Best Opthalmic Antibiotic Eye Ointment Dogs

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1. Neosporin Maximum Strength Antibiotic Protection Bacitracin

Neosporin Maximum Strength Antibiotic Protection Bacitracin

A 1-ounce tube of Neosporin + pain relief dual action antibiotic Ointment for first aid wound care is recommended by the #1 doctor. Ointment helps to soothe and reduce pain with a maximum strength formula and protects minor wounds for 24 hours. Bacitracin zinc, neomycin sulfate and polymyxin B sulfate antibiotics are used to prevent wound infections. The No-Sting formula of Pain-Relief also contains pramoxine hydrochloride, which is a pain killer. One to three times daily, apply a small amount of the first-aid antibiotic skin ointment to the affected area. Band-Aid Brand Adhesive bandage is used for protection. Relieves pain, cuts, and burns. No one recommended a brand. Only for external use.

Brand: Neosporin

👤I like to use ointments. I know it's not something I should use to head off a profile on, but I feel okay saying that. "OintmentLOVER69." Nope. Most people can't stand the word "ointment". "moist" and "ointment" were voted America's Least Favorite Words of the Past 100 Years. I was surrounded by a lot of things, but my favorite was Desitin, and I bet you can feel it coming. It's like a beautiful jar of winter night itself. When I met David in my 20's, he shared my love of classic unguents, and I discovered that he was also a fan of my overprotected, well-moisturized youth. Everything I wanted was there. I don't know if I'll ever get over it after we moved to Columbus, Ohio, and then to Seattle. There's so much I miss about David, and there's things I find in the world that he would appreciate. I wish we could talk about the benefits of lying in bed on a lazy Saturday morning, or the benefits of eating breakfast at IHOP, and whether or not there's a placebo. It's not like a Menthol/Camphor blend like Icy Hot and Tiger Balm... What is the magic ingredient in this Neosporin that can take away pain from a cut finger? It seems to actually happen! It really does! If I was still with David, I would bet we would do a experiment where one of us would put the Neosporin on a freshly bitten cuticle and the other would put it on a patch of road rash. We got really sunburned while hosting a rummage sale. There is a sun in Seattle. We were not prepared. We had a contest to see who could peel off the largest chunk of skin. We collected our skin chunks and saved them in a jar with the intention that we'd check on them at regular intervals to see if they'd get dry and hardened, but we forgot about that. After I moved back to Minneapolis, I found a jar in a box, and our skin was exactly as it had been, mixed together, like it was waiting for someone to rehydrate it. I've stopped. I bet my boyfriend David and I would both agree that Neosporin Plus seems to work better than regular Neosporin, but if I put it on cuts and abrasions at night, they're a lot better. It has no smell, and feels nice. I've added Neosporin to my list of favorites. I would like to apply it to my heart. Come on. You were aware that this review was going to end that way. Didn't you? You did.

👤This is the best stuff. When I was in Ranger School in the Army, it was recommended that each Ranger keep a tube to apply to the smallest cuts or scratches, to keep from getting infections during the training. I recall a guy who regretted it. It is the best anti-bacterial. If you get the name brand, you will know that you've prevented a situation that could easily become worse.

2. Polysporin Antibiotic Ointment Without Neomycin

Polysporin Antibiotic Ointment Without Neomycin

A tube of Polysporin. First Aid Antibiotic Ointment is used to treat cuts, burns, and other injuries. This antibiotic is helpful for minor wounds. To use, apply a small amount of this wound care ointment to the affected area.

Brand: Polysporin

👤My dad had a tube of this stuff in the medicine cabinet when I was a kid. When my brother or I got a cut, my dad would put some on the wound after cleaning it. It helped heal wounds quicker. I started using Neosporin after that. Each time I used the ointment, I started to get allergic reactions. I wondered if people could be allergic to neomycin. I found out that I was not the only one who was allergic to the neomycin in Neosporin and the generic tubes of "Triple-Antibiotic Ointment". I tried Polysporin for the first time in over 3 decades. It works well for me. There were no allergic reactions. I have been using Polysporin every day for the past few weeks to help the site heal faster after my spine surgery. It works as advertised. My case had no allergic reactions.

