Best Pixi Glitter Eye Quad

Quad 29 Nov 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Eyeliner Eyeliner Waterproof Eyeliners Eyeshadow

Eyeliner Eyeliner Waterproof Eyeliners Eyeshadow

Your eyes can be bigger and brighter with their metallic glitter eyeliner. Their metallic glitter eyeliner is easy to use and provides you with shiny eye makeup. Each color has unique color effects. The innovative formula has pearlescent and colorful factors. It is twinking from every angle. The glitter shimmer liquid eyeliner is suitable for different occasions. You will be more charming if you brighten up your eyes with glitter liquid eyeliner.

Brand: Emirde

👤It takes forever to dry, making it the biggest mess. I had a globe on my upper lid and it was getting worse. I tried to wipe it off my make up, but it was still glitter under my eyes and eyebrows. Terrible.

👤The tube is smaller than I thought and it doesn't go on smooth and thick like the picture suggests, but for the cost it will work. Will definitely need several layers to achieve the look in the picture, but be sure to let it dry well before blinking or it will spread on the rest of the lid.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. I used to do my eyeliner in high school. This is the same type of glitter that I needed, but it's silver instead of blue.

👤The money is wasted. It's not like eyeliner, it's super thin. It is a very thin layer of glitter. This is not eyeliner. If it is possible, you need several layers to achieve the look in the picture. I thought I was getting liquid eyeliner. Don't waste your money.

👤I couldn't return after opening. This stuff burned my eyes and my eyelid. I had to remove and wash my eyes after trying it twice. My eyes were watering an hour later. I think it's toxic and would damage my eye. It comes in a lot of colors.

👤It is pretty, but thin. It is shown as a liquid eyeshadow, but is actually more like an eyeliner. You have to go over another eyeshadow to see it. It's not bad, but not great.

👤This is a great eyeliner. One of my new favorites! It can be a little sticky, so I recommend taking off the excess on the rim of the bottle, and applying in layers as needed. I only do the outer half of my upper lashes because it makes my eyes pop and provides a contrast to my mascara. After hours of wear, an eyeshadow or glitter primer or setting spray can help.

2. Pixi Endless Silky Black Cocoa

Pixi Endless Silky Black Cocoa

A brand new box. The product has all relevant accessories. The product is tested and certified to work. Light scratches and minor blemishes are what the product will have. Functional testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging are included in the process. The product may arrive in a generic box.

Brand: Pixi

👤I think it's a bit too expensive for what the flaws are, but it's on par with other more expensive brands I've tried. I have oily skin so a lot of stuff doesn't last long on me. This does with primer. Okay, okay. After a while it gets noticeable, but I still get smudges pretty fast. I got the simple black which I probably wouldn't buy again but I would consider going for one of the more unique colors, as they look lovely and go on quite well for something in this price range. I think that a lot of product is lost in sharpening it because it's so soft. It doesn't last well, but it goes on very smoothly, and I like using a brush for it because I like fine lines. That was very nice. I think it's nice, and some of the unique colors are definitely worth it, but I'm not a huge fan of it.

👤I got another color that I ordered.

👤This is my favorite eyeliner. I always order 2 at the same time.

👤I could not twist out the eyeliner because the initial point was used up. I paid a small amount of money for a small amount of eyeliner. Couldn't find any information on who to call or ask questions. Very disappointed!

👤I love eyeliner. All day, last me.

👤It feels very nice, but if you sharpen it too much it will break. I don't like that for $12.

3. Lucoss Glitter Eyeliner Luminous Eyeshadow

Lucoss Glitter Eyeliner Luminous Eyeshadow

Eyeliner glitter eyeshadow is a shiny liquid. This product can be used to decorate eye makeup. Your eyes are more attractive. Long-wearing eyeliner has glitter and shimmer. Use this eyeliner eye shadow to highlight your eye makeup and make your eyes look three-dimensional. It's great! Long-wearing glitter liquid eyeliner. Each of the 5 colors in the set is 10Pcs. You can choose the color you like. Liquid eyeliner is bright and long-wearing. You can use this product to make eye makeup at many occasions and activities. This glitter liquid eye liner can be used as a gift for friends and family. It is an ideal accessory for girls or ladies on a daily basis.

Brand: Lucoss

👤The case was cracked when I received it yesterday, some eye liners were out of the container, and there were 3 missing. I spent my hard earned money to get a product that was missing stuff.

👤There was only one color in the whole pack. Very disappointed.

👤It was shown to come with 10 colors, but I only receive 8. The colors look good. Where are the other two? The package is used. I don't know what to say.

