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1. Eyeshadow Silkworm Sharpener Christmas Valentines

Eyeshadow Silkworm Sharpener Christmas Valentines

This package comes with a piece of eyeliner pencil, which is easy to use and can be sharpened with a pencil sharpener, which is a useful gift for your girlfriend, mother, wife, daughter and other female friends who enjoy makeup. This eyeliner with pencils sharpener cap is portable and easy to carry. The built-in sharpener cap is convenient for creating a precision tip that keeps application pointed and easy. It can be used as an eyeliner, eye shadow pen, open the corner of the eye makeup, lipgloss and more. This smudge-proof eyeliner glides on easily and lasts for a long time, it is available in natural to bright shades and is a great option for any eyeliner look.

Brand: Maitys

👤The person is okay. The pencil works well for Santa. I prefer liquid with a brush.

👤If you use this to put on your waterline, it's not going to work the way you want it to, the color is weak, and it's going to fade. I don't think it's a good idea.

👤Don't waste your money if you returned it.

👤My granddaughters love it.

👤Me encanto.

👤The whole point was not intended, but it was without a sharpener on the cap.

👤I thought it would be softer than it is.

👤It was sticky. I tried to melt it with a lighter but it didn't help.

2. Eyelash Extension Patches Extensions Grafting

Eyelash Extension Patches Extensions Grafting

The eyelash extension is ideal for professionalists because of its lint free gel eye pads. It's important to support eyelash extension application to make your work cleaner. Natural ingredients include pure water, glycerol, aloe extract, gel, more thick, and help to lighten the eye skin. Multiple uses include eyelash extension, perming lashes, eyelash tint, eye elasticity, and reducing dark circle. It's easy to apply, it's perfect for most eyes, and it's curved to fit most eyes, so they don't move during the application process. The package is IndividUally PACKAGED. The bag can be used to store every small packet of eyelash gel eye pads, great for professional technicians to carry and store up.

Brand: Kovko

👤I wanted to dye my eye lashes. It works.

👤Si me funcional.

👤Good job done, love it.

👤Good products can be bought. Sellar is a good person.

👤They don't stick that well.

👤It is easy to understand instructions and apply correctly.

3. Eyeshadow Patches Stencils Extensions Half Moon

Eyeshadow Patches Stencils Extensions Half Moon

600 pieces of eyeshadow pad shields are in the package and the size is approx. 40 x 58mm/ 1.57 x 2.28 inches is the proper size and quantity for you to apply and replace, especially suitable for girls and ladies who love to make up. Their eyeshadow patches are soft and safe to apply, which makes them suitable for most people who want to have a clean and natural makeup. You can peel off the sticky part of the shields and use it to protect your eyes from irritation. The half moon shape of this white eyeshadow stencil is suitable for your eye shape, it can protect the under eye area, prevent makeup smudges and help to form a straight edge of your eye shadow, it is widely applied in eyelash extension, eyelash trimming, coloring. The eye shadow shield is easy to use and will help you create a variety of styles of makeup for parties, weddings, appointments, meetings, stage performance or daily casual makeup.

Brand: Zhanmai

👤If you want to avoid serious injury when you try to peel them off, apply and peel them off on your hand a couple of times. The paper backing is hard to remove, it ends up tearing while you try to remove it. I am not a fan.

👤I ordered them because there were so many. I use them for my eyeliner and eyeshadow because of the price and how many came in an order. It works better for me if I cut them in half. I will use these until they are gone, but I will never order them again. They are cheap. The back of the sticker tears and it takes a long time to get the backing off. Don't waste time or money. Not worth it.

👤The sticker is difficult to remove. I will not be ordering them again.

👤They are anything but gentle. When you take them off, the sticky part pulls hard on the skin under your eyes, and it hurts very badly. Do not end!

👤This is easy to use. It stays locked in place except my outer corner crease. That can be cleaned with a brush or a micellar. I like clean lines. If you have sensitive skin, be careful when you take it off. It won't slip while in use. It is definitely worth the price and will last a long time.