👤I use this when my dog has too much eye discharge. I bought it because I saw it on You Tube. Saves money going to the doctor.

👤I have a leg injury. Polysporin was recommended by my surgeon. I have used Neosporin before, but there are differences between it and this. Neomycin has in addition neomycin and Polysporin has bacitracin and polymixin B. Neomycin can cause allergies. I have used Neosporin and the added pain relief which is an antihistamine, and it seems that it is not needed. It is working well and I am happy.

👤This product was great for cracked/bleeding and injuries from nursing, both of which I have used it for. My nursing problems were helped by the help of Medela nursing sheilds. I would definitely recommend this product. I asked my doctor's office if the difference between this and neosporin was the same, and was told that it wasn't. Will be sticking to it.

👤I swear by it, I had never heard of it until I saw it at the store. I used to use Neosporin, but the results weren't always great. I had a cut that got more infections after using it. I had used other remedies that worked better. One day I went to the store and saw this Polysporin and it cost more. I thought it would be better than the popular, name brand stuff if it cost more, so I gave it a try. Glad I did.

👤Can't beat the price. I always use polysporin as a go to antibiotic. It was time to get more and I decided to go to Amazon. The price was the same as the large Drug Store Chains. I have been buying the 1/2 oz size for the same price for the last 25 years, and now it is the 1 oz size. The product helps in reducing scarring.

👤I had a small procedure to treat a persistent infection on my finger. Polysporin was recommended by my doctor as the wound healed. He said that inflammation and redness can be hard to distinguish. I used Polysporin frequently and it healed my finger.

3. Curad Antimicrobial Ointment Contains Effectively

Curad Antimicrobial Ointment Contains Effectively

There are standards. You can trust. All products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in the USA. The family-owned company has been in Rialto, CA since 2009. Minor cuts, burns, and scratches can be treated with the curad Germ Shield antimicrobial gel. The silver antimicrobial in the Curad Germ Shield gel can kill many types ofbacteria, including MRSA, E.Coli, and Staph. This first aid salve with silver is less susceptible to resistance to antibiotics with effectiveness that lasts up to 3 days while other first aid salves can lose effectiveness in a few hours. An optimal healing environment is supported by a non-stinging formula. A small tube of wound gel.

Brand: Curad

👤I have had MRSA for at least 2 years. I've tried everything out there, at least I thought I had. I tried this product. I have now been diagnosed with MRSA, and daily application 3x daily helped heal more sores. I hope it's gone for a while. You have to be willing to constantly apply to the area. You won't get the results if you don't. Hope this helps.

👤For the first time in my life, I was 800-273-3217 I tried all the home remedies without any relief. It was painful and embarrassing. I went to Amazon to find a cure after the weather changed and I had a slit in the corner of my mouth. Within two days, the product was completely healed after being received a day later. It was a miracle. I use it on the corners of my mouth at night as a preventative maintenance and now I'm two months into the cold weather and I'm so angry that I didn't get this last year. Game changing!

👤Deep puncture wounds from surgery were healed. Doctors couldn't figure out how to get the infection out of the holes. Everything stopped draining after 2 weeks. It's easy to use, not messy.

👤I had to look very hard to find a silver first aid product. I have used the bandages that have silver ontimement in the past and it has been a great success. I'm very happy with the Curad Germ Sheild Silver Gel because it seems they are no longer available. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a special product. I applied the gel to my piercing with a q-tip. This product doesn't have petroleum jelly. I was okay with using it in small amounts. I had great results with silver ontimement, it's been proven to be very effective for treating skin problems.

👤For the past year, I have been seeing a dermatologist for a variety of skin conditions. Antibiotics didn't get rid of it. Over the past year, I've tried a lot of things. I used to have a redness on my face that I tried to hide with my make-up. Nothing worked. I used it last night after getting it yesterday. My face is healing. I have tried a lot of things in the past year, but the improvement after first use is more significant. The gel formula feels good on the skin. It will be easy to put makeup on it. Hope this continues. Over time, I don't like it.

