Best Tiger Eye Necklace for Men

Men 19 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. 7 50 8MM Polished Genuine Infinity Necklace

7 50 8MM Polished Genuine Infinity Necklace

The necklace is made of polished stone beads. The gemstones have stripes of brown and golden yellow. The bead is tied in a brown colored thread. The necklace is suitable for both men and women. The necklace is about 80 grams.

Brand: Mgr My Gems Rock!

👤The strand of labradorite beads is beautiful, but it smelled like sweat from the nether regions if you know what I mean. The factory worker might have done something to make them smell bad, but a quick wash in the sink with soap and water solved the problem.

👤The individual stones are better than I expected. I minored in geology in college. The stones are brought down in value by things that are clear. I'm looking forward to being able to use them. I have a lot of purple clothes, this will work a lot. I might buy a carved purple jade pendant to hang from. I recommend this purchase.

👤The necklace is made well and the stones are vibrant. The length is not long nor short, and you cannot wrap it twice around the neck. I don't like the look of the knotted pictures.

👤I didn't know what to expect, but this gorgeous lapis lazuli strand far exceeded anything I could have ordered on Amazon. The strand has a blue thread that matches the stones and they are tied off individually. The various shades of blue are lovely, and you can see the flecks of pyrite in the stones. Great product.

👤The quality of the company's beads is outstanding. The cost is usually driven up by the hand knotted beads. The stones are not heavy. They are relaxing to the touch. I look at them all day long. It's a great value for what you get.

👤Such a great deal! You get a lot of gem weight for the price. I love it!

👤I think the "tigers eye" stones have some beneficial qualities for me, so I'm glad this was made carefully as I wear it frequently.

👤I ordered this and I am very happy. The price is amazing and the necklace is beautiful. I will shop again from this dealer.

2. Jewever JEW20FBAN011 3 Jewever Yellow Pendant Necklace Simple Adjustable Round Wealth Gemstone Healing Crystal Energy 18mm Beads Unisex

Jewever JEW20FBAN011 3 Jewever Yellow Pendant Necklace Simple Adjustable Round Wealth Gemstone Healing Crystal Energy 18mm Beads Unisex

The necklace is made of strong rope and has a diameter of 18mm. It's suitable for both men and women. Sturdy rope and durable workmanship, wear comfortable. Tiger eye stone can make people brave and bring confidence to them. The best way to sit quietly and meditate is to wear a tiger eye stone with a polished ball. They provide quality satisfied products and best shopping experience for every customer with a 90 day money back warranty.

Brand: Jewever

👤This is a very well made piece. The draw string and texture of the rope/ string is what I don't care for about the necklace. I think there is a spider in my shirt because it is stiff and tickles the back of my neck. Anyways, its worth the buy. I am a server for ihop and this baby seems to help me in my finances and I manage to squeeze livable tips out of customers. I think it works.

👤I bought a set of 3 necklaces with the Yellow Tiger eye. They are beautiful and classic. They look good on people. They arrived in a black velet bag. The stones are shiny and polished. Make sure to clean fingerprints with a soft velvet cloth when they are darker in color. The cloth for glasses should be good. Very happy with them! There are many ways to wear the long necklaces.

👤I love this necklace. I believe in good karma and calm energy. This is a great gift for someone.

👤It's the best gift for my husband in a while.

👤An all white affair would benefit from a great accent piece. Exactly as pictured. It's great for the unique styler. Very eye catching!

👤Keeping balanced and relaxed is what was used for. Love wearing.

👤Most of the time, I have had mre color.

👤The person who received it loved it and wears it daily.

👤The pendant is beautiful and the service was excellent.

