Best Eye Zoom Readers

Zoom 29 Nov 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Reading Glasses Timeless Sure Flex Dura Tight

Reading Glasses Timeless Sure Flex Dura Tight

Ultra violet protection coating. The lens width is 2.36 inches.

Brand: Truvision Readers

👤I liked the glasses. They were light, strong, and easy to understand. All three pairs broke in the same place, the left-hand side of the frame. The first pair broke after I dropped it. Yes, carpet. The second pair broke when someone backed into me. The third pair broke when I was cleaning them. I can't recommend them because of this.

👤The seller apologized and gave me a complimentary box of 3 for my troubles, after my email was well received, I'm not being paid for this review. Excellent customer service. I am very hard on glasses and have tried more than one set of readers. I use them daily and work outdoors. I hated the cheap plastic readers that I used to buy at the store, but I could see my glasses clearly. I've tried a lot of styles and brands. The most fragile part of the frame is next to the nose bridge, which makes it impossible to glue the frame back together. I've sent the company an email and will update after they've responded. The focal area is the weakest part of most readers. The focal point on these is the best I've found without paying for glass. I budget for them as though they were disposable because of the affordable price point. I take the diopter test every six to twelve months to see if my number has changed. My favorite non-glass readers are on Amazon.

👤I just ordered more. It's hard to stop eating popcorn. I found TruVision a few years ago, replacing expensive pairs that I kept losing, and I've never experienced breakage except from sitting on a pair. I buy extras for a few students each year who need them for reading, but with families unable to afford them. Middle school boys and girls like to use individual bags for cleaning and take good care of their glasses. The quality is fine for the price.

👤Excellent customer service and great glasses. I chose these glasses based on their reviews on Amazon. I have bought wire-framed reading glasses from other companies in the past and have been able to break them at the nose bridge. The TruVision Readers seem to be pretty sturdy according to Amazon reviews. I ordered my glasses late on Friday afternoon and they were delivered to my house on Sunday. Each of the three pairs of glasses was packaged in cloth bags. I received an email from the co- founder of Tru Vision thanking me for the purchase and offering to contact her if I had any concerns. I was pleased with the glasses I received. She told me that she was sending me a fourth pair of glasses to show her appreciation for the time I took to respond to her email. There are a couple other follow up notes that have been sent byErin. It was a pleasure to receive such top-notch service from the company.

👤These glasses have been purchased for a couple of years. They fit well, the focus is good, and the spring hinges make them hang over the shirt neck while not wearing them. The last two boxes are no longer durable. After wearing three pairs within a month, I have reached my breaking point. If I knew they would last longer, I would pay more. The bean counters have reached these.

2. Reading Glasses Fashion Readers Eyeglasses

Reading Glasses Fashion Readers Eyeglasses

The lens width is 2.13 inches. The lens is 1.06 inches.

Brand: Kerecsen

👤These are cute readers. There is a color to go with any outfit. They are comfortable and good quality. I have a bigger face. I was a little worried that they might be small. They are very comfortable. The measurements are correct. Each pair has a soft case. A good size cleaning cloth was included. I don't think you will be disappointed, I recommend giving these a try. I'm very happy in my camper.

👤They have a nice frame. They feel strong. I ordered five more because I liked them so much. I keep them everywhere.

👤The quality and style are great. The arms have a spring in them so they are not at risk of breaking. They came individually with cases and a cloth. Will order again when I lose these. Ha!

👤The quality of their product and service is great. I received this shipment in record time. I ordered two sets based on positive reviews and am very happy I did. I am not good at reading glasses and they scratch the lens. These readers are the best I have seen so far and they come with protective glass covers and cleaning cloths. It's not often that you find such great quality in both the company and the product, but this company did both, so thank you for your outstanding customer service and product. I highly recommend this seller. I will order from them again. I am glad I did a double order because these should last me a long time now that I have protective covers for the glasses.

👤No more standing in a drug store looking for reading glasses, you can now find them in a display rack. You can get what you want by clicking on the magnification. In cool colors. You get a whole set for a reasonable price. You could change them to match your outfits. These are packaged nicely. The frustration of having your reading glasses break and having to hunt for new ones is over.

