Best Eye Yee Reading Glasses

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1. Reading Glasses Fashion Readers Eyeglasses

Reading Glasses Fashion Readers Eyeglasses

The lens width is 2.13 inches. The lens is 1.06 inches.

Brand: Kerecsen

👤These are cute readers. There is a color to go with any outfit. They are comfortable and good quality. I have a bigger face. I was a little worried that they might be small. They are very comfortable. The measurements are correct. Each pair has a soft case. A good size cleaning cloth was included. I don't think you will be disappointed, I recommend giving these a try. I'm very happy in my camper.

👤They have a nice frame. They feel strong. I ordered five more because I liked them so much. I keep them everywhere.

👤The quality and style are great. The arms have a spring in them so they are not at risk of breaking. They came individually with cases and a cloth. Will order again when I lose these. Ha!

👤The quality of their product and service is great. I received this shipment in record time. I ordered two sets based on positive reviews and am very happy I did. I am not good at reading glasses and they scratch the lens. These readers are the best I have seen so far and they come with protective glass covers and cleaning cloths. It's not often that you find such great quality in both the company and the product, but this company did both, so thank you for your outstanding customer service and product. I highly recommend this seller. I will order from them again. I am glad I did a double order because these should last me a long time now that I have protective covers for the glasses.

👤No more standing in a drug store looking for reading glasses, you can now find them in a display rack. You can get what you want by clicking on the magnification. In cool colors. You get a whole set for a reasonable price. You could change them to match your outfits. These are packaged nicely. The frustration of having your reading glasses break and having to hunt for new ones is over.

👤1. The colors are not as bright as the picture shows. The brown and gray were disappointing. 2. It is the prettiest color. It is closer to pink. Blue is not bright at all. 3. The sleeves are flimsy. It's nice to have them, but two of them are already unraveling. 4. Only one cloth. I can't because I usually wrap my glasses in that before putting them in the sleeve. 5. The width of the face is small. They barely fit a woman. I don't think they'll fit a normal sized man. 6. The glasses have short arms. I mean short. My eyelashes brush the lens which is really annoying because it puts the lens close to your face. 7. Good quality readers have the same lens strength. These don't. It's either hit or miss. It's nice to have five readers in one set, but there are problems that haven't been addressed. Two people were talking about the arms of the glasses being too short and they were old reviews. They haven't fixed the issue yet. Negative reviews are held for more than a week before posting so they are ignored by reviewers. I want reviews to be real and honest.

2. Eyecedar Rectangle Stainless Material Computer

Eyecedar Rectangle Stainless Material Computer

The customer service was friendly and the warranty was 2 years. The metal frame is robust and durable. This size frame is suitable for most men's faces. The metal spring hinges help the glasses adapt. Plastic temple and nose pads will not cause the skin to be damaged. The square frame style is suitable for many face shapes. Environmentally friendly material lens, aspherical wear-resistant transparent and clear, protects your eyes when reading. To ensure that you don't get dizzy, wear a standard pupillary distance and accurate magnification. Excellent readers for men. The package includes a pair of blue light blocking reading glasses and 4 pairs of clear reading glasses. Blue light screen glasses are suitable for frequent use computer, TV, and mobile phone. Each pair of glasses is carefully selected. The total width of the product is 135mm/5.3". The weight is 1 ounce.

Brand: Eyecedar

👤I bought these hoping they would have blue light protection. The description states "Computer Readers", which leads me to believe that all 5 had blue light protection. Only the tinted pair have blue light. The others are not readers. I found out that they are not returnable. There are a number of possible reasons with the most obvious being that personal care items are non-returnable. The glasses are ok quality wise, just be sure you only want one blue light pair, that's tinted, and are willing to take something that is non-returnable.

👤I was hesitant to order these because of the reviews and complaints, but I was not a fan of the smell of glue. I have paid $10 and up for drugstore Foster Grant type readers and these are nice, cheap and good quality. There was no smell of glue or smell of the clear lens. I am sensitive to smells. I have a pair at my desk and two in my car. Some people said they break within a year. My readers break in about a year. The readers are expensive as well as cheap. I will order another pack of these in a year or two as I have experience with glasses breaking in time. Highly recommended and they smell great.

👤I have been buying cheap glasses from Amazon for a long time. I am satisfied with them all and get a good value because I am an eye glass destroyer and they are off to a bad start. I opened the box. I like these glasses a lot. The wings are stamped steel and light in weight. They have a plastic covering over their ears. The nose pieces are made of plastic and can be arranged in a way that is pleasing to the eye. The clarity is perfect. I think they are the best I have ever purchased, even though I think I can accept minor imperfections for the price. When I destroy the ones I just bought, I will buy more. Another great option was thanks to Amazon and Eyecedar. There is a lot to like about this place.