👤There were many patches to last a long time. You have to take it easy on removal because the glue on them sticks. It works for me because I like mine to stay in place.

👤They are large. The glue feels like it's going to hurt my skin right away.

👤Work well. Unless you need to be careful if you are working with a client because it will hurt when you remove it.

4. Breakup Proof Retractable Eyeliner Blackest Black

Breakup Proof Retractable Eyeliner Blackest Black

The eye liner is waterproof. The eyeliner is smudge proof, cry proof, and flake proof and has a gel formula that glides onto the lid without tugging or pulling. It lasts up to 16 hours. Their waterproof retractable gel eyeliner is lightweight, comfortable, and long lasting. The intense color rich formula makes it easy to create bold looks. They have everything you need for your next big thing, from blush to natural finish powder. You've found your true makeup match. They are always cruelty free. They also carry vegan makeup and tools. Stay Wild is the trusted beauty destination for beauty lovers of all ages, ethnicities, skin colors, and economic status. They have a product for everyone.

Brand: Wet N Wild

👤I fell for the claims made by this. A formula that glides onto lids without tugging or pulling. Nope, not so. This is not like a gel. It is a bit more smooth than a pencil liner. It did tug, but it did not glide on. I am bad at applying liquid liners. Liquids can be hard to control. I thought this formula would be a nice alternative. Things went wrong from the beginning. I broke the tip because it was gliding so smoothly. Not. I was worse at applying this than with a liquid. This is what I get for being cheap, and I don't think 2 bucks for eyeliner is super- cheap, but it is when I can't use it. I will look for a liquid that has a control tip. I don't want crayon-like liners anymore. This is a deep black.

👤If you are looking for a smooth dark gel eyeliner, don't buy it. This is like an old-school pencil. I have used wet n wild eyeliner for many years. When I first started using the formula a few months ago, it was awesome. There is a But... They have changed their formula and now it is bad. I have purchased this from multiple locations and they have done something different. Please go back to the old formula! I decided to buy another one of these locally. Old formula! The formula has been changed. They need to change the label to (1905-1). If it has 1910-2 it will go on smoothly.

👤I think that a change in formula is what happened to me. I got it to tightline my eyes after a traumatic incident of dyeing my eyeball black with liquid liner, because I saw this had won an Allure Beauty award. It works very well. I had to dig it out of my lid. I have worn down the tip completely and probably gave my lids a rope burn when I tried to use it. I only wasted $2.

👤I use eyeliner. It was difficult to apply at first. It gave me the impression that the tip is not dry after use, which is the reason I prefer pencil liners. I used to rub the tip of liners on a napkin to make them softer and to remove any loose wood that could end up in your eye. I got the results I expected after rubbing away on my eye. It stayed on for hours on the waterline, and even after it was gone the next morning, I still had some leftover on the lash line that I left on. I think this product is better on the skin. I will come back and test that theory. Although I have had better liners, I thought this was a good buy. I don't use liner everyday so this fits my needs and will buy again if needed.

👤Wow. I can not get enough of these. They are cheap and stay put all day. I have sweaty eyes all day and it lasts all day. I ordered a lot for the family to try out. I love it!

5. NYX Mechanical Eye Pencil White

NYX Mechanical Eye Pencil White

A line and defined eye is just a twist away with this eyeliner pen. The creamy formula holds for hours while the intense color covers. It's not necessary to apply twist-up and eyeliner for a winged-out look. SMUDGE-PROOF and SMOOTH: This smudge-proof eyeliner glides on easily and lasts all day through heat and humidity. Their Retractable Eye Pencil is available in natural to bright shades. Eye makeup for the perfect POP is just the tip of the iceberg. Their complete line of eye makeup includes eyeshadow singles and palettes, false lashes, mascara, liquid eyeliner and eyebrow pencils. It is free of contraceptives. They don't think animals belong in a lab. All of their makeup is vegan. They don't test their products on animals. Discover New York professional makeup. Try all of their pro makeup and beauty products, from eyeshadows, eyeliner, pencils, mascara, and false lashes to lipstick, lipgloss, foundation, primer, blush, and more.