👤I am very happy I found this product. I have had some large wounds from the boil that would not heal in 1 1/2 months. No matter what I tried on them. I had places where the bandages I had to wear to protect them and drainage issues had pulled so much of my skin off that it had made it raw. I have been using this product for 5 days and I am horrified. I no longer have to wear bandages to protect the wounds because they have healed up so well. This is a live saver for me. It has made me feel better. You don't know how much I have spent trying to heal. I am very happy. Try it!

4. VetriScience Laboratories GlycoFlex Joint Supplement

VetriScience Laboratories GlycoFlex Joint Supplement

The GlycoFlex Joint Support Stages system has been recommended by veterinarians for over 30 years. It is recommended for puppies and dogs that may have a pre disposition to joint health issues. The bite size chew has a chicken liver flavor that provides early joint support for your dog. Glucosamine, GlycOmega brand green lipped mussel and their own patented DMG are active ingredients. The products are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Brand: Vetriscience

👤I was told that I could give my 9 month old a shot of Glucosamine as she is a jumper. Glad they have 3 stages. We used the 3rd one with our little pom for the last 4 years of her life. This pup needs to be started out asap. It's preventive care!

👤St Bernard won't eat them. Nothing works when I try to hide them in cheese, bread, peanut butter, etc. He will spit them out. They are very hard. I don't think they are good to eat. I don't recommend buying off Amazon since you can't return it. If the dog doesn't like them, they will take them back. I don't know if they work because he won't eat them.

👤I have given this to my dogs for a long time. As your pet gets older, they have different stages for joint pain. My dogs love it.

👤Glucosamine is used for joint maintenance. Recommended for the dog as well. We have had German Shepherd dogs for many years and have used GlycoFlex with all of them.

👤My dog has been taking it for 8 months. He likes the flavor. I put it in with his breakfast.

👤This is a great product. Dogs stay active. Great taste as well!

👤Our three dogs have lots of likes and no dislikes. Thanks for the great product.

👤The product and price were good but could have been better. It didn't seem fresh. The product works wonders on my dog.

5. MURO 128 Percent TWIN PACK

MURO 128 Percent TWIN PACK

The MURO 128 tube is a 2-pack.

Brand: Muro 128

👤I started using Muro 128 for my recurrent corneal erosions after my eye doctor told me that I had map-dot-fingerprint corneal dystrophy. It helped a lot. I'd been using regular nighttime creams without the salt, and my erosions continued to happen. They stopped when I started using this. I've been using it for a long time. When I don't use it, my eyes feel dry when I wake up, so I keep using it with my doctor's approval. It doesn't sting when I put it in. I use it every night, even though it blurs vision for a while, and is quite goopy.

👤I have been suffering from severe dry eye syndrome for many years and have found it necessary to use a lubricating ointment at night to keep my eyelid from sticking to my eye and tearing in the morning. I have tried many different types of ointment and have concluded that Muro 128 is the best. Highly recommended, even though it's premium price.

👤This is the only product that works on my dry eyes at night. I only apply it when I go to bed because it causes a white out in my vision. I heat in a cup of warm water for 30 seconds before applying so that it will flow like a liquid. It stays in your eyes if you don't change it. It's best to wash it out with hot water. The reason I bought from pharmapacks was low price. Local stores get more money for the same product.

👤I have dry eyes. I was told by my eye doctor to use Muro 128 at night, but it was so expensive for little tubes that I went with a cheaper one. It helped my dry eyes but not my main eye issue. I used a tube of Muro every night after buying it at the drugstore. I didn't need eye drops during the day because my eyes were so comfortable. I found it here for a little less than the drugstore sells it, and have been buying two packs every now and then. I've learned to use a little rather than a lot. A very small amount is needed. It immediately lubricates my eyes, unlike the liquid/drops version. My eyes are blurry. I am going to sleep so it doesn't matter. When I wake up, my eyes are moist. I wish I could find a cheaper substitute for this. I haven't been able to. I will pay the price because my eyes have improved so much that they are worth whatever it takes to keep them healthy. Muro 128 keeps my eyes healthy.

👤My dog suffers from Corneal Edema. I apply twice a day. I put the tube in the hot water for 30 seconds. It is much easier to place a small drop in the space created by stretching his lower eyelid. It's easier to control the dose.

