Best Eye Zoom Reading Glasses for Women

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1. DOUBLETAKE Reading Glasses Pocket Readers

DOUBLETAKE Reading Glasses Pocket Readers

The lens width is 47 millimeters. The pen clip portable readers are a great value. The utility design has a slim frame and clip case for easy storage. The design is sleek and universal for both men and women.

Brand: Doubletake

👤I like to sit on the couch and use the internet. These glasses are the perfect height for me to look up from my laptop in my lap and see the TV without the glasses or rims obstructing my view. They are not attractive. I did not buy these for looks. I have better looking glasses, but they don't show my view. The nose pads are hard and uncomfortable. They make my nose hurt. They are the perfect size and function, so I put up with it.

👤I just received my glasses. The DoubleTake ones were ordered in a slightly larger case. I ordered one set in 2.25 and one pair in 1.75. I would like to have the option of 2 powers. Since my surgery I've been wearing some 2.0s from the drug store, but I think the 2.25 are a little better for closer up work or reading small lables, small print, while the 1.75 will give me a little more range for things a little farther out. The skinnier ones come in two colors, one black and one brown. The larger ones come in 2 different colors, one is a dark brownish grey and the other is a blue black. I'm very pleased with the first impressions. I bought a pair of CliCs in 1.75 in order to wear them more in the classroom to avoid having a pair sitting low on my nose. I have issues there. We'll see how it goes. The look is growing on me.

👤The black glasses are not my normal reading glasses. There is a lot of area that is not through the glasses that can be seen with the black ones. They are living up to their name because they are slim pocket readers. There is a This is great if you use it as a back up glasses or something on the go where you don't want to bring normal sized glasses. There is a lot of area around the glasses that you can see without the lens. It gets a little distraction. I keep them in my jeans pocket when I ride my motorcycle.

👤No more distance glasses were needed after double cataracts/lens replaced last month. A new to this type of eyewear. I ordered in excess and am very happy with these. They are so convenient. When I go to a restaurant, I will toss these in my jacket and use them for the menu back in the case. Excellent clarity and strength. The other pair is in my bag.

👤My husband won't wear a chain around his neck to hold his glasses. Ha! This is the best solution ever. Instead of jamming his glasses into his jeans pocket, he has a small case that slips into his pocket and causes less mess. Thank you for the great product, great price, and my husband really thanks you that the "chain" discussion is over!

👤A pair of slim readers! I prefer pocket glasses that are small enough to fit in your pocket and have a short enough lens to see over the top for distance. These are strong, don't bend easily, and don't have scratches in the lens. Unlike others, the lens correction is consistent. These are the best ones I have ever gotten.

2. Blocking Reading Glasses Computer Eyeglasses

Blocking Reading Glasses Computer Eyeglasses

Anti blue light reading glasses protect against harmful blue rays. DonGDI blue light glasses provide all day protection, you can enjoy better sleep and digital time. The oldest exploration method is the Proof Poly Carbonate LENS. The anti reflective transparent lens gives you a clear vision and brings the best reading experience. You can use water proof more often. Their prices are the same as others, so you can use them longer. The temples can open up to 25 outwards,durable and not easily damaged, with an adjusted springhinge design. The spring hinges design can be used to find the perfect fit for different face shapes, and it's comfortable. There are light and sylish readers. All kinds of nose type are suitable for the one-piece nose pads. You can't feel it on your nose. For a long time, wearing a nose stud won't make you feel uncomfortable. 100% risk free to try any broken problem, just contact the seller without any hesitation to solve the problem, until you are satisfied. There is no risk in trying.

Brand: Dongdi

👤The glasses were undamaged and arrived on time. The quality was okay. The glasses are lightweight and allow for extended wear. * Each pair had a cloth case and cleaning rag. The style and colors were better than what you get at a pharmacy. There is no anti-glare coating on the inside of the lens. The lack of anti-glare coating allows your eye to reflect off the inside of the lens. This makes the lens look dirty and dull, which is not good. This may be related to the reflective property of the inside lens, but the magnification at the edge seems to be inconsistent. There is a halo of light around the edge of the lens, as if someone has smudged it with their finger. I can only assume that the magnification is different at the edge because I didn't see any fingerprints from manufacturing.

