Best Eye Yoga Pillow

Yoga 8 Oct 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. DreamTime Lavender Soothing Aromatherapy Relaxation

DreamTime Lavender Soothing Aromatherapy Relaxation

You can treat yourself to a spa at home. Relax and rejuvenation both mind and body. There is a therapy for natural rheumatism. The eye pillow is filled with natural plant herbs and oils. Soothing afflicting: The DreamTime Eye Pillow's gentle weight can help soothe and comfort you. Cold therapy. Before use, seal in a plastic bag and freeze. The cool pillow will make you sleepy. Materials and care are important. The fabric is soft and luxurious. You can remove the grain fill to wash the cover.

Brand: Dreamtime

👤Over the years, I have tried many things to get a good nights sleep. I have been using this pillow for the last two years and am buying a second one so I can just keep it in my travel bag. I get a headaches because of the straps on my eye masks. The pillow is silky and cool on one side and warm and silky on the other. If the lavender scent goes away. You can add some new lavender to it, but not too much, or it will be too strong. You can wash it, but make sure to use a detergent that isn't Tide because you want to be smelling lavender, not Tide, when you lie down.

👤Is this thing amazing? My yoga teacher broke out eye pillows at the end of class. This was a new experience for me. This was perfect because I had just gotten a migraine. These things happen to me a lot, and I usually shove a soft ball or my fist into my eye to make it easier to see. Until this man gave me an eye pillow, I thought a drug-induced coma was my only source of relief. I was aware of the throbbing on my eye and ready to shove my fist into Savasana when he told us to put the pillows over our eyes. Oh, baby. The weight of the fill gave the right amount of weight to counter the pressure. I ordered this after doing my research with one eye. I was excited to get it from the post because I was still suffering from an episode when I received it. I put my zombie self in bed, this time with a miracle pillow, after taking it out of the box. The pillow is great. The fill is light in weight and soft in texture, which makes it ideal for counter pressure. I am not saying that this alleviated the headaches, but if you are a chronic sufferers, any small relief is a miracle. Oh my gosh, the lavender. It is soft and sweet, and calming in these situations when I want to attack myself with a trepanning bit. I wish I had more eyes.

👤I was nervous when I woke up today. This was on my wish list for a long time. I was not sure if I would spend the money. I really like this. It's cool to touch both sides. I tried it out on my face and it felt good, but I don't know if it's because I've been using under eye patches as well. My eyes were puffy in the morning. The smell was great, within that small amount of time. It was not strong at all. I have a problem with my nose and it opened up both of them. It is not uncommon for people to only breathe through their nose at a time. I didn't know it was the smell. I felt my pulse go down as I breathed in. I will put it in the fridge after work tonight. I was afraid I had wasted my money. I see myself using this a lot.

2. Beckham Hotel Collection Pillow 2 Pack

Beckham Hotel Collection Pillow 2 Pack

The small size made it easy to carry and fit in a makeup bag or purse. Birthday gifts for wife, lover, friends and family are ideal. Their pillow is encased in a 250 thread count cover and filled with a soft down alternative. If you're looking for a cool queen size pillow for night sweats, the breathability of their bed pillow can offer welcome relief. The bed pillows are made in an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factory that ensures they meet high safety and environmental standards. The side sleeper pillow is easy to clean and makes life easy. They can be popped in the washer and dried. Their cooling pillows for sleeping can accommodate a wide range of sleeping styles. The bounce-back design will make your favorite position.

Brand: Beckham Luxury Linens

👤The first night we used it, we found a bed bug on the pillow. I had no idea what a bed bug looked like until I found one crawling on me. We put them in the washer as soon as possible, but now we are scared. Don't recommend!

👤The pillows were not good and I wrote a two star review. The company reached out to me multiple times in order to get me to remove the review. I initially refused but after they said they were really trying to do better, I agreed. There is a As soon as I deleted it, I was ghosted. The way to do business is crooked. You get a one star review now.