👤These readers are not returnable. I ordered them for my husband and he loved them. I ordered the wrong strength. He wanted me to return them for a stronger strength. I will probably not order anymore because of this. If it is because of COVID19, why do I get items that I have ordered but haven't been used yet, and those that I have used but haven't been cleaned, and most of the time have not been cleaned? I'll be sure to read the return policy before ordering in the future.

👤I really like these and would buy them again. I used to buy the 4-pack of Foster Grant readers for $20 in our local big box warehouse store, but I soured on them due to their flimsy construction. They used to be good, but in the last few years a couple of them have broken. I took a chance on these because of the positive reviews. After 7 1/2 months of daily use, the first pair broke. I use them all day when I work, then I read in bed before going to sleep. The stem that broke was pressed against my pillow. If I did not have this habit, they might have lasted longer. I can't see any distortion or waviness in the images I see as I move my head around. The first pair was dropped many times, mostly on hardwood floors, but occasionally on concrete, and did not get a scratch. The quality of the lens is impressive. Salt from sweat and body oils are a constant in the South. I had no issues with the finish coming off. I usually wash my glasses with soap and water. The frames breaking is mentioned in a few other reviews. I will update this review if that happens to me. The update is on 1 Feb 2022. The first pair broke after 9 months of use. I was trying to adjust the nose pieces as I have to do every few months, and one of the clear plastic pads broke. I will buy these glasses again when I need them, and I am very happy with the quality andDurability of these glasses.

3. Reading Glasses Quality Readers Spring

Reading Glasses Quality Readers Spring

Ultra violet protection coating. The lens width is 51 millimeters. The bridge is 19 millimeters. There are 4 reading glasses. A quality product has a great value.


👤I will not give this product a single star as I think the price was reasonable. There is no way to find the measurement of the glasses on the product page. The glasses are advertised for men and women. As a man, I should have assumed that they would be too small for me, as my head is relatively large. I made sure that the information about the styles of the reading glasses was only for men, and that the width of the frame and the length of the arms were included. I believe most men will encounter the same issue I did.

👤The decline in nearsighted is part of the process of getting old. I don't seem to have them in the right place at the right time. I put multiple pairs all over my house and yet they all seem to congregate in one pile and have to be redistributed. My solution is to buy more. I feel like I need at least a hundred of these things and I will probably get there. I am also cheap. I don't need glasses. I don't care what I look like if these help me see better. I've purchased cheaper ones before that didn't last but the build quality on these seems a bit better than their price would suggest. These will be my go-to glasses when I need more.

👤These are great reading glasses. They work well. I like the way they flex at the hinges. I discovered something that makes me like them even more. The screws in the two front hinges kept backing out and I started having an issue. I tightened them up with a small screwdriver, but they started to loosen again within a few days. It was easy to over tighten them, and when I did that, they'd get a small crack in the joint that holds the arms on. They would break within days or weeks. What to do? How could I make my reading glasses look good? My secret isn't so much in the fix as it is in what that fix accomplishes. The first fix was to remove the screws and put a TINY bit of superglue on them. I used a glue that didn't set immediately. I used a small amount on each of the tiny screws. I let them sit overnight and it seemed to strengthen the joints because I have dropped them many times onto a wood floor, table top, etc. They have held up. After nearly a year, my first modified pair failed today, 10 days short of it's one year mark. They have finally got their first crack at the joint and they have developed a slight "catch" to them because they have failed. The joint still hasn't broken but it is likely to do so in the coming days. The secret is that the above fix has allowed my remaining pairs to survive multiple drops onto wood floors, tosses onto tables, etc. With no breaks or cracks, until today, nearly a year later. Maybe it will do the same for you. Not bad for reading glasses that cost less than 2.50 each. Other people think that these reading glasses look good. I was at a trendy restaurant wearing a clear pair of glasses and was approached by a server who wasn't even waiting on our table to ask me how much my glasses cost. I've been looking for glasses like that. They're actually just reading glasses, I replied laughingly.