3. BEADNOVA Natural Necklace Stainless Inches

BEADNOVA Natural Necklace Stainless Inches

There is a tiger eye necklace. The necklace has a tiger eye hexagonal crystal pendent. The measurement is 34mm x 8mm. The necklace chain is small. 45 cm (18 inches) long. The healing crystal pen. The crystal is made of 6 gemstones. Each spiritual colored energy healing crystal has a strong connection with a specific Chakra to raise your vibration and to emit positive flow of energy. It's good to balance, cleanse user's Chakra and facilitate wise decision making. Benefits: Tiger Eye is said to be a protective stone. It claimed to bring luck and protection from the evil eye. Hypoallergenic: The necklace chain of the stone is made of surgical steel which is Hypoallergenic, Lead-Free, Nickel-Free and comfortable to sensitive skin. Store in a jewelry box or dry clean place to maintain the quality. The ideal gift is a choice. During Christmas Day, Anniversary Day, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Birthday, you can give a healing crystal necklace. It goes well with casual wear or formal outfits to offer the perfect accessory.

Brand: Beadnova

👤I think it's the first thing I've ever bought from Amazon that was exactly as pictured, and it arrived a day early. It's beautiful! I was born under the sign of the Leo and purchased the Black Onyx. I was going to put it on another chain, but this one is better. I don't know why people think it's cheap. Don't expect filet mignon to pop out of a bag of ramen, people! It's as if no one understands the concept of paying for something. I'm cheap and poor, so I'm happy that it didn't come out of a gumball machine and exceeded my $7 expectations. Some people expect a red carpet to be rolled out for them when they walk into a Starbucks, but we need the wood. It's the best value for the money. Don't listen to the fascists, it's great. I'm satisfied. Will be buying more and more with this company. Thanks for a great product!

👤The "natural black onyx" was ordered. The package says "natural black agate". They are not the same thing. I'm keeping it. I'm not happy about false advertising.

👤The necklace is long. I didn't want the pendant to get caught on anything while I was at work. I dropped the necklace inside my bra. I'm glad I did because the black onyx crystal got away from the silver crown that held it to the necklace. I would have lost the crystal on the second day. I was able to snap it back in, but it lasted only one day. I'm going to glue them back together. All I can say is wear yours with care.

👤This necklace is adorable. It's not a huge fan of the chain. I shouldn't complain. I can put the stone on a different chain. It arrived as expected. Very happy.

👤It's a good power rangers "Energem" for the little power rangers. My son is 3 years old. He was so enamored with power rangers that he saw my best friend wearing one and went crazy over it. I was looking for something similar on Amazon. This looked like a close replica and was a great price. The quality is good. I gave it 4 stars because it was a little smaller than I expected. I was a little worried about our baby getting hold of it and putting it in her mouth because it was so small that I thought it would be a tad larger. I would pay more for a larger one for our purpose. My son is happy with it, that's what matters.

👤Very happy. The Amethyst passed both the room temp test and the 100% acetone test, so it was perfect for my needs. The chain is on the short side but can be fixed. Some of the stones you are looking at are genuine, but others are not. This is highly recommended for the price and quick shipping.

👤I bought mine in green aventurine. It is a nice stone, but it is a bit darker than pictured. I received an email telling me it was delayed, but I was given an original delivery date. There is no reason why. Yesterday was the day that it came. It was in a little plastic flip top box, which you could wrap, and it was not in a gift box like other pictures. The chain is nice and reminds me of a thin serpent chain. It is a bit shorter on than I 888-276-5932s, but nothing bad, the stone starts at about my collarbone area. I will get a few more along the way and some chain extenders so they all fall at different lengths.