👤I am a real buyer and I was not paid to review this pillow. I'm not doing that. I want everyone to know what I'm saying. The "Beckham Hotel" pillow is the same as the others. There is a small bar-coded sticker on the Beckham Hotel re-branding sticker on the package of the two pillows. There are 3 more There is no smell. There's no mold. They were shipped in a nice plastic container bag. There are four They are dead flat. They start to fluff up when you remove them. They are ready to use after an hour or so. You can sleep on them if you fluff them a bit. It is not necessary to put them in a dryer. Not sure. I waited a month to write this because I wanted to make sure I liked the pillows. I do! 6) I had some doubts about how soft they would be, but after a couple of nights, I thought they were firm enough to support my head and neck. When I sleep on my side, I end up on my back. 7) They're heavy enough to not move around, but not heavy like a memory foam pillow. They are put in other words. 8) I bought the queen sized ones. It was interesting to me that these are 20 inches wide and a queen size pillowcase is also 20 inches wide. A pillowcase is flat and a pillow is high. It takes some effort to squeeze the pillow into the pillowcase. Maybe this makes the pillow seem a bit more firm than I thought it was. It works and these have worked out well for me. I woke up in a hotel with neck pain about 4 years ago. It didn't seem to get rid of it. I tried several other pillows that I got from the local store. They all went back. I got these pillows and continued on with my neck stretches and now I'm feeling fine. I woke up a week ago with no neck pain. That's a relief. I can't tell you anything about Amazon shoppers. Buying a pillow is a wilderness of choice. I spent a lot of time here. The comfort of pillows is very personal and subjective. I can only say that these worked out for me. I assume you can return them if they don't suit you. I don't know. I'm not a member of the Prime program. Best of luck finding yours! -MSW

3. SANSEVO Aromatherapy Lavender Eye Pillow

SANSEVO Aromatherapy Lavender Eye Pillow

Get this eye PILLOW risk free. All women and men will love this lavender and flax seed eye pillow. This product is backed by a money back guarantee. The rose quartz crystal eye pillow is weighted with lavender and flax seed. Their organic cotton flax lavendar eye pillow is perfect for savasana or just a little time for yourself. It's ideal for use as a spa eye pillow. It's the perfect eye pillow for sleeping and yoga meditation because of the calming lavender scent and the Rose quartz crystals that open and purify your heart. This pillow will help tired eyes. To make a warm eye mask, use this eye pillow. Their lavender sleep mask is large enough to fit in the organic cotton bag and give full coverage and comfort, as well as being easy to store and carry. The ideal eye pillows for yoga nidra are made with quality fabrics and durable stitching. She's going to love it. Surprise your special lady with a lavender pillow for her birthday, anniversary, or just cause. The stone of love is Rose quartz. The gift box is ready for gift giving. They back their products with a manufacturer's warranty. The fabric may feel stiff at first, but can be softened with use and washing.

Brand: Sansevo

👤The scent and packaging are wonderful. The size is too small. I wish they had more sizes. This feels too small for me. I find myself pressing it down to completely cover my eyes and having to remain still for it to stay covering my eyes. I don't know why they didn't just make it bigger for the price.

👤It smells nice, but it's not much of a positive thing. The item was stuffed so much that it was stiff as a board, which defeats the purpose. The fabric was stiff. It didn't work out for me. Returned item.

👤This eye pillow is perfect for when you have a headaches or need a little help. The microwave has 30 second intervals. This is a bit of a problem. You have to shake it and put it back every 30 seconds, but it's worth it when you reach 90 seconds.

👤I thought I was getting a mask because I didn't read properly. There are no straps to hold the eye pillow on the face. It has a wonderful scent.

👤The filling is too light, the fabric is too stiff, and the eye pillow doesn't drape like an eye pillow should, since it doesn't conform to the shape of my face.

👤El olor is a lavanda. Ah, sacaron 100. No permite, no me encant, no me amolde fcil a la cara.

👤I live by the smell. It is stuffed so that it can't drape across the eyes and it is stiff.

4. Weighted Kivik Adjustable Compression Blindfold

Weighted Kivik Adjustable Compression Blindfold

The mask is comfortable to wear because it has black and grey on one side and plush grey on the other. Bring your yoga sleep mask with you wherever you go to get deep sleep and relieve stress. It's easy to use, simply adjust the shape of your face to block out all light that may disrupt sleep, and the flexible strap holds the mask in place through hours of sleep. It's great for travel on a plane, train, or commute. The ideal weight for the bag was 10 ounces of glass beads, which was found to be cold or hot. Hot or cold therapy can be delivered to soothe headaches, sinuses or stress. The inner bag replacement and mask cleaning are super convenient because of the easy to maintain design. Kivik provides premium products and offers a 30 day refund and lifetime warranty. Please don't hesitate to contact them with any questions.