4. Reading Glasses Blocking Lightweight Eyeglasses

Reading Glasses Blocking Lightweight Eyeglasses

The blue light blocker and UV400 lens alleviates visual fatigue and discomfort from browsing mobile phones, tablets, gaming and working under fluorescent lights with UVA/UVB protection and glare reduction. The eyestrain is reduced by the use of Explosion Proof Polycarbonate Lens. Enjoy your digital time, don't worry about eye fatigue, blurred vision and headaches, you have a better sleep. Ultra-light and flexible resin frame material is ideal for long-term wearing. The casual frame design makes you look professional and stylish while working or playing video games. You'll have a pair handy wherever you are with the set of 5 blue light filter glasses. You should keep a pair in your favorite spots. 100% risk free to try any broken problem, just contact the seller without any hesitation to solve the problem until you are satisfied. There is no risk in trying.

Brand: Gaoye

👤These reading glasses are very nice. They fit well and look better than ever. The 5 pack was my choice. I would have a color for any style I choose. The classic tortoise shell frame has been replaced by the modern clear frame. They are also light weight. You can use them as an accent to your outfit if you choose them with no magnification.

👤100% worth it! They function incredibly well and look amazing. They help me relax when I stare at my computer screen for hours. I get a lot of frames with the bundle. Everyone loves the clear and blue frames. They are lightweight and cute. 10/10!

👤I love wearing my blue light glasses. I use them in bed to chill. They came in 5 different colors. I would have preferred clear white, blue, and black but the two "tortoise shell" were a nice addition. The only complaint I have is on the narrow side. They lasted my puppies.

👤The price is worth something. The hinges are spring-like. You can "prove" to yourself their blue blocking powers with a blue led light, a small cleaning cloth, and a sturdy canvassy soft bag case. It's not the best antireflective coating. The product photos don't show the tint that helps with the blues, but you can see it against a white paper. All 5 sets had serious chuck marks on the lens from being gripped to be cut to the frames that were hard to get off even with cleaner and vigorous rubbing. There were two black spots under the coating on the lens. The other defects didn't cause any blurriness or visual impairment after I got the chuck marks/smudges off the center, and they look pretty good and are definitely decent for the price. If you don't expect to spend a lot of money on glasses, you will be happy.

👤These are great. We have a pair or 2 in every area. My husband has been sleeping better since he kept a pair at home. When our kids play a game on the weekend, they use them to keep their sleep patterns from being disrupted.

👤I found that the test card only tested UV, not blue light. The online testing showed that blue light wasn't blocked much. The add says that a lot of the blue spectrum is blocked. The lower range is harmful. The blue light effect is still being studied and may be a scam or a placebo effect. The test card is not accurate. I purchased 2.0x and they seem fine and the UV coating works a plus. I bought a 0.0 set for my kids, but I don't know if they're worth anything if they don't block blue light effectively. I would like to see a scientific value for the absorbance of blue light. 30%? It isn't 95 throughout. I am going to research this more and find out what the clear lens technologies are.

👤Originally, I was going to keep one pair for myself. I received the order a day later. I decided to keep them all because they are light and I don't want my temples to be stressed out. I love it and will order again.

5. Eyekepper Vintage Reading Glasses Readers

Eyekepper Vintage Reading Glasses Readers

The frame material is plastic, the width is 51mm, the frame height is 1 7/16", and the temple length is 13mm. The frame material is plastic, the width is 51mm, the frame height is 1 7/16", and the temple length is 13mm. The eyeball reading glasses performance is 59 to 63mm. The deviation for strength less than 0.02 and for the horizontal line less than 1mm. Eyekepper Men's Reading glasses look good on any face. Help glasses fit your face with spring-hinged temples. Quality frames have spring-loaded hinges and are registered for reading glasses and eyewear. The frames are comfortable to wear and the light transmittance is good. The casual frame design makes you look professional and fashionable. It's suitable for different face types. It's a perfect gift for your family and friends.

Brand: Eyekepper

👤I bought the Eyekepper 5-pack in January of 2016 I tightened the screws on all the glasses after I noticed the screws were coming loose. I had a frame crack like other reviewers. I contacted Eyekepper Global Inc. to tell them about the problem, and they sent a pack of 5 free. I received an e-mail asking me to not hesitate to contact them again if there is ever any more problems or if I'm not satisfied. They have a lifetime warranty on breakage, which is listed in the "About the Product" section. These will be the last glasses you will need. 30 day money back guarantee.

👤These are great. There are one by the bed, one in my backpack, and a few on the desk. Clear and comfortable. I can see the numbers on my phone. There are tons of colors to match your mood.

