Best Tiger Eye Urn Necklace

Necklace 29 Nov 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. OCARLY Natural Gemstone Teardrop Necklace

OCARLY Natural Gemstone Teardrop Necklace

Ti-ger Eye is a stone of protection. This pendant has a cute design and a silver flower lace border. Each item is unique. Ti-ger Eye is a stone of protection that is very stable. Good luck, integrity, willpower, self-confidence, practicality, and correct use of power are enhanced by it. You will have the courage to fight negative energy if you wear the gem. It gives a boost to the solar plexus, sRADhisthana, and other parts of the body. Ready for gifts is a brand jewelry box, best gifts for you own, lover, wife, girlfriend, mother, daughter, sisters, friends, or just as a surprise to remind that special someone how much you care. On Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Year, Mother's Day, wedding, anniversary, birthday, and Valentine's Day, there are excellent celebration presents. The pendant is around 1 inch in diameter. The chain is around 18 inches in length. Eco-friendly. Each item is unique. It may be different from the picture shown. Buy no risk, 30 days exchange or refund guaranteed. Please don't hesitate to contact them if there is a problem.

Brand: Ocarly

👤The blue colored stone did not have gold colored flecks. As soon as I realized the misrepresentation of their stones, I canceled another order I had with this company.

👤It was a nice surprise to receive a blue box with a pouch and a pair of earrings. The quality of their jewelry is really good, and they go the extra mile in the way they package their products, and I love the surprise extras they send the best customer service.

👤This was much better in person than I anticipated. I love it! The stone is of good quality and the flowers are pretty. It came with a small bag, a polishing cloth, and earrings. I will buy from this dealer again. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤A beautiful pendant. I love it. There were lots of nice things to say. The value is great. It came with two chains, a silver chain and a black one. Not sure what that is. I like wearing my larger pendants a bit lower, so I will just buy that separately. It is not a bad length, just not my preference.

👤These people hit it out of the park. The pendant is beautiful. I was surprised that a silver chain and a leather thong were included, but I was also surprised that it was hung from a belt. I was very pleased with the package.

👤I bought this necklace for myself because I wanted a gem that meant something to me and was symbolic. I was surprised that the chain is very well made and long enough for my taste, but I didn't think I'd wear it because I like long chains. The pendant is very pretty and not to small, which is what I have gotten several comments on. I wish the stone was a little smaller and I can't tell you about the Love part of the stone.

👤A beautiful pendant! Came with an extra chain.

👤For Mother's Day, I bought this for my mom, she loves the pink color and Rose Quartz. She immediately put it on.

2. Crystals Necklace Semi Precious Protection Adjustable

Crystals Necklace Semi Precious Protection Adjustable

In Chinese, peace and ease is said to protect the wearer from evil things and bless the wear with safeness. It will have a more charming surprise result. Tiger Eye can heal issues with self-worth, self-criticism and blocked creative energy. It can be used to balance the two energies. It helps in achieving goals, recognizing inner resources and promoting clarity. The Pendant is 1.18 inches in diameter. It is more convenient for daily life to have a rope cord necklace that is longer than 27 inches. The pendant's weight is about 15g. A gift box and velvet pouch is a perfect gift. It's a unique gift for Christmas, Birthday, Mother's day, Thanksgiving day, or any other occasion for men, women, your family, dear friends or just keep it for yourself. Money back for any reason is risk free. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions. They will give you a solution within 24 hours.


👤You know you're not buying an ancient piece of high-value jade, hand hewn with only the sweat of a young man's brow, for the price. We're here to get a piece of jewelry that is high quality. This is the product for people like me who are more concerned about jade. The cord is cheap and vulnerable to unraveling. A smaller string is wrapped around the ends of the cord to keep it from unraveling. The glue they used on the end isn't the best, but this is a really good technique. The first time I put the necklace on, one of the whips came off. The cords are made from sturdy knots. The jade isn't very high quality, but it is better than expected. The greenness of the stone is a good indicator of Jade quality. The jade in my necklace is very light green, but there were no flaws. The only reason I've knocked a star off is because the end of the cord came off right away.