Brand: Kivik

👤I bought this because it was advertised as Cooling Heat Therapy Compression Pain Relief, but it only provides compression. I tried putting the mask in the fridge and freezer, but it was too cold for it to stay. It doesn't work for me. I didn't try the heat part. If I can't return it, I'll give it to my 10yo granddaughter who will love it.

👤As you lay on your side, the metal ring on the strap becomes visible. It has woken me up a few times.

👤If you put the fuzzy material facing the skin, you can find a different adjusting mechanism or flip it so the flat part is against the head. A little uneasy. The product is good but needs some minor design adjustments.

👤The mask adds a different dynamic to sleep. The gentle pressure on the eyes and forehead is the perfect stress relief at the end of a long day.

👤Everything catches on the slo-mo. There is a pillowcase and sheets. It's just a pain.

👤I will return the mask because it has a twisted strap. I like the feel of the fabric and the weight, but it is not comfortable because of the twisted fabric.

👤Solid product. Don't hesitate to buy.

5. Blissful Being Lavender Scented Microwavable

Blissful Being Lavender Scented Microwavable

Give your eyes a spa day by getting yourself a luxurious eye pillow and indulge your eyes after a long day at work. There are certain requirements to your needs. This eye pillow rests over your eyes and exerts gentle pressure. Place the silk eye pillow on and enjoy! There are many benefits in the comfort of your living room. Pick one of their 8 jewel tone colors or get all of them. Both body and soul can be contorted. The eye sleep pillow is made of lavender and flax seeds. The benefits of lavender and the benefits of the Flax Seeds are the same. Choose its purpose. The eye pillow mask is very easy to use. It's ideal for travel and long car trips, after yoga, meditation orPilates, perfect for sleeping and resting. You can take a break at the office. The eye mask is freezable and microwavable. This eye pillow is made in the USA and is free for women and men. This product is backed by a money back guarantee.

Brand: Blissful Being

👤I was trying to replace an eye pillow that I loved and lost and I was hoping this would fit the bill. The green was unnerving because I was matching my room decor so it could sit next to the bed. I went back for the color I ordered, but it was not accepted as a return. I would like to see the items that are non returnable displayed more prominently. If a wrong item is sent, the company should have to replace it. Maybe that would be the case if I called it in. I don't have time to deal with the holds so I will make due. The eye pillow is good. The scent was strong but quickly dissipated. It's a bit bigger than my old one, which I didn't like at first. If I'm lying on my side, it's nice to have it propped up. The satin is nice. I don't like the idea of a fabric that is cheap and artificial, but if you like it, it's nice. I like the packaging. It will work, but I wanted to warn those buyers.

👤I like this. The first attempt was too small and the second was not weighted enough. This one is large and comfortable, and it's the perfect weight for my eyes. The lavender scent is subtle yet effective. I might be buying these for teachers.

👤The eye pillow is large and heavy. I'm not a fan of the scent of lavender, but this is quite pleasant and subtle. The product is a great price. I like the color and the material. I'm very happy I chose this pillow.

👤I don't like sleeping with air conditioning so this is a better eye pillow for cooler weather. The smooth fabric doesn't feel hot. Eye pillows are best for people who don't move much in their sleep. That's me. I like pillows more than sleep masks with elastic to hold them in place. The lavender scent fades but it's normal.

👤Excellent product! I received it in the mail and was told to mist the pillow and heat it for 30 seconds and the heat would last 10 minutes. I misted the pillow lightly with a mist I made and heated it to make it smell great. I am able to use it on my neck and back because it is a descent size. The heat has lasted longer than 10 minutes.

👤I tried to wash it in case it was just the fabric cover, but it smells worse now.

👤I gave a few of these to my coworkers as a therapy gift after a long month of work. It was possible to relax the mind and body by heating them up.

👤I like this little pillow. I use it for yoga. The company takes care of its customers. Adding a few drops of essential oils will refresh the lavender smell. I have a pillow case for this.