👤I've been using this for several months to prevent dry eye. If I hold the tube in my hand for a couple of minutes, it's much easier to apply the right dose. The heat from my hand made it easier for me to squeeze a drop into each eye. The method helps to prevent the tip from becoming contaminated by touching the eye area.

6. Zymox Topical Pet Hydrocortisone 1 Ounce

Zymox Topical Pet Hydrocortisone 1 Ounce

Provides gentle, soothing relief from skin irritations. The hydrocortisone in the pet ointment helps manage skin issues. Pre-cleaning is not required, making applications less painful. It is made with ingredients that are safe if licked after application. Veterinarian strength pet formula is good for skin irritations.

Brand: Zymox

👤I don't own a pet. I use ZYMOX on my face to help me get rid of the sebierhEIC DERMATITIS caused by MALASSEZIA FUR FUR and help keep it from coming back. Humans and animals can be affected by the same types of skin problems as Fur Fur, which are caused by the normal flora of the skin. MFF needs trace minerals found in human and animal skin in order to be able to use enzymes and coenzymes that are important for the growth and survival of the fungus. One of the main ingredients in this product is Lactoferrin(LF), which is an iron binding enzyme and is found in mothers breast milk in the first several days after a baby is born, which is called Super. The iron in breast milk helps the baby's immature gastrointestinal tract to absorb iron into the blood so that red blood cells can carry oxygen from the lungs to every tissue in the body for life. TheLF acts like a sponge for iron and other vital minerals in human and animal skin and the MFF fungus hates lactoferrin with a passion. ZYMOX contains hydrocortisone 1%, which is a great anti-irritant. It contains many other ingredients to help kill and/or prevent the growth of a broad spectrum of microorganisms on the skin, including another powerful enzyme called LYSOZYME, which is found naturally in human and animal saliva. ZYMOX has powerful and natural ingredients such as: ZINC, ZODIDE, and ZINC gluconate. A very inexpensive skin cream with a lot of powerful naturally occurring enzymes and anti-itching ingredient hydrocortisone 1% is what you get. There is an important note. This review is based on my professional opinion after I used this product on my own face for a couple of weeks. This is not a fake promotional product review or paid company promotion. I don't have time for this stuff and I stand behind all of my reviews, which are very few and far between. I felt inspired by the research that helped me with my skin problem. The directions for this cream are on the label. It is also safe to use on human skin. Half of the ingredients are naturally occurring in humans and animals, and the other half are found in many skin products for humans and are safe. When it comes to skin creams, don't always believe that they are for animal use only. If the skin problem doesn't improve after using the product, then stop using it and consult your doctor. If you want to use this product on the face, I recommend waiting a day or two to rule out a possible allergic reaction before using it. Don't look at the eye areas. I challenge anyone with mild to moderate seborrheic dermatitis or superficial skin wounds to try this product for 2 weeks and let me know if it improves their skin condition or not. M.D. is by the man, Keith Cook.

👤I bought this cream because of the good reviews. My female bull terrier mix had a rash all over her body. The rash was almost gone after 1 application. I put it on two nights in a row. It's worth the price, cheaper than a vet visit. She won't take a picture.

7. OptixCare Lube Plus Hyaluron Horses

OptixCare Lube Plus Hyaluron Horses

The doctor has over 30 years of experience and recommended the REFRESH family of products. It provides long lasting comfort to dry, itchy and irritated eyes. It supports long lasting protection and hydration.

Brand: Optixcare

👤I have a Pug. He has been on Optimmune for 3.5 years for dry eye. I felt as if he wasn't responding to the Optimmune, his eyeball was dull looking. I decided to try this out after some research because it is a small tube for a high price. His eyes look great! It seems like his vision is better now that they are glossy. I have been using it for over a week. I am happy with the switch. The price is great for the quantity. We are doing 3-4 applications a day.

👤The right eye was removed in August. I need this twice daily, according to my mom. She puts the drop in quickly and easily. My eye feels better. I'm doing well now.

👤I like this product. I have a dog with dry eyes. If you have a senior dog with the same condition, you know how expensive eye lubrication is. A fourth of this size is usually 45 dollars. I love my dog, but I have to spend a lot of money to get an iffy product. I'm very satisfied with the results of this product. I apply twice a day. This product restores the shine and glossy look to his eye, even though I still have to clean it every few days. He doesn't rub his eye as much. I think it works a little better than the vet gave me. The product has lasted for nearly two months and is less than 15 dollars. You don't need to keep it out of the cold. If you love your dog but the vet's stuff isn't working, try this.