👤The glasses are a great set. You get 5 pairs at an amazing price. Good clarity, no obvious distortion in the lens, just good reading glasses that work. The temple pieces attach the frame with a spring at each side that can be extended a little beyond 90 degrees so it is a comfortable fit. They stay put when springs are closed or folded. They are not cheap, lightweight or poorly made. Here are the negatives. I have a lot of experience with these, I bought them 9 months ago. 3 of the 5 pairs snapped on the frame just above the lens. 3 pairs are the same spot. This is a weak area in the design. I don't abuse them, I stuff them in my pocket. They broke in the same spot. I glue them back together and then home use them. The screw that holds the temple piece to the frame popped out in the next issue. I am not sure if the threads were stripped or not. No big deal, right? You can buy a repair kit at the store. You can not because of the springs. I tried to come up with a way to pull the spring out, but it was not possible because the spring is always at tension and you need a way to get the screw through it. They might have a machine at the factory to assemble them. Caveat emptor, buy a micro screwdriver and check the tightness of the screws when you receive them. A drop of crazy glue on the underside of the screw would keep it in place. The plastic used to make the lens is clear, but scratches easily. You have to use a lot of caution to make sure that you don't set them against the table or you will get round scratches in the middle of the lens, rendering them useless. The only pair I still have is the shaded sunglass pair, because I rarely use them and they live on a shelf. I'm going to buy 5 more pairs, that's the reason I'm back here. I still like them even though I only used them for 2 1/2 months per pair, and will use what I learned from the first set to get more life out of the second. Hopefully my experience will help you in that regard as well.

6. Blocking Glasses Reading Multi Magnification Magnification

Blocking Glasses Reading Multi Magnification Magnification

An extremely valuable offer: 4 pairs of rectangular frame reading glasses, a string is included to help you hang the glasses on neck to prevent loss. Ultra- transparent lens with high light transmittance to prevent color distortion and anti-reflective coating to minimize glare from digital screens Reducing eyestrain and sleeping better are benefits of blue light blocking glasses. The universal size fits most face shapes. They will provide you the best service if you contact the seller without any hesitation and they will pay attention to product quality.

Brand: Lifeart

👤I was pleasantly surprised at how clear my vision is when I wear these, it's amazing! The way my eyes feel after hours of computer work is different. They are small enough that you can still see without Vision Correction if you wear them more towards the end of your nose. They look nice on men and women. The glasses have their arms held on with screws. Unless you hold them up to the light, you won't notice the tint on the lens. These are worth the money.

👤Sturdy plastic cases are nice. The price is great. The blue light source and the enclosed blue light sensitive card were used. The blue light was hard to hold, but they also enclosed it for testing, but it was too hard to hold the camera, glasses, testing card, and LEDs at the same time.

👤These readers are well made. The blue light blocking feature is easier to use on the eyes. You can see a small difference when compared with regular readers. They are cheaper than the variety readers at the dollar store. They are packaged in a plastic hard case. There are black, gray, clear, and light purple frames. There is a little blue light in the box. It is recommended.

👤These are great! I break them all the time. I asked what I have to loose. I have sat on them and they don't break. I was getting headaches and blurry vision every time I used my cellphone and they took care of all that! Men and women can use the same colors. I'm going to bling them up. Merry Christmas to everyone! Thank you Amazon!

👤I love the style of these readers. They're comfortable and have clear vision for the strength they choose.

👤After the detached retina, blue light had issues. My previous readers didn't block the blue light, leaving me with headaches. As an added bonus, they block a fair amount of blue light. It seems that quality is good for inexpensive readers. Will buy again.

👤I usually by the cheapest. Since use of these glasses, there has been no eye pain or pressure behind eyes... Usually on the cell for a long time. It was very painful. The glasses are working well so far.

👤The readers are as advertised. The glasses are comfortable. The slots on the end of the lanyard allow me to keep the glassed at hand when I need it. The colors work for many occasions. I wear a black sidebar. The focus is perfect. They are all a great value. Rm.

👤These didn't work for me. I'm used to a small lens without a rim, so I assumed these would work well. The usable area for looking is small due to the distortion of the image. The distortion at the edges makes it hard to screen work compared to a static rim. I found other options that work better for my prescription.

👤Good quality product. The variation in the lens frame surround is nice. The glasses have a large clear plastic nose bridge which makes them look blue, but if you forget to change them before you go out, they will look like ordinary glasses. I will buy them again.