👤It was missing a few when it arrived. It was sticky on your eyelid.

👤They come in their own case and the colors are pretty. There are 2 bottles of each color, which is not terrible, as you only get 5 colors. The only reason for the single star is that it's a bit expensive to have a missing product. My case was missing one bottle and the package did not open and re-open. I recently purchased a lot of makeup and didn't have to have all of it.

👤It is definitely a vibe when I use these.

👤There are so many cute colors in the bottle. But when I put them on my hand, it looked a little watery. After it dries, the glitter pops on my eyes. I hope it looks good on my eyes and I will use it in my next video.

👤Ser Glitzer Eyeliner ist gut. 6 verschiedene Farben is dachte.

👤Leider kamen, so an, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das is Leider ist beispielsweise, die Rezessionen beispielsweise.

👤Leider bin erwartet, die Farben voll ist, aber es war. Ich empfehle ist. Betrug diesen.

👤Farbe 2 ist insgesamt 5 verschiedene Farben. Leider ist es, weshalb man is Schichten. Man damit, da es stark deckt. Man ist aber die Pinsel ziemlich dick.

👤Bin ist das Eintritt. The Farben is leider, wie den Fotos. Hlt kaum und ist so farbecht. Geht, schnell. Leider ist Reinfall. Farbe, as well as Glos, is a word. War schnell, aber.

4. LUXAZA Neutral Metallic Eyeshadow Waterproof

LUXAZA Neutral Metallic Eyeshadow Waterproof

6 PCS Classic and buildable neutral eyeshadow stick can be used to create smoky,sultry,luminous,metallic finish... Save 80% of your makeup time. Stay on for up to 12 hours and use the eyeliner for quick application on large area. It's easy to make up and touch up outside with a portable eyeshadow pencil. It is smooth and creamy like silk, perfect for sculpting, shading and defining, not exaggerated glittery, covering up natural look to make you look younger! Shadow: With auto rotation tube design, no need to sharpen, easy to twist up for using. It's easier to blend when you brush instead of sponge. The ideal starter gift. The easy to use and effortless color stick eyeshadow sets are suitable for starter absolutely. It's a great gift to bring your sister, mom, and daughter a surprise.

Brand: Luxaza

👤I don't know much about makeup. I have been trying different things. I wanted to try the thrive eye brightener but couldn't afford it. The quality seems to be good for the price. The brush is soft. The color fades by the end of the day and if I put too much it gathers in the crease. I don't use primer or setting spray. I will most likely buy again after using these for a very minimal look.

👤I ordered neutral and brown. I uploaded the swatch picture as well as the product. The colors I received were: Brass Gold, Orange Sunset, Brown Mud, Brown Soil, Gray Rock and Champagne Silk. I cannot endorse the look of the colors once they are applied. I didn't find mine to be as creamy as others. I am over 50 years old and the crayons tugged on the skin on my eyelid. They blend with the brush, but only if you gently remove most of the product. The water proof feature is something I can attest to. After doing my makeup swatch I used a makeup wipe soaked in micellar cleaning water which left me with a ghost of each one after I scrubbed my arm. If you are looking for the exact colors shown, I would not recommend these eyeshadow pencils. I did not receive the pink I was most interested in, but an orange instead, so these may vary from set to set.

👤The set was neutral and brown. The sticks are easy to use. It is easy to apply shaky hands. Not super thin. The blend brush feature is a nice touch. The rosy brown color is not as pink as in the ad photos. One can see that it is a tawny color in my arm photo. Doesn't come off with water. Definitely need something to remove it. If your lids are oily, I suggest a primer or keep them out of your crease. The colors go together. I recommend. There is a bunny on the back, but it is made in China.

👤These are easy to apply. I don't like that they crease after a few hours because I have oily skin. This is a problem with almost every eye shadow I use.

👤I don't want to pay $27 for one eye stick. You can get 6 for $23. The brush they come with blends the color nicely, even though they are not as buildable as Thrive. The roundness of the stick is my only criticism. Survive. They work just as well and last as long for a fraction of the cost. I will buy them again.

👤I'm very happy with this set. It came with 20 eye gel patches, the 3 brushes are okay, the eyeliner is nice, and the eyeshadow is very nice. I only paid 4.99 for the whole package because I got a 4.99 coupon for being a prime member. Great deal!

👤I love them so much and wish they had a brown color in them. They stay put for hours and never crease.