👤I bought this for each of my kids. If they had the string coming undone, they would be beautiful.

👤They were in a nice tin. The spring that separates the necklace from the beads doesn't seem to be secure, my biggest complaint. The black one had one of the strings fall off. One of the white ones has become damaged. Even with that, everything is still holding together.

👤It is pretty but doesn't look real. The cord was long and wrinkled.

👤This is a regular in my collection. Not too heavy, not too small, not too light. The strap's length is versatile. My neck is irritated by chain necklaces. The pendant is soft and sturdy and can be worn with a professional dress. I'm happy!

👤I have bought quite a few items from Jovivi, and I am never disappointed. This piece has good weight to it and the colors are the same as shown in the pictures.

👤I liked the look and size of the pendants. The purple one had a crack in the center. I wore it for 2 days, but it broke in half when I woke up. I don't know if it was a fault or weakness, or if I broke it in my sleep. I'm wearing a black one. There are no cracks in it. Hopefully it lasts longer. I still enjoy them, I was very excited. I wish the purple one wouldn't break.

3. Jovivi Tibetan Gemstone Bracelet Necklace

Jovivi Tibetan Gemstone Bracelet Necklace

The Unisex108 Prayer Bead Tibetan Buddha Buddhist Stretch Mala Bracelet necklace is a style. It's about 6mm (0. 24 inches) in size and 66 cm (26 inches) in total length. The wraps are around the adult wrist three times. There are natural tiger eye beads. Tiger Eye stone of health, which is a negative energy source, is said to bring order to chaos, and it attracts devotion and understanding from others. A symbol of the removal of problems. Malas are used to keep count while chanting, mentally repeating a deity's name, or reciting a chant. malas of108 beads are used in Tibetan Buddhism. If you do one108-bead mala, you have to redo it 100 times to make sure you don't make any mistakes.


👤This mala is the most amazing I own, and I have somewhere around 30. Everything about it is perfect. What makes the perfect mala for me? The beads are 8mm and not too big. Sometimes I will find a beautiful mala only to discover the beads are only 6mm. I don't have large hands, but I find anything less than 8mm beads cumbersome and anything bigger than 8mm too large to wear all the time. malas look cleaner than the frayed string ones. The guru bead is larger than the rest of the beads and that is an absolute must have for me. It is considered disrespectful to cross the guru bead. If the guru bead is the same size as the rest of them, it's hard for me to pass it. I like the fact that my malas are on an elastic cord, instead of a knotted string. It fits nicely when I wrap it around my wrist. Some people are selling malas where the elastic string is so cheap that it can be stretched in a short amount of time. This makes it easy to break and makes the beads noisy when clank together. This mala is made of high quality stretch cord. Finally, the stones. When buying gemstones or gemstones from overseas, you should be aware that the price is cheap, and that it is often a scam. Most of the time, what you get is lab created stones or dyed glass. These stones are the real deal. They are heavy and a few of them have slight flaws which is a quality of a genuine gemstone. I can't stress enough that this mala is a gem and it is with me at all times. There are three reasons I keep my mala with me. 1. I need to take time to be still and quiet. 2. I wasn't expecting that I might want to meditate if I were in nature or near water. 3. It is a reminder to be aware. This mala is one of my favorite purchases on Amazon.

👤I like this bracelet. I assumed that I was getting all the tigers eye beads on it, but within a week of wearing it, I found my bracelet sticking to paper clips, and most likely was Hematite with some rings of metal. For me, it's not a dealbreaker as I love hematite and just know what you're buying, but I wish they would just say it's not all pure tigers eye. After a few weeks of use, one of the ones I bought has broken and dropped all over my room. I think it's still decent, even though it's not the highest quality.