7. LifeArt Blocking Computer Eyestrain Magnification

LifeArt Blocking Computer Eyestrain Magnification

7-layer anti-reflective coating to reflect and filter blue light reduces eyestrain and sleep better. High light transmittance with no yellow tint reduces glare from digital screens. The multi-layer coating is combined into a single layer with a thickness of only 10um, which increases the surface hardness of the lens. The magnification glasses option helps you see objects that are more than 12 inches away. If they were out of focus or cause more eye strain. The square frame design fits most face shapes. They will provide you the best service if you contact the seller without any hesitation and they will pay attention to product quality.

Brand: Lifeart

👤These are not normal. If they did block blue light, they would have to be tinted. The glasses block blue light, but they are actually testing the wavelength of 405nm, which is actually violet. You can check the wavelength on the side of the laser in a tiny print. The blue light is 450-490nm. Blue is just as bright as normal. Blues on monitors look green and blue LEDs are nearly invisible. These are not to be avoided... They won't help blocking any actual blue wavelengths, nor effect sleep or eye health on any way.

👤Absolutely love them! I work as an office manager and spend a lot of time looking at my computer screen, which leads to headaches, dry eyes and restless nights sleep. I have been wearing these glasses for 3 days and have not had a single headaches. I am able to sleep through the night and wake up refreshed in the morning. If you forget, you can leave work with them still on. Sometimes I use them for fashion.

👤These glasses are very nice. I am fairly small and have a hard time finding frames that fit my face. I have a narrow face and these frames are not for me. They had a blue light blocking kit and case. Fast and clean shipping. I don't know if they helped me with the effects of blue light exposure, but they are cute frames, just to large for me.

👤Excellent quality, lightweight. Those who have a lot of screen time have great glasses. The blue light tester is really cool, and the case is hardy, but it has a cute bag, tiny screwdrivers, and optional nose cushions. Only if you look for it will you see a barely warm tint. I haven't worn them long enough to notice the long term effects, but so far so good! It's a good thing.

👤I sit in front of my computer for most of the day and need something to relieve the strain on my eyes. I wanted to leave a review after ordering these. They fit perfectly on my face. I wear them a lot and they help with the headaches I was having. Are they all going to wear blue light glasses? Not probbball. I will keep rocking them until I find a better solution. Hell. They're too large to not fly.

👤This was definitely worth the money. I am a student and I look at my laptop or projection screen for class or student jobs. I use my phone a lot. I wanted to try them out because blue light can diminish the quality of your sleep, and my eyes never got strained. I sleep better. When it is time to go to bed, I am not thinking about how tired I am going to be the next day. The glasses fit my face and are not tinted. If I pay close attention, I can see a yellow tint from the anti-glare on the glasses. Normally, this would bother me, but after wearing them a few times, I didn't notice it anymore. You are going to be able to tell at first if they are Felix Gray or these glasses. I wouldn't let it phase you because the difference is so small that I stopped noticing it. I am pleased with my purchase, between the price, what I got, and what they have done for me.

8. Reading Glasses Blocking Computer Magnification

Reading Glasses Blocking Computer Magnification

The lens width is 51mm. The frame width is 138mm, the bridge is 19mm, and the temple is 140mm. Ultra- transparent lens with high light transmittance to prevent color distortion and anti-reflective coating to minimize glare from digital screens A comfortable fit is ensured by the stylish design of the reading glasses. The package includes reading glasses that are great for home, office, or bedside use. You should keep a pair at your desk, bag and reading spots. They will give you the best service and you have no risk. If there is a quality problem, please contact them.

Brand: Visionglobal

👤I was a bit hesitant to buy another pair of glasses. I threw away the blue light, the magnification was horrible, and the images were a bit distorted. These glasses work great when I look at the screen for at least an hour. No more tired eyes, headaches or having to blink while looking at the screen. The hinges are not tight to my head because they open slightly. The frames have not gone crooked since I carry them in my purse, which is a big plus. They are light on my nose. The glasses won't fall off if you bend your head forward. The quality of the lens is good. The glasses are in a small plastic case. The case is small enough that men can put them in the inner pocket of their jacket and not look bulky. I would highly recommend buying them. I bought another set to have in the car, purses and around the house.

👤Excellent. These are sturdy, look nice, and not huge or weird shaped. Each pair comes with a hard plastic protective case and a soft foam liner. They are not cheap or flimsy. Good quality made my eyes feel less strained. There is no cloudiness or blur with the clear lens. Everything is right with these. Thank you for the great glasses! I'm impressed. These are the ones. Don't look further. I'm happy that I bought the multi-pack.

