Best Eye Zoom Rimless Reading Glasses with Slim Case

Zoom 29 Nov 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. DOUBLETAKE Reading Glasses Pocket Readers

DOUBLETAKE Reading Glasses Pocket Readers

The lens width is 47 millimeters. The pen clip portable readers are a great value. The utility design has a slim frame and clip case for easy storage. The design is sleek and universal for both men and women.

Brand: Doubletake

👤I like to sit on the couch and use the internet. These glasses are the perfect height for me to look up from my laptop in my lap and see the TV without the glasses or rims obstructing my view. They are not attractive. I did not buy these for looks. I have better looking glasses, but they don't show my view. The nose pads are hard and uncomfortable. They make my nose hurt. They are the perfect size and function, so I put up with it.

👤I just received my glasses. The DoubleTake ones were ordered in a slightly larger case. I ordered one set in 2.25 and one pair in 1.75. I would like to have the option of 2 powers. Since my surgery I've been wearing some 2.0s from the drug store, but I think the 2.25 are a little better for closer up work or reading small lables, small print, while the 1.75 will give me a little more range for things a little farther out. The skinnier ones come in two colors, one black and one brown. The larger ones come in 2 different colors, one is a dark brownish grey and the other is a blue black. I'm very pleased with the first impressions. I bought a pair of CliCs in 1.75 in order to wear them more in the classroom to avoid having a pair sitting low on my nose. I have issues there. We'll see how it goes. The look is growing on me.

👤The black glasses are not my normal reading glasses. There is a lot of area that is not through the glasses that can be seen with the black ones. They are living up to their name because they are slim pocket readers. There is a This is great if you use it as a back up glasses or something on the go where you don't want to bring normal sized glasses. There is a lot of area around the glasses that you can see without the lens. It gets a little distraction. I keep them in my jeans pocket when I ride my motorcycle.

👤No more distance glasses were needed after double cataracts/lens replaced last month. A new to this type of eyewear. I ordered in excess and am very happy with these. They are so convenient. When I go to a restaurant, I will toss these in my jacket and use them for the menu back in the case. Excellent clarity and strength. The other pair is in my bag.

👤My husband won't wear a chain around his neck to hold his glasses. Ha! This is the best solution ever. Instead of jamming his glasses into his jeans pocket, he has a small case that slips into his pocket and causes less mess. Thank you for the great product, great price, and my husband really thanks you that the "chain" discussion is over!

👤A pair of slim readers! I prefer pocket glasses that are small enough to fit in your pocket and have a short enough lens to see over the top for distance. These are strong, don't bend easily, and don't have scratches in the lens. Unlike others, the lens correction is consistent. These are the best ones I have ever gotten.

2. Featherweight Reading Glasses Anti Reflective Coating

Featherweight Reading Glasses Anti Reflective Coating

The bridge is 24 millimeters. A one size fits all fit is 135mm wide / 49mm lens width and 24mm lens height. It's own Reading Glass Case, which comes with an augmented reality coating that provides extreme clarity and extended comfort. The high quality reading glasses will make you look good.

Brand: Vision World Eyewear

👤I just received these and I can tell they are wonderful. As a woman of a certain age, I appreciate that I can see without any weird anomalies in the lens. I will let you know how these hold up once I have them for a while.

👤Just received these and so far they are wonderful. I ordered these after searching for reading glasses that would allow me to see over top of them while watching television, and then just look down to read or use my phone. The glasses are too tall for that. They are not as long as the other pairs of reading glasses I own. They feel great, are light weight, seem well made, and the prescription seems right on the money, but what I like best is how the lens are attached to the frames. Most partial frame lenses are attached where the frame slightly overlaps the lens so they can screw them in. It's hard to clean around the crevices because of the smudges near the connection points. They are hard to get clean. The only thing that overlaps the front and back of the lens is the lens side edges, which will make getting the lens completely clean a breeze. There's no reason why you can't clean the entire surface of both lenses. I've never seen that before in cheap reading glasses. The only reason I'm not giving them 5 stars is because of the lens height, and I would have to dangle them from the tip of my nose to see over top of them. Maybe they weren't meant for that, but these glasses are what I found when I searched for that type of lens. The bridge piece that rests on your nose is not attached to the lens and is not in the way of cleaning it.