4. BEADNOVA Natural Gemstone Hexagonal Necklace

BEADNOVA Natural Gemstone Hexagonal Necklace

The energy healing crystal is an energy healing crystal. The crystal is made of 6 gemstones. Each spiritual colored energy healing crystal has a strong connection with a specific Chakra to raise your vibration and to emit positive flow of energy. A yellow tiger eye pendant could be used for many things. It's good for people who want to balance, cleanse and make wise decisions. There are sizes. The tiger eye pendant size is 62mm x 9mm and has an 18” necklace chain. You can match your other jewelry easily to complete your look with the perfect sizes of pendulum necklace. It will look great no matter what. There are some wonderful variations to each stone and there is some slight variation in terms of color, texture, size, etc. Check the other pictures to see how different they are. Hypoallergenic: The necklace chain of the stone is made of surgical steel which is Hypoallergenic, Lead-Free, Nickel-Free and comfortable to sensitive skin. Store or regulary should be cleaned in a jewelry box or dry clean place. The ideal gift is a choice. During Christmas Day, Anniversary Day, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Birthday, you can give a healing crystal necklace. It goes well with casual wear or formal outfits to offer the perfect accessory. Benefits: Tiger Eye is said to be a protective stone. It claimed to bring luck and protection from the evil eye.

Brand: Beadnova

👤I was a little hesitant about buying these stones, but I thought it wouldn't hurt. I read the reviews on them and they told me they had the right energy in them. I went to a local shop that also had rose quartz crystals and paid more than five times the price for it. I took all of my crystals to a psychic and it turned out that the rose quartz I got from the local shop had no energy in it. It was bad. She told me that I was very lucky to have gotten the clear and rose quartz that I bought here. There is a The part that is holding my crystal is starting to tarnish, that doesn't bother me at all. For the stones to have positive energy flow and for me to pay for it was worth it. You should recommend 100000% because you get your money's worth. These prices are fair.

👤I love my tiger eye snake pendant. If the stone didn't fall out of the snake, I would give it five stars. It's a huge disappointment because I never handled it in a way that was gentle. I like how it looks to try and glue it back together. The construction is not good, but it looks great. A necklace should last more than a month when it isn't being worn everyday. I got my new one today and it is scratched to oblivion. It looks rough and not good because it has small holes on the side. I'm taking the rating down because I'm just so discouraged. The glue has to be removed for the other. It's kind of ridiculous.

👤The gemstone fell out of the clasp setting while I was wearing it to a conference and is now lost. I have purchased many crystal and gemstone pendants over the years and never have one come out of the setting. I think the setting is not actually a steal since it looks like copper or bronze underneath the silver colored finish. Why is finish wearing off in less than 3 months?

👤It's what I wanted. It looks the same as the display picture and it doesn't feel flimsy. The box it comes in is very cute. I owned a necklace from another seller. This one feels much stronger. The gemstone feels smooth, it feels as if it has been polished several times. It doesn't feel like it would break easily. I don't like the chain. I don't like the length or how it looks, it feels like it will not break easily. I can replace the chain with another one if I want to. I suffer from anxiety so I'll take any help I can get. :P

👤It is beautiful. I ordered this necklace because the heart chakra seemed to have the most difficulty. I felt a lightening in my heart when I put it around my neck. I don't think I imagined it, since I ordered this necklace long before I painted the wall in my house the same color. I have ordered several more necklaces from this company because of the powerful effect it had on me. The quality is excellent and the price is very cheap. I couldn't recommend them enough.

5. Top Plaza Necklaces Adjustable Gemstone

Top Plaza Necklaces Adjustable Gemstone

6 Facet Reiki healing Crystal Stone Pointed Pendant Necklaces are great gifts for birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, anniversary and etc. It was made of high quality crystal. The tiger eye stone can protect people from evil and fortune. It's a crystal that can inspire courage and confidence. It is considered a gem for disaster relief because of its majestic spirituality and sacredness. A tiger eye stone can be used to promote determination and creativity. The crystal stone of this pendant is carefully selected and polished to set off your beautiful temperament. The pointed crystal stone is 37mm in length and 18mm in width. The braided rope has a thickness of 2mm. If you received a crystal quartz pendant that is slightly different from the picture you received, please be aware. They will match your bag with the crystal necklace. If you have a problem with your crystal pendant necklaces, please contact them. They will give you the solutions as soon as possible.

Brand: Top Plaza

👤I was very happy when I received it, but it isn't very sturdy. I only wore it for a week when the tip broke. I still wear it and it looks funny, but it's all I have for now. If you can spend a few extra dollars for something better, go ahead and do it.