👤1. The colors are not as bright as the picture shows. The brown and gray were disappointing. 2. It is the prettiest color. It is closer to pink. Blue is not bright at all. 3. The sleeves are flimsy. It's nice to have them, but two of them are already unraveling. 4. Only one cloth. I can't because I usually wrap my glasses in that before putting them in the sleeve. 5. The width of the face is small. They barely fit a woman. I don't think they'll fit a normal sized man. 6. The glasses have short arms. I mean short. My eyelashes brush the lens which is really annoying because it puts the lens close to your face. 7. Good quality readers have the same lens strength. These don't. It's either hit or miss. It's nice to have five readers in one set, but there are problems that haven't been addressed. Two people were talking about the arms of the glasses being too short and they were old reviews. They haven't fixed the issue yet. Negative reviews are held for more than a week before posting so they are ignored by reviewers. I want reviews to be real and honest.

3. SIGVAN Reading Blocking Eyeglasses Multicolour

SIGVAN Reading Blocking Eyeglasses Multicolour

The lens width is 2.04 inches. The lens is 1.49 inches high.

Brand: Sigvan

👤The glasses were well packed. I have a large face and head and need larger glasses. The arms fit snug, but not tight, because they curve slightly inward. They are light and comfortable to wear all day. The big and clear glasses are good for avoiding peripheral distortions. I like the 5 different colors. It was difficult to find readers with 0.75 magnification for use at the computer. They recommend that you use computer readers that are half the strength of your close-up readers.

👤It took 2 months to arrive, which was a minor issue to me. These things explode while you're wearing them. I felt something hit me in the eye when I heard a loud snap while reading. I thought my grandson might have thrown something that hit my glasses, but one side just blew apart and the lens hit me in the eye. This has happened with 2 of the 5 pairs. I will not be wearing the others and will not recommend anyone to purchase them.

👤April 19, 2021. All five pairs were broken for no apparent reason. Four of them broke in the same place. The stem connection to the frame broke. If you want them to last more than a month, don't buy them.

👤These glasses are very nice. It's very lightweight and I like it. Don't wear frames on your head, they stretch out easily and are gentle, they scratch up very easily too.

👤The glasses are cute and comfortable but I ordered a variety of colors and got 5 pairs of brown tortoise. They are going to have to do something. Not worth the hassle of returning. Don't plan on ordering from this company again. If they don't check the orders before shipping, it will be a waste of time.

👤I have good vision but it gets blurry when I look at my phone and computer because of eye fatigue. These give my eyes a rest without being a strong strength and help with blue light which is similar to the light devices emit.

👤These glasses are blue. I can see the blue light blocker, they are lightweight, comfortable, and fun colors. I will probably order more.

👤Over the years, I've purchased readers from "name brand" companies and they were quite expensive. I just had surgery to fix my eye and needed to purchase a new prescription to replace my old one. I decided to try Sigvan Readers. I immediately ordered another set after I received my first order. I was surprised how light they were. They work perfectly and might have to purchase another set. I think so.

4. Eyekepper Pack Ladies Reading Glasses

Eyekepper Pack Ladies Reading Glasses

The coating is scratch- resistant. The lens width is 1.97 inches. The lens is 1.46 inches.

Brand: Eyekepper

👤These readers are sexy. The colors, size and style are perfect.

👤I love them! The glasses give me the magnification I need to read small print and see the details of my art projects. The shape of the frames is exciting to me. I bought a few readers from the drugstore, but their lack of style made me feel like an old lady. The frames are light and strong. You get 4 pair of readers for this price, which is pretty impressive. I hope they will live to see another day.

👤Readers are very fashionable and comfortable.

👤Quality frames don't scratch easily. I don't mind throwing them in my bag with my keys, they have survived that mistreatment so far. I like them. It's great to work on things like sewing and cutting patterns.

👤These are the best deals I have found. They are cute and stylish. Love them. Very sturdy and well made. I need to order more for my desk.