👤I wasn't impressed with the reading glasses. They feel a bit flimsy and are not stylish. After using them for a while, I don't see myself buying another brand. The flimsy turned out to be a good thing, and it's not a problem when you value function more than form. The eyes are good. I notice distortion if I pay attention, but it seems to be due to the distance between the eyes being a little off. My eyes are set a little bit further apart than the industry standard for reading glasses. I have had them on for about 5 hours and they're not bothering me, even though the distortion might make my eyes feel tired after a long day of reading. I carry my readers in my jeans pockets, so I almost always have them available. They won't drop out of my shirt pocket, there's no chain to grab on anything, and I won't accidentally leave them somewhere because my readers usually ride in my front jeans pocket. The top of the rim is flexible, the bridge is flexible, and the temples are flexible. The flexibility seems to allow the glasses to keep their shape, even though I have jeans pockets. I need to exercise more common sense. After doing a 16-mile hike and several walks on the beach with my readers in my front shorts pocket, I ordered another pair of glasses because the lens on the back of my glasses got very dirty. Imagine having your reading glasses take off your face while you look down, trying to put a tiny screw back into a different pair of reading glasses. I have never had this happen since I got theses glasses. They're very light, the temples are very firm, and the nose piece fits me well, so I rarely need to push these glasses back up. This is the first pair of reading glasses I've owned that don't have to be tightened often. The bridge has a flat and wide shape that's easy for me to grasp with my thumb and forefinger, so I can easily take these glasses off or put them back on with one hand. I can put them in my pocket with one hand. Unfolding them one-handed isn't as easy. These readers are great. I think they're a good choice.

3. FEIVSN Rimless Lightweight Artistic Eyeglasses

FEIVSN Rimless Lightweight Artistic Eyeglasses

Ultra violet protection coating. The lens width is 50 millimeters. There are a variety of colorful reading glasses ready for you.

Brand: Feivsn

👤Where do I start? I love these glasses. They are true readers because the lense is not tall enough to see at a distance. I need glasses with Silicone nose pads so they don't slide down my nose, these are not plastic pads like some glasses, but actual soft Silicone! The arms are very comfortable. The colors are moving around the lens. The cases are beautiful. I may start using cases. They came with a cloth to clean them. I recommend these!

👤Product was described. I have a smaller face so it's hard to find readers that fit. These fit well. I think the earpieces would fit a variety of sizes. I like the variety of colors.

👤I bought it for myself. There were 3 sets of reading glasses in the box. I didn't know I was getting 3 glittery fabric matching cases and a soft lens cleaning cloth. I keep one by my purse and the other by my bed, just in case. The side frames match the matching cases. Another plus is that the reading glasses are not straight. The holidays are coming up so these could be split into three gifts. I highly recommend!

👤I don't do reviews, but these glasses told me I needed to do one, so I did it. I am picky about glasses, readers, but these are very light weight, very comfortable, and very sturdy, so you don't realize you're wearing them. I have been on Amazion and bought many pairs of glasses, but they just didn't do what I was looking for. If I am writing this review, I must like them. I have been buying Amazion for 7 years. I haven't had time to do a review because everything I have purchased is ok. I wouldn't post anything after sending some back. I had to wear these glasses. Purchase some and enjoy them. I am.

👤I am amazed by the packaging of the product. The cases for the glasses are gorgeous. The case is made from beautiful material. The glasses are sturdy and lightweight. They don't feel cheap. I use a lot of "readers" around which I use for close-up tasks. These are perfect. The slip case will help me keep these safe. The slim lens/frame is perfect for my needs, it's rimless, so I don't have to remove them when looking up or over the top to see things further away. I have bought a lot of readers in the past and they are awesome. The care, craftsmanship, quality and attention to detail... I feel like they care about the customer. Thank you!

👤I ordered a package of 3 pairs. The quality is excellent. The frames are too large for my face. Oval shaped glasses are the best for me because they fit my face and are wide and rectangular. The frames are for ladies and the colors are nice. Each pair comes with a fancy embroidered case. They don't work for me, I was so happy until I tried them on. If someone has a heart shaped face, they would be perfect. Make with round lens!

4. ThinOptics Reading Glasses Universal Strength

ThinOptics Reading Glasses Universal Strength

The bridge is 12.7 millimeters. ThinOptics Readers are designed to grip with gentle pressure and are feather-light. They can be moved up or down to fit your nose. ThinOptics Reader is made of shatterproof, thermo-injection molded, optical-grade polycarbonate. The bridge is made from a metal called Nitinol, which is 10 times more elastic than spring steel, and encased in medical-grade silicone tubing. They use the same material in their glasses. The durable case is made to protect your glasses from damage and the lens are made by one of the most advanced optical lens manufacturers in the world.