👤I immediately felt calm when I put it on myself. I would take a picture of it to prove it. I don't have time. The jewerly period always looks nice. You can go swimming with this piece. That is the type of feeling it has. If you like to be around water, I would be happy to get it wet. You can always get a new one. If you wear it swimming, make sure you knot it a little because it is a long piece. Thanks a lot. Be happy. I enjoy the extra length. It was stylish and laid back.

👤I don't wear mine in the shower. I can sleep with no issues. I like this item. It grounds me as an empath because it protects me from negative energy. I might be a pretty crystal. If you bought it for the reasons I did. Before you wear it, do not allow anyone to touch it.

👤Se partio de 40 cm. No es piedra, se aprecia.

👤It was delivered on May 1st and I wore it until I realized it broke and got to work.

👤I bought this necklace for a male friend of mine because I liked the color of the stone and the design of the necklace. I would have kept it for myself if the stone was smaller. It is a beautiful necklace and it looks exactly like it is pictured. Since receiving it, my friend has not taken it off. I will most likely buy from this seller again. Great stuff. The transaction was smooth. Fast shipping!

👤I like this item. It is a decent size for dlls. I bought a pair and they just put them in a box in a plastic bag inside another plastic bag and then put them in a second plastic bag inside a third plastic bag. They arrived well. I wish they would have put them in a box instead of a little box. Five stars is still five stars.

👤Absolutely gorgeous! It's also changeable as well. Everything is packaged in a jewelry box sealed in plastic and comes with a nice bag with pull strings. Nothing to fall out of the sky. Just as shown. I bought obsidian. My son liked it and wanted crystal.

👤I am pretty sure that this is not black obsidian. It looks great, but I find it hard to believe it is glass. I wish sellers would stop doing this.

👤These are very nice. I bought a couple of them. I don't like the way you have to buy in pairs. Lapis Lazuli is a Rose Quartz. It makes no sense that we can't buy them separately. I highly recommend that. My sister has purchased several of them and they are all very good quality. They are the perfect size, not too heavy or bulky, and not small.

6. Jovivi Pendulum Necklace Labradorite Adjustable

Jovivi Pendulum Necklace Labradorite Adjustable

Tiger Eye can heal issues with self-worth, self-criticism and blocked creative energy. It can be used to balance the two energies. It helps in achieving goals, recognizing inner resources and promoting clarity. The inner perimeter is 25-31inches with a durable knot. The length and width of the triangle pendant are 2.20-2.28inches and 1.10inches, respectively. Combine with 6mm yellow tiger eye crystals and 6mm lava, great decoration. It will make you happy and you will like it. Multi-Functions can be used as part of a meditation. A stone necklace is a great accessory to change your style and mood. Natural stone necklace is good for your body and health. You can wear it as a necklace or use it as a pendulum. It is well made. A gift box and velvet pouch is a perfect gift. Prepared to be given. It is a unique and meaningful present for men, women, your family, friends or just keep it for yourself. It's suitable on any special occasion. Due to the natural creation of crystal gemstones, there will be slight variations in terms of size, color, texture, etc.

Brand: Jovivi

👤I absolutely adore this mala. I love that the length is changeable. It was well packaged. It's a good thing.

👤It was broken. Really disappointed. I don't think it was authentic.

👤I was speechless. My favorite.

👤Absolutely amazing. I will be buying more of these. It was in a gift box and a bag. The stone has a beautiful color and clarity. Good quality beads. The necklace is strong. I would definitely buy again.

👤It's just magnificent. I received my necklace quickly. It was securely packaged. This is absolutely beautiful. It's gorgeous, great quality, and well made. Will purchase again for gifts to my friends and family.

👤The design of the stones is beautiful. The piece is large and heavy. A necklace is a bit much. It makes a good luck pendant on my mirror. The moonstone is not as secure as I would like it to be. You have to keep an eye on that.