👤This would be my first mala. I was excited to send it. I looked at it carefully when I received it. I was upset after doing that. Several tiger eye stones were damaged and others were not very good. The elastic cord was already stretched out. Buddhism is an ancient religion. A mala is a sacred object. It is not a fashion statement. The stones are from the Earth. It is disrespectful to Buddhist practitioners, our traditions and this planet to have sent something that was so bad. I sent it back. They will have respect for sacred traditions soon. And improve their skills. I will use my money to buy a better mala from a different seller.

4. BEADNOVA Natural Gemstone Hexagonal Necklace

BEADNOVA Natural Gemstone Hexagonal Necklace

The energy healing crystal is an energy healing crystal. The crystal is made of 6 gemstones. Each spiritual colored energy healing crystal has a strong connection with a specific Chakra to raise your vibration and to emit positive flow of energy. A yellow tiger eye pendant could be used for many things. It's good for people who want to balance, cleanse and make wise decisions. There are sizes. The tiger eye pendant size is 62mm x 9mm and has an 18” necklace chain. You can match your other jewelry easily to complete your look with the perfect sizes of pendulum necklace. It will look great no matter what. There are some wonderful variations to each stone and there is some slight variation in terms of color, texture, size, etc. Check the other pictures to see how different they are. Hypoallergenic: The necklace chain of the stone is made of surgical steel which is Hypoallergenic, Lead-Free, Nickel-Free and comfortable to sensitive skin. Store or regulary should be cleaned in a jewelry box or dry clean place. The ideal gift is a choice. During Christmas Day, Anniversary Day, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Birthday, you can give a healing crystal necklace. It goes well with casual wear or formal outfits to offer the perfect accessory. Benefits: Tiger Eye is said to be a protective stone. It claimed to bring luck and protection from the evil eye.

Brand: Beadnova

👤I was a little hesitant about buying these stones, but I thought it wouldn't hurt. I read the reviews on them and they told me they had the right energy in them. I went to a local shop that also had rose quartz crystals and paid more than five times the price for it. I took all of my crystals to a psychic and it turned out that the rose quartz I got from the local shop had no energy in it. It was bad. She told me that I was very lucky to have gotten the clear and rose quartz that I bought here. There is a The part that is holding my crystal is starting to tarnish, that doesn't bother me at all. For the stones to have positive energy flow and for me to pay for it was worth it. You should recommend 100000% because you get your money's worth. These prices are fair.

👤I love my tiger eye snake pendant. If the stone didn't fall out of the snake, I would give it five stars. It's a huge disappointment because I never handled it in a way that was gentle. I like how it looks to try and glue it back together. The construction is not good, but it looks great. A necklace should last more than a month when it isn't being worn everyday. I got my new one today and it is scratched to oblivion. It looks rough and not good because it has small holes on the side. I'm taking the rating down because I'm just so discouraged. The glue has to be removed for the other. It's kind of ridiculous.

👤The gemstone fell out of the clasp setting while I was wearing it to a conference and is now lost. I have purchased many crystal and gemstone pendants over the years and never have one come out of the setting. I think the setting is not actually a steal since it looks like copper or bronze underneath the silver colored finish. Why is finish wearing off in less than 3 months?

👤It's what I wanted. It looks the same as the display picture and it doesn't feel flimsy. The box it comes in is very cute. I owned a necklace from another seller. This one feels much stronger. The gemstone feels smooth, it feels as if it has been polished several times. It doesn't feel like it would break easily. I don't like the chain. I don't like the length or how it looks, it feels like it will not break easily. I can replace the chain with another one if I want to. I suffer from anxiety so I'll take any help I can get. :P

👤It is beautiful. I ordered this necklace because the heart chakra seemed to have the most difficulty. I felt a lightening in my heart when I put it around my neck. I don't think I imagined it, since I ordered this necklace long before I painted the wall in my house the same color. I have ordered several more necklaces from this company because of the powerful effect it had on me. The quality is excellent and the price is very cheap. I couldn't recommend them enough.