Brand: Nyx Professional Makeup

👤I have noticed that the skin on my eyelid is a bit tighter than it used to be, and the eye pencils I used to use don't go on as smoothly as they used to. The NYX mechanical eye pencils are as smooth as silk. If you want something precise, this isn't it. It stays on all day. I only had one pencil that twisted out about a quarter of an inch before the mechanism got stuck, but it didn't bother me because of the low cost and high performance. If I have an occasional dud with this brand, it's still worth it because I'm used to using MAC and Clinique pencils.

👤I can smudge it the way I need it to get that smokey eyes effect, and it's easy to put on waterline.

👤The best eyeliner ever. I don't know why or how, but this shade of eyeliner is the only eyeliner I can wear all around my eye and it's flattering. I have been using it for 3 years. This liner is in Bronze.

👤The eye liner I bought lasts all day and is white. I used the pencil on my waterline because I have small eyes and it stayed on all day. The eye liner does not irritate the eyes.

👤I'm terrible at applying eyeliner, so this was a lifesaver. It's creamy, so it doesn't bother you when you apply it, but it dries out in a minute or so, so it lasts all day. If I want a darker look, I apply black or navy eyeliner and then apply this on top, it smooths over the shakiness of the dark eyeliner, and looks a whole lot more interesting. It's light and looks a bit like metallic eyeshadow if you smudge it, but still appropriate for wearing to class or going to work. I used to use a liquid eye shadow from Glossier, but it didn't work as well as I would have liked, and it fades quickly. It comes off easily with a wipe or miscellar water even though it stays on for 10 hours. It's great if you want to cover mistakes or simply as a stand-in so you don't have to tell the world what you're doing. I plan to buy gold and blue as well. You can find this product at Bed, Bath + Beyond or any other store.

👤I've bought a lot of white eye liners in the last few years trying to find one that stayed on my lower water line. I tried this one out while I was working in the house to see if it would perform better than any of the others that I had spent money on. This is very easy to apply and stays on the water line. I wiped it out of the corners near the tear ducts because I was working and sweating here in the house, but it stayed where I put it for the entire afternoon and evening. It did fade slightly later but it did not do as well as I had hoped. Depending on your work environment, a single application of this would probably last through an entire evening function or most of a work day. It makes the eyes pop. I highly recommend either putting this on before mascara or putting an extra coat on after applying it to the water line. It is very creamy and will stick to the base of the lashes along the water line, so it needs to be covered over to avoid black lashes. This is a great product and I highly recommend it and am very happy to have finally found one after five attempts with other brands, that not only shows up really well, but stays put. I was reminded to write a review now that I was about to order two more. Mrs. Yvonne Hancock is a woman.

6. NYX Professional Makeup Mechanical Pencil

NYX Professional Makeup Mechanical Pencil

There is a mechanical eye eyeliner penCIL. Define your eyes with NYX Professional Makeup Mechanical Eye Pencil. The eyeliner pencil is perfect for drawing on lashes or for making them look smoky. No sharpener is needed. The mechanical eye pencil is perfect for travel. No pencil sharpener needed, just twist up for more eyeliner. All eyes on eye makeup. Their NYX Professional Makeup eye makeup products include eyeshadow to mascara, eyeliners, concealers, setting sprays, and eyebrow products. CRUELTY-FREE COSMETICS. They don't think animals belong in a lab. All of their makeup is vegan. They don't test their products on animals. Discover New York professional makeup. Try all of their professional makeup and beauty products today.

Brand: Nyx Professional Makeup

👤I like this eyeliner. It is the only smudge liner that I am not allergic to and it does not make my eyes water. It makes it hard to justify buying it because I run out of it so fast. It's a little bit for how little you get. The eyeliner does a good job of keeping my lower eyelid from being touched. It highlights under eye makeup.

