I find it easier to use the ointment.

👤It's perfect for those of us with dry eye issues who need a bit of repair time. This was recommended by a doctor to help repair the dry eyes. I'm a repeat customer.

👤It works. My eyelid sticks to my eye while I'm sleeping and it's really uncomfortable. My eye doctor recommended a product like this. There are products with different proportions of mineral oil. I stick with this product because it's a heavier product that can cause issues for me, and many of them have a higher proportion of petroleum.

👤This makes my eyes very itchy. I have to use something at night after LASIK because the top and bottom lashes are very itchy. I read that in some other comments and decided to give it a try. It seems to be true and my eyes don't like it. This brand doesn't dry your eyes out the next day and you can still see even though it's blurry. It makes them feel like they can see something after using overnight. The last brand I tried made my eyes feel dry and it made me change my vision for 24 hours. It was odd. If you never have reactions to things, you could be one of the lucky ones, but unfortunately for me, this just isn't going to cut it.

2. Bruder Hygienic Eyelid Cleanser Product

Bruder Hygienic Eyelid Cleanser Product

The Eye Cleansers Value Pack contains 30 wipes and 1 cup. oz. Excess oil and debris in your eyes can contribute to eye irritation, so eyelid solution spray is designed to help. The easy to use eye care regimen will cleanse your eyelid and eyelashes of excess oil, debris and makeup with pre-moistened rinse-free wipes, followed by spraying the eyelid cleaning solution to reducebacteria on the eyelid and lashes. Dry eye sufferers, contact lens wearers, and those preparing for ocular surgery are all recommended to use daily lid hygiene.

Brand: Bruder

👤I use this as part of my treatment for dry eye. I was told to add this to my treatment for dry eye. When I wake and go to bed, I use premoistened wipes and spray on my eyelashes. It makes my eyes feel better.

👤I had dry, itchy eyes for a year. It is wonderful after trying it. I was so happy to try it.

👤The box top was torn open when I opened it, and the outer box seal was cut open. The contents appear to be intact, but my confidence in the product is diminished by this obviously intentional tampering.

👤I use this product before I go to sleep.

👤It was a blessing on those days.

👤It's nice to know I can buy these online. Works well. Fast ship.

👤The box was crushed but the insides were okay.

👤Great product. It's been great, both in the morning to clean after sleep and at night to clean after a long day.

3. Scope Optase Moist Hydrobead Technology

Scope Optase Moist Hydrobead Technology

The protective oils in the eyelids are loosened by moist heat, which is needed for healthy tear production. The technology ofcurblesscurblesscurbless Absorbs moist air and retains heat for 10 minutes. To reduce the symptoms of migraines, allergies, puffy eyes and contact lens irritation, hot or cold compress is designed. Soft Cottonwood construction. For a custom fit, you can use comfortable unwoven cotton. The complete doctor recommended eye care regimen is called OPTASE and it is recommended to help tackle the cause and symptoms of Dry Eyes.

Brand: Optase

👤I have a dry eye and have been for years. My eye specialist told me to use this to open the meibomian glands in my eyelid which block tears. After the first use of many oils, my vision was blurry for a while. This is normal. After four uses my eyes are more comfortable, but I can't tell you. It is easy to use and comfortable. It has a blue pouch to keep it safe. I recommend this. I don't understand why my previous doctors didn't recommend this to me. I am absolutely thrilled!

👤I used to apply moist heat to my eyes using a gel ice pack in the microwave, and a washcloth, but this OPTASE eye mask is still not any better than that. I was hoping to place the mask over my eyes and not have to re- heat it in the microwave. It must be reheated in the microwave within about 2 minutes, and then again 2 minutes after that. It is barely warm when the 2 minutes are up, so this is not saving me any time or energy. The mask is soft and easy to fit around the head, but not warm enough for long periods of time.

👤I went looking for an easier way to make a warm compress after trying several times. I tried the beads in a microwave. The plastic face mask was uncomfortable. The warm cloth feels good on my eyes. My eye doctor said my dry eye had improved. I decided to buy myself a new mask after almost a year.

👤The mask is easy to use. I put it in my eyes after heating it up in my microwave. It was moist and warm. It was warm for about 10 minutes. The mask is large enough to hold it in place.

👤I bought this on the recommendation of my doctor. It is so easy to pop in the microwave for a short time. The package directions to heat it are incorrect. We can only use the microwave for about 30 seconds. Test before applying.

👤It doesn't retain heat for more than a few minutes.