👤The little part that holds the nose in place broke. I will order a replacement online because it has a lifetime warranty. I should be able to get a new pair quickly because I registered them when I bought them. There is a link to file a warranty claim on the warranty web page, but it just links back to the same page. There's a blurb at the top of the page that says to call customer service, but it goes to a voicemail that says someone will contact you in 7 days. I haven't heard back for 13 days. I will have to buy other reading glasses until they honor their warranty. The ThinOptics glasses are not worth the cheap materials, but the warranty made the price palatable.

👤Very nice glasses. It is easy to use. The misleading packaging is the reason these did not get more stars. There is a message on the box and a note on the case that says "Activate your Free Replacement Glasses forever..." This warranty does not apply to damage caused by use with another product, but only to damage caused by accident, abuse or misuse, which is what the basic 90 day warrantee does. Not much of a free replacement claim. It was very misleading.

👤I received the glasses as promised, but they were not strong enough. I wear 1.5 and they send 1.0. I sent them an email a week ago, but have yet to hear anything from them. Poor communication is something the company does a lot. I could've gotten a satisfactory resolution if they had given me a way to speak to the single person who seemed to care and know what she was doing. They always do that, so I'm forced to email their general support email address and wait for them to tell me something useless. I wish I'd never upgraded the star rating because it was false hopes. I got better service from the seller of counterfeit glasses than I do from the actual company. I don't care how innovative or useful your products are, you're nothing without customer support. ThinOptics is not something. I can't wait for competitors to come so I can buy their products. I'm done with the company. I received an email from "Mona" with ThinOptics to inform me that the seller was selling counterfeit glasses. The store has been closed by Amazon. I'm getting 2 pair of authentic ThinOptics from Mona. I've raised my rating to 3 because of the promising news. I will try the glasses for a few weeks and then the rating will be adjusted. It shouldn't have taken so long to get to this point. When I began this issue with ThinOptics, I provided full order details. There are a dozen idiots who don't know or don't care about customer service. I had to deal with an idiot. ThinOptics can eliminate the dead weight that drives customers away. I was done with them when they came into the picture. I would have had a pleasant customer experience if she had been involved from the beginning. ThinOptics began to backtrack on their claims when I challenged them. They offered me a free replacement, but it didn't address the design that will cause every pair sold to become scratched. They want me to pay $5 for shipping for my free pair. No how, not ever. ThinOptics, it's not gonna happen. I will never use your products again after you got my last penny. If you like cheap products with bad design, poor customer service, and lies, then you should stay away from these people. I received a reply nearly 2 weeks after I sent the email. I dropped another star from my rating because of the contents of the reply. The person was clear. Most of their reply was telling me how to clean the lens. They claim the rim of the glasses should protect it against being scratched, but I and every ThinOptics owner know this is not true. The case has scratched my eyes since they were only a day old, and they're almost too scratched to use anymore. Please look for something else. This is a great idea, but it was poorly executed. I was hoping that they would send a canned response that said how to care for the lens. I've been wearing glasses for over 50 years and know how to care for them. They get more and more scratches because they have never been touched by anything. I didn't tell the engineers what I thought was the source of the scratches, but they all agreed that it was the hard plastic case. I'll take the word of 6 licensed engineers and my own observations about apathetic customer support. The engineers used science to make their conclusions. -- I had to give them 2 stars for their tendency to be scratched by the same case they're supposed to be stored in. After 13 days of good care, I have attached a picture of myself. I only blew the dust off the lens, and you can see the dust in the picture. I want to give them 5-stars, but I can't because of this. I hope you take my comments with a grain of salt. After having them for almost two weeks, they are meant to be my honest opinions and findings. It's not my intention to shame anyone, just to give honest feedback. I have high praise in many areas, but I am not advertising for these glasses. They're fairly affordable. I paid for the readers. The idea behind these glasses is very clever. They're ultra-thin reading glasses that hold your nose. They're advertised as being thinner than a nickel, and they definitely are. They're THIN. The bridge is made of a flexible wire and covered with a plastic sleeve. They will bend/fold almost any way you want. Don't do this because you'll scratch the lens. I assume you are sane and would never do this, but you do it. You quickly forget you're even wearing glasses when you're weighed down and comfortable. They're so light you don't feel them. I keep them on most of the day because they are low enough on the nose to not obscure the view, but still provide a handy reading area. It's great that your nose bridge is stable. I have a very high nose and bridge and I have oily skin. I wear these glasses because they hold tightly to my greasy nose. Sorry about the mental image. If Irinkle my nose, they will move. They won't move, slide, or fall off if you remain somber. I used the included non-residue glue to stick the case to the back of my phone while I was on the road. I removed the case and strip with ease when I returned home. The strip between two pieces of wax paper is currently being stored in a plastic bag, which seems to work perfectly as a place to store for future needs. I can place the case in my back pocket and forget it's there, but it's easy to get back. The only complaint is that they scratch easily and the very case they're sent in does most of the scratching! The case material combined with the sharp edges of the envelope-thin case scratched my pair within the first 24 hours. The case needs a liner and the edges need to be smoothed. Really, seriously, now. I'll take a thicker case if it's not lined with something that makes it easier to scratch the lens. The design and function of this very idea makes it impossible to make a case that scratches them. I know you want to keep your product thin, but if it's at the expense of its full performance potential then people will stop buying it. I don't want to have to buy a pair every few weeks just so I don't have to look through a web of scratches, but I also don't want to have to buy a pair every few weeks just so I don't have to look through a web of Please redesign that case. The scratching is a deal-breaker, but I love these glasses. They're a wonderful product, but there are some important changes that need to be made. I've owned this pair for 13 days and I've never touched the lens.