5. BEADNOVA Natural Necklace Stainless Inches

BEADNOVA Natural Necklace Stainless Inches

There is a tiger eye necklace. The necklace has a tiger eye hexagonal crystal pendent. The measurement is 34mm x 8mm. The necklace chain is small. 45 cm (18 inches) long. The healing crystal pen. The crystal is made of 6 gemstones. Each spiritual colored energy healing crystal has a strong connection with a specific Chakra to raise your vibration and to emit positive flow of energy. It's good to balance, cleanse user's Chakra and facilitate wise decision making. Benefits: Tiger Eye is said to be a protective stone. It claimed to bring luck and protection from the evil eye. Hypoallergenic: The necklace chain of the stone is made of surgical steel which is Hypoallergenic, Lead-Free, Nickel-Free and comfortable to sensitive skin. Store in a jewelry box or dry clean place to maintain the quality. The ideal gift is a choice. During Christmas Day, Anniversary Day, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Birthday, you can give a healing crystal necklace. It goes well with casual wear or formal outfits to offer the perfect accessory.

Brand: Beadnova

👤I think it's the first thing I've ever bought from Amazon that was exactly as pictured, and it arrived a day early. It's beautiful! I was born under the sign of the Leo and purchased the Black Onyx. I was going to put it on another chain, but this one is better. I don't know why people think it's cheap. Don't expect filet mignon to pop out of a bag of ramen, people! It's as if no one understands the concept of paying for something. I'm cheap and poor, so I'm happy that it didn't come out of a gumball machine and exceeded my $7 expectations. Some people expect a red carpet to be rolled out for them when they walk into a Starbucks, but we need the wood. It's the best value for the money. Don't listen to the fascists, it's great. I'm satisfied. Will be buying more and more with this company. Thanks for a great product!

👤The "natural black onyx" was ordered. The package says "natural black agate". They are not the same thing. I'm keeping it. I'm not happy about false advertising.

👤The necklace is long. I didn't want the pendant to get caught on anything while I was at work. I dropped the necklace inside my bra. I'm glad I did because the black onyx crystal got away from the silver crown that held it to the necklace. I would have lost the crystal on the second day. I was able to snap it back in, but it lasted only one day. I'm going to glue them back together. All I can say is wear yours with care.

👤This necklace is adorable. It's not a huge fan of the chain. I shouldn't complain. I can put the stone on a different chain. It arrived as expected. Very happy.

👤It's a good power rangers "Energem" for the little power rangers. My son is 3 years old. He was so enamored with power rangers that he saw my best friend wearing one and went crazy over it. I was looking for something similar on Amazon. This looked like a close replica and was a great price. The quality is good. I gave it 4 stars because it was a little smaller than I expected. I was a little worried about our baby getting hold of it and putting it in her mouth because it was so small that I thought it would be a tad larger. I would pay more for a larger one for our purpose. My son is happy with it, that's what matters.

👤Very happy. The Amethyst passed both the room temp test and the 100% acetone test, so it was perfect for my needs. The chain is on the short side but can be fixed. Some of the stones you are looking at are genuine, but others are not. This is highly recommended for the price and quick shipping.

👤I bought mine in green aventurine. It is a nice stone, but it is a bit darker than pictured. I received an email telling me it was delayed, but I was given an original delivery date. There is no reason why. Yesterday was the day that it came. It was in a little plastic flip top box, which you could wrap, and it was not in a gift box like other pictures. The chain is nice and reminds me of a thin serpent chain. It is a bit shorter on than I 888-276-5932s, but nothing bad, the stone starts at about my collarbone area. I will get a few more along the way and some chain extenders so they all fall at different lengths.

6. ALOV Jewelry Sterling Zirconia Necklace

ALOV Jewelry Sterling Zirconia Necklace

The length of the chain is 45 cm. I love you to the moon and back The box chain has a lobster clasp. The necklace has a charm that is love letter.

Brand: Alov

👤The writing is tiny, but the presentation is nice, and the packaging is great. The company should get brownie points for taking care to wrap the product so that it doesn't get damaged in transit.