👤I've used Covergirl Perfect Point Plus for years, but they recently changed the formula so it no longer glides on as smoothly. I was looking for a cheap replacement eyeliner and this one is perfect. It lasts all day without smudges. I love him!

👤You need to use force to apply an even line to the lid but the color is solid. You have to work quickly.

👤The liner is smudge free and has bold dark lines that last all day. It's possible to use it for a winged liner, which I never thought was possible without a liquid liner.

👤All day eyeliner! I love using this pencil. If you sweat or have oily skin, it does smudge a bit.

👤I was happy to find a mechanical eyeliner that was as thick and dark as I wanted it to be.

👤I love the deep easy to apply color.

👤Goes on without a hitch. Smudges a bit. I like how it applies.

7. Color Liner Pencil Babys Black

Color Liner Pencil Babys Black

The formula for 12-hour wear has been improved. Rich,pigmented color. Oh-so-creamy application. It is possible to create any look without using makeup.

Brand: Wet N Wild

👤It's not very soft when applying it, and it's a little lighter in color, so it needs to be applied over and over again. The toupe color should be a little darker than this one.

👤I can only use this pencil to fill in my eyebrows as a natural blonde. Thank you! Please keep making this!

👤The best color for eyebrows was #648 Taupe. My hair is white with taupe and I have blond hair. I would like to get 648 back. I will need to find it in another brand.

👤It's hard to find a lighter color product that is appropriate for blonde hair, but I like using this product because it adds just the right amount of color to give definition to my light eyebrows.

👤I use these for my brows and they work well. If you use liners, they will probably break down in the eyes with oily eyelids, and they are slightly creamy. I top these with powder so they stay put for a long time.

👤This is the best brow pencil I've tried. It helps to keep it in the freezer. It will make it easier to sharpen. It's a bonus that it's cruelty free.

👤This is awesome because I have been looking for a lighter brown color.

👤The taupe eye pencil has a natural look. It makes the eye look bigger. A quality product at a good price.

👤This lasts me a while because of its longer size which I like, but it's hard to fit in most of my standard-size make-up cases. Couldn't find them in stores so had to go online. I use this pencil to outline my lips. on top. It's not nude, but definitely brown/light enough to use alone or as a pre-liner.

👤It's not bad, but you have to go light. You end up with clumps of wax.

8. Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kajal Liner

Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kajal Liner

It won't smudge from day to night. A high intensity color impact. It is smooth and creamy. The eye doctor was tested. It is suitable for contact lens wearers.

Brand: Rimmel

👤I found a waterproof pencil eyeliner that I wanted. I decided to put it through a test. I ran on the treadmill after putting a thick line under my eye. 30 minutes later, not waterproof at all. It would run if I had it all day. Oh well. On to the next.

👤If you watch my video, you will see why I no longer buy the eyeliners that roll out on their own. They break on me. That money is going down the drain. I got two eyeliners for less than $8. I haven't tried the black yet, but the brown is a nice medium brown. I'm expecting it to be as good as the brown. I need these eyeliners to go on smoothly because of my dry 50 year old skin. The brown smudged a bit after 8 hours of wear, but nothing that a quick brush of my fingers couldn't fix. I don't wear a lot of make up so my base is a light cream. I like the quality and price of these eyeliners. I'm going to buy more colors.

👤I like it. How do you make this thing sharper? I tried a makeup pencil sharpener, but it wouldn't fit, and then I tried a normal pencil sharpener, but it just fell off. I can barely use it now because it is not sharp. They should include a sharpener for this pencil.