👤The glasses are a little large. They don't remain that way despite attempts to get a better fit by bending the arms. I would buy them again if they were more flexible. I like that they are light.

👤The frames are larger than I thought. The lens is very high quality and similar to high priced reading glasses I have purchased before.

👤My expensive prescription glasses are not as good as these glasses. The frames are strong.

👤The prices at the opticians are likely not good for your eyes. If you can get roughly the right magnification, but the lens are not very good, you should only use them when your regular glasses get damaged. I'll be going to the opticians soon, and keeping these for when I go to the shops. If you also like large glasses, these are not oversized as listed.

👤They are better than Tom Ford reading glasses.

👤On the site, that's what it says. Absolutely brilliant! I usually pay for a local super drug of around $12.50 per glasses and wear them for 2 years. Well done site.

👤They look great and have a lot of positive comments. Since they're so large, they're robust as well.

👤A big frame and very comfortable, so pleased with them. Happy customer.

5. CCVOO Blocking Headache Eyeglasses Transparent

CCVOO Blocking Headache Eyeglasses Transparent

The blue light blocker with UV400 protects against harmful blue rays and reduces eye fatigue, headaches, and blurred vision caused by long periods of reading, digital screen, computer gaming, and work under fluorescent lights. The best reading experience can be brought about by the accurate magnification strength of the professional anti reflective transparent lens. The lightweight TR90 Frame is durable, flexible and comfortable, suitable for long-term wearing. The temples can open up to 25, suitable for any face shape. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them, they will provide you with a satisfactory solution.

Brand: Ccvoo

👤I spent a lot of time searching for readers at a fair price, and decided on these. Why? Price 2. There are plastic and durable items. The frames are stylish. It was comfortable 5. For the sake of this review, the only thing I dislike is that all the lenses have blue light protectors. 3 pair can have blue light protectors and 2 pair can be simply readers. They have been great. I don't recommend these over my prescribed lens because they are better. Do what is best for your eye wear needs. The reason I take out the time to write reviews is because I don't rely on star rating and I personally read reviews to help make purchasing decisions.

👤These glasses look great. I work and go to school full time, so I am in front of a computer most of the time, and these glasses have helped block out the blue light. Even when I am not on my computer, they help me with reading because they are also reading glasses. They are very stylish.

👤The glasses were described in a good way. I have a wide face and they are comfortable. These are lightweight and don't fall down on my nose, I don't have much bridge. My coworker has a narrower face and they work well for her. We have to be on computers a lot and my eyes don't strain like they did with plain glasses. Really help with headaches.

👤I like them. Each pair was packaged in a plastic bag. I saw that they got theirs with chips or scratches. The 4 of them were in great shape. I get blurry vision at work because my eyes strain a lot. I already had some computer glasses, but I thought I'd try some new ones. So far, so good. I seem to be doing well with them. I like how they look. I had black, leopard, rose, and clear. The clear was disappointing to me. I thought they would be cute. These glasses didn't look great. The leopard and the rose look great. Good buy for money.

👤I have been working from home for the past seven years and have become a nuisance due to the constant staring of a computer screen and phone. Sometimes I need a slight magnification when I am looking at technical specifications and documents. These glasses are my go-to. I wondered why it took me so long to find them. The frame variations make a cute fashion statement. It's a good thing.

👤I wasn't sure if these would make a difference, but they are great! There is a difference. If you use the blue light filter on your phone, that's what it will do except for your computer screen. I use two monitors and sit relatively close to them so these are a game-changer. My eyes can see the difference. I got the 4 pack so I can share with my husband or change the frames if I'm not happy with them. Highly recommend for the price, quantity and quality!

6. ThinOptics Reading Glasses Universal Strength

ThinOptics Reading Glasses Universal Strength

The bridge is 12.7 millimeters. ThinOptics Readers are designed to grip with gentle pressure and are feather-light. They can be moved up or down to fit your nose. ThinOptics Reader is made of shatterproof, thermo-injection molded, optical-grade polycarbonate. The bridge is made from a metal called Nitinol, which is 10 times more elastic than spring steel, and encased in medical-grade silicone tubing. They use the same material in their glasses. The durable case is made to protect your glasses from damage and the lens are made by one of the most advanced optical lens manufacturers in the world.