👤The eye mask is amazing. My eyes are tired. I was told by the doctor that I have dry eyes. The mask fits perfectly to your face. My eyes are feeling less tired because of the warmth. 30 minutes of tranquility is also an opportunity for me. This item is recommended by me.

👤The description made me think it was different than what I received. It was thicker than I would have liked and didn't help my dry eye after heating it and applying it to my eyes. The heat was nice for a while. A cheaper one would work just as well.

👤I suffer from dry eye syndrome and get attacks of blepharitis frequently. The last attack had lasted for four weeks and no amount of lubricating drops, anti-biotic ointment or medicated wipes made a difference. I was at my wit's end because of the pain and swollen eyes, and I couldn't do anything to stave off low mood. I remembered my doctor recommended a heated mask and ordered it. I can honestly say that from the first time I used this, I felt relief and my eyes are almost back to normal. I have ordered another so that I always have one to use while the other is being washed and dried. It has made me feel better. It may not work for you. I hope it does.

4. OPTASE 4041299 Tto Lid Wipes

OPTASE 4041299 Tto Lid Wipes

You should check your eyes. Optase TTO wipes provide instant relief for tired, dry eyes and help nourish the skin around the eyes to restore comfort and health. Natural ingredients, preventative service free. Tea tree oil, camomile, and hyaluronic acid are combined with aloe Vera to offer soothing comfort for tired, dry, and sore eyes. Keeping eye lid debris and excess oils under control will help to relieve dry eye symptoms. Optase lid wipes are larger than the competition and textured to better remove dirt and debris, making them perfect for daily use. Doctor recommended eye care relief. The cause and symptoms of Dry Eyes, blepharitis and Meibomian Gland Disorders can be tackled with the help of Optase.

Brand: Optase

👤My dry eyes are a result of blepharitis. The Optase tea tree oil lid wipes were recommended by my specialist. The three month reevaluation showed great improvement. The wipes are very easy to use. I kept the two pieces of the wipe in a baggie. If you cut more than one or two wipes at a time, they will dry out. They are a good deal if you cut them.

👤My fault, I didn't catch it, but I am sorry to discover only 20 per pack. There is a months supply of most eye wipes. These are nice. I prefer Medviz.

👤These wipes are very absorbent. These wipes do the job well when I need to clear my eyes. One wipe is enough for both eyes, use one wipe vertically and the other half for each eye. Does an amazing job of keeping awake.

👤There was a box that was missing one of the wipes. I would expect all the wipes to be included in a package of 20 wipes. The product is not eligible for returns so I can't return the incomplete box and try to get a complete one. Poor product inspection practices are reflected in theDisappointing and reflects.

👤I have had dry eye issues for a long time. My eye doctor recommended that I use specific eye wipes after my hot compress treatment. It is the best brand that I have used for a long time. Walgreens is the only place to get this brand around here. I tried my tried and true Amazon and they were there. I ordered 3 boxes and they were delivered right away. These eye wipes are very good.

👤The organisms that can cause ingrown eyelashes are common, but my eye doctor recommended these to keep population control over them. I can see better when I use these. He sold me my first package. I would love to use them daily, but they are expensive. Glad I was able to find them here. The tea tree oil is refreshing and seems to comfort my blocked tear duct.

👤I had tried a number of artificial eye drops and they made my eyes painful and did not address the problem of dry eyes. I would put drops in my eyes at night and in the morning and splash water on them. My eyelid was sticking to my eye and I felt pain in my eyes on and off during the day. I used the Optase eye wipes and the Optase spray before bed and woke up without my eyelid sticking to my eyeball. The pain and sensitivity went away. This relief was nothing else that gave me it.

👤I have been using all kinds of eye drops, including prescription, and have had itching on my eyelid. Most of the time, these wipes stop itching. It's very large and can be used many times.

👤I have had an eye infection and blepharitis in the last 6 months. The only product that has helped in two days is the Optase eye wipes. Along with eye drops and heat treatments, I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I am typing without sore eyes, can't believe it!

5. OPTASE Protect Eyelid Cleansing Spray

OPTASE Protect Eyelid Cleansing Spray

Protect hypochlorous acid spray is a preventative free, natural defense that helps resolve eye problems. It is fast and effective eye protection. The proprietary technology in OPTASE Protect creates a 99.6% pure,.015% HOCl, providing a faster response time and a long shelf life. Every day use, 12 month stability, and OPTASE Protect is safe for daily use. Simply spray one pump onto each eyelid in the morning and evening, and let it dry naturally. Balance is needed for Fort. It's not stinging or irritation to the skin around the eyes that comes from artificial eyelid cleanser. It's simple for all ages. Children and adults are safe to use the natural protection of 99.6% pure hypochlorous acid.