5. ALTEC VISION Reading Glasses Rimless

ALTEC VISION Reading Glasses Rimless

The lens width is 51 millimeters. The bridge is 18 millimeters. The package includes one pair of Altech VISION Super lightweight reading glasses for men and women. The lens height is 27mm, the nosebridge width is 18mm, and the temple length is 138mm.

Brand: Altec Vision

👤I bought my father a pair of glasses based on the large number of positive reviews on an external website that spots review quality. They are not labeled by Amazon as 3 diopters. 1. These eyeglasses are made in China and are sold in the US by a subsidiary of FSM Technology, which is owned by Megalowmart. 2. The glasses have a plastic frame and plastic lens. The frame's arms are made of TR90 nylon, a thermoplastic flexible and lightweight, while the bridge is made of a hard and fragile looking plastic material. Depending on how carefully a wearer removes the glasses, in particular with only one hand grabbing one of the arms, non-trivial flexion force can be applied to the bridge, which may explain negative reviews about the bridge breaking. The outer edge of each lens is fastened to the arm with a screw and a nut. The inner edge is attached with a screw that goes through the bridge and into a hole in the nose pad. In other reviews, it was said that the machine-tightening hole in the nose-pad end could be easily removed by this screw. 3. The screws have heads. The Altec Vision website shows the same model with the same head screws, which are self-centering and easier to adjust, with less risk of the screwdriver slipping and scratching the lens. The change to less expensive screws is cheap. 4. Their quality control can be poor. The glasses had a thicker lens for the left eye and a thinner one for the right eye. The glasses were photographed from above with their lower edge up, so their unfolded arms kept the lens almost vertically oriented, and on the right-side panel, a black cardboard was inserted under the glasses to make more notable thickness differences at the lower edge of the lens. 5. The left and right half of the glasses have different sizes and the center of the left and right frame hinges against a 15- cm ruler. The visual axis of each eye will not match the optical center of the lens, which will degrade the image. The difference in the size of the plastic pieces between the frame's arm and the lens is the reason for the asymmetricalness. This design for glasses is terrible. 6. The glasses were returned for a refund.

👤I've purchased these glasses 11 times in different strengths and lost some of them. The first pair was purchased in a translucent case and had a tint for blue light blocking. I miss those, they don't seem to produce them anymore. Blue light blocking is a necessity for me because I do computer work for 8 hours a day. Blue light blocking became a marketing trend before I discovered that with these glasses. Without the tint, my eyes felt like they were on fire. I still need a 1.0 reader for computer use, even though I wear magnifying contacts of 1.50 for general use. I only use them for watching TV if I don't have my contacts in, and I carry a pair in my purse for other needs. I pull off the silicone grips on the temple pieces because they pull my hair when taking them off and it makes them even more lightweight. If they still offered the tinted version, they would be a 5.0 star. My favorite magnifiers are missing the tint and 1.0 option for my daily work needs.