👤I was prescribed 1.75 readers by the eye doctor. I was curious. What is the difference between a set of 4 for $20 and a single pair for $200? I like these better. The expensive set may last longer, but the visual quality isn't much better. The Blue filter tester and flashlight they provide are intended to prove that the glasses are able to block blue light. The tester doesn't work on my expensive pair. The tester is tuning to a slightly different spectrum of blue. Which spectrum is necessary or right? I don't know. I recommend these if you need a pair of inexpensive readers.

👤I have reading glasses but they are not strong enough for my computer. I decided to purchase these and was pleasantly surprised. I received a case for each pair of glasses. The glasses are fashionable in their color and design, and there were 2 straps for hanging them around my neck. The bridge of my nose is comfortable and does not itch. I haven't had time to know how long they will last, but they seem to be well made. I decided to order more in a different strength for my reading needs.

👤Wow! I was so impressed with this group of readers. There is a separate hard storage case for each pair, and it comes with two eyeglass holders. I keep my readers on my head, but I will try the holders to see how they work for me. You get a blue light tester to make sure the glasses pass the test. The glasses are hinged for flexibility and the colors are great. I'm very happy. This is a great deal because care was taken in packaging.

9. Blocking Glasses Eyestrain Computer Magnification

Blocking Glasses Eyestrain Computer Magnification

A 7-layer anti-reflective coating is used to reflect and filter harmful blue light. 7-layer anti-reflective coating to reflect and filter blue light is better. A transparent lens has no yellow tint to prevent color distortion and minimize glare from digital screens. The frame TR90 is ultra lightweight and has no pressure on ears. The frames with the pink pattern are made with reinforced metal hinges to make them last. The dimensions are 52-18-140 (lens width 52mm, bridge width 18mm, temple length 140mm). They will provide the best service to guarantee 100% satisfication, and you have no risk to try. If there is a problem, please contact them.

Brand: Visionglobal

👤I get a lot of praise for these glasses. I plan on ordering more of them. They had a case, a cleaning cloth and a test kit. I don't have the headaches that come from being in front of a computer screen all day.

👤I like these glasses. I work 40 hours a week and then I am also a full time student. E-books are the majority of my textbooks. My cousin recommended that I get some of these because I was experiencing a lot of eye strain. They are working well. I will be ordering back up pairs if I lose them.

👤The fluorescent lights made me feel weird after the surgery. I have been wearing these for a while now and they have kept my eyes comfortable.

👤Blue light blocking glasses are extremely expensive, and I have been ordering them from my eye doctor for the past few years, and he has been able to help with the cost. I looked for an alternative that would work the same as my eye doctor glasses, but wouldn't break the bank. I found these and ordered a pair that is very similar to the ones I order from my eye doctor, but they are so inexpensive. These glasses help block the blue light from my computer and make me feel less strained after staring at a computer for 8 hours a day. I can leave them at my desk without having to go to the eye doctor, because they were under $15 and I can leave them at my desk. I wouldn't feel bad if I lost these glasses because they are not expensive. A hard case, lens wipe, screwdriver, blue light (torch) and blue light testing card were all that came with mine. These glasses are very good.

👤I have had these for about a month now and they work as advertised. I use them to take some of the strain off my eyes. They are lightweight, but have been holding up. They come in a slim plastic shell case with a mini repair tool and a lens cleaning cloth.

👤These glasses work. No more. headaches even during long meetings as a teacher I was hoping for that part because they are blue light filters. I didn't expect them to be so lightweight. I don't grow up with glasses so I get weird about the weight on my nose bridge. I can't feel the glasses. They're cute. They're flattering and I don't mind wearing them all day. Must be done. Buy. I promise that they are anti-glare, even though the picture is reflecting.

👤I really wanted to love them, but there are several buts. They are brown, but they looked black when I picked them. They were crooked as a dog's hind leg. One side of the counter is not touching the counter when I lay them down. I work in front of a computer for 10 hours a day and they feel cheap and flimsy, but I have to wear glasses when I leave my office. I don't wear glasses because of my vision limitations, but I did find a pair of blue light filters at Walmart. I don't like the safety glasses because they make me dizzy. The amber color of the glasses is too intense for me, so I use the BLF glasses I found at Walmart. I found these after I got on here to find another option. The glasses don't have a strong amber color so they're helpful, but I wish they were better. The other things that went wrong don't make up for the fact that they are lightweight and comfortable. Back to looking for another pair.

10. READING GLASSES Comfort Readers Tortoise

READING GLASSES Comfort Readers Tortoise

The plastic lens has a high index. The lens width is 2.09 inches. The lens is 1.18 inches high.