6. Namaste Pillow Lavender Weighted Organic

Namaste Pillow Lavender Weighted Organic

It's perfect for Savsana. The benefits of physical activity. Relax the mind. The Mind and Body can be completely relaxed by reducing stress and fatigue. Has your lavender scent lost its freshness? The filling of the eye pillow can be rejuvenated with the help of the Blissful Being Eye Pillow. Both body and soul can be contorted. The eye sleep pillow is made of lavender and flax seeds. The benefits of lavender and the benefits of the Flax Seeds are similar. Choose its purpose. The eye pillow mask is very easy to use. It's ideal for travel and long car trips, after yoga, meditation orPilates, perfect for sleeping and resting. You can take a break at the office. The eye mask is freezable and microwavable. Get this eye PILLOW risk free. All women and men will love this lavender and flax seed eye pillow. This product is backed by a money back guarantee.

Brand: Blissful Being

👤I use this for my clients. It smells amazing, and it warms nicely in my towel warmer. I like the weight and it helps to relax. I wish it were a little longer. It could completely block out light. I could hold it in place while I moved the neck. I have ordered a second one for personal use.

👤Some of the eye pillows are more than 20 bucks. I think this is a good deal. I like the fact that it can be used again and again, and I might even add a few seeds to it. You can wash it if you really want to, but you need to take everything out. The lavender scent is pleasant. The material is good for the price. My only wish is that it was a little longer.

👤It was listed as being made in the USA. The label said it was made in China. I bought it for a friend in Japan who can buy her own made in China stuff if she wants to, but I wish it listed its origins honestly.

👤I was really looking forward to this eye mask, but it was out of my price range, and the lavender scent was rancid. The filling is not silky or soft and it is not good for the eyes or skin. The logo on the mask is offensive. Returning.

👤I've been using my original one for almost 4 years and I'm back for another as the lavender scent is gone. The cover is soft. A great purchase.

👤The weighted eye pillow is perfect. I love the cotton over, it's easy to clean and it's gray like most of my yoga and meditation props. It's great and not over powered, so keep it in a zip lock bag. Happy with my choice!

👤I was looking for a pillow like this. It is not super filled and rests nicely on your eyes. The scent is relaxing. It keeps out the light and is the right amount of weight.

👤The scent is not overwhelming and the weight on this pillow is perfect. I should have ordered this sooner.

7. Gaiam Relax Restorative Eye Pillow

Gaiam Relax Restorative Eye Pillow

Popping your eye pillow in the freezer will reduce swelling and relieve headaches. Purchasing a few of them will give you a steady supply of ready to use eye pillows. It feels very chilled. The lavender scented fill is on the eye pillow. Soft, soothing fabric calms. It's ideal for relaxation and yoga. Sized to give full coverage. The dimensions are 8.5" x 4.

Brand: Gaiam

👤Like the product but won't buy again. Gaiam should review its supply chain and source products in the USA or a pro-USA country.

👤I loved this eye mask. The weight helps you relax. The corner seam tore when it was only a month from purchase. I have tried sewing it up, crossing fingers that the thread holds, and no more of the filling comes out.

👤I went with the eye pillow because I've been pleased with other Gaiam products. The cover is a fine, beautiful silk that feels like silk, but the listing says it is cotton, which it is not, as the cover is a fine, beautiful silk that feels like silk. The weight, size, scent, and amount of fill are all perfect, and the print is even better than in the pictures. I'm thinking about buying more gifts, and can't wait for my next savasana.

👤I like the fact that this eye mask is heavier than most of the others I looked for. I like using the heavier sandbags for Savasana, so that's probably not surprising.

👤The yoga nidra class used eye pillows as props. I went to Amazon to get one for myself. I love the pillow. It has a gentle scent, it is soft, and I don't find it heavy. I think Gaiam makes good products. I'm thinking of buying another one.

👤The quality is heavy and the lavender smell is very pleasant.

👤It is nice and heavy, but not smelly. Maybe I need a stronger lavender scent.

👤There is no lavender scent as claimed. That was disappointing.