👤Getting presbyopia stinks. I've bought and used many different glasses since I started needing them. I have one in every room and every bag and vehicle so that I never have to search. I fell in love with my first blue-blocking pair, which was ridiculously lightweight and comfortable. Being lightweight, they were a bit flimsy, and when one arm broke off, I was sad. I searched for a pair with blue blocking. My ideal characteristics are lightweight so that I don't have to worry about them falling off, and arms that grip my head so that I can keep them raised on my head. They are always ready to use. The Dongdi met all the requirements. The extendable hinges make them much more durable than my last pair, and they are tight enough to stay on my head, so I can pull them down to read whenever I need them. They look good. The pack had four pairs and included bags and cleaning cloths for each. An incredible value, and better than those that are many times the price. Highly recommended!

👤These glasses are comfortable. The protection for reading on a cell phone or tablets is excellent. That fit well. A lot of brick and mortar stores carry reading glasses that are a bit pricey. You would only be able to get a set of glasses at those other locations if you paid the price of the 4 pack. The glasses are of excellent quality.

👤These are great. After wearing these for a week, I no longer have headaches after looking at the computer all day long. Not saying this will be the case with everyone, but they help. I can see the difference in the screen when I take these off. A friend recommended these. I'm glad they did.

👤I have a large 3 monitor setup for my PC, but my regular reading glasses don't work because I sit 2.5 feet away. I can see the monitors clearly even though I have reduced eyestrain, and I got these in a 1.25. I have been trying to figure out how to deal with the distance issue for reading for years. One day, I found a pair of reading glasses that worked great. I thought I would treat myself to some new ones in the same way I treated my old ones, because they were lower than my normal ones. The light weight and strong spring hinges make them very comfortable on my temples and I have a wide face.

3. CHEERS Reading Blocking Computer Eyeglasses

CHEERS Reading Blocking Computer Eyeglasses

The coating is anti-reflective. The lens width is 52 millimeters. The lens height is 42 millimeters. The bridge is 14 millimeters. Blue light filters and UV400 lens can cut blue light and UV400 without making your lens blue. They all meet your needs, whether they are used for reading or watching TV gaming.

Brand: Cheers Devices

👤I bought these and tested them. They are very typical of the UV rays that block off-the-shelf quality reading glasses. They don't block blue light or UV radiation from computers or phones. sunglasses are a better choice for blocking UV from sunlight. Do not buy. Good reading glasses are needed if you need reading correction. If you work outside, you should get sunglasses with UV protection. If you're sensitive to blue light from a phone or monitor, you can use the blue correction feature built into your device or go to for a demo. To reduce fatigue, you need to adjust your monitor and room lighting, adjust your text size and resolution to be comfortable, and take breaks where you move and look at different distances. These glasses do something. If you need correction for reading distances, sharpen. Cheap glasses do not do as good a job as prescribed by your eye doctor for reading fatigue. The glasses glare from anti-glare. If you don't wear glasses, you won't have glare. It's not really a benefit as most glasses have this. The harmful blue light and UV400 should be removed. This is not true. These glasses are not useful for computer and phone monitors. Let's talk about it. These glasses don't block blue and don't help with computer monitors. The demo is a trick. The demo uses a trick. They compare the look of a test card before and after shining a UV light. The glasses block the UV from reaching the card. If you wear glasses, you will see the card still looks bright. The blue-white light from the light hitting the card causes the UV to be converted to visible light and so it gets through the glasses to your eyes. The UV radiation is higher in wavelength. The light is from 400 to 700 nm. The blue light is very bright. The glasses block UV radiation at 400 nm. They do not block blue light from 400 to 700 nm. The glasses look clear because of that. Computer and phone displays do not emit blue light. Their blue is not the same. The light from computers and phones will not be changed by these glasses. These glasses don't block visible light. The light from the computer monitors is not blocked by these glasses. The glasses are made to appear like they block blue light, which is not true. A word on a light. There are two issues. The computer and phone displays do not give off harmful UV or blue light. UV is mostly caused by sunlight. White can be displayed on computers and phones at daylight, softwhite or brightwhite colors. Daylight type white is the default with computers and phones, which can cause sleep issues. If you find this helpful, Apple, Windows, and the other operating systems will warm up the color of your display making it more like soft white. People don't use daylight bulbs in their homes because they are unpleasant. Softwhite is more used around the home in the evening.