👤The little part that holds the nose in place broke. I will order a replacement online because it has a lifetime warranty. I should be able to get a new pair quickly because I registered them when I bought them. There is a link to file a warranty claim on the warranty web page, but it just links back to the same page. There's a blurb at the top of the page that says to call customer service, but it goes to a voicemail that says someone will contact you in 7 days. I haven't heard back for 13 days. I will have to buy other reading glasses until they honor their warranty. The ThinOptics glasses are not worth the cheap materials, but the warranty made the price palatable.

👤Very nice glasses. It is easy to use. The misleading packaging is the reason these did not get more stars. There is a message on the box and a note on the case that says "Activate your Free Replacement Glasses forever..." This warranty does not apply to damage caused by use with another product, but only to damage caused by accident, abuse or misuse, which is what the basic 90 day warrantee does. Not much of a free replacement claim. It was very misleading.

👤I received the glasses as promised, but they were not strong enough. I wear 1.5 and they send 1.0. I sent them an email a week ago, but have yet to hear anything from them. Poor communication is something the company does a lot. I could've gotten a satisfactory resolution if they had given me a way to speak to the single person who seemed to care and know what she was doing. They always do that, so I'm forced to email their general support email address and wait for them to tell me something useless. I wish I'd never upgraded the star rating because it was false hopes. I got better service from the seller of counterfeit glasses than I do from the actual company. I don't care how innovative or useful your products are, you're nothing without customer support. ThinOptics is not something. I can't wait for competitors to come so I can buy their products. I'm done with the company. I received an email from "Mona" with ThinOptics to inform me that the seller was selling counterfeit glasses. The store has been closed by Amazon. I'm getting 2 pair of authentic ThinOptics from Mona. I've raised my rating to 3 because of the promising news. I will try the glasses for a few weeks and then the rating will be adjusted. It shouldn't have taken so long to get to this point. When I began this issue with ThinOptics, I provided full order details. There are a dozen idiots who don't know or don't care about customer service. I had to deal with an idiot. ThinOptics can eliminate the dead weight that drives customers away. I was done with them when they came into the picture. I would have had a pleasant customer experience if she had been involved from the beginning. ThinOptics began to backtrack on their claims when I challenged them. They offered me a free replacement, but it didn't address the design that will cause every pair sold to become scratched. They want me to pay $5 for shipping for my free pair. No how, not ever. ThinOptics, it's not gonna happen. I will never use your products again after you got my last penny. If you like cheap products with bad design, poor customer service, and lies, then you should stay away from these people. I received a reply nearly 2 weeks after I sent the email. I dropped another star from my rating because of the contents of the reply. The person was clear. Most of their reply was telling me how to clean the lens. They claim the rim of the glasses should protect it against being scratched, but I and every ThinOptics owner know this is not true. The case has scratched my eyes since they were only a day old, and they're almost too scratched to use anymore. Please look for something else. This is a great idea, but it was poorly executed. I was hoping that they would send a canned response that said how to care for the lens. I've been wearing glasses for over 50 years and know how to care for them. They get more and more scratches because they have never been touched by anything. I didn't tell the engineers what I thought was the source of the scratches, but they all agreed that it was the hard plastic case. I'll take the word of 6 licensed engineers and my own observations about apathetic customer support. The engineers used science to make their conclusions. -- I had to give them 2 stars for their tendency to be scratched by the same case they're supposed to be stored in. After 13 days of good care, I have attached a picture of myself. I only blew the dust off the lens, and you can see the dust in the picture. I want to give them 5-stars, but I can't because of this. I hope you take my comments with a grain of salt. After having them for almost two weeks, they are meant to be my honest opinions and findings. It's not my intention to shame anyone, just to give honest feedback. I have high praise in many areas, but I am not advertising for these glasses. They're fairly affordable. I paid for the readers. The idea behind these glasses is very clever. They're ultra-thin reading glasses that hold your nose. They're advertised as being thinner than a nickel, and they definitely are. They're THIN. The bridge is made of a flexible wire and covered with a plastic sleeve. They will bend/fold almost any way you want. Don't do this because you'll scratch the lens. I assume you are sane and would never do this, but you do it. You quickly forget you're even wearing glasses when you're weighed down and comfortable. They're so light you don't feel them. I keep them on most of the day because they are low enough on the nose to not obscure the view, but still provide a handy reading area. It's great that your nose bridge is stable. I have a very high nose and bridge and I have oily skin. I wear these glasses because they hold tightly to my greasy nose. Sorry about the mental image. If Irinkle my nose, they will move. They won't move, slide, or fall off if you remain somber. I used the included non-residue glue to stick the case to the back of my phone while I was on the road. I removed the case and strip with ease when I returned home. The strip between two pieces of wax paper is currently being stored in a plastic bag, which seems to work perfectly as a place to store for future needs. I can place the case in my back pocket and forget it's there, but it's easy to get back. The only complaint is that they scratch easily and the very case they're sent in does most of the scratching! The case material combined with the sharp edges of the envelope-thin case scratched my pair within the first 24 hours. The case needs a liner and the edges need to be smoothed. Really, seriously, now. I'll take a thicker case if it's not lined with something that makes it easier to scratch the lens. The design and function of this very idea makes it impossible to make a case that scratches them. I know you want to keep your product thin, but if it's at the expense of its full performance potential then people will stop buying it. I don't want to have to buy a pair every few weeks just so I don't have to look through a web of scratches, but I also don't want to have to buy a pair every few weeks just so I don't have to look through a web of Please redesign that case. The scratching is a deal-breaker, but I love these glasses. They're a wonderful product, but there are some important changes that need to be made. I've owned this pair for 13 days and I've never touched the lens.