👤My husband and son bought this for me. "I love you to the moon and back" is a phrase we use all the time. When I opened my gift, I noticed a necklace that looked very expensive compared to my son's allowance. I realized that it had a phrase written on it. The quality is beautiful and probably one of the most special gifts I could have received. My necklace has gotten many positive comments and will stay that way forever. Highly recommended for that special lady!

👤I absolutely love this necklace. The stone is beautiful and the words are clear. The length is adjusted. I'm sure you will be happy with this purchase.

👤Within the first minute of opening it, the necklace chain broke in two places. Mother's Day is tomorrow and it's too small to fix. I paid for one day shipping on this item and it's incomplete. It was not worth the $40. Having to rush out and get something else is definitely returning it.

👤This was an anniversary gift for my girlfriend. We said "I love you to the moon." Very early on. It was kind of our slogan. The "diamonds" look very pretty and close to real, at least to me, because the words are very clear. The whole piece is large enough where you can see everything, but not so large that it's overwhelming. I haven't given her it yet. I'm sure she will love it. This necklace is perfect for a special person in your life.

👤At the price, I didn't expect much from this small gift for my wife at Christmas. It wasn't what I was hoping for, but my wife has worn it several times and received praise from people who realize that they aren't looking at high dollar jewelry.

👤The gift was given to my wife a week before Christmas and she has loved it ever since. She won't take it off. Every day she finds joy in it. I also purchased a necklace from the jewelry store for a much higher price. She chooses the lesser priced item to wear every day. She loves it and wears it well. I was proud to put it on her. She adds her own beauty to the necklace. Thank you!

👤For Mother's Day, I gave my mom a necklace that she loved, but it took her two pairs of glasses and a magnification device to read it. I gave it to her on the Friday before Mother's Day, as I worked all day, and she has worn it every day since. The length of the chain is perfect.

👤If she loves it, I love it. My daughter was celebrating her 32nd birthday. I live in California and she in England. Amazon is the best way to send gifts to her because of the extortionate tariffs involved in sending packages to the UK. It's ridiculous. She loved the product. This really worked because we have an astronomy thing going on. Thank you so much.

7. Crescent Necklace Natural Gemstones Healing

Crescent Necklace Natural Gemstones Healing

The necklace is wrapped with copper wire as a tree of life on a crescent moon pendant. The tree of life is used to balance the body, mind and soul. It means life,grace and peace. Change, serenity, and clarity can be brought about by the tree of life. Natural healing crystal necklaces for women. Men. The Crescent Moon Pendant is made of natural stone and the color may be slightly different from the picture. The fashion style of this moon shaped crystal necklace matches a lot of clothes. It definitely looks great. The moon crystal necklace is perfect for women and men. Stone Crystal necklace is made of stone. The copper wire isescent. The moon pendant is about 1.8 inches. The chain length is 19 inches. This necklace is a good accessory to your clothing, a chic style pendant that will help to highlight your appearance. Tiger Eye can heal issues with self-worth, self-criticism and blocked creative energy. It can be used to balance the two energies. It helps in achieving goals, recognizing inner resources and promoting clarity. The witch crystal necklace comes with a beautiful Bivei gift box. There is no need to buy gift wrap elsewhere. A sweet gift for family and friends on Mother's day, Christmas, birthday, and thanksgiving.

Brand: Bivei

👤A cheap piece of garbage. I can't believe the chain is plastic. It's nothing like description. Total scam!

👤I love this necklace. I put it on everyday and take it off at night or when I shower since I don't want to ruin it, but I don't know if it would work. I don't want to find out. People always gush and awe when they see it. At work or at the mall. People were telling me how pretty it was and where I got it. Storytime! I was talking to a customer at work and she said to me that her daughter loved my moon necklace and that she was going to buy it for her. I said thank you very much. I told her mother where I got the necklace from, I was showing her off through my phone, and that it was from Amazon, because she couldn't take her eyes off it. I had a nice conversation with them after they thanked me and her mother. She got her food after it was over. I received a nice tip. She didn't have to but it's appreciated. It was nice to think back to when I was little and my mom, and it all started with a moon necklace.