Brand: Optase

👤I ordered OPTASE after reading that it was useful in dry-eye treatment. Dry-eye or Blepharitis are not mentioned on the bottle label. Hypochlorous is mentioned but not the strength. I was looking for a cheaper eye-lid treatment than AVENOVA. It is 3.38 ounces. An ad for OPTASE is next to AVENOVA on Amazon. Why is that allowed when they are not the same? I will return it for a refund.

👤I don't think this product does anything to benefit. It dries the skin around my eyes. I don't think it's a good idea. I like the other Optase products so I decided to try this one. Total waste of money.

👤I have had dry eyes for a while. Finally went to see the doctor. Not a lot of help. A doctor talks about this in a video. She makes regular videos. This has changed me. I will be carrying a second bottle in my car. It makes me want to rub my eyes all day.

👤I didn't like that it wasn't in a box. It was in a bag. It had leaked a bit. How am I supposed to use it on my eyes? I should return it. I am not comfortable using opened meds. I will only give a 1 star for how the medicine was packed.

👤This product really helps me with my eyes. It is easy to apply.

👤I am planning to purchase Optase Protect soon. I wanted to point out that one reviewer states that Avenova and Optase are not the same. They are both composed of hypochlorous acid and are close to each other. The strength of hypochlorous acid is stated in the Amazon posting, but it is incorrect to say that the strength is not mentioned. One reason I am buying Optase is that different people may prefer different strengths. Avenova and Heyedrate are similar products that are intended to be used in blepharitis to reduce the growth of germs on the lids. Dry eyes may cause lid margins to occur and contribute to more dry eyes issues.

👤This product is great to use in the morning to remove gunk from my eyes. It has helped calm the redness of my face. I will not be without it.

6. JJ CARE Cleansing Individually Wrapped Hypoallergenic

JJ CARE Cleansing Individually Wrapped Hypoallergenic

Some eye conditions cause irritation, itching, drying and sometimes the formation of crusted foreign matter on the eyelids. The eyelid scrub and cleansing wipe from the JJ Care can help relieve your eyes of pain. 40 individually wrapped eyelid wipes for blepharitis are in one box. The eye lid washing pads of theJJ Care are infused with a gentle no-sting formula that carefully yet effectively scrub off foreign matter and remove impurities like oil, pollen, other types of debris and desquamated skin from the eyelids and eyelashes. These eye wipes for babies help give relief from dry eyes and other conditions. After a few wipes using these eye scrub cleansing pads, feel instant comfort and relief around the eye area. The eye lid wipes have a mild formula that leaves the skin refreshed, smooth and hydrated. The wipes are soft to touch and sterile. There is no need to rinse the skin after using the eye lid wipes. The gentle formula is good for all skin types. Individual wrapping helps keep eyelid wipes sterile. The wipes don't dry out quickly. Eyes Hyde essential Foreign matter in the air and surroundings can make it difficult to have a comfortable vision, even if you keep a clear eyesight. There are a lot of causes of irritation, itchiness, and drying in the air. You can cleanse the eye area with eyelid cleansing wipes.

Brand: Jj Care

👤This item was slightly lower than similar products. There is not enough water on the patch. They are not comfortable to use because of the lack of moist patch. I switched to save money. You get what you pay for. I will return to work at Ocusoft.

👤I've bought these before and they were very pleasant. The pads were wet. I don't know if they are expired because I couldn't find a date on the box or packet. I will not purchase these again. The money was wasted.

👤This is a good product if you need to prepare your eyes for surgery. Large sheets that are well saturated are convenient. It's much better to use a cloth. Definitely recommend.

👤My blepharitis has been bad this summer and these have been helpful in dealing with it.

👤I like the wipes. I have severe allergies and my eyes are always tearing. The wipes are gentle and soothing. Good product.

👤I have to use warm tap water to wash my eyes after I wiped my eye because of minor irritation on my eyelid and edge of my eye.

👤The inexpensive wipes are in line with the price. I won't buy them again if you pay what you get.

👤The product is great and the price is reasonable.

👤I am super fciles, para el da a d'a.

👤Muy una calidad de las toallitas. Resistentes y humedad.