7. Reading Glasses Blocking Eyeglasses Transparent

Reading Glasses Blocking Eyeglasses Transparent

Blue light filters, anti reflective, anti Glare, and anti eye strain lens. The lens width is 2.13 inches. The lens is 1.25 inches high. Their blue light blocking computer glasses can help reduce eye strain and eliminate dry eyes. Blue light can cause headaches and make it difficult to sleep, so they have blue light glasses that will help you sleep.

Brand: Eyeyee

👤I'm in front of my computer for nine or more hours a day, as well as looking at my phone and watching TV at home, I'll say more than half a day I'm reading at the screen. My eyes feel like they are on fire when I hit four or five hours. Over time, the eye strain has gotten worse. The bloodshot eyes took hours to go away, sometimes even still there, while I woke up in the morning. I have been wearing glasses since high school, so I have no problem getting used to them. After a week of wearing it, my eyes felt better by 6 pm. My eyes looked better when I got home, but they were still a little pink. I think these glasses worked for me. I will wear them as long as they are working, even on days when my eyes are a little more irritated than usual.

👤A pair of glasses that do nothing. They don't block any blue light. I didn't see any anti-glare. The frames are not strong. It was comfortable but flimsy. The only good things about them are the sturdy hard shell case, the cleaning cloth, and a tiny little screwdriver that you can hang on your keychain. I'm returning them. The glasses that say they block blue light do not block any blue light at all or very little, except the darker amber lens. The amber is too dark for me and the light tint doesn't block any blue light. My eyes are tired and sore from years of computer use, and especially with this larger monitor that I've had for a year. If you can see if your glasses block the blue light, you should wear them. If you don't see a diminish of blue lighting while viewing your screen, then your glasses don't block any blue light. The amber lens I use block all blue-light from my screen and keyboard. The blue lit keys look dark, whereas the red lit keys look red. I'm still looking for the perfect pair of blue-blockers and wondering how much blue-light needs to be blocked to be safe. I need to find out if windows 10's nightlight option blocks the blue light and how much. You can change how much amber tones take over by using the sliders. The cooler tones are my favorite. My eyes are red and raw from years of that, and feel soothed when I block as much blue light as possible, and take frequent breaks from the pc.