5. Bite Size Eyeshadows Blendable Ultra Pigmented Shimmer

Bite Size Eyeshadows Blendable Ultra Pigmented Shimmer

This ultra-pigmented 4-pan shadow palette contains creamy and blendable powder formulas in a mix of matt and shimmer shades to achieve your perfect look. Prepare your eyelid for application with a primer. Use your favorite eyeshadow brush to apply eyeshadow to eyelid. To achieve a look that's uniquely you, finish with liner and mascara. Proud to be 100% vegan and cruelty-free worldwide. Because kindness is chic. All E.L.F. products are free from many chemicals. Beauty for all. They believe that beauty should be accessible to every eye, lip, and face, so they provide professional-quality products at get-real prices.

Brand: E.l.f.

👤The pallet is beautiful. There was no wrinkling. Incredible value. I love it!

👤I have no complaints for three bucks. The colors apply well. Not a lot of fall out or anything crazy bad like some shadows can be. So if e.l.f. can make well pigmented colors that apply well and sell them for 3 bucks a pop, what are some of the people who sell overpriced, overhyped, makeup? We are buying your make up, not your ego.

👤These have become my go to for small things. I saw these on TikTok and usually buy high end products. Very impressed. The price was very good. Highly visible. Stays on for a long time.

👤My other items were broken with glittery fairy stardust. I didn't see the point of trying to return a $3 item. I was going to throw it away, but I decided to clean out the broken pieces and see what was left. If you're over 40, you're probably trying to avoid shimmer, because it's not high quality. But... It's nice to use it as a very light highlighter over your rose/plum shadows or as a dot on your lower lip for a punch of lipstick.

👤I like this eye shadow. I have the cream and sugar. The shimmer/glitter colors are very creamy and the matt is a light color. I use a light base for my fair skin. I used it for 2 weeks and I have already hit pan. It is to be expected that there is a bit of backlash. It is an elf. That doesn't bother me. I didn't think I'd hit pan so early. I know they are cheap, but that is not much use. I am very happy with these.

👤I will be giving this away to anyone who wants it. Even though the only option listed here is "rose", Bc double checked to make sure I had ordered it. To only the "coffee and sugar", which is the only shade that I didn't intend on trying.

👤Even if it broke, I would still give it 5 stars because that's not the seller's fault. It had a sticker on it. There are 3 shimmers and 1matte shade. The colors are buildable, which is a plus, but the shade that was matt didn't show up as well as the others. It's the size of my finger and it's perfect for traveling. It would be good for a stocking stuffer. It's definitely worth it for $3. It was wiped off with a baby wipe. Will purchase again.

👤I bought two of them in different colors. One of them was broken. A pile of dust was partially contained in the case. Normally, I don't care, but I think they knowingly shipped me a broken product, because the broken one was packaged in a sealed bubble wrap to keep the mess. I never took it out of the package. The good news? The other one, which arrived intact, has a great color, and is very cheap. If you can keep it in one piece, they are great, even if you order them and they arrive broken, it seems like you're taking a chance. It's $3 and you get what you pay for. I'm okay with the risk.

6. Pixi Petra Endless Silky Eye

Pixi Petra Endless Silky Eye

A brand new box. The product has all relevant accessories.

Brand: Pixi

👤The eyeliner does not smudge. It's the best neutral color for everyday wear. I am obsessed with how it looks.

👤A soft smudgeable pencil with good density goes on smoothly.

👤A quality product. Does not smudge. It works great on my eyebrows.

👤Stunning colour and doesn't budge through the day.

👤I will never buy another brand again.

👤I've only used this eyeliner 3 times and it's already completely flat and almost invisible with the eyeliner dispensers. It seems that there is no extra product to get extra eyeliner out. I'm surprised it went so quickly and won't be spending money on this brand's eyeliner again.

👤I'm having cancer and the taxol is closing my tear ducts. This eyeliner made me feel normal again.

👤I like this eyeliner. It looks natural and doesn't smudge. The tip of the pencil is all you get. The pencil has nothing else in it. For the price, you should get 2 of them.

7. Pixi Best Bright Discovery Kit

Pixi Best Bright Discovery Kit

You will be more charming if you brighten up your eyes with glitter liquid eyeliner. A brand new box. The product has all relevant accessories.

Brand: Pixi

👤I received the Best of Rose Discovery Kit and the Best of Bright Discovery Kit. The item I received was not what I was expecting. The size of each item was disappointing. The Rose cream cleanser is small. The Rose tonic is only 1.35 ounces. The oz is an approximation.