7. Cleansing Wipes Rinse Free Individually Pollutants

Cleansing Wipes Rinse Free Individually Pollutants

Relief for your dry, irritated eyes comes from Clean, Comfort and refresh. Don't dry your eyes. Daily cleanser removes pollutants and oil. The rinse-free formula is specially developed. It is suited for all skin types. Made in the USA is a proud American manufacturer.

Brand: Diamond Wipes

👤Clear C wipes are less expensive than other wipes and I decided to try them out. They are just as good, and have the added benefit of not having to rinse. I will buy them again.

👤I bought this and another premium brand at the same time to help with my dry eye and I prefer the premium brand. It is softer and less money. I like these. Save some money and get these ones. I will keep these in my desk and car.

👤I use eye wipes a couple of times a week because of my dry eye. I was going to buy the ones he gave me, but they were so expensive I wouldn't have paid that much. The generic brand of Pharmacies was cheaper but still expensive at fourteen dollars a box. I had to rinse after use. The first Clear C was soft and refreshing and not as expensive as the others. These are perfect if you suffer like me.

👤The pads are the right size. The competitors typically have a larger pad which I feel is excessive, and probably attributes to the higher cost. The price is correct. It costs the same as competitors, but you get 3x the amount. The pad feels too abrasive for me and the amount of solution in each pad is different. One pad had very little solution. Most pads had a decent amount of solution. This is definitely worth it, even after taking in price and quantity. It was bumped up to 5 stars because of its effectiveness and price.

👤I have dry eye. I put drops in my eyes at least 7 times a day to relieve itching, burning, and dry eyes. All kinds of drops were tried. My eye doctor suggested I wash my eyes in the shower with baby detergent to remove dry stuff that could be causing the problem. I tried these eyelid wipes before I went with the expensive item. It's so easy to use. They do the trick! Since using wipes, my use of drops has been reduced to 3-4 times per day. Try them. You may like them as well.

👤I had eye surgery when I was 5 and didn't need eyelid wipes again. They were a lot cheaper than the name brands. The size was fine for both eyes, and I had no expectations of it. The first few days, the texture was okay, but as time went by, my eye infections and irritation did not resolve, the skin around my eyes became highly sensitive and irritated. I noticed that other reviewers had commented on the rough texture. The lid wipes don't feel soft on the skin, making them more uncomfortable to use. I have a lot of matter coming out of one eye, and it wipes off the wet stuff, but the dried stuff is not good. If it is on my eyelashes. When you wake up, you expect the lid cleanser to remove the gunk. Even after repeated wiping, it removes about 60 to 70 percent. Generic brands are great, and you get what you pay for. Sorry, but not this one. I have been using this for two weeks because of my eye problem. I went to the eye doctor today and hope to get better results from buying the name brand today.

8. Ocusoft Scrub Allergy Eyelid Cleanser

Ocusoft Scrub Allergy Eyelid Cleanser

Convenient individually packaged pre-moistened pads are available. Oil, debris, and other pollutants are removed from the eyelids. Green Tea Extract, Tea Tree Oil, and PSG-2 are used to reduce redness, irritation, and itching sensation.

Brand: Ocusoft

👤This product is used for allergy inducing blepharitis. This product works better and lasts longer than a warm wet compress on the lids. The tea tree oil is an irritant and should not be in contact with the eye.

👤These wipes do a good job of cleaning the lid and they help control allergies. These are perfect for me because I have a lot of allergy problems with my eyes.

👤OCuSoft Allergy was recommended to me by my doctor. This product has been great for me. After removing my make-up, my eyes still felt watery. Everything is clear and crisp as I wipe the lid off the eye. I will not be without one product.

👤I am not sure if it is allergies or not, but I have had itchy eyes and eyebrows recently. My eyes were fine. I decided to try this product because I was looking for a product for the eyelids. I applied it for the first time. I have been using it for over a week now and it is really helping.

👤Anyone with eye allergies can benefit from these. They are non-burning and provide immediate relief.

👤These are great! These help me with my allergies. They seem to reduce eye itch and irritation.

👤OCuSOFT was recommended by my eye doctor, and he warned me about the price. I am very happy that I bought this product. The product gives me some relief from the itchy feeling. OCuSOFT is used along with eye drops. I will buy this product again because it is worth the price.

👤I have been fighting with allergies for years. I have had to try new methods because my allergies have grown worse. My eyes have become more itchy. I went to my eye doctor and she suggested these and gave me a few samples, I tried them the next day and I could not believe how much of a difference it made. I didn't use these for 24 years since it's gotten worse. I know everyone is different, but for me, at least, have helped so much, and I am kind of salty that my primary doctor didn't know about it. I am so happy that I have them.