👤It could have been better. The black one I bought looks like a dinosaur claw. The eye for detail is lacking. The hook might be able to be bent, but the tree is crooked. The chains are worth a lot. The loop used to hang the charm isn't used anymore. I mean, why? Why include a chain? I was happy to get these on time, but I was expecting a fight. I would have bought one. The chain won't fit through the charm hook.

👤These aren't gemstones. I gave them a 1 star because they are beautiful.

👤It is pretty but the wires that are wrapped around the stone are sticking out on the back of it and they are poking into my hand when I put it on. The chain is too short for my taste but it makes the pendant hang crooked because it is almost completely sideways. Jovivi necklaces are made better. It seems like it will break in a week. Would not give any stars. I got this as a Christmas gift, but I don't have time to get something else before Christmas.

👤The answer is yes if you are looking at this necklace and wondering if you should buy it. The necklace looks even better in person. The necklace is of excellent quality. The stone is light and strong. The wire is wrapped around a tree. The wire is not exposed. I think the chain is the perfect length. I will have to replace it eventually, but for now it's fine. The stone is so beautiful that even a bad chain wouldn't have affected my review, it still would have been worth the small amount I paid for it. I've received a lot of praise for this piece. I'll be buying another one for my daughter soon.

8. Jovivi Pendulum Necklace Labradorite Adjustable

Jovivi Pendulum Necklace Labradorite Adjustable

Tiger Eye can heal issues with self-worth, self-criticism and blocked creative energy. It can be used to balance the two energies. It helps in achieving goals, recognizing inner resources and promoting clarity. The inner perimeter is 25-31inches with a durable knot. The length and width of the triangle pendant are 2.20-2.28inches and 1.10inches, respectively. Combine with 6mm yellow tiger eye crystals and 6mm lava, great decoration. It will make you happy and you will like it. Multi-Functions can be used as part of a meditation. A stone necklace is a great accessory to change your style and mood. Natural stone necklace is good for your body and health. You can wear it as a necklace or use it as a pendulum. It is well made. A gift box and velvet pouch is a perfect gift. Prepared to be given. It is a unique and meaningful present for men, women, your family, friends or just keep it for yourself. It's suitable on any special occasion. Due to the natural creation of crystal gemstones, there will be slight variations in terms of size, color, texture, etc.

Brand: Jovivi

👤I absolutely adore this mala. I love that the length is changeable. It was well packaged. It's a good thing.

👤It was broken. Really disappointed. I don't think it was authentic.

👤I was speechless. My favorite.

👤Absolutely amazing. I will be buying more of these. It was in a gift box and a bag. The stone has a beautiful color and clarity. Good quality beads. The necklace is strong. I would definitely buy again.

👤It's just magnificent. I received my necklace quickly. It was securely packaged. This is absolutely beautiful. It's gorgeous, great quality, and well made. Will purchase again for gifts to my friends and family.

👤The design of the stones is beautiful. The piece is large and heavy. A necklace is a bit much. It makes a good luck pendant on my mirror. The moonstone is not as secure as I would like it to be. You have to keep an eye on that.

👤I am so happy with this. I bought a clear stone necklace and a blue stone for my sisters and they loved it. I plan to purchase from this seller again and I highly recommend them.

👤A pretty necklace. Well packaged and shipped quickly. I counted 98 beads and they were not useful for prayer or meditation. I would have given it 5 stars if it had more beads.

👤I am very pleased with my purchase of this crystal. I would definitely buy from this seller again.