👤I always look for new skin products. After reading the reviews, I thought this may help with my complexion. I wanted to try the toner. I have sensitive skin and none of the products helped. I broke out the morning after using it for the first time. I should have been aware of the stinging that happens. I would steer clear of this if you have sensitive skin.

👤I wish I had read the reviews. I was able to get the product from the website for $22, if anyone wants to know.

👤I love this kit. The mask made my face feel clean and smooth. I feel it helps my skin to firm. I was looking for a combo kit.

👤What is shown on site is not what is received. The side bar code says the best of bright, but the box is a fast flash facial.

👤I thought it was for your face. I used the product and it was fine.

👤The description doesn't match the images I saw on Amazon.

👤The bottles are similar to sample sizes. I was going to give a present, but the pack looked weak. It is a bit pricey for a nice Xmas stockingfiller.

👤This is a tester size and it is a good product. It didn't say anything before it was delivered.

👤This was disappointing. This should be advertised as a travel set. At least miniatures.

👤It looks like a large box. It is actually a mini mud mask, which makes me very disappointed. Amazon charge a lot for quantity.

8. E L F Liquid Metallic Eyeshadows Aurora

E L F Liquid Metallic Eyeshadows Aurora

Get an eye look with e.l.f. Liquid eyeshadow! This liquid eyeshadow has a metallic finish. The shade is jade green. The day-to-night wear is day-to-night. This long- lasting opaque liquid eyeshadow is buildable for both day and night wear and has high shine, reflective, one-swipe metallic coverage. TheGEL FORMULA is long-wearing. This liquid eyeshadow is perfect for wearing alone or with eyeshadow to amplify your look. All ingredients are skin-loving. All of the products are made from skin-loving ingredients, and at good-for-you prices. All e.l.f. products are vegan.

Brand: E.l.f.

👤I like this product. Cream eyeshadows are 888-739-5110 The stores stopped carrying Bombshell cream eye shadows. They are still offered on Amazon, but the price has doubled. I was happy to find this gem. If that's true, the color "Galaxy" is a cross between a gray and plummy purple. I received a compliment on my "beautiful eyes" for the first time in a long time while wearing it. I smudge my finger on the eyelid to blend it in. One and done!

👤It is a great deal for the buck. I don't know how to do eyeshadow, but on occasion I like a little sparkle and this does the trick!

👤It looks great upon application. Then it glitters. When first applied, it gives a metallic shine.

👤I was frustrated with how many coats and small amounts of paint I had to use to get the color to show up. I had to work on my hooded eyelids. I had to blow on my lid after each layer. It was not the most comfortable wearing shadow. I used primer before and still had some issues. 3.5 stars.

👤I went to a wedding that required some "glamming" up, and so a pretty shadow seemed like an important piece of the puzzle. When I searched for "best eye shadow for hazel eyes", I found it, since my eyes are mostly brown but with some green flecks. And... it was correct. I received a lot of praise on the color, application, and overall look. Don't be if you're on the fence. This is a great shadow, easy to use, very pretty, easy to blend, and overall just a terrific product!

👤This is good for the price. It is very easy to use and doesn't shine like I thought.

👤This product stays on.

👤Thought it would give at least a hint of color, but just glitter showed up. It seemed transparent after applying a couple of coats. If I get another, I might get a darker tone.

👤Great color. All day. The colour is beautiful.

9. Revlon Fierce Prismatic Shadow Palette

Revlon Fierce Prismatic Shadow Palette

A high intensity eye shadow has a high level of pearl. The texture is ultra creamy. The suspended gel technology provides a bouncy texture and rich color without the effects of the fallout. Colorful and delicate eye makeup can be used with neutrals, smoky shades, and high-intensity brights. All day long. It is smudge-proof. The Petite Pére is VersaTILE. There are 6 different colors that can be used wet or dry.

Brand: Revlon

👤This is a good value. They are easy to apply. Tom Ford Body Heat is a great substitute for the gorgeous sheerness. They are blendable. I am a fan of Japanese eyeshadow and a makeup collector. The shimmer colors in the Japanese palettes remind me of this one. I am going for all the other colors in this collection.

👤These are shadows that I am 57 years old. The shimmers are not glittery.

👤A nice eye shadow pallette. I bought it for the blue color. The eyeshadow looks more purple when it's dry but blue when it's wet. Overall happy with the product. Will keep. Thanks.

👤If you have a deeper complexion, the blue comes off of the grey. I didn't like this palette. This is in slight flex.

👤These are some of the lightest eye shadows I have used in a while. They are easy to work with. Blending is easy. I ordered all of the colors.