6. REAVEE Reading Portable Eyeglasses Strength

REAVEE Reading Portable Eyeglasses Strength

The metal frame has spring hinges for personal fit. Extra clear lens do not cause light distortion. The frame is 4.29 inch, the width is 1.44 inch, the lens is 0.68 inch, and the bridge is 0.72 inch. The shirt clip case is easy to store. The readers are protected from lens scratch with a soft plastic pad. It's a great value. Save some money on a few different colors by buying pen reading glasses and cleaning cloths at a low price. The brown case with gold reader, blue case with gunmetal reader, and black case with black reader are shown in the pictures. You have no risk of trying because they provide a 90-day money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty for all products. If you have a question, please contact them and they will provide you with a solution.

Brand: Reavee

👤I bought the same style of glasses from a different seller and was pleased with them. I did not think there was a difference between the two sets when I purchased them. The original set gave me more color choices, so I went with these instead. I thought they were the same. There is a Both pairs are thin and lightweight. The first set I bought scored high for comfort but low for durability. They don't fit in with the first two pairs. The nose pads are the first problem. The first time I wore the notepads, one of the nose pads fell off. Replacement nose pads are not available for this style. I was able to create a similar pad by using hardened hot glue and pushing it into place. This is not an acceptable solution for a pair of glasses that were broken the same day. I had a second problem with folding and fit. I had to force them into the case once they folded. They did not slide in as easily as the other pair. I felt like I would break them by simply storing them. I did not want to return them to their case. The nose pad fell off. Let me stress that nothing happened to damage the noSE PAD. It's simply FELL off! I have used the first two pairs of these again and again, even though I no longer use them. The arms are my third and biggest complaint. The glasses are made of metal and have a plastic cover on their arms. On the first day, one of the plastic covers came completely off and all my efforts to put it back in place have been rejected. I have one pair of glasses with a missing nose pad and arm cover that won't fit back into its case. I didn't bother trying the other two pairs. I don't recommend spending fourteen dollars on these.

👤I have to change the review because the readers are not worth anything and they break not worth it, but I was contacted immediately by the company and they are replacing the readers. They are replacing it because it may have been a defect. Thank you Jim, you really appreciate it. The replacement readers were very sturdy and comfortable. The product is amazing and the customers service is excellent, so anyone who gets these readers will not be disappointed.

👤I wouldn't recommend this product. The glasses are flimsy. The side legs are so thin that they fall off my face. Replacement nose pieces are tiny and if they fall off you won't be able to find them, and even a light cleaning causes the nose pieces to fall off. The cylinders that hold the glasses are too small to hold them. It is very difficult to get the glasses out and push them back in.

👤These might work for you if you need cheap readers. I have issues with the glasses. There is a small amount of brown paper or brown cardboard inside the lens. It isn't on either surface. 2. There are little bubbles in one lens. 3. The lens are not clear. They are cloudy or foggy. 4. There are visual anomalies in almost all of the lenses.

7. TERAISE Anti Blue Computer Blocking Included

TERAISE Anti Blue Computer Blocking Included

You can put a pair of reading glasses in every place you are staying, you can have a clear visual experience, and avoid forgetting the glasses. It is possible to block harmful blue light for mobile TV radiation. HD Lenses give you a colorful world. The spring hinges are suitable for most face types. Their worry-free 18-month warranty and friendly customer service are what you get.

Brand: Teraise

👤I had to change from a 1.75 to a 2.0 and chose these. I didn't want to go to Walmart, Dollar Stores, or any of the other stores in this environment. I would find a better pair if I spent all day shopping. I like not having a frame on the lower side because they are sturdy and flexible. I ordered another set because I lose things easily.

👤The problem is that you don't know what you're getting until you buy them. The blue light filter on the glasses makes them a bit easier on your eyes, since you can't see anything with your phone in the evening. It makes your phone's screen look warm-white. If you're like most people, you'll want a pair of these in various places to use readers whenever you need them. Everything you see through these glasses will have a blue tint to it. I can't use the glasses at all because of the blue tint. I will probably throw them away because it's not worth the trouble of returning them. The seller is not going to tell you this, so be aware of it.