Brand: Kerecsen

👤The first pair broke in less than 24 hours. The ear piece broke off when my husband took off his face. He only got to use them for a part of one afternoon because the glasses were sitting in his bag for most of the day. There are 3 more pairs to go. If they are too fragile, these glasses won't work for us. The seller immediately sent us a new order of glasses and told us to keep the original order. Great customer service. We like these and have had no issues with them.

👤If you choose a magnification other than 1.25, it will be replaced with 1.25 when the product goes into the shopping cart. If it is 1.25 in the shopping cart, you can choose a different style of shopping.

👤I was desperate when I passed beyond the highest drug store reader prescription, not wanting to spend more than $100 for a pair of glasses. The 4.00 diopter is a life saver. I haven't had them in a while, so I can't speak to their resilience. It would be easy to order more. Drug store readers lose the nose pads and become nose torturers. The frame here is made of plastic. The product I received looked exactly like the photo. I would love to see even stronger lens, but I'm very satisfied with the quality of the product. Thanks!

👤Readers who are good for the price. I lost most of the first set and have purchased two sets. Have not had issues with glasses breaking. Most drug store readers are not as clean as the clear ones. The spring loaded hinges are a wonderful feature at this price point. The hinges on the glasses make them more comfortable. Soft lightweight protective carrying cases are included with glasses that arrive quickly. I don't think you'll be disappointed with these glasses.

👤I need these readers because I am trying to read computers in dark restaurants. I abuse the glasses so that the nose pads fall off. The glasses fit well around the face and don't slip down the nose. The optics don't seem to scratch easily. The price is correct. You can leave them wherever you need to and not be sad when you lose them.

👤They are a little bigger than I like. I think they would fit a man better.

👤A winner. Came quickly in great packaging. The black frame and tortoise look great. Spring fames work well. It's super comfortable. It came with chartreuse cloth cases. It will be easy to spot them in my car storage places. I've never been so satisfied with my purchases of readers. I didn't get any perks for this review so I'm not biased.

👤The quality was better than I was expecting. Good weight, good overall feel, no glare or shadow, that's what other off the shelf glasses have. The hinges seem to pop into place without collapsing. I can wear them for long periods of time without headaches. They work well when reading or doing computer work. I was not surprised that they were not in the box since the picture shown did not include anything that looked like sunglasses. Maybe they mean that there is an anti-glare built in that allows you to wear them outside.

11. ThinOptics Reading Glasses Universal Strength

ThinOptics Reading Glasses Universal Strength

The bridge is 12.7 millimeters. ThinOptics Readers are designed to grip with gentle pressure and are feather-light. They can be moved up or down to fit your nose. ThinOptics Reader is made of shatterproof, thermo-injection molded, optical-grade polycarbonate. The bridge is made from a metal called Nitinol, which is 10 times more elastic than spring steel, and encased in medical-grade silicone tubing. They use the same material in their glasses. The durable case is made to protect your glasses from damage and the lens are made by one of the most advanced optical lens manufacturers in the world.


👤The little part that holds the nose in place broke. I will order a replacement online because it has a lifetime warranty. I should be able to get a new pair quickly because I registered them when I bought them. There is a link to file a warranty claim on the warranty web page, but it just links back to the same page. There's a blurb at the top of the page that says to call customer service, but it goes to a voicemail that says someone will contact you in 7 days. I haven't heard back for 13 days. I will have to buy other reading glasses until they honor their warranty. The ThinOptics glasses are not worth the cheap materials, but the warranty made the price palatable.

👤Very nice glasses. It is easy to use. The misleading packaging is the reason these did not get more stars. There is a message on the box and a note on the case that says "Activate your Free Replacement Glasses forever..." This warranty does not apply to damage caused by use with another product, but only to damage caused by accident, abuse or misuse, which is what the basic 90 day warrantee does. Not much of a free replacement claim. It was very misleading.