👤I've been using these as computer glasses for a week now and am mostly happy with them. Here's why. The pros are listed. I can see through the entire range of the lens with the 1.75 magnification I ordered. I don't worry about nose pieces falling off because the glasses are lightweight. They had a hard case, a polishing cloth, and a tool set. Yeah! There are no springs in the earpieces. The hinges on the ear piece are a bit tight. I'm not sure if this is a con because experience with similar hinges in the past has ranged from the screw being loosened and falling out to the screw working itself so tight it eventually caused the earpiece to break off to the screw and hinge joint, remaining perfect through the life of the glasses Time will tell how these will turn out. There are questions. The blue light is blocked by the clear lens. I was unable to find an answer to the question of whether clear lens can block blue light. Writers with opinions but no facts say probably not, but I couldn't find any independent laboratory tests that confirmed either way. The bottom line for this Blue Light Blocking capability will be after I spend a long day at the computer, do my eyes burn and feel tired? Maybe they work well, because they haven't yet. The $33 I spent on these seemed a decent value for the money, considering that reading glasses like this range in price from about $3 at your local mega-mart to more than $200 from places that are inordinately proud of their offerings. I was hoping they would have spring hinges.

8. TERAISE Anti Blue Computer Blocking Included

TERAISE Anti Blue Computer Blocking Included

You can put a pair of reading glasses in every place you are staying, you can have a clear visual experience, and avoid forgetting the glasses. It is possible to block harmful blue light for mobile TV radiation. HD Lenses give you a colorful world. The spring hinges are suitable for most face types. Their worry-free 18-month warranty and friendly customer service are what you get.

Brand: Teraise

👤I had to change from a 1.75 to a 2.0 and chose these. I didn't want to go to Walmart, Dollar Stores, or any of the other stores in this environment. I would find a better pair if I spent all day shopping. I like not having a frame on the lower side because they are sturdy and flexible. I ordered another set because I lose things easily.

👤The problem is that you don't know what you're getting until you buy them. The blue light filter on the glasses makes them a bit easier on your eyes, since you can't see anything with your phone in the evening. It makes your phone's screen look warm-white. If you're like most people, you'll want a pair of these in various places to use readers whenever you need them. Everything you see through these glasses will have a blue tint to it. I can't use the glasses at all because of the blue tint. I will probably throw them away because it's not worth the trouble of returning them. The seller is not going to tell you this, so be aware of it.

👤These glasses are very lightweight and have great frames. Each pair of glasses has a protective sleeve and comes in its own case. They had a screwdriver and a cleaning cloth. These are the best cheaters I have found. It is an awesome deal at only $5.00 a pair. Going to Amazon was great. I wish they had the blue frame. I will keep them. I won't look like a trendy person. I was looking for a diversion at 66 years old. It's funny. I believe you can't go wrong with the frames you purchase. The person is named "Rusty."

👤The first thing that came out of my mouth was awe. While using all my digital devices, I have excellent clarity, lightweight, comfortable, decent style and excellent blue light reflection. After staring at a computer screen, I noticed my eyes don't water anymore, and headaches have subsided as an added benefit. The nose pads are fixed as they are part of the frame, which may be the only negative that some may find with these readers. This is a plus for me because I have bad luck with the adjustability of nose pads; they always fall off and get lost with time. Each pair comes with a plastic case and cleaning cloth. The arm screws are spring loaded to adjust for any head size, and there's a nice little screwdriver with a key chain ring. For the price, you really can't beat these glasses.

👤I read reviews on blue light blocking reading glasses and bought these. I missed my return date and am angry. I started wearing these about a month ago. 3 have broken at the hinges. I don't mind wearing my glasses. I'm extra careful with them. This is beyond frustrating. I was excited about the clarity and the comfort of the glasses when I first wore them. I was frustrated after the first pair broke. I opened another one after tossing them. The same thing happened on the other hinge about 2 weeks later. My 3rd pair broke on the hinge. I thought for a moment that it was out of place, but not my luck. I lost my hand. I had high hopes and I am very disappointed. I have tried to contact the company, but they can't be reached. One could hope that they'll see this and reach out. I'm going to do more research on blue light blocking reading glasses.