9. HASKARE Pendant Healing Necklace Adjustable

HASKARE Pendant Healing Necklace Adjustable

The tiger eye necklace is high quality. The round tiger eye necklaces are made with sturdy rope to hold the pendant for protection. A great crystal gift for men is the tigers eye pendants. The stone is called GenuINE MENS STONES NECKLACE. Tiger eye crystal is a great ally to your mind and body, help releasing fear and anxiety, provides courage and self-confidence, protects against negative energies, and a great healing crystal pendant stone necklace for men. The necklace has a wide range in length, but the default size drops the pendant down to around the chest area. The gift box was wrapped. The tigers eye necklace is wrapped with a beautiful jewelry box, match the suit, casual clothes, sport clothes, a great gift for him, her, boyfriend, husband, fathers, male friends on Christmas Day, Birthday, Valentines Day, Anniversary, Thanksgiving Day, Mother Day, Father Day and If you are not completely satisfied, return the product for a full refund. All HASKARE tiger eye pendants are genuine and they are vary in texture, size and appearance.

Brand: Haskare

👤I didn't like the way the cord was adjusted. I like it because I can change the length so it will show when I wear different neckline shirts. It seems to be well made.

👤I think this necklace is a great value and it doesn't pinch my neck hairs like some other necklaces. The part of the necklace that is changeable will stick out from the back of your neck, which is a problem for me. I cut the necklace to length and then connected it to the lighter and solved the problem. Many people compliment me on this necklace. Even though there was nothing wrong with the necklace when it arrived, I am giving it 4 stars because the cord looks silly and it is a nice purchase for someone looking for a decent tiger eye necklace.

👤It's a great quality and better finish than anything else. It wards off bad luck, the moment I wore it, a few things that were on hold started to move on. Getting approved for a home loan. Get what's good for you and your stars.

👤I don't have to adjust the string because it fits perfectly, because it was packaged like high-end jewelry.

👤I bought this gift for my husband to help him protect himself from negative energy. It is a beautiful piece of stone. It is on a rope that is very strong. I removed the plastic bag from the gift box before I wrapped the gift. There was no information about the healing properties of the stone. I just read it to him. He loves it!

👤A clean stone and good length can be pulled back for a closer look. The center of the male chest is the default size. Have no bad things to say about it. I am very happy with it. Will probably get another style in a month.

👤A beautiful pendant! The stone is smooth. The colors of tiger eye are brought out more by a raw stone. The rope is large enough to hold the pendant. Looks like it will hold up. It's a gift for Christmas.

👤I like my stone close to the neck and with the way you adjust it when you get it leave a lot of cord in the back just dangling. I tied the knot with a half hitch on the lead and made it fully variable with no dangling ends.

10. Leafael Presented Infinity Swarovski Silver Tone

Leafael Presented Infinity Swarovski Silver Tone

The original design was made with premium crystals. Pendant Size: 0.75" x 0.88", Chain Length: 18", Pendant: 18K White Gold Plated Silver-tone, and Clasp: Lobster Claw. Stone is Sweet Heart Fancy Stone, Light Sapphire Blue, with Flatback Zirconia Rhinestones. Leafael Jewelry has strict health standards. Their products are free of lead, nickel, and allergy. Miss New York Nicole Kulovany is wearing a dress. Nicole is the face of their jewelry line. Each piece of jewelry has a gift box and a bag in it.

Brand: Leafael

👤I don't recommend purchasing this necklace. The necklace turned into an ugly green color after 6 weeks of wearing it. My mom received it for her birthday. I was embarrassed. Don't buy this for yourself or a loved one.

👤I feel bad because I give my girlfriend this necklace as a gift after 2 weeks of use. I hope that it will last longer than 2 weeks, nothing on this necklace is worth the shame. I've learned not to buy jewelry online.

👤My fiancée gave this to me. The setting is beautiful and I was excited to see it. The metal looked cheap. I didn't see any of the notes for the quality of the metal. I checked the post on Amazon before I decided to wear the item 24/7. I was surprised to see that the necklace has a description of white gold plated but not brass plated rhodium. No. This isn't worth $50. My poor fiancée was tricked into purchasing a $10 item for 5x its value. I returned the item before it turned into a different color. Shame on you seller. Tell the truth about what you're selling. You will get karma eventually.