👤My dog had the worst case of dry eye I have ever seen, she would get tons of green boogers on her eyes and it was hard to even open them. The vet put her in a hospital. I couldn't keep up with the 48 dollars for each tiny bottle of it. They wanted to put her on 75 dollars worth of medication that would only last a couple weeks. We have tried so many things, until I finally found this and thought it would be good to try, within the first application. I never thought that a bottle of this would be a solution to her struggle, but after a week, her eyes look so glossy and full of life. Thank you so much!

👤I use this product because it was recommended by my vet. The price through Amazon is better than at the vets, and my vet suggested I buy it from Amazon.

👤I like this product for my rabbit. This doesn't have the same look as a petroleum based product. I don't worry about him grooming it if I apply too much. It's been great for Titan because our veterinary opthamologist prescribes it.

👤It was a good product to protect my dog's eye. The tube made me give 4 stars instead of 5. It is squishy and hard to control the amount of gel coming out.

8. Vetericyn Plus Animal Wound Spray

Vetericyn Plus Animal Wound Spray

There is hair and skin care. The bottle color may vary. This solution is the first line of defense for your pet. It is approved for use on all animals. The solution is pain-free. No burn or sting to clean wounds. First move excess hair from the area, then spray or saturate and apply a dressing 3-4 times a day until the wound heals. Keep wounds moist for quicker healing. RECOMMENDED BY VETERINARIANS. If your animal care provider recommends something, you can save yourself the trip to the vet. Care for your animals where they are happy and comfortable, from your home to the farm or ranch. Health care products that are innovative and reliable. The most safe, effective and innovative animal health and wellbeing products are what Vetericyn is committed to developing. Each one is produced with scientific research and a standard of excellence. There are standards. You can trust. All products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in the USA. The family-owned company has been in Rialto, CA since 2009.

Brand: Vetericyn

👤I don't write reviews. I bought this in 8 oz bottles and it worked great. I bought this in a bottle. It was damaged in shipment and was returned to Amazon so it never made it to my house. I received it via lasership today after reordering it. I sprayed this on my dog and immediately realized it was bleach in the bottle. My clothes are already stained after I washed it off my dog. I am so angry! For what I received and my experience, I can't speak for everyone. I shop on Amazon a lot and it's dangerous, so I need to say that.

👤The reviewer got a bottle of bleach after ordering it, according to the response. If you read the bottle's active ingredients, you will see that it is hypochlorous acid. It is non-toxic. I was skeptical when I read the review and bought it, but I did a quick internet search and found that it is not bleach. People are not being sent bleach randomly.

👤I love this product. My father developed a multi drug resistant skin infection after using this with patients. After a few rounds of oral antibiotics, the dermatologist sent him to get a proper antibiotic. My dad was forced to start bathing in a bleach solution. I immediately sent him a bottle of this. It works with MRSA and pseudomonas. I thought it was worth a try because those are hard to kill bugs. After weeks of getting no where, my dad called to tell me how fast it was working. This is not a way to avoid seeing a doctor. Our wound cleanser is in my house.

👤I read all the reviews about this product. I was very excited to receive it. Everyone thought this would help heal my dog. He has skin infections all the time. My son was fed up with his $300 vet bill every few months and the antibiotics weren't even working. The dog's skin was bare in many places. I knew I had to investigate, and I found this. I called it "Jesus Juice" when I got it because I knew it had healing powers. I was hoping that within a week I would see a difference in his back, he had almost all his hair back after two days. We are still spraying him with some small spots. I want to help anyone else out there who is not sure if this product will work, if you are the least bit worried, I highly recommend you to try it. It was a miracle spray for us. I will not be without this.