👤These glasses are very lightweight and have great frames. Each pair of glasses has a protective sleeve and comes in its own case. They had a screwdriver and a cleaning cloth. These are the best cheaters I have found. It is an awesome deal at only $5.00 a pair. Going to Amazon was great. I wish they had the blue frame. I will keep them. I won't look like a trendy person. I was looking for a diversion at 66 years old. It's funny. I believe you can't go wrong with the frames you purchase. The person is named "Rusty."

👤The first thing that came out of my mouth was awe. While using all my digital devices, I have excellent clarity, lightweight, comfortable, decent style and excellent blue light reflection. After staring at a computer screen, I noticed my eyes don't water anymore, and headaches have subsided as an added benefit. The nose pads are fixed as they are part of the frame, which may be the only negative that some may find with these readers. This is a plus for me because I have bad luck with the adjustability of nose pads; they always fall off and get lost with time. Each pair comes with a plastic case and cleaning cloth. The arm screws are spring loaded to adjust for any head size, and there's a nice little screwdriver with a key chain ring. For the price, you really can't beat these glasses.

👤I read reviews on blue light blocking reading glasses and bought these. I missed my return date and am angry. I started wearing these about a month ago. 3 have broken at the hinges. I don't mind wearing my glasses. I'm extra careful with them. This is beyond frustrating. I was excited about the clarity and the comfort of the glasses when I first wore them. I was frustrated after the first pair broke. I opened another one after tossing them. The same thing happened on the other hinge about 2 weeks later. My 3rd pair broke on the hinge. I thought for a moment that it was out of place, but not my luck. I lost my hand. I had high hopes and I am very disappointed. I have tried to contact the company, but they can't be reached. One could hope that they'll see this and reach out. I'm going to do more research on blue light blocking reading glasses.

8. Blocking Glasses Reading Multi Magnification Magnification

Blocking Glasses Reading Multi Magnification Magnification

An extremely valuable offer: 4 pairs of rectangular frame reading glasses, a string is included to help you hang the glasses on neck to prevent loss. Ultra- transparent lens with high light transmittance to prevent color distortion and anti-reflective coating to minimize glare from digital screens Reducing eyestrain and sleeping better are benefits of blue light blocking glasses. The universal size fits most face shapes. They will provide you the best service if you contact the seller without any hesitation and they will pay attention to product quality.

Brand: Lifeart

👤I was pleasantly surprised at how clear my vision is when I wear these, it's amazing! The way my eyes feel after hours of computer work is different. They are small enough that you can still see without Vision Correction if you wear them more towards the end of your nose. They look nice on men and women. The glasses have their arms held on with screws. Unless you hold them up to the light, you won't notice the tint on the lens. These are worth the money.

👤Sturdy plastic cases are nice. The price is great. The blue light source and the enclosed blue light sensitive card were used. The blue light was hard to hold, but they also enclosed it for testing, but it was too hard to hold the camera, glasses, testing card, and LEDs at the same time.

👤These readers are well made. The blue light blocking feature is easier to use on the eyes. You can see a small difference when compared with regular readers. They are cheaper than the variety readers at the dollar store. They are packaged in a plastic hard case. There are black, gray, clear, and light purple frames. There is a little blue light in the box. It is recommended.

👤These are great! I break them all the time. I asked what I have to loose. I have sat on them and they don't break. I was getting headaches and blurry vision every time I used my cellphone and they took care of all that! Men and women can use the same colors. I'm going to bling them up. Merry Christmas to everyone! Thank you Amazon!

👤I love the style of these readers. They're comfortable and have clear vision for the strength they choose.

👤After the detached retina, blue light had issues. My previous readers didn't block the blue light, leaving me with headaches. As an added bonus, they block a fair amount of blue light. It seems that quality is good for inexpensive readers. Will buy again.

👤I usually by the cheapest. Since use of these glasses, there has been no eye pain or pressure behind eyes... Usually on the cell for a long time. It was very painful. The glasses are working well so far.

👤The readers are as advertised. The glasses are comfortable. The slots on the end of the lanyard allow me to keep the glassed at hand when I need it. The colors work for many occasions. I wear a black sidebar. The focus is perfect. They are all a great value. Rm.

👤These didn't work for me. I'm used to a small lens without a rim, so I assumed these would work well. The usable area for looking is small due to the distortion of the image. The distortion at the edges makes it hard to screen work compared to a static rim. I found other options that work better for my prescription.