👤I agree with the customer who said that they have spent a lot of money on upper end eyeliners, only to have them pull the skin in order to get the waterproof effect on. I can't believe that I've changed my eyeliners. The self sharpening kind breaks easily. If you make it halfway on one of those puppies, you're lucky. I don't like to wear liquid eyeliners because they pull the tender skin by your eye. The product goes on without a hitch because it's called Kohl. Keep a steady hand. If you make a mistake it is hard to correct. Just keep going all day. I fell asleep with it and didn't wake with any of the eye problems. I use a non oil based pad to take it off, you will need something stronger than soap and water to take it off. I'm sure you can, but it would take a long time. It's a good thing. I like the fact that I have control over the sharpening. Self sharpening eyeliners don't have good control over how they are applied. I keep mentioning that those kinds break off. I paid $35 for a brand name one and only got to use half of it before it broke. I don't like to flush money. The quality of the product is amazing and the price is amazing. This pencil will make you golden. I put a picture on here so you can see it when it's on. I put on the eyeliner and decided I wanted a more smoky look for the evening so I added a line under the original one. This pencil is thin or thick and easy to use, so you will hopefully enjoy it as much as I do! Happy shopping! j

9. Eyeliner Pencils Retractable Colored Waterproof

Eyeliner Pencils Retractable Colored Waterproof

Convenient twist up design eliminates need for sharpening. All of them have lids. A wide variety of colored eyeliner shades: black, purple, brown, pink, red, rose, plum, orange, gray, dark green, light green and blue. as eyebrow pencil. They can be used to fill in your lips for a beautiful look. They can also be used for eyebrows. A retractable eyeliner set with 12 PCs in different colors. You can save money by buying individually. It is ideal for a birthday party, cosplay, or other activity. The place of origin and produce license are printed in English on the packaging. It was tested under dermatological control. Amazon has packaging and fulfillment.

Brand: Wonder X

👤I use them for my eyebrows. They have a stunning color, but I don't like the fact that they wipe off easily, so if I put my face on something it will smudge. The yellow isn't actually yellow, it's gold, and that's the only color that doesn't really pop. They are a great addition to my makeup. Would buy again.

👤It was very difficult to apply and glide on smoothly. The color was weak and the texture was waxy.

👤I used these for eye and brow crayons and was excited about the color options. Dark purple on the eyes and dark brown on the brows were used. 3 days later, the eyes are stained with a bright pink color and the brows are brown, but they are still clean and dry.

👤They are supposed to be more vibrant. They don't do much for the eyes.

👤They are not as soft as I had hoped. It's hard to put on.

👤There are many colors that work on eyes, lips and eye brows.

👤I liked the variety of colors and how quickly they arrived, my package was damaged and the eye pencil is very hard, it's very hard on my skin.

10. Golden Rose Miracle Brighten Eye Look

Golden Rose Miracle Brighten Eye Look

Shapes and makes the eyes look bigger. The flesh has a slight pink undertone.

Brand: Golden Rose

👤This pencil is cheap. I use this around my brows to lighten them and also to fix any mistakes I make while filling in brows. This works perfectly, so no need to grab your makeup again. It's also great on the inside corner of the eye or bottom waterline. I like that it's creamy and not glittery. I love using this when applying lipstick. I use a brush to blend in, I line my lips just outside of my lip liner. I think it helps with feathering throughout the night if you have a bold lip line. This is a multi tool that never gets old.

👤I think it's a pretty color and can be used to lighten my eyes. I'm giving it 4 stars because I think it's weird that you can't sharpen it. It does not twist up. Once it's gone, what you see is what you get. It seems odd to me.

👤It's baigey. It looks like a consealer color. It is the same color as my waterline. It doesn't go on well. The picture shows something with shine and sparkle, but it's not real.

👤A pencil that is not dull-grayish-putty colored is finally a thing. I thought it might be too dark for my complexion, but it works. It has a lot of nice color. I'll use a lighter pencil for lighter makeup, but it's too dark for that. It's very long. I thought it might be like a crayon, but it's not. The "lead" of the pencil breaks and falls out a lot. I got the first one, but it could be just the one I got. Since I got a new sharpener, others have been better. I can use it for a while. It doesn't turn to mush in the sharpener, which happens with these plastic pencils, and you have to crank to sharpen, which smushes some pencil "leads." It's really sad. I love a good wooden pencil and I'm definitely buying more of them. The German round, metal makeup sharpener is a sharpening pointer. The slightly more expensive one is worth a few extra dollars on Amazon. It's good for your pencils. It was done! Don't stop making this pencil!