👤I received the glasses as promised, but they were not strong enough. I wear 1.5 and they send 1.0. I sent them an email a week ago, but have yet to hear anything from them. Poor communication is something the company does a lot. I could've gotten a satisfactory resolution if they had given me a way to speak to the single person who seemed to care and know what she was doing. They always do that, so I'm forced to email their general support email address and wait for them to tell me something useless. I wish I'd never upgraded the star rating because it was false hopes. I got better service from the seller of counterfeit glasses than I do from the actual company. I don't care how innovative or useful your products are, you're nothing without customer support. ThinOptics is not something. I can't wait for competitors to come so I can buy their products. I'm done with the company. I received an email from "Mona" with ThinOptics to inform me that the seller was selling counterfeit glasses. The store has been closed by Amazon. I'm getting 2 pair of authentic ThinOptics from Mona. I've raised my rating to 3 because of the promising news. I will try the glasses for a few weeks and then the rating will be adjusted. It shouldn't have taken so long to get to this point. When I began this issue with ThinOptics, I provided full order details. There are a dozen idiots who don't know or don't care about customer service. I had to deal with an idiot. ThinOptics can eliminate the dead weight that drives customers away. I was done with them when they came into the picture. I would have had a pleasant customer experience if she had been involved from the beginning. ThinOptics began to backtrack on their claims when I challenged them. They offered me a free replacement, but it didn't address the design that will cause every pair sold to become scratched. They want me to pay $5 for shipping for my free pair. No how, not ever. ThinOptics, it's not gonna happen. I will never use your products again after you got my last penny. If you like cheap products with bad design, poor customer service, and lies, then you should stay away from these people. I received a reply nearly 2 weeks after I sent the email. I dropped another star from my rating because of the contents of the reply. The person was clear. Most of their reply was telling me how to clean the lens. They claim the rim of the glasses should protect it against being scratched, but I and every ThinOptics owner know this is not true. The case has scratched my eyes since they were only a day old, and they're almost too scratched to use anymore. Please look for something else. This is a great idea, but it was poorly executed. I was hoping that they would send a canned response that said how to care for the lens. I've been wearing glasses for over 50 years and know how to care for them. They get more and more scratches because they have never been touched by anything. I didn't tell the engineers what I thought was the source of the scratches, but they all agreed that it was the hard plastic case. I'll take the word of 6 licensed engineers and my own observations about apathetic customer support. The engineers used science to make their conclusions. -- I had to give them 2 stars for their tendency to be scratched by the same case they're supposed to be stored in. After 13 days of good care, I have attached a picture of myself. I only blew the dust off the lens, and you can see the dust in the picture. I want to give them 5-stars, but I can't because of this. I hope you take my comments with a grain of salt. After having them for almost two weeks, they are meant to be my honest opinions and findings. It's not my intention to shame anyone, just to give honest feedback. I have high praise in many areas, but I am not advertising for these glasses. They're fairly affordable. I paid for the readers. The idea behind these glasses is very clever. They're ultra-thin reading glasses that hold your nose. They're advertised as being thinner than a nickel, and they definitely are. They're THIN. The bridge is made of a flexible wire and covered with a plastic sleeve. They will bend/fold almost any way you want. Don't do this because you'll scratch the lens. I assume you are sane and would never do this, but you do it. You quickly forget you're even wearing glasses when you're weighed down and comfortable. They're so light you don't feel them. I keep them on most of the day because they are low enough on the nose to not obscure the view, but still provide a handy reading area. It's great that your nose bridge is stable. I have a very high nose and bridge and I have oily skin. I wear these glasses because they hold tightly to my greasy nose. Sorry about the mental image. If Irinkle my nose, they will move. They won't move, slide, or fall off if you remain somber. I used the included non-residue glue to stick the case to the back of my phone while I was on the road. I removed the case and strip with ease when I returned home. The strip between two pieces of wax paper is currently being stored in a plastic bag, which seems to work perfectly as a place to store for future needs. I can place the case in my back pocket and forget it's there, but it's easy to get back. The only complaint is that they scratch easily and the very case they're sent in does most of the scratching! The case material combined with the sharp edges of the envelope-thin case scratched my pair within the first 24 hours. The case needs a liner and the edges need to be smoothed. Really, seriously, now. I'll take a thicker case if it's not lined with something that makes it easier to scratch the lens. The design and function of this very idea makes it impossible to make a case that scratches them. I know you want to keep your product thin, but if it's at the expense of its full performance potential then people will stop buying it. I don't want to have to buy a pair every few weeks just so I don't have to look through a web of scratches, but I also don't want to have to buy a pair every few weeks just so I don't have to look through a web of Please redesign that case. The scratching is a deal-breaker, but I love these glasses. They're a wonderful product, but there are some important changes that need to be made. I've owned this pair for 13 days and I've never touched the lens.


What is the best product for eye yee reading glasses?

Eye yee reading glasses products from Kerecsen. In this article about eye yee reading glasses you can see why people choose the product. Eyecedar and are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye yee reading glasses.

What are the best brands for eye yee reading glasses?

Kerecsen, Eyecedar and are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye yee reading glasses. Find the detail in this article. Gaoye, Eyekepper and Lifeart are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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