9. OCuSOFT Scrub Pre Moistened Individually Wrapped

OCuSOFT Scrub Pre Moistened Individually Wrapped

Health personal care is a product type. The item package has a dimensions of 6.705 cm L X8.305 cm W. The item package weight was:0.209 kilograms. The country of origin is the United States.

Brand: Ocusoft

👤I've been using these for a long time and it always felt like I was barely keeping up. My brother came down with a problem and put me on to two solutions. 1) I can go days before I need it again with the combination of Avenova antimicrobial lid and Lash Solution and eyelid washing pads. There are two more He explained to me how people use heated eye pads to express oil from the eyelid. You use the eyepad to heat up your ducts to make it easier to express the offending oil. He bought me a device to use. I've been less successful with that because I've been lazy and the Avenova is 10x better than Ocusoft. Ocusoft is fine. I keep them around. They only worked in the moment. I feel like I'm getting ahead of the curve with the Avenova, and the blepharitis isn't as much of a problem. I encourage you to look on the internet for this. After years of using the Ocusoft, I realized there was more to learn.

👤I am giving this product a 1-star review because the pads are small compared to the ones I've been buying, and because the product is deficient but not deficient. I ordered the same item from the same place, and they came in the normal size, so I will order from there in the future. The tinier pads are small enough to fit in a purse or wallet, but this makes no sense since they are supposed to be purse-size.

👤I like this product. I have had issues with multiple styes on my upper and lower eyelids for years. Went to the doctor. She was not assisted. She said to warm up and they will go away on their own. Yeah, right. If you have the same problem, you should use this product to remove dead skin cells from your eyelash follicles and keep them free of the problem. It took me two weeks to clear the problem. The product is worth the price. The pads are small and folded. I cut a pair of scissors and stuff three back in a package. I use one pad for 4 days. If you rub too hard, your eyelashes will fall out. They do not burn eyes. You should apply the pads twice a day because they dry quickly. These are not for the occasional fight. First, talk to your primary care physician.

👤I had been using this product for a long time on the advice of my eye doctor. We are getting worse because my eyes were not improving. I loved the convenience of the leave on formula and the product didn't sting while I was using it. So it is. I didn't click on the fact that it might be the problem. I went back to using Alcon's gentler foaming eye scrub pads, and my eyes look better than before. You need to soak, scrub, and rinse to make it more work. It is worth the extra step for my eyes.

10. Bruder Hygienic Eyelid Care Product

Bruder Hygienic Eyelid Care Product

The eye cleaning kit. The kit brings lid hygiene components together in a single package, and three easy steps can help you prevent eye issues. The Bruder Eyelid Cleansing Wipes are easy to use, followed by 1-2 sprays of the Bruder hygienic eyelid solution spray. Dry eye sufferers and contact lens wearers should always wash their eyes daily. Eye Lash and eyelid cleanser system helps soothe eye irritation, dry eyes, and skin inflammation around the eyes. The Bruder Moist Heat Eye Compress, 10 hygienic eyelid sheets, 30 eyelid cleansing wipes, and 1 fluid ounce of hygienic eyelid solution are included in the eye health package.

Brand: Bruder

👤I am very happy with the kit. I use it when I wake and at night. I was told to try this kit to help with dry eye. I have been using eye drops and artificial tears for dry eye. I have added this kit to my daily eye care regimen. The moist eyelid cleansing wipes and the eyelid spray make my eyes more comfortable. I heat the Bruder eye mask in the microwave. I use a sheet between my eyes. The Bruder eye mask has to be kept clean from the oils and tears in my eyes. It is great for releasing oils from my body. There are two different eyes. This kit has a lid. 1) The wipes are used to clean the eyelid and eye lashes. There are two more The eyelid sheet is dry and used between the eyes to keep the eye mask clean from oils and tears. The kit has helped me treat my dry eye and make my eyes more comfortable. I am very happy that my eye doctor recommended this kit to me.

👤This kit is amazing. I have been suffering from Dry Eyes for a long time and this helped. The bruder eye mask has a longer hold on heat than other eye masks. The paper sheets that come with it help keep your eyes warm and protect them from harmful rays. It's nice to have this, but it isn't needed. The cleaning eye wipes were ok, but I prefer OCusoft. I really liked the Eye spray solution. I've noticed a huge improvement in my eyes after using it religiously. If you are looking to save your eyes from being dry, this pack of stuff is worth it. It's worth the money. It's all you need to start.