👤These eye shadows are very soft. I like the colors. They catch the light. The formula is intriguing. You can blend them with your finger. Use a brush that is dense. The barest wash of color is given by a fluffy brush. It takes some trial and error to figure out how to apply them. They seem worth the effort.

👤I bought this one for the pink, and I like it. The shadow is not very bright and takes a few strokes to give me the coverage I want. You get what you pay for. I was very disappointed that the turquoise shadow I wanted was not on the palette, it was a very dark blue gray.

👤I bought this for the green shade. It's beautiful in the pan, but on my skin it's a dark color. I have pale alabaster skin and blonde strawberry hair, so colors always show up on my skin. This green is a dark earth toned color, like a slate or steel.

👤Green and other colors were high glossy. This was slate grey and it was thrown away. Photos and videos are all misleading.

👤The green is not as vibrant as the images. I know that images will look better. I didn't think this would be much of a difference. The pond water green is murky when it goes on. It looks almost grey/black when you blend it. It's a pity.

👤When applied wet or dry, these colors look great.

10. Pixi Petra Endless Silky BlackNoir

Pixi Petra Endless Silky BlackNoir

It's perfect for your makeup bag.

Brand: Pixi

👤I like this eyeliner. It is the deepest black that is easy to wear. It has too many problems to get a 5 star rating. It is so soft that it needs to be sharpened after every use. The product goes too fast. When pressure is applied, the tip breaks down. I haven't found an acceptable sharpener that will actually sharpen this into a tip. There is a lot of waste. It gives the look of raccoon eyes after applying. It was a big disappointment.

👤It is so soft that you end up sharpening your money.

👤I've never found an eyeliner that was so easy to apply, didn't need to be refreshed during the day or night, and was so soft that you don't know you're putting it on. It can make a very fine line or a bold one depending on the pressure you use. I will use this brand over and over again because I love it.

👤I wear eyeliner daily. I have tried hundreds over the years and this one is my favorite. It lasts forever. I can wear it all 3 days of the music festival without having to change it. It comes off easily with makeup wipes. It's killer stuff.

👤This is my favorite eyeliner. It stays all day. I only had to use half of the eyeliner because it was broken inside the pencil. When you get it, check yours. I didn't notice mine until too late.

👤I was happy to find this pencil. It is very good.

👤Not as described. Within 2 hours, I had eyes. Not good.

👤I love this eyeliner. It lasts all day and goes on smooth. It doesn't seem to go very far. I use one pencil for a week or two.

11. HEXZE Diamond Streamer Eyeshadow MILLENNIAL

HEXZE Diamond Streamer Eyeshadow MILLENNIAL

The Shadow glides onto eyelids without feeling greasy, and is a high impact shimmer eye shadow in a lightweight liquid formula. This opaque liquid eyeshadow is formulated for comfortable wear, minimal fall out and high impact. Use fingers or a flat eyeshadow brush to apply eyeshadow on its own, or layer it on top of eyeshadow for a more dramatic look. It's easy to pop into your clutch. No primer is needed for this liquid eye shadow, which will stay true to its brilliant color and shimmer for 16 hours.

Brand: Hexze

👤This glitter eye shadow is very good. It has a lot of glitter. It lasts all day, no fall outs, no irritation, and stays on. It's beautiful. The price is a good deal. The best glitter eye shadow. If you want to add glitter eyeshadow, put eye shadow primer first. Better results will make your eyes pop out more.

👤This product stays on my eyes all day. It has small pieces of glitter.

👤I found a liquid eyeshadow that doesn't irritate my skin, and I've been looking for a good one. It stays on all day, and I can use it to spark up my look. I have sensitive skin and not many products work for me. I just remove the excess big pieces with a Q-Tip, because some of the glitter pieces are pretty large. Overall good product.

👤Since it is plastic, this glitter does not stay on. The colors look like Halloween.

👤I love the eyeshadow. It's fun when you want a little bling. I stayed on all day.

👤I like how long it stays on and how it looks over eyeshadow.

👤A very large amount of glitter. It leaves a trail on your face. It's ok to use as a base but not smooth as most people like. I made it work, but it wasn't what the ad said it would be.


What is the best product for pixi glitter eye quad?

Pixi glitter eye quad products from Emirde. In this article about pixi glitter eye quad you can see why people choose the product. Pixi and Lucoss are also good brands to look for when you are finding pixi glitter eye quad.

What are the best brands for pixi glitter eye quad?

Emirde, Pixi and Lucoss are some of the best brands that chosen by people for pixi glitter eye quad. Find the detail in this article. Luxaza, E.l.f. and E.l.f. are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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