👤Good quality product. The variation in the lens frame surround is nice. The glasses have a large clear plastic nose bridge which makes them look blue, but if you forget to change them before you go out, they will look like ordinary glasses. I will buy them again.

9. Magnification Readers Reading Glasses 4 00 6 00

Magnification Readers Reading Glasses 4 00 6 00

The lens width is 49 millimeters. High magnification power reading glasses are from +1.00 to +4.00. One size fits most. The width is 5.4 Inches, the height is 1.75 Inches, and the lens is 1.9 Inches. Hyperextending arms have a spring hinge for comfort.

Brand: Grinderpunch

👤I just bought the 5x version after buying the 4x version. I was surprised that these glasses are better than a magnifying glass. It helps to have both hands free when you need to see something small. Someone could try to remove a small splinter with a pair of tweezers. The frames are sturdy and the lenses seem to be good quality. I think they are quite comfortable, but your mileage may vary. The glasses have a number of bad reviews because you have to hold it close to your eyes. On the other hand, I feel that this is an unfair criticism by people who don't understand how magnifying glasses work. Most people won't be comfortable using them for long periods, and they are sold as "reading glasses."

👤These glasses work well for me, I do a lot of amateur gunsmithing. People who complain about having to hold objects too close don't understand magnification 6 power magnification is focused at about 6 inches. If you want something that focuses farther away, you need a lower magnification. The quality of the lens is very good. They work well for me.

👤I have used magnifying glasses for a long time. I wear a jewelers scuplture with magnifications. The glasses are called 6x, but the description says -4.00, +4.00, +5.00, +6.00. The title of this item is not correct. A 6x magnifying lense has an equivalent diopter value of +24.00. These are reading glasses.

👤I ordered this twice. The 6 is too strong. The reviews said the 6 is too strong and it hurts your eyes, but they work when looking at pictures and they get really big like life size. The 4's are the best for reading, they're much better than the larger glasses, and the largest dollar store is 3.5 so you can get them there.

👤I have several loupe (on the head) magnifications. I was looking for glasses that were similar to what I was looking for. High powered magnifiers work if you hold the reading material close to your eyes. These are great for restaurants to read the menu at.

👤They were bought to do modeling. I already have to wear reading glasses so it was natural for me to focus on these glasses. The 5.0 was purchased based on other reviews. The focus distance is perfect for me. The working focus distance is between 6 and 8 inches. There is an eye strain outside that distance. The 6.0 should have focused between 3 and 5 inches. Too close for my requirements. I was correct. The frames are light and have a thick lens. The ear pieces are thin and wide. The nose bridge is smooth on mine. There is a soft pouch. There is a If you're not used to wearing reading glasses, it will take some time to learn focusing and flipping. The ear piece shape and spring hinges make it difficult to place your nose in a certain position. It works better if you flip it.

10. LifeArt Blocking Computer Eyestrain Magnification

LifeArt Blocking Computer Eyestrain Magnification

The total width of the bridge and temple is 132mm. Blue light blocking involves covering and absorbing harmful blue light. The LifeArt blue light blocking glasses lens is made of Classic rimless frame design, lightweight, no pressure on your face and ears, durable with sturdy alloy frame. They will provide you the best service if you contact the seller without any hesitation and they will pay attention to product quality.

Brand: Lifeart

👤I am very happy with the blue light blockers I took a chance on. I read a lot of reviews before choosing this pair. People either loved their glasses or didn't notice any benefit, and they were cheap and ugly. I suspected that it might be related to quality. I tried to find a pair that was not cheap plastic and had the best reviews, but Life Art Optics was the one I chose. They are pretty but they work. When I wake up, my eyes don't seem to have sand in them. I spend a lot of time online. I no longer feel fatigued like I am in my eyes while working online. I got the ones with the magnification. I am going to buy another pair of reading glasses so that I don't have to worry about the blue lights in the room. I sleep better because I wake up with them. I will be buying more so that I have a pair with me.