👤I would have liked to have taken a before picture. The bruder heated eye mask was recommended by my doctor after he found me with severe dry eyes. I was on the verge of quitting my medication when I took an aromatase inhibitor which dries my eyes. This was my last chance to solve the problem before I took my medicine. She said to use the kit, then 3-4 times a day using systane dry eye drops, and then also use a small amount of aquafor on eyelids where ezema was present. I have been using this combanation for a week now and my dry eyes are so much better. I'll have to refill the wipes soon. Would definitely recommend.

👤The eye mask is good for dry eyes and helps to reduce the pain of the eye. The package includes eyelid cleansing wipes, eye pads, and the mask. The cleansing pads are very harsh on the skin. I am very gentle with it, but my eyes get red and it really burns. I don't like the wipes and the spray.

👤My doctor recommended this for my dry eye. The moist heat makes me feel better and makes me feel like I'm on a beach. It's said that it helps with opening the oil glands. It feels good, but it's too soon to know. I recommend it.

11. Neutrogena Cleansing Towelette Waterproof Individually

Neutrogena Cleansing Towelette Waterproof Individually

20 count of individually wrapped Neutrogena Makeup Face Wipe Singles. Individually wrapped facial cleansing towelettes are protected, so you always have a fresh wipe for complete cleansing and makeup removal. Makeup removal facial cleansing towelettes work to remove makeup from the skin while also removing pollution, sweat and sunscreen, for superior cleansing and makeup removing power at your fingertips. There are wet wipes that are gentle on the eyes. Up to 99% of makeup can be removed with the effective formula. Their promise is to clean the planet. These facial cleansing wipes are made with 100% plant-based fibers and biodegrade in 35 days in home compost. There's no need to rinse with single-use wipes because they thoroughly cleanse the skin. They're great to use in a daily beauty routine for a refreshing self-care experience.

Brand: Neutrogena

👤The perfect size for my friend's Nash Bash bags. They loved them! These came in handy to remove makeup after nights out. Great product! The small size is adorable.

👤The first step of a cleanse. With minimal rubbing, you can easily remove makeup. It doesn't leave an oily film like most others I've tried. I've seen people complain about wasteful packaging and per-unit price, but it depends on their use case. I only wear makeup once a week, and the wipe multi-packs dry out before I can even use half of them, so this is a much better option for me. They're great for travel. I am so happy I found these.

👤The product is great in general, but brilliant for traveling. They are wrapped in a small package and unfold to 10” x 10” I have sensitive eyes and these don't hurt or irritate them at all, and they don't leave a greasy film in my eyes at all. One towelette is enough to remove all my make-up as they are thick and strong. I have had no sensitivity issues with my face or my skin. A good grade for home and travel use.

👤I discovered this product after my dermatologist used it to remove my makeup. I bought it immediately because I loved it so much. He did not use individual wipes. Individual wrapped wipes don't dry out. I was not happy to find the wipes had scent. It is a nice scent but it is not a skin irritatant. I like how it easily removes makeup. Makeup can get stuck in the washing machine.

👤The cloth inside is large, I love these, they are so small. It's perfect for traveling or in your purse.

👤It's perfect for travel and home use. I like the scent. It doesn't bother my skin. They are packaged perfectly for travel and remove my makeup in a single step. I travel for work and these are the best option because they fit easily in a makeup bag or purse and never dry out. I use them for travel and home only.

👤I used to take one of these makeup wipes in a plastic bag, but it was an improvement to have the individual ones nicely wrapped. They are wet with the right amount of ingredients. I was worried that they might be on the dry side. They are not. These are new additions to my kit. It's nice to have on hand when out on a date or away from home.

👤This product is very good. I only use them for removing makeup. I tried to buy a less expensive product and ended up with a pink eye in both eyes. I was not going to risk it again. The travel size was nice as I was going to visit a friend out of state and these were much easier to travel with. I wouldn't use these often as they create more waste, but it was better to travel with a full size container.


What is the best product for eye wipes for dry eyes?

Eye wipes for dry eyes products from Refresh. In this article about eye wipes for dry eyes you can see why people choose the product. Bruder and Optase are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye wipes for dry eyes.

What are the best brands for eye wipes for dry eyes?

Refresh, Bruder and Optase are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye wipes for dry eyes. Find the detail in this article. Jj Care, Diamond Wipes and Ocusoft are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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