4. Reading Glasses Blocking Eyeglasses Leopard

Reading Glasses Blocking Eyeglasses Leopard

Anti blue light glasses for the elderly provide all day protection against harmful blue light and UV. There is a high quality. The frame has a lot of advantages. It can protect their eyes and faces from the damage caused by the movement of the eyeglasses frame. This frame is sure to turn heads because of its retro square shape and futuristic clear finish. Enjoy your digital time, no worry about eye fatigue, blurred vision and headaches, improve better sleep, and provide all-day protection. There is a 100% Money Back Guarantee and a365day Breakage Warranty. All of their customers have a 100% Money Back Guarantee and Breakage Warranty. In case of broken issues, please contact them. They will provide the best service until their customers are satisfied. There is no risk in trying.

Brand: Aimade

👤A lot of face shapes would be flattered by good frames. I got the 1.75 and they do what they say they will do. When I am reading on my phone or computer, my eyes feel less strained.

👤I was looking for a cute, cheap, and well made pair of reading glasses, and these fit the bill. I use my laptop at night for college and it is great that they block the blue light. I was worried that they would be too small since I have a large face, but they are definitely wide enough and tall for someone like me. They are packaged nicely with a bag and cloth, but I will use my own since the material feels weird to me. The photo on Amazon is brown and black, but in person it is grey and black. I kept them because this wasn't a big issue for me. They start to hurt my head after wearing them for a long time.

👤How do you make this better? The glasses allow for reading in a one to two foot range, but every other sight is fuzzy. I have used the Foster Grants for several years and don't need an eye exam. They work well until today, but they are expensive and break. I thought I would save a buck. Did anyone check these glasses before they were sold?

👤I buy a lot of reading glasses. These have good clarity. I bought a 1.50 because it's my mid-range. I've had them for a month. There were no scratches, no glasses falling out, and no breakage. I will be buying this reading glasses again soon. So happy!

👤I love these glasses. I needed a bigger and more powerful computer since I work from my home all day and I had to buy a "Big Mac" iMac. The light from the computer is so bright that it can be hard to see, and my eyes feel like they have been sanded from the inside, with the bonus of a splitting headaches by the end of the day. The Excedrin folks are doing great business with me. I bought the highest magnification of my progressive lens prescription glasses so that I don't have to sit with my head tilted back all day to see the screen, and they are wonderful, I bought them at the recommendation of my daughter-in-law. They are so beautiful and flattering that I am going to buy another pair for my workdays, and I already have to put my prescription glasses in. I can't say that the blue-light protection has eliminated my eyestrain, but it helps a lot. I have to remember not to leave them on when I walk around the house because the magnification is too high. The cost is $25 and it's great. Win! Highly recommended!

👤These are good for blue light blocking. When I am on the computer, I watch my TV or read on my computer screen in the dark. They have helped me sleep a bit more. Frames go are impractical at this price point. I have a lot of reading glasses. These are the most stable, and the most surprising, at this price point.

5. Peepers By PeeperSpecs 2702000 Bravado

Peepers By PeeperSpecs 2702000 Bravado

The UV Protection coating is 400 degrees. The lens width is 49 millimeters. The lens height is 54 millimeters. The bridge is 17 millimeters.


👤I like the size and the color. I got a laser last year, but still need readers. I use $1 Store readers. I decided enough was enough and kept breaking the temple off. I have been looking for a pair of frames that don't look like Ben Franklin frames. These frames are large enough to look like prescription frames I used to wear. The color is what makes time stand out. When a color is "tortoise" there is more black than it is white. The frames are navy and lighter blue and not black with a blue tortoise. I can show them off. I did not go because they did not have a case. They were in a plastic bag in a box. There was a small scratch but not enough to return. The packaging for glasses needs to be more secure.

👤No case. Are you serious? Not very tight on your head. Can't keep them in place.

👤I got many nice comments about these glasses.

👤I don't know if I can wear the frames for too long because they hurt my nose and they are heavy. I use these as close up cheaters because the frames are thick at the top and they block any peering over the top of the glasses, so I often look over the top of my glasses for something that is at a further distance.

👤The frames are too heavy and thick, they are uncomfortable and tight on my head, and they fall off if I bend over. The vision is blurry, I wish I had them. I thought Oprah would want them to be cool. I was wrong. I will never follow her recommendations.

👤I bought this readers to be stylish. I have to read and send multiple emails daily. The readers are well constructed and fashionable. I plan on buying more readers because I love the flexibility of the arms.

👤I have watched these readers on Oprah many times. I thought they would be out of my budget. I had to buy a pair when I saw them again on her favorites list. These readers are stylish and functional. The quality is great and they fit well on my face because the ear piece stretches a little bit. I might get another pair. I was disappointed that they didn't have a case.