👤This is the best eye pillow I have ever owned. The weight is nice. You get what you pay for if you order from other distributors. The outer shell is not silk. It works out better for me. The smell is lovely. It's easy to remove and wash the cover I made out of some material I had kicking around. I gave it to my parents and they didn't want it back. Highly recommended.

👤Good quality stitching, soft pillow, pleasant lavender scent. The box says " 100% Silk", but the tag says " 100% Polyester".

👤I use it for my patients and they love it. It's made from high quality materials. Highly recommended.

👤I love it! I have time to order it.

👤It is as described. The lavender scent faded quickly, but the wait was decent.

8. Emiana Removable Relaxation Light Blocking Meditation

Emiana Removable Relaxation Light Blocking Meditation

We back their products with a manufacturer's warranty. The fabric may feel stiff at first, but can be softened with use and washing. Natural relief: It helps you rest and relax. Filled with dried lavender flowers for a calming effect, and organic flax seed for soft pressure and blocking out light. High quality fabric. There is a soft and warm touch on one side and a smooth and cool touch on the other. There is a strap that can be adjusted and removed. The machine is machine washable. lavender flowers and organic flax seed are sealed in a white cotton pouch. To wash the eye pillow cover, simply remove the cotton pouch, wash the cover in cold water, and lay it out flat to dry. For hot + cold therapy. Remove the cotton pouch and microwave it for 30 seconds before putting it back in the eye pillow cover. If you want to use the eye pillow for cold therapy, seal it in a freezer bag and place it in the freezer for an hour. Functional: It helps soothe the mind, whether during yoga, meditation, sleep, or blissful moments of relaxation. A thoughtful gift for a friend or loved one.

Brand: Emiana

👤I can't find the perfect eye pillow. I bought the Dreamtime for a long time and it was perfect. It is not the same, no weight, cheap fabric. I sent it back. This one is okay. I like that it has a strap. The cover is clean. I have a small face and the weight is not big enough for me. Light streams around if I rest it lightly. It is uncomfortable if I push it harder. If the bag was a little bigger with the same weight, it would be perfect.

👤I got this eye pillow about a week ago and it's by far and above my favorite out of any I've used in my life. It's nice to swap the sides of the pillow if you want. The strap is easy to change, which is great because at times I want it to be loose. It's easy to take off during the night, but I want to make sure it stays on, and it's a solid strap so it's been working well. The lavender scent is lovely. It was potent when it first arrived, but by the evening it had mellowed out. It's really nice after a week. The cover can be washed and taken off. I haven't had a chance to play with it yet, but I can already tell that it's well constructed. I don't have to worry that hand washing it will be a problem. Many thanks for sharing the product! I bought my sisters a few more for them, which they're enjoying.

👤The Emiana eye pillow was recommended to me by my masseuse. If you are doing Thai massage or yoga you can use the strap to hold in place while there is movement. It feels very comfortable on my eyes and bridge of my nose when I use it. The pillow is made of silk fabric on one side and a soft velvet on the other, lined with a dark purple satin. The elastic strap is not static. I can use it only when I need it and avoid over- washing it. I bought 4 to give as Christmas gifts to my yoga friends. A friend enjoys heating the pillow for heat therapy by heating it in the microwave for 30 seconds and then removing the insert flaxseed bag. So nice! It's a great gift to yourself for some R&R. This brand is highly recommended.

👤This product is great. The fabric cover is very soft and comforting. The scent is not overpowering and the weight is not heavy on the eyes. I don't like eye pillows with straps, so I like the fact that the strap is replaceable. I was pleasantly surprised when I cooled the eye pillow in the freezer for an hour, it felt great. I would recommend this as a gift for yourself or someone you love.

👤It's time to turn the tables if you have a friend who does kind things for you. I bought an Emiana eye pillow for a friend and she loves it. I love it too. It's a great way to nurture someone. I want my own Emiana eye pillow.

9. Gaiam Bolster Rectangular Meditation Pillow

Gaiam Bolster Rectangular Meditation Pillow

This combination is ideal for sleep, napping, and shift work. They offer a 12 months warranty and a year of technical support. They would appreciate it if you could contact them at any time. A yoga blanket is used to support the body during yoga, meditation or relaxation. Filled with natural cotton batting for superior comfort and cushion. Handle rate: The yoga pillow has a sturdy handle that makes it easy to grab the meditation cushion. It's important to know care information. The cover can be thrown in the washing machine. Materials: The cover is made of 100% polyester. Cotton batting is natural.