👤I chased after this for another cat that didn't work and she needed a shot for her wound. I have another cat who had about 6 surgeries this year and the last one was a bad one, so don't look at the picture if you're squeamish. They had to cut him in half. He had a stubborn spot that wouldn't heal and it was the last spot on Aujgust. I have been spraying the last few days. The spot is almost completely healed. I highly recommend this stuff. He had a big surgery that went around his entire body, he had a big surgery that went around his body, he had a big surgery that went around his body, he had a big surgery that went around his body, he had a big surgery that went around his body, he had I hope this is the end of it because I have many more horrible pictures from all the surgeries this year. The healed one is how he looks now and the little spot is almost gone thanks to this product, he's a good boy and I thank God for that.

9. Akorn Chloride Percentage Ophthalmic Ointment

Akorn Chloride Percentage Ophthalmic Ointment

The relief of corneal swelling.

Brand: Akorn

👤I have been using this for a long time. It is just as good as the name brand. The purpose is to keep the eyes dry. I have Fuch's and as a person gets older the eye loses the ability to "pumping" the water off the cornea. You have to have a transplant if it gets worse. I have had surgery in one eye and this has helped me avoid it in the other. I used the drops and then the ointment. It is doing its job. If my eyes are irritated, I use a small amount of salt in warm water. Put cotton balls in the water and hold them on your eyes until they cool. It helps with allergies. Hope this helps.

👤I use this with the Akorn brand solution drops. When I was first diagnosed, I was buying Muro 128. It was expensive and not covered by my insurance. I was nervous about changing brands just for the sake of saving, but my fears were false. I was told that my eyes have improved when I went for my last exam. Good news! During the day I use the drops 3 times and at night I use the ointment. It works for me.

👤This is a good price for a drug. I use a product called Sodium Chloride for my dog's eyes. Please consult your eye doctor if you purchase or use this. This generic brand is supposed to be the same as the one sold by Bausch & Lomb, which costs twice as much. The main active ingredients are the same. The Inactive ingredients are the same as the ones in the regular ingredients: mineral oil, white petroleum, and purified water. Most of the ingredients are listed in order. There is more of a substance called lanolin than mineral oil. The list of inactive ingredients in this generic brand is as follows: mineral oil, "modified lanolin", and white petroleum. The generic brand has more mineral oil than the original brand. Not sure what modifiedolin is. My dog experiences a difference between the two brands. I can see the difference in him. The generic brand is not very pleasant for my dog, who will paw at his eyes if it gets really bad, due to the ratio of mineral oil and the amount and type of lanolin used in this. My dog doesn't experience any redness, irritation or discomfort with the Muro 128. It is either a person by person basis or a dog by dog basis. The brand name medication and the generic are not necessarily the same for some chronic medical conditions. The active ingredient is the same. Most people don't notice the difference between the two. The "carrier" ingredient and inactive ingredients are different. A brand name only is to be given by some doctors. Discuss any issues with your doctor. If you are a patient, parent, or guardian, please pay attention to the effects of the medication when you switch from a brand name to a generic. Whatever works best for you or your pet is what you should use.

10. Refresh Celluvisc Lubricant Single Use Containers

Refresh Celluvisc Lubricant Single Use Containers

The strength gel formula is original. Relieves dry eyes. Alleviates pain. Eyes feel better longer. The doctor has over 30 years of experience and recommended the REFRESH family of products.

Brand: Refresh

👤I didn't think I'd find any improvement for my dry eyes. My Opthalmologist said that my eyes were no longer producing enough oil. I tried several brands of eye drops, but they were not enough and my eyes were dry in 10 minutes. I use lid wipes to get my lazy eyes to open. Recent studies show that Omega 3 supplements are not effective in improving dry eye. I gave up on the Restasis because of eye pain. I started getting some relief when I added these drops to my regimen. I don't care if my dreams are blurry because I use them every night before bed. I wear sunglasses to protect my eyes from the wind. The cost for these drops is worth it.

👤I use regular refresh tears on a daily basis but sometimes my dry eyes need more in the winter. The Eye Gel does not do the trick. It will make your eyes blurry for a while. I put a drop in each eye and then close my eyes for a few minutes to let it fully absorb it. For a little while, eyes will be blurry, but it's worth it. Sometimes one application does the trick but there are times when I use them twice daily. I need at least a drop in each eye twice a day. I keep them refrigerated so they are even more comforting. I also have blepharitis and when it flares up and my eyes are red with a feeling of something in the eye, this gel quickly provides relief. When dry eye symptoms become moderate to severe, the Refresh products are a step up from the regular drops. Highly recommended.