👤A good pencil to highlight the brow. It's also good for the waterline. The liner is soft. I was very happy with my purchase and will order another one.

👤I use this for a variety of reasons, mostly to clean up my appearance after I have done my eyes, brows, and lip line. I've used it as a makeup product to cover my eyes and to make them look better. I'll probably buy it again.

👤It's great to line under eyes, touch up lip color smudges, or have small blemish. I loved this product so I was looking for a replacement. I usually wear the lightest foundation/powder/concealer and have a pink color. This was a great match for me, but a shade darker could be used as well. It does not tug or pull skin.

11. Waterproof Hypoallergenic Highlighter Multi Dimensional FA38 11116 123

Waterproof Hypoallergenic Highlighter Multi Dimensional FA38 11116 123

Make eye makeup easier with the 2 IN 1 Eyeshadow Pen. It has what you expect from a big color payoff, waterproof effect, and stay-all-day power. A creamy formula glides on smoothly like silk, no brushes required. The eye liner can be used as an eyeshadow topper or as a single liner. Thetwist-up design is so easy to apply and blend out for a quick and easy daytime look, it's called Save Your Makeup Time.

Brand: Focallure

👤One of the eyeshadow pens was malfunctioning when I received it. I received a message from the seller the next day after I email them. They gave me a gift after replacing the faulty one. I received my pen within a couple of days. I'm very happy with the service and product.

👤I used this for the first time today. First, apply primer. It felt like lipstick on my face. In about an hour, I never dried or pooled in my crease. My eyeliner was smeared off. It takes me a few washes to remove regular eyeshadow. Will return for a refund. Don't waste your money!

👤The customer service is good, but I still don't recommend the product for reasons below. I was upgraded to 2 stars. This product never dries. If you accidentally touch it, it gets everywhere except where it belongs, and within an hour most of it is gone. Comes off at the lightest touch. The colors are lighter than anyone would want. They are too light for a pale white girl.

👤I like them. I don't like spending a lot of money on makeup. Don't spend your money on makeup. I tried these for the price and they were good. They stayed all day. They are easy to blend with. They are on smooth. Very shiny. It didn't make my eyes itch. I would recommend buying more colors.

👤If I can't use the colors, that doesn't matter. It stays on the eye lid and is creamy like old lipsticks. It was gone by the time I got to work. The crease of the eye lid was where it was built. I didn't pay attention to the reviews. I bought 2 sets. I will not bother to return so I hope I will find some use for them.

👤The three shadows are in the bottom three stripes. Julep brand Burgundy and Rose shimmers are the top two. They look close, but the julep has a shimmer. I have been using a julep for a while and have been putting it away for the day. I thought these focallure might give the same shadows with different colors. The focallure are not worth much at all. The glittery shimmer spreads everywhere, but the pigment seems to disappear altogether. You can't create a clean, defined line or a nice blend because it becomes a glittery cloud around the eye. The focallure color came off when I wiped it with my other thumb, even though I tried to clean my hand. The glitter came off with soap. I had to use makeup and soap to get rid of the Julep. You end up with no color, and shimmer everywhere, since the price is not a pro. You will get the same effect if you buy cheap body glitter.

👤I haven't used the darker color much. I love the color it gives off, but after a couple hours, it's all in the crease of your eyelid. I ordered the 2 piece without the darker color again, since I love the colors they give off. I might need to use a base first to see if that works. I bought these less than a month ago and they are almost gone.


What is the best product for underliner for eyes?

Underliner for eyes products from Maitys. In this article about underliner for eyes you can see why people choose the product. Kovko and Zhanmai are also good brands to look for when you are finding underliner for eyes.

What are the best brands for underliner for eyes?

Maitys, Kovko and Zhanmai are some of the best brands that chosen by people for underliner for eyes. Find the detail in this article. Wet N Wild, Nyx Professional Makeup and Nyx Professional Makeup are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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