👤I bought this for my mom on mothers day. Imagine my surprise when I opened it, there was a plastic bag with broken metal and no heart. Very upsetting. I don't know what happened, but I'm doing a return.

👤She loves it, it was a gift for her on February 14th. She got a lot of praise from people who saw it.

👤It is a lighter blue than in the picture and smaller, which makes it look better in the seller's picture than what you receive. I have bought items like this before, but this one didn't get much notice. I will keep looking.

👤I got this for my wife and she absolutely loves it. It tends to flip over exposing the back of the necklace.

👤My wife was delighted to receive a gift for her wedding anniversary. It is not the kind of gift that I would normally buy online, but it is the kind of gift that you need to see touch and feel, and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the product.

👤The pendant is lovely and great colour. I threw away the flimsy chain.

👤When it broke first time, I messaged the seller, but he didn't reply. I wouldn't use this company. The customer service was poor.

👤I love this necklace.

👤Pesima calidad, no compren.

11. Necklace Turkish Leather Protection Jewelry

Necklace Turkish Leather Protection Jewelry

The evil eye necklace come with a wish card into a black dainty present bag, it will protect your necklace, when you get your evil eye necklace. In turkey, the evil eye is a symbol of luck, fortune, protection and prosperity. It is said that wearing a necklace with evil eye charms could be a protection amulet. Good fortune, health, success and wealth can be brought to you and your family by wearing evil eye necklaces. The Evil eye necklace is for males and females. The evil eye pendent necklace will protect you from bad things and make you stay away from bad things. Every necklace will be packed with velvet bags and they will pick it up to make sure you get the complete evil eye necklace. If you have any questions, please contact them, they will try to help you.

Brand: Long Tiantian

👤If you have a chain lying around the house, you should be fine because the necklace broke within the first day of me having it.

👤This review is written to explain how this is not the correct holding piece for the necklace that the picture portrayed. It is easy for the necklace to come apart because of this holding piece. Is there a way to get the same holding piece? That one is more secure than the other one.

👤I wore this necklace for a week. Before I put it on, I had good intentions, but nothing has happened. My neck broke out. I don't want to go into detail about what happened. The necklace brings bad karma and spirits. Not blocking. Highly disappointed.

👤Exactly what I wanted. I like the chain length as well.

👤Looks nice. I wanted a men's necklace, but it looked like a girls chain had to use a boot lace.

👤It is similar to the pictures. It is not big but small. It is a simple and nice plastic baggy with a small quote attached to it. I put my intentions around my neck and it feels like it is working. I feel safe and happy. I am happy with my purchase. Thank you!

👤Most people said they were still having bad days after reading some of the reviews. The necklace that you wear is supposed to protect you from evil, but in some cases the necklace broke out of no where, meaning you have a lot of negative vibes in your life. Even the evil eye can't protect you from everything. It is a sign that you need to cleanse your life and rid yourself of all evil that is still present with you if it broke as soon as you received it. I love the necklace. It is great quality. I feel safe and at peace. If you don't believe your at peace, you can't wear the evil eye. Stay safe.

👤Absolutely terrible. The chain broke after 2 weeks. I barely used it. The evil eye bead is plastic. I don't recommend this product. If possible, I would give 0 stars. I'm really disappointed. The evil eye is something that I really care about and the fact that they're making cheap bad quality necklaces is just rude.

👤They don't check this necklace before sending it off. So sad! The chip is broken. Will not trust to buy again when returning.

👤The product was delivered today and it was very fragile. It seems that it's not worth 50 dollars.

👤Good quality evil eye pendant.

👤THe beau, qualité. Livraison rapide.


What is the best product for tiger eye urn necklace?

Tiger eye urn necklace products from Ocarly. In this article about tiger eye urn necklace you can see why people choose the product. and Beadnova are also good brands to look for when you are finding tiger eye urn necklace.

What are the best brands for tiger eye urn necklace?

Ocarly, and Beadnova are some of the best brands that chosen by people for tiger eye urn necklace. Find the detail in this article. Beadnova, Alov and Bivei are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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