9. CHEERS Reading Blocking Computer Eyeglasses

CHEERS Reading Blocking Computer Eyeglasses

The coating is anti-reflective. The lens width is 52 millimeters. The lens height is 42 millimeters. The bridge is 14 millimeters. Blue light filters and UV400 lens can cut blue light and UV400 without making your lens blue. They all meet your needs, whether they are used for reading or watching TV gaming.

Brand: Cheers Devices

👤I bought these and tested them. They are very typical of the UV rays that block off-the-shelf quality reading glasses. They don't block blue light or UV radiation from computers or phones. sunglasses are a better choice for blocking UV from sunlight. Do not buy. Good reading glasses are needed if you need reading correction. If you work outside, you should get sunglasses with UV protection. If you're sensitive to blue light from a phone or monitor, you can use the blue correction feature built into your device or go to for a demo. To reduce fatigue, you need to adjust your monitor and room lighting, adjust your text size and resolution to be comfortable, and take breaks where you move and look at different distances. These glasses do something. If you need correction for reading distances, sharpen. Cheap glasses do not do as good a job as prescribed by your eye doctor for reading fatigue. The glasses glare from anti-glare. If you don't wear glasses, you won't have glare. It's not really a benefit as most glasses have this. The harmful blue light and UV400 should be removed. This is not true. These glasses are not useful for computer and phone monitors. Let's talk about it. These glasses don't block blue and don't help with computer monitors. The demo is a trick. The demo uses a trick. They compare the look of a test card before and after shining a UV light. The glasses block the UV from reaching the card. If you wear glasses, you will see the card still looks bright. The blue-white light from the light hitting the card causes the UV to be converted to visible light and so it gets through the glasses to your eyes. The UV radiation is higher in wavelength. The light is from 400 to 700 nm. The blue light is very bright. The glasses block UV radiation at 400 nm. They do not block blue light from 400 to 700 nm. The glasses look clear because of that. Computer and phone displays do not emit blue light. Their blue is not the same. The light from computers and phones will not be changed by these glasses. These glasses don't block visible light. The light from the computer monitors is not blocked by these glasses. The glasses are made to appear like they block blue light, which is not true. A word on a light. There are two issues. The computer and phone displays do not give off harmful UV or blue light. UV is mostly caused by sunlight. White can be displayed on computers and phones at daylight, softwhite or brightwhite colors. Daylight type white is the default with computers and phones, which can cause sleep issues. If you find this helpful, Apple, Windows, and the other operating systems will warm up the color of your display making it more like soft white. People don't use daylight bulbs in their homes because they are unpleasant. Softwhite is more used around the home in the evening.

10. EYEGUARD Readers Magnifying Spectacles Cosmetic

EYEGUARD Readers Magnifying Spectacles Cosmetic

Make-up readers with switchable lens can help avoid makeup that is not even. You need to change the lens of your eye makeup to your right and left at the same time. The PC frame has an anti-scratched lens. The Dura-Tight Screws and the Comfort Spring Arms are made of soft material. The temple length is 142mm. The glasses can only be used as assistance glasses, and they can't be used as daily reading glasses. If you need a pair of reading glasses for daily use, they have many styles just for you.

Brand: Eyeguard

👤I bought them as a gag gift. For a dear friend. She needs to put on her eyebrows before anyone sees her. There is a word of caution. You should watch the magnification that you order. Bigger magnification isn't better. You would get the same magnification in a reading class.

👤I bought this for my mom as a Mother's Day gift. The up and over part of the glasses doesn't affect eyeliner. It functions as described. There are two, one striped and the other clear. She can have one in her makeup bag and one in her suitcase for the just in case. Got here on time. I'm happy because my mom is happy.

👤Incredible! I couldn't put makeup on my eye because I couldn't see with my glasses on. When I was a child, my grandmother had a similar thing. They have a pouch to keep them safe. I gave my sister one of the two pairs that came in the order. Both of us are happy.