👤I didn't receive a case cover, but I love the glasses. I was not happy about that. I received a nice gray soft cover case for the glasses that were just in a plastic bag. I need that for my glasses because I am very funny about prints on my glasses. They short me with that, but glasses are always a hit. My daughter and I love them. I get a lot of praise for my glasses.

6. Reading Glasses Fashion Readers Eyeglasses

Reading Glasses Fashion Readers Eyeglasses

The lens width is 2.13 inches. The lens is 1.06 inches.

Brand: Kerecsen

👤These are cute readers. There is a color to go with any outfit. They are comfortable and good quality. I have a bigger face. I was a little worried that they might be small. They are very comfortable. The measurements are correct. Each pair has a soft case. A good size cleaning cloth was included. I don't think you will be disappointed, I recommend giving these a try. I'm very happy in my camper.

👤They have a nice frame. They feel strong. I ordered five more because I liked them so much. I keep them everywhere.

👤The quality and style are great. The arms have a spring in them so they are not at risk of breaking. They came individually with cases and a cloth. Will order again when I lose these. Ha!

👤The quality of their product and service is great. I received this shipment in record time. I ordered two sets based on positive reviews and am very happy I did. I am not good at reading glasses and they scratch the lens. These readers are the best I have seen so far and they come with protective glass covers and cleaning cloths. It's not often that you find such great quality in both the company and the product, but this company did both, so thank you for your outstanding customer service and product. I highly recommend this seller. I will order from them again. I am glad I did a double order because these should last me a long time now that I have protective covers for the glasses.

👤No more standing in a drug store looking for reading glasses, you can now find them in a display rack. You can get what you want by clicking on the magnification. In cool colors. You get a whole set for a reasonable price. You could change them to match your outfits. These are packaged nicely. The frustration of having your reading glasses break and having to hunt for new ones is over.

👤1. The colors are not as bright as the picture shows. The brown and gray were disappointing. 2. It is the prettiest color. It is closer to pink. Blue is not bright at all. 3. The sleeves are flimsy. It's nice to have them, but two of them are already unraveling. 4. Only one cloth. I can't because I usually wrap my glasses in that before putting them in the sleeve. 5. The width of the face is small. They barely fit a woman. I don't think they'll fit a normal sized man. 6. The glasses have short arms. I mean short. My eyelashes brush the lens which is really annoying because it puts the lens close to your face. 7. Good quality readers have the same lens strength. These don't. It's either hit or miss. It's nice to have five readers in one set, but there are problems that haven't been addressed. Two people were talking about the arms of the glasses being too short and they were old reviews. They haven't fixed the issue yet. Negative reviews are held for more than a week before posting so they are ignored by reviewers. I want reviews to be real and honest.

7. BLS Blocking Computer Eyeglasses Frame Blockers

BLS Blocking Computer Eyeglasses Frame Blockers

Digital screen time is a must for protection against UV400 and 100% blue rays, but it's not the only thing. You can barely feel it on your nose, but you will always have different encounters with these stylish eye glasses. The Cool Flexible Spring Hinge can be used for any face shape, and can be adjusted to fit any face shape to reduce press on temples. Clear tint HD lens work well at restoring the truest colors and are always ready to provide you with the best vision and better sleep. If you have a question, please feel free to contact them, they will provide the best service until you are satisfied.

Brand: Bls Blues

👤The deal was almost too good to be true, but these glasses are great. If you look close enough, you can see the tiny is yellow. They are light and comfortable. I work in social media and I can't wait to see how well these work for my headaches as I continue to use them. Great deal, shipped quickly, and fit well! I don't like how I look in glasses.

👤These glasses are light and comfortable. You can't feel it on your nose. I noticed that the lens isn't yellow like some of the ones I've used in the past, but they are flattering when I wear them. I use my laptop to do most of my school work, so I'm constantly staring at my screen. I have noticed a difference in my fatigue and headaches when I look at my screens. I love that this is a 5 pack because I can keep a pair of glasses at different areas of the house. The blue light test card and light are included. I absolutely love this product.