👤I am not disappointed with my first pair of glasses. The package includes a jewlers screw driver, a blue light, a plastic reference card, microfiber cloth, and glasses. Wow. They delivered here. They give you the tools you need to test the effectiveness of their lens, and I can tell you that they deliver. The light and test card they give you can show how the lens performs. I've never seen a supplier want you to actually test their product and give you the tools to do that. Excellent! The glasses themselves are next. They're sharp. The design of the frame makes it impossible to see objects in your peripherals. If you've ever heard of the glasses brand, they charge between $200 and $400 for glasses. The $10 glasses are just as good looking as the lighter ones. They may not be as robust, but that's not much of a statement when looking at the price difference. The hard snapping case and the fact that the lenses are made out of polycarbonate make it not a big deal to me. I will tell you about my experience with them. I am an engineer and a game player. I spend a lot of time in front of screens. I was shocked when I put these on. They give a noticeable difference. I had no idea what to expect, but I felt less strained vision, less dry eye, less headaches, and possibly a boost to my mood and energy levels. I would 100% recommend them to anyone who is sitting in front of a screen for long periods of time. I would have paid more for the same product. These glasses are stylish and relaxing to look at. They are very reflective and I have only one gripe. This is not a problem when you are on a video call and your screens reflect off the camera lens and hide your eyes. It looks like you have screens on your glasses. It would be great if they could add an anti-glare coating to the lens, but I am still very impressed and will be ordering a second pair. Hope this helps!

11. DOUBLETAKE Pack Reading Glass Readers

DOUBLETAKE Pack Reading Glass Readers

The lens width is 51 millimeters. 2 classic and elegant readers for a low price. Flex temple arm reading glasses for maximum comfort. Men and women have simple and minimalist styling.

Brand: Doubletake

👤I have been wearing glasses for ten years. I've been using over the counter reading glasses for the last few years to help with reading and close up work. I was increasing the strength to the point where they didn't work because my vision wasn't good. I have a full eye exam every year to make sure I keep my sight. I went to the eye doctor instead of using the local vision stores and their optometrists. The reason I was increasing the strength of the reading glasses was due to a couple of cataracts. I was told a couple of times that there was an indication of a cataract in my right eye, but nothing to be alarmed about. Immediate surgery was done on both eyes after the cataracts were found. I have Parkinson's disease and because of head tremors it was decided to use general anesthesia, so I could see both eyes at the same time. I was given permission to get both eyes done and to stay at the hospital overnight because of this. The surgery went very well and nobody who hasn't had the surgery will understand the improvement in vision. I decided to fix my distance and not closeup vision after I was offered a treatment that would correct both near and far vision, but Medicare wouldn't cover it. I didn't consider that a problem because I already use glasses. My final eye exam showed that reading glasses over the counter would be fine. It was suggested that a magnifying strength of + 2 for normal reading and + 2.5 for very fine print and intricate work. The review is about the + 2.5. It's difficult to choose the right reading glasses from the many that Amazon has. I chose the Double Take after an hour. I liked the idea that they are half framed. This allows me to read but at the same time I have to look over the top frame to see the computer screen and TV equally well. I remember my grandmother doing this with her glasses and thinking it was funny. The perfect solution has been found by me. The spring hinged bows are nice. The feature allows you to place the glasses at a certain place so that you can see the TV and read. The frames are close in quality to the expensive ones purchased at the opticians. The lens itself doesn't seem to distort like some of the others I've had through the years. You don't know you are wearing glasses. The glasses have been a great experience so far. The price is good for one pair but not good for two. There are two of them at my desk and one in the bedroom. There is one negative that I should mention. It's nice to include a hard case for each pair but it's difficult to use. You have to place the glasses in such a way that the spring activated hinge won't come down on one or both of the bows. It's easier to put them in a safe place. I recommend these glasses to anyone I know, I'm very happy with them. Everything is perfect. These are the best I've ever worn because of the price, materials used in production, and the lack of distortion. There is one thing that must be added, the hard case is too small to decrease even a half a star. Anyone who thinks they may have cataracts should be examined. Have surgery done if it's necessary. Your brain is used to failing eyesight and you just let it go. I can't explain how beautiful the world looks without cataracts.


What is the best product for eye zoom rimless reading glasses with slim case?

Eye zoom rimless reading glasses with slim case products from Doubletake. In this article about eye zoom rimless reading glasses with slim case you can see why people choose the product. Vision World Eyewear and Feivsn are also good brands to look for when you are finding eye zoom rimless reading glasses with slim case.

What are the best brands for eye zoom rimless reading glasses with slim case?

Doubletake, Vision World Eyewear and Feivsn are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eye zoom rimless reading glasses with slim case. Find the detail in this article.

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