👤I am so happy with this. I bought a clear stone necklace and a blue stone for my sisters and they loved it. I plan to purchase from this seller again and I highly recommend them.

👤A pretty necklace. Well packaged and shipped quickly. I counted 98 beads and they were not useful for prayer or meditation. I would have given it 5 stars if it had more beads.

👤I am very pleased with my purchase of this crystal. I would definitely buy from this seller again.

7. JADENOVA Peundulum Gemstone Necklace Pendulum

JADENOVA Peundulum Gemstone Necklace Pendulum

A natural yellow tiger eye is unique. 36mm x 18mm (1.42 inches x 0.71 inches) There is a Heterogeneous Chain. Two long and short STAINLESS STEEL chains are included, which can be used for different purposes. It is possible to make a multi-purpose plan. Long chain can be used as a necklace, while short chain can be used for dowsing. Benefits: Pendulums can pick up subtle vibrations to clear and balance your mind, body and spirit. Pendulums can help relieve physical and emotional problems. There are slight variations in terms of color, texture, size, and so on.

Brand: Jadenova

👤The product came with a chip. This is not rose quartz, it is plastic. I thought I would let other people know so they don't end up in the same situation.

👤I'm not sure if I am the best judge on these products. It isn't what I would have thought. Delivery was quick and the packaging was nice. The chain was nice. It's a bit large. I think I would be better with a review if I knew what I was getting. They would have been gifts, but they were sent to me first. I am happy that I did. I will research note about these gems and hopefully will understand more about them in the future. The company has a good design and packaging. We have no experience so please give us some information on how to use it. Thank you. I think AMAZON should take note. This item was returned in the same box as the other one. There are two items with one label.

👤I love this pendant! It was packaged very nicely as well. I use it for healing and it's also a plus because it makes for a great jewelry piece. I'm wearing it now. Will be buying more from this company. Highly recommended!

👤I bought pendulums for myself and a friend. I accidentally dropped mine while trying to fit my necklace. The tip broke as it dropped on the ground. I have actual gems that don't break like that.

👤The clasp broke on my very first wear, but I think if you use this as a pendant on a string, it would be perfect. The pendant is pretty. Very strong.

👤I like that it comes with a necklace style chain to wear on top of the pendant and a single chain for use as a pendulum. It's in a nice pouch. Cats like to knock things off the counter. If I leave the pouch out, it will be safer. I gave one as a gift and it was very nice.

👤It is beautiful to begin with. I think the only thing I can say is that. Twice the chain broke. If you already have a chain, I would go with a brass pendulum as a starter.

👤It's worth the price. Didn't have to program it. My other pendulums swing in sync with it. Right out the box 2nd purchase with them. I was pleased with both of my pendulums.

8. Nupuyai Wrapped Crystal Pendant Necklace

Nupuyai Wrapped Crystal Pendant Necklace

The stone is well polished, fine craftsmanship, sword shape stone wire is wrapped as a tree of life with copper wire. A crystal point pendant is a great way to clear negative energy in your body. The Lucky Charms are approx 2.5-2.8" in length, 0.6-0.7" in width, and 0.2-0.4" in thickness. The weight is approx 12-14 grams. Light weight and comfortable. The package includes a pendant, chain, and pouch. Sword is a symbol of strength and identity, as well as a symbol of wisdom and connotation. It can be used to protect, defend, avoid evil, and drive away negative energy to guard your family, friends, and loved ones. The tree of life is a universal symbol that is revered by many faiths and cultures of the world. The tree with its deep roots, strong trunk and spreading branches is a representation of unity, growth and strength. Tiger eye stone can provide healing and positive energy. It helps to relieve stress, improve attention and concentration, and keep your mind flexible.

Brand: Nupuyai

👤The stone is gorgeous and eye catching, but the chain may need to be replaced. It looks like the picture. It's effective in repelling negative vibes as well. Will purchase from this shop again.

👤I like this pendant. The tree of life wiring is beautiful. Excellent service.