👤I had been using Refresh Plus Lubricant Eye Drops, which worked well, but the relief didn't last very long, so I decided to try the gel eye drop. I couldn't get relief until I used my non-gel eye drops. I had a friend who had scratched her eye and the gel drops burned her eyes. I gave her the last of my non-gel drops. I don't know who these would work for, but not me or my friend. It's a waste of money.

👤The pain of dry eye is effective. Terrible itching, blurred vision, and sticky discharge were caused by the cons. I'm probably allergic to a lot of the ingredients. Before ordering, be careful. I bought a lot of boxes. When I found out that I could not use this product, I wanted to return the boxes, but Amazon does not allow returns on this product.

👤These are drops for eyes. It's important to be free ofPreservatives even with eye drops. The extra thickness of these is perfect. They don't change my vision. Thin drops evaporate quickly, and the tube of vaseline goop is too thick for daytime. The best consistency for me is these.

👤I had a surgery. The doctor recommended it. I have been using Refresh Optive Advanced for a long time and didn't like that first. I could only find individual applications with small bottles. I have tried 3 times. It seems like it would help, but that is the problem. I can not see a drop in my eye. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

11. Lumify Redness Reliever Drops 7 5mL

Lumify Redness Reliever Drops 7 5mL

LUMIFY reduces redness to help reveal your eyes' natural radiance. LUMIFY works in 1 minute and lasts up to 8 hours from the eye care experts at Bausch and Lomb. The only OTC drop to contain brimonidine is LUMIFY. When used as directed, it targets redness, alleviating potential side effects associated with other redness relief drops. LUMIFY is free of bleach or dyes. It is the Number 1 Eye Doctor recommended redness remedy. For over 150 years, the Eye Care Experts at Bausch and Lomb have focused on innovation and quality in eye care products. They understand how important eyes are. If your eyes are red, you won't look your best.

Brand: Lumify

👤I have sensitive eyes and they get red very easily. They turn red if I put makeup on. Go into a different climate than I am used to. Red is the allergy season or wind outside. You get the picture. I have tried many different eye drops to help with the redness, but the one I always have in my purse is the Bausch & Lomb Opcon-A eye allergy relief. It was always short acting and not as good as I would have liked, but those were the only ones that worked for me. I decided to try these because they didn't work if I wore makeup. These drops work well. The before and after picture I posted shows how my eyes look on a daily basis, not as red as when I wear makeup. You can see how clear and white they look after using the drops. I am sad that my eyes became dependent on them after using the drops twice a day for just two days. They were bloodshot when I woke up. My eyes are in a constant state of redness after just a couple days of using them. I posted a picture of how they look today, after using them for two days, and just an hour or so after putting drops in them, they went back to being so red and the effects didn't last as long as it said they would. These drops are great for me, but only for a short time. I knew with any eye drops redness can become dependent, but it happened much quicker than I expected. I won't be able to use them for more than one day at a time. I depend on reviews from other people when I buy something.

👤It works great without the redness that other products cause. I bought it for myself.

👤The product was recommended to me by my dry eye specialist. My eyes are usually red after staring at my computer for a long time. The rebound effect made my eyes red the next day, but it did not really make my eyes white. I have used it many times and it has the same results. I have stopped using the product and will be researching on how to get better results.

👤It took me a while to adjust it, but I will stick to it, I would like to see one in the future that doubles as a hydrating eyedrop, but for now I will stick to this.

👤Been waiting for the FDA to approve these drops. I suffer from rebound hyperemia, thanks to the continuous use of those other eye redness drops. The effectiveness of the other drops gradually decline, to the point where they barely lasted for a few hours. I knew it was time to find something else. I've been watching the success stories of people who switched over to the off-label use of low-dose brimonidine drops, and I was excited when I heard that Valeant Pharmaceuticals had submitted a New Drug application to the FDA. I pre-ordered the bad boys on Amazon. The success stories were spot on. The Lumify drops are superior to the other redness drops. If you have eye redness, I would recommend you to use these eye drops, and throw away all the other redness drops. Absolutely worth it. Good luck!


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