Brand: Gaiam

👤The stuffing was not smooth, like it was stuffed with cheap foam. When I sat on it, I could tell that the stuffing was going to be very dense. I returned it. The Bean Products pranayama bolster arrived and was perfect, so I will be looking at their other yoga products next time I decide to buy some pillows. I was pretty disappointed in Gaiam.

👤The reviews should have been read by me. The bolster was not straight out of the box. The final shape of the pillow feels as if the stuffing was shoved in without thought. I expected better from your brand. I am going back.

👤The product was not perfect when it arrived. To no avail, I tried to fix it. The cover is very soft and can lose its shape in a tightly sealed box.

👤I returned the purple bolster that I bought because it was distorted and misshaped, and I got the teal one that had a big chunck of foam missing from the corner. I returned that one as well. I found out that the measurements shown on the website are incorrect. The size was the main reason I bought it. The true demensions are shown on the gaiam webpage. If it was shaped like a solid rectangular bolster, it would be an amazing bolster.

👤Didn't like it. I was trying to get a yoga bolster like the one at my studio, but it was too soft and flat. I sent it back.

👤This pillow is strong. I can't sink onto the floor when meditating. It is very comfortable and durable. I use it as a belly brace for myself while I'm on my period. It works well there for the record. This would be a great gift for anyone. This product is very good. I did not get compensated for my review. I like to give honest feedback on products I try. I hope this review helped you. If so, please click theHelpful button to let me know that it has helped you.

👤I've been practicing Yin yoga for 3 years and have seen people swear at me in class. I don't think I can ever go back to not using it after finally getting this one. This bolster is large enough to support me in any position, especially in Sleeping Swan. The material is easy to clean. I've yet to try other yoga supports, but I'd be happy to buy one for myself or as a gift for other yoga lovers in my life.

👤The price was too good to be true. They are too short to do reclining poses on top of blocks. I can't afford the better ones, so they'll have to do for now.

👤This thing is terrible. Worst purchase ever. It is saggy. I swear it must have old balled up socks. I'm angry about this purchase. It wasn't cheap. If I could, I would give it zero stars.

👤The bolster arrived and it is very large and irregular, like it has been filled in a really quick and mediocre fashion. I took off the outer layer to see if I could make it more smooth and feel better by moving some of the stuffing inside. There were some cotton pieces that were sticking out of the seam in the inner layer. The bolster feels squishy because the cotton wasn't put in evenly. I tried to push some of the stuffing from one side to the other side, but it didn't seem to have as much. It's not possible to fix it without cutting the seam. Frustrating! Unless I can send it back to them and get a replacement, I'll have to do this. This was shipped in a poor condition and I was really disappointed. The quality of this product was expected to be better. I think this bolster would be great if it was in good condition. It's a nice size and I like the color and texture of the outer layer. I would think twice about ordering this again. I'm not happy.

10. Zen Nation Lavender Flaxseed Washable

Zen Nation Lavender Flaxseed Washable

You will wake up refreshed even after a bad night sleep with the perfect cotton mask. Night Blindfold is made of natural materials, has an ergonomics design, and is hypoallergic, which makes it great for people with sensitive skin. Cotton is ideal for insomnia, migraines headaches and dry-eye sufferers, and the design pattern will help you sleep better. Rest, relax, revere. The Zen Nation eye pillow has lavender and flaxseed in it. lavender in aromatherapy can aid with sleep, meditation and relaxation, as well as applying gentle pressure to the eyes and blocking out light. All natural ingredients. The eye pillow has dried lavender buds. The cover of the washing machine has aremovable, washable one. The cover can be washed and used again and again. The eye pillow doesn't come with a strap so it can conform to the shape of your face, even if you don't have a strap. Hot or cold therapy. The eye pillow can be heated in the microwave to help with headaches. Put the heated pillow on your eyes for 10 minutes at a time to help dry them. The heated eye compress can relieve irritation and dry eyes from long-term digital use. It can be chilled in the freezer to relieve headaches. The perfect gift is calmness, relaxation and tranquility. It's perfect for dry eye relief, yoga, mediation, at home spa session and more. If you have any issues with your order, please contact them for a remedy.