👤Bifocals are a nuisance to wear because they are hard to read. My daughter ordered the readers because she needs them to be separate. I spend a lot of time on my phone and computer, and when I finish these tasks, I can't read or focus on anything else. At the end of the day, my eyes were burning and itching. I was very excited to get these. My eyes are thanking you because they are the right strength for readers. I am able to see clearly when I finish the computer, and my eyes are not burning. I can keep a pair in each room or station where I need them. I've already recommended them to many friends.

👤These glasses are made to order. This is the best value package if you want the blue light to be invisible. The glasses are comfortable. Why a 2 star review? I ordered magnifying glasses. I have been using a different brand's magnifying blue light reading glasses for a long time. I ordered these because they are cheaper, but they are not very functional. I can have the computer two feet away from my face with the other brand of glasses. The screen is blurry unless I get very close to the computer screen. It's more difficult to type when you're close to the computer screen. If you are getting a 0 magnification, these are great. These magnifying blue light glasses will be disappointing.

👤I like glasses that block light. They prevent headaches and eye fatigue for me. I found these four years ago and it saved me from issues, because I spend at least four hours per day looking at computers and/or iPad screens. The pack came in different colors for all outfits and moods. I've gotten some nice comments on them. They are light, but they get a little uncomfortable on my ears because the arms aren't quiet long enough to sit behind my ears. I would like if they sat a little lower on my face because I'm used to a rounder frame and my selfies make them look nicely centered around my eyes. Maybe it's better this way. I'm used to the style of my previous pair. I'm very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend these. The price, value, and look are great.

8. Eyekepper Vintage Reading Glasses Readers

Eyekepper Vintage Reading Glasses Readers

The frame material is plastic, the width is 51mm, the frame height is 1 7/16", and the temple length is 13mm. The frame material is plastic, the width is 51mm, the frame height is 1 7/16", and the temple length is 13mm. The eyeball reading glasses performance is 59 to 63mm. The deviation for strength less than 0.02 and for the horizontal line less than 1mm. Eyekepper Men's Reading glasses look good on any face. Help glasses fit your face with spring-hinged temples. Quality frames have spring-loaded hinges and are registered for reading glasses and eyewear. The frames are comfortable to wear and the light transmittance is good. The casual frame design makes you look professional and fashionable. It's suitable for different face types. It's a perfect gift for your family and friends.

Brand: Eyekepper

👤I bought the Eyekepper 5-pack in January of 2016 I tightened the screws on all the glasses after I noticed the screws were coming loose. I had a frame crack like other reviewers. I contacted Eyekepper Global Inc. to tell them about the problem, and they sent a pack of 5 free. I received an e-mail asking me to not hesitate to contact them again if there is ever any more problems or if I'm not satisfied. They have a lifetime warranty on breakage, which is listed in the "About the Product" section. These will be the last glasses you will need. 30 day money back guarantee.

👤These are great. There are one by the bed, one in my backpack, and a few on the desk. Clear and comfortable. I can see the numbers on my phone. There are tons of colors to match your mood.

👤The glasses are a great set. You get 5 pairs at an amazing price. Good clarity, no obvious distortion in the lens, just good reading glasses that work. The temple pieces attach the frame with a spring at each side that can be extended a little beyond 90 degrees so it is a comfortable fit. They stay put when springs are closed or folded. They are not cheap, lightweight or poorly made. Here are the negatives. I have a lot of experience with these, I bought them 9 months ago. 3 of the 5 pairs snapped on the frame just above the lens. 3 pairs are the same spot. This is a weak area in the design. I don't abuse them, I stuff them in my pocket. They broke in the same spot. I glue them back together and then home use them. The screw that holds the temple piece to the frame popped out in the next issue. I am not sure if the threads were stripped or not. No big deal, right? You can buy a repair kit at the store. You can not because of the springs. I tried to come up with a way to pull the spring out, but it was not possible because the spring is always at tension and you need a way to get the screw through it. They might have a machine at the factory to assemble them. Caveat emptor, buy a micro screwdriver and check the tightness of the screws when you receive them. A drop of crazy glue on the underside of the screw would keep it in place. The plastic used to make the lens is clear, but scratches easily. You have to use a lot of caution to make sure that you don't set them against the table or you will get round scratches in the middle of the lens, rendering them useless. The only pair I still have is the shaded sunglass pair, because I rarely use them and they live on a shelf. I'm going to buy 5 more pairs, that's the reason I'm back here. I still like them even though I only used them for 2 1/2 months per pair, and will use what I learned from the first set to get more life out of the second. Hopefully my experience will help you in that regard as well.