👤The tigers eye crystal is an amazing necklace, it looks really good, it helps block negative energy, and when I meditate, I feel more at peace because of it.

👤It is close to four inches long and looks great. I get a lot of praise for it. Someone looked at it. It is actually obsidian.

👤It was a plus that the shipment was quick. You know something has to be off when the charm falls apart after less than 24 hours. The price is on the lower end and the pictures look pretty, but I am not going to take my chain off overnight. When I wake up the next morning with a piece of metal on my necklace, but the amulet is missing, and later on found in the bed, broken off the small neck attached to the hole I slid over the chain, I'm really, really suspicious. Sorry. I think I would rather pass. Thank you so much! I didn't use the chain that came with it because it was too thin to hold a big charm.

👤I feel more at peace when I wear it, but I don't know if it's a placebo effect or what. I don't find myself absorbing people's negative vibes as much. I don't know if it's me, but stone feels heavier after a while.

👤My son ordered another one because he liked the first one so much. We like the piece and will order more for gifts this holiday.

👤The crystal is large. The tree of life design made me happy. The chain was the only thing I didn't like. It was cheap and not hyper allergenic.

9. Natural Necklace Healing Crystal Gemstone

Natural Necklace Healing Crystal Gemstone

Natural stone may include natural inclusion or cracks, Pendant size is 42mm x 10mm, chain length is 18 inch. Tiger Eye stone is known as a stone of protection and good luck, and it is also known for its energy helping achieve one's highest potential. The natural properties and composition of mined gemstones define the unique beauty of each piece and the image may show slight differences to the actual stone in color, shape, and texture. You would like to make a special occasion memorable, and the ideal gift is an anniversary, birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day, or any other special occasion. This item comes with a limited warranty against material and workmanship for 30 days to make sure you are satisfied.

Brand: Creative Club

👤I was able to wear it for several months without taking it off. Not surprised by this price point. I will probably order another one because I had so many nice things to say.

👤It is lovely. Just like the description. It is pretty and playful. Nature is wonderful that way. There are dots on stones. It is amazing! It makes me feel playful as well. I love it and the necklace as well. It's perfect for my neck. Thk you.

👤It's pretty awesome. It's better than expected. I read that a tiger eye pendant is good for protection and that it can help you get a new job. I looked very beautiful with everything I'm wearing.

👤Very nice. It was exactly how it was described. My daughter liked it.

👤I love buying stone jewelry. It's a great present. Good value.

👤A genuine stone. I was satisfied with my purchase.

👤The necklace chain does not look like discribed.

👤Love it. It looks great on my daughter.

10. XIANNVXI Necklace Gemstone Necklaces Adjustable

XIANNVXI Necklace Gemstone Necklaces Adjustable

There is a stone NECKLACE of the tiger eye. Tiger Eye Stone can promote health, strength, and confidence, and it can also strengthen the human immune system. Useful for yoga practice. There is a Pyramid Crystal NECKLACE. The "Pyramid" is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It helps people reach the stairs of heaven and leads to the gate of eternal life because it symbolizes the rays of the sun. There are yoga practices that help with stress, and protect human health. There is a stone NECKLACE. The Pyramid rystal pendant is made of natural stone, and the color may be slightly different from the picture. Refer to the product received. Its style matches all kinds of clothes. Absolutely great. There is a specimen. 30 inch rope is extendable. The stone pendant is 0.7 inch. The weight is about 15g. Natural crystal stone and rope are used. The package and after sale are listed here. The Healing Pyramid Crystal Stone Pendant Necklaces are packed in a gift box. If you have any questions about the crystal necklaces you bought, please contact them, they will provide you with professional after-sales service and solutions within 24 hours.

Brand: Xiannvxi

👤The necklace is beautiful. I'm going to take the pyramid to a jeweler to make sure it's a real Stone and also to take the necklace off because the amethyst on it cracked and I have to take it off.

👤The picture shows the true size. Perfectly made.