👤This is a reader for applying makeup, but it is perfect for something else. After my wife's surgery on one eye, she was not allowed to use any correction on the other eye, even though she needed magnification on the second eye. The glasses were cute and the perfect solution. She was able to read between surgeries.

👤The idea of these glasses is good, but I wish they had worked better for me. I wanted them to work because my vision is blurry after my surgery. The glasses didn't work as well as I 888-276-5932 It was difficult to get the eyeliner and mascara over the lower bridge of the glasses because I need to get in close with the eyeliner and mascara for the bottom rim of my eyes. The bridge causes some instability with your hand when you apply makeup, because you have to lift the application over it. It wasn't worth the effort. I'll probably just get some contacts and remove them after applying makeup.

👤I like my glasses. It's perfect for my right eye, but my left eye doesn't need a prescription. I took them to my next appointment to show them after I told my hairdresser about them. Everyone was so excited over them. The salon owner is considering selling something similar.

👤It was hard to dip and draw liner over, but I love them! You can get 2 pairs for 12$ and it's fast shipping.

👤Muy buena idea, prcticos, coquetos, aunque tienes. Acercas mucho al espejo porque la graduacin, pero una pequea lupa y distorsiona la visin.

👤Work is expected. I didn't think about it, I'm right handed and I have glasses that get in the way of my left eye.

11. EYEGUARD Reading Glasses Quality Colorful

EYEGUARD Reading Glasses Quality Colorful

The PC frame has an anti-scratched lens. The Dura-Tight Screws are non-polarized. The nose bridge width is 17mm and the temple length is140mm. The FDA registered and met the standard. You will also get a patterned pouch that matches with the glasses to protect your lens.

Brand: Eyeguard

👤These glasses are beautiful. The colors are gorgeous and more attractive than any glasses I have seen. They have a nice spring hinge. They offer a great field of vision and stay firmly in place.

👤These glasses are awesome! They are lightweight and fashionable. I was skeptical after reading some of the reviews that said the arm pieces broke quickly. I decided for the price because I was only using these for around the house. I misplace my reading glasses a lot so I need a few. The arms have a spring with which to give them. If people are rough with them, I could only see them snapping off. I treat mine with kid gloves, but I am not rough on them. I don't understand how people are having problems with them breaking if they are very rough when taking them off. I can't think of an explanation. I will definitely recommend them.

👤I don't like spending big bucks on readers because I lose them or don't treat them well. These aren't disposable like many pairs I've owned. They're cute. I was satisfied with the purchase. Whoever finds them will likely be happy about it.

👤The second order. The 4 parts from 3 years old needed a stronger lense. Strong and stylish. Fast shipping was packaged well. Love the colors.

👤They have a short life span. I was sure I had not bent them wrong, but when this happened to the 1st pair, I said to myself, "No, I must have bent them wrong." I would give them the benefit of the doubt, but when the 2nd pair broke in exactly the same place, I was not happy.

👤If you're always looking for your cheating friends, this is a good deal. The quality is better than most, and I like the bigger size of the lens. Those peepers don't work for me. They end up on my head. The plastic lens seem to be better. They clean up well, unlike most plastic cheaters. The 2.0's are too strong for me, so I may have to get another set. They are good for reading. I can't seem to find the right magnification. These are good.

👤These are awesome and I was a little leery of purchasing them online. Excellent fit and vision. Will purchase from them again. The cases have an added bonus.

👤The glasses look good and the price is great. I love getting multiple pairs of readers. I can change my look easily with the different colors.

👤I love my new readers and have matching cases. I like the blue tone to offset the brightness on my iPad. If we could get a variety of lens sizes, it would be an additional way to purchase readers. To find the best one, you have to go from low to high. I chose 2.25 because it was in the middle of all sizes. Cataract surgery is great for distance. There is a I need readers for close up to see what I'm reading.


What is the best product for eye zoom readers?

Eye zoom readers products from Truvision Readers. In this article about eye zoom readers you can see why people choose the product. Kerecsen and Sigvan are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye zoom readers.

What are the best brands for eye zoom readers?

Truvision Readers, Kerecsen and Sigvan are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye zoom readers. Find the detail in this article.

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