9. READING GLASSES Fashion Readers Designed

READING GLASSES Fashion Readers Designed

The lens width is 1.97 inches. The lens is 1.42 inches. The reading glasses have spring hinges. It is suitable for any age and face shape.

Brand: Kerecsen

👤I have gotten several dollar store reading glasses and they were always flimsy. These are very comfortable and stylish. I feel confident wearing these because the spring hinge seems to be reliable, and won't break easily. When I opened my package, I was happy to find a microfiber cloth and 5 fabric sleeves for each pair of glasses. I needed this purchase and am happy I chose these. It's over $2 per pair. I'm not going back to the dollar store for glasses. Will purchase again.

👤I love these glasses, they are nice looking, but not sure if they are scratch resistant. Maybe it's because I like them so much that I'm more careful with them.

👤Needed some new readers and found this pack. Excellent quality, comfortable and cool. These came with a neoprene storage pouch for each pair. I will buy more pairs when I need them. Highly recommended!

👤The variety of colors was something I liked about this product. The hinged frame is something I like. The package was packed with a carrier for your glasses. It arrived on time. I have glasses in every room. It was very convenient.

👤These came today. They are both well made and pretty. The frames have springs and the glass lens is better than my old $1Tree ones, and the colors are nice. I had a small problem with the seller and it was fixed within 24 hours. I will purchase from them again and will tell my family and friends about it.

👤I just got my glasses and am liking them. I like the way the glass fits with the sides. I hope they will last a while. My glasses break or fall out.

👤Nice readers. The sides are done with translucent colors. The color is on the part closest to your eyes, not all the way back to the ears. Hope it makes sense. After 6 months of use, there are no cloudy orhazy issues. The frames are strong. The look is for men and women. They were coveted when I put them in a guest room. I gifted them. I don't know the way glasses are created. I was lucky to find this version. I am on my second order because they are so nice. In the home, in the car, at the office or the guest room. My friends are also impressed. Really.

👤I only need readers after my surgeries. I started using glasses from the dollar store, but after several pairs of them cracked or had flaws in the lens, I decided to try these. They are great! There are no distortions in the lens or fun colors on the sides. I can leave a pair at work, one in my bag, and a couple around the house. The little cleaner that came with them works great too.

10. Blocking Glasses Eyestrain Computer Magnification

Blocking Glasses Eyestrain Computer Magnification

A 7-layer anti-reflective coating is used to reflect and filter harmful blue light. 7-layer anti-reflective coating to reflect and filter blue light is better. A transparent lens has no yellow tint to prevent color distortion and minimize glare from digital screens. The frame TR90 is ultra lightweight and has no pressure on ears. The frames with the pink pattern are made with reinforced metal hinges to make them last. The dimensions are 52-18-140 (lens width 52mm, bridge width 18mm, temple length 140mm). They will provide the best service to guarantee 100% satisfication, and you have no risk to try. If there is a problem, please contact them.

Brand: Visionglobal

👤I get a lot of praise for these glasses. I plan on ordering more of them. They had a case, a cleaning cloth and a test kit. I don't have the headaches that come from being in front of a computer screen all day.

👤I like these glasses. I work 40 hours a week and then I am also a full time student. E-books are the majority of my textbooks. My cousin recommended that I get some of these because I was experiencing a lot of eye strain. They are working well. I will be ordering back up pairs if I lose them.

👤The fluorescent lights made me feel weird after the surgery. I have been wearing these for a while now and they have kept my eyes comfortable.

👤Blue light blocking glasses are extremely expensive, and I have been ordering them from my eye doctor for the past few years, and he has been able to help with the cost. I looked for an alternative that would work the same as my eye doctor glasses, but wouldn't break the bank. I found these and ordered a pair that is very similar to the ones I order from my eye doctor, but they are so inexpensive. These glasses help block the blue light from my computer and make me feel less strained after staring at a computer for 8 hours a day. I can leave them at my desk without having to go to the eye doctor, because they were under $15 and I can leave them at my desk. I wouldn't feel bad if I lost these glasses because they are not expensive. A hard case, lens wipe, screwdriver, blue light (torch) and blue light testing card were all that came with mine. These glasses are very good.

👤I have had these for about a month now and they work as advertised. I use them to take some of the strain off my eyes. They are lightweight, but have been holding up. They come in a slim plastic shell case with a mini repair tool and a lens cleaning cloth.