👤Through my crystals, I have found my love and meaning. The crystal helps me through my days.

👤Since you cam, it's great length. Looks good. I bought it for myself and will be ordering more for gifts. Good purchase. Fast service. Just as described.

👤I bought this for its color and shape. It caught my attention. It is easy to change to the length you want. The rope/threading has a high quality that won't degrade. Even though it is somewhat thin, you would have to use scissors or force to break it. Pricing is reasonable. Will be buying a few other colors.

👤I am purchasing something for the first time. I am going to read more about the subject of crystals so that I can make the most of my pendant.

👤I received the second necklace in hopes that the first one was just a production error, but it was also missing the light blue section shown in the seller's pictures. I want to be sure that I get the necklace shown in the picture and the one I return. It was a waste of time.

👤Just as described. The delivery looks great.

👤Is this real obsidian, but it feels like plastic, and there's no information on the seller.

👤2 ctés sur le pyramide sont craqué.

11. OCARLY Natural Gemstone Teardrop Necklace

OCARLY Natural Gemstone Teardrop Necklace

Ti-ger Eye is a stone of protection. This pendant has a cute design and a silver flower lace border. Each item is unique. Ti-ger Eye is a stone of protection that is very stable. Good luck, integrity, willpower, self-confidence, practicality, and correct use of power are enhanced by it. You will have the courage to fight negative energy if you wear the gem. It gives a boost to the solar plexus, sRADhisthana, and other parts of the body. Ready for gifts is a brand jewelry box, best gifts for you own, lover, wife, girlfriend, mother, daughter, sisters, friends, or just as a surprise to remind that special someone how much you care. On Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Year, Mother's Day, wedding, anniversary, birthday, and Valentine's Day, there are excellent celebration presents. The pendant is around 1 inch in diameter. The chain is around 18 inches in length. Eco-friendly. Each item is unique. It may be different from the picture shown. Buy no risk, 30 days exchange or refund guaranteed. Please don't hesitate to contact them if there is a problem.

Brand: Ocarly

👤The blue colored stone did not have gold colored flecks. As soon as I realized the misrepresentation of their stones, I canceled another order I had with this company.

👤It was a nice surprise to receive a blue box with a pouch and a pair of earrings. The quality of their jewelry is really good, and they go the extra mile in the way they package their products, and I love the surprise extras they send the best customer service.

👤This was much better in person than I anticipated. I love it! The stone is of good quality and the flowers are pretty. It came with a small bag, a polishing cloth, and earrings. I will buy from this dealer again. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤A beautiful pendant. I love it. There were lots of nice things to say. The value is great. It came with two chains, a silver chain and a black one. Not sure what that is. I like wearing my larger pendants a bit lower, so I will just buy that separately. It is not a bad length, just not my preference.

👤These people hit it out of the park. The pendant is beautiful. I was surprised that a silver chain and a leather thong were included, but I was also surprised that it was hung from a belt. I was very pleased with the package.

👤I bought this necklace for myself because I wanted a gem that meant something to me and was symbolic. I was surprised that the chain is very well made and long enough for my taste, but I didn't think I'd wear it because I like long chains. The pendant is very pretty and not to small, which is what I have gotten several comments on. I wish the stone was a little smaller and I can't tell you about the Love part of the stone.

👤A beautiful pendant! Came with an extra chain.

👤For Mother's Day, I bought this for my mom, she loves the pink color and Rose Quartz. She immediately put it on.


What is the best product for tiger eye necklace for men?

Tiger eye necklace for men products from Mgr My Gems Rock!. In this article about tiger eye necklace for men you can see why people choose the product. Jewever and Beadnova are also good brands to look for when you are finding tiger eye necklace for men.

What are the best brands for tiger eye necklace for men?

Mgr My Gems Rock!, Jewever and Beadnova are some of the best brands that chosen by people for tiger eye necklace for men. Find the detail in this article. Beadnova, Top Plaza and Jovivi are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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