Brand: Zen Nation

👤The product was described as new. The eye pillow is definitely not new, as you can see from the photo taken out of the box. It had stains of unknown origin on it. This item is meant to be placed on top of the eyes.

👤This is what I have been looking for. I remember having a similar scented eye pillow 20 years ago. This is the closest one I could find and it smells great. I believe the cover comes off and is either replaceable or not. It smells like lavender essential oils. If I ever need to buy this again, I would.

👤I had an eye pillow for 8 years. I have gone through 4 eye pillows since it came time to replace it. They were too heavy and itchy on the eyes. This one is amazing. I had to replace the eye pillow. I love it. I have not tried heating it. I put it in the freezer for a few hours before bed. It is very relaxing. It would be a good idea!

11. Unscented Eye Pillow Migraine Anxiety

Unscented Eye Pillow Migraine Anxiety

Materials and care are important. The fabric is soft and luxurious. You can remove the grain fill to wash the cover. Each pillow is made from 100% Organic Cotton and filled with Organic Flax Seed and Natural Aromatherapy Herbs to help relieve tension and stress. Let the muscles in your face rest for a while. You will fall into a deep state of relaxation if you enjoy the perfect amount of light acupressure as the filling of the flax seed gives you a mini massage around your eyes. Click the add to cart button now to start enjoying peace and relaxation. Popping your eye pillow in the freezer will reduce swelling and relieve headaches. Purchasing a few of them will give you a steady supply of ready to use eye pillows. It feels very chilled.

Brand: Eye Pillow Vacation

👤My daughter suffers from migraines and the masks we've purchased have gotten warm quickly or been uncomfortable. Everyone knows that you're sensitive to smells when you have a migras. The eye pillow is superior in many ways. We keep it in a bag in the freezer to keep it from smelling anything else. It lasts a bit before it stops feeling cold. The fabric feels good in your face and we like the flexibility to fold it to place it on one eye, even though I would love to see it with a strap to keep it in place.

👤The answer to all my problems is this eye pillow. I used to have to stack pillows over my face and sometimes they would slide down over my nose and mouth. The Eye Pillow is perfect for covering my eyes and not covering my nose. The silk on my face feels great and I can even heat it up if I want to. If you have the same problem that I had, it's a really good solution. Their customer service is top notch and they responded to my questions within an hour. The exact date it stated it would be was received. If needed, would go through this manufacturer again.

👤The pillow is good. The company has no mention of how to clean these or even a matching cover. I accidentally threw this in the washing machine. It came out with water, soap and seeds inside. For those wondering, this is not machine-washable. If only one person is using it, it's great, but for therapists who use these on multiple clients, there needs to be a slipcover for sale or included. I will need to find a cover from another company, but I hope it fits. The size of the pillow should be posted by the company. The product was good but not thought through completely.

👤I bought this one with a cover that was not pleasant to the skin on my face, so I'm using that one for my knee. The one on my face is very nice. I keep it in the freezer all the time because it doesn't hold cold long. Maybe 10 or 15 minutes, but maybe that's just the breaks when you don't buy one of those super toxic gel and pvc material packs, which I can't tolerate. It is scent free, which is important to me as I have multiple chemical sensitivities. I'm allergic to everything and there's nothing in this product that makes me sick. There is a I would look elsewhere if you needed long lasting cold.

👤I have been getting headaches because of working at home. If I take medicine, I am pretty good because I have few symptoms. Doing this with the eye pillow heated up in the microwave is helping. I practice breathing techniques while I lay down with this on my eyes when I feel stressed, and it's calming down my thoughts. I'm going to buy a one for my mother. Highly recommended as gifts.


What is the best product for eye yoga pillow?

Eye yoga pillow products from Dreamtime. In this article about eye yoga pillow you can see why people choose the product. Beckham Luxury Linens and Sansevo are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye yoga pillow.

What are the best brands for eye yoga pillow?

Dreamtime, Beckham Luxury Linens and Sansevo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye yoga pillow. Find the detail in this article. Kivik, Blissful Being and Gaiam are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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