👤These glasses work. No more. headaches even during long meetings as a teacher I was hoping for that part because they are blue light filters. I didn't expect them to be so lightweight. I don't grow up with glasses so I get weird about the weight on my nose bridge. I can't feel the glasses. They're cute. They're flattering and I don't mind wearing them all day. Must be done. Buy. I promise that they are anti-glare, even though the picture is reflecting.

👤I really wanted to love them, but there are several buts. They are brown, but they looked black when I picked them. They were crooked as a dog's hind leg. One side of the counter is not touching the counter when I lay them down. I work in front of a computer for 10 hours a day and they feel cheap and flimsy, but I have to wear glasses when I leave my office. I don't wear glasses because of my vision limitations, but I did find a pair of blue light filters at Walmart. I don't like the safety glasses because they make me dizzy. The amber color of the glasses is too intense for me, so I use the BLF glasses I found at Walmart. I found these after I got on here to find another option. The glasses don't have a strong amber color so they're helpful, but I wish they were better. The other things that went wrong don't make up for the fact that they are lightweight and comfortable. Back to looking for another pair.

11. TERAISE Anti Blue Computer Blocking Included

TERAISE Anti Blue Computer Blocking Included

You can put a pair of reading glasses in every place you are staying, you can have a clear visual experience, and avoid forgetting the glasses. It is possible to block harmful blue light for mobile TV radiation. HD Lenses give you a colorful world. The spring hinges are suitable for most face types. Their worry-free 18-month warranty and friendly customer service are what you get.

Brand: Teraise

👤I had to change from a 1.75 to a 2.0 and chose these. I didn't want to go to Walmart, Dollar Stores, or any of the other stores in this environment. I would find a better pair if I spent all day shopping. I like not having a frame on the lower side because they are sturdy and flexible. I ordered another set because I lose things easily.

👤The problem is that you don't know what you're getting until you buy them. The blue light filter on the glasses makes them a bit easier on your eyes, since you can't see anything with your phone in the evening. It makes your phone's screen look warm-white. If you're like most people, you'll want a pair of these in various places to use readers whenever you need them. Everything you see through these glasses will have a blue tint to it. I can't use the glasses at all because of the blue tint. I will probably throw them away because it's not worth the trouble of returning them. The seller is not going to tell you this, so be aware of it.

👤These glasses are very lightweight and have great frames. Each pair of glasses has a protective sleeve and comes in its own case. They had a screwdriver and a cleaning cloth. These are the best cheaters I have found. It is an awesome deal at only $5.00 a pair. Going to Amazon was great. I wish they had the blue frame. I will keep them. I won't look like a trendy person. I was looking for a diversion at 66 years old. It's funny. I believe you can't go wrong with the frames you purchase. The person is named "Rusty."

👤The first thing that came out of my mouth was awe. While using all my digital devices, I have excellent clarity, lightweight, comfortable, decent style and excellent blue light reflection. After staring at a computer screen, I noticed my eyes don't water anymore, and headaches have subsided as an added benefit. The nose pads are fixed as they are part of the frame, which may be the only negative that some may find with these readers. This is a plus for me because I have bad luck with the adjustability of nose pads; they always fall off and get lost with time. Each pair comes with a plastic case and cleaning cloth. The arm screws are spring loaded to adjust for any head size, and there's a nice little screwdriver with a key chain ring. For the price, you really can't beat these glasses.

👤I read reviews on blue light blocking reading glasses and bought these. I missed my return date and am angry. I started wearing these about a month ago. 3 have broken at the hinges. I don't mind wearing my glasses. I'm extra careful with them. This is beyond frustrating. I was excited about the clarity and the comfort of the glasses when I first wore them. I was frustrated after the first pair broke. I opened another one after tossing them. The same thing happened on the other hinge about 2 weeks later. My 3rd pair broke on the hinge. I thought for a moment that it was out of place, but not my luck. I lost my hand. I had high hopes and I am very disappointed. I have tried to contact the company, but they can't be reached. One could hope that they'll see this and reach out. I'm going to do more research on blue light blocking reading glasses.


What is the best product for eye zoom reading glasses for women?

Eye zoom reading glasses for women products from Doubletake. In this article about eye zoom reading glasses for women you can see why people choose the product. Dongdi and Cheers Devices are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye zoom reading glasses for women.

What are the best brands for eye zoom reading glasses for women?

Doubletake, Dongdi and Cheers Devices are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye zoom reading glasses for women. Find the detail in this article.

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