Best Yarn Needles Large Eye for Crochet

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1. Hekisn Large Eye Colorful Different Crafts´╝î2 76

Hekisn Large Eye Colorful Different Crafts%EF%BC%8C2 76

It's a perfect gift to offer almost all sizes of crochet hooks, whether you are a beginner or an experienced crocheter, all these crochet needles will satisfy your needs to complete a great crochet work definitely! The sewing needles are made of plastic. It will last a long time. You need two sizes to meet you. You can choose to finish your project with perfect sizes of yarn knitting needls. The stitching needles are easy to thread yarn through even without a threader. It's also called finishing needles. The tepastry needles are suitable for weaving in ends and sewing up seams on knit and crochet projects. 16 pieces plastic sewing needles are in different colors and have different sizes.

Brand: Hekisn

👤I bought this to teach young kids how to use a craft plastic canvas mesh to make stitches, even if they can't be trusted with real, metal needles. I don't know if the plastic canvas mesh can be purchased in different sizes of mesh holes, but in what looks like the "standard" size, only the smallest needle will fit through the holes in the mesh. I tried to thread twoyarns together. One is cotton socks from Walmart and the other is DMC floss. The thicker the socks, the easier it was to pull through. The thickness of the yarn anchored it to the mesh well with the first stitch. If you don't anchor the floss, you'll be at risk of yanking the end out of the project without an anchor stitch. I used the scrap to push the needle through the table top and then used the floss to do the couple stitches. Bigger-holed mesh would be more useful if I could find it. I might try to find a soft, smooth, and easy to sew on fabric that would be more fun to sew on with an embroidered hoop. Medium sized ones are perfect for learning stitches using 5 squares-per-inch rug mesh. I ordered a few bulk packages of the medium sized needle and hope they arrive soon. The big ones seem to make good Bodkins.

👤It was perfect for what I needed. I sewed in the ends of my crochet project.

👤Theese needles are great for little hands and for kids to learn how to sew. I got them for my 6 year old because he was anxious to learn and I didn't want him to poke himself with a real needle. The eyehole leaves a giant hole in the fabric, but they work great for showing the concept of different stitches. Something to remember!

👤The plastic needles were perfect for my toddler to string macaroni. It requires supervision but is useful for kids.

👤This item arrived a little late, but almost everything does these days. I didn't cancel my order because I still wanted it. I used two needles for my sister's locks. We are in the middle of a Pandemic and we can be shut in at any time, so I decided to be proactive with my hair. I like the different sizes and colors. The colors are vibrant. Who would have thought needles would be used to retighten locks? Not me, especially when I am not hair literate. They are strong. They are the right length for your locks. I'm in the baby stage. The shorter needle will be used this weekend. I paid a small amount of money for the needles.

👤Perfect needles for little ones to start sewing projects. It is easy to grip sizes.

👤I bought them for our school. The needles were not able to push through the soft felt. They are useless. I tried to make a difference by using a razor, but it didn't work.

👤I ordered these for my kids to thread leaves. I will use them again next month to make Christmas cards. They are a good size for small children to learn sewing.

2. Sizes Crochet Ergonomic Arthritic Needles

Sizes Crochet Ergonomic Arthritic Needles

When children first learn sewing, weaving needles can be used to repair tapestry and sweater, or to weave in the yarn ends on crochet projects. You get 14 Crochet Hooks, 9 Yarn Needles, 10 Stitch Markers, and 1 Scissors& Case. Excellent value for your money. A convenient case contains Stitch markers, scissors and yarn needles. The crochet hook set is a good starter kit. Crochet hooks with comfortable easy grip handles reduce or eliminate hand, wrist or finger pain. It's perfect for arthritis hands. You can crochet for a long time with no hand pain. It's a perfect gift for grandma, mom, kids, beginners or advanced crocheters. Their crochet hooks are longer than other competitors and give extra space when the pattern calls for more loops. Smooth Crochet Hooks glide and produce a clean finish project. The crochet hook set includes 14 sizes from B (2mm) to N (10mm), each with their own color coding and printed with letters and numbers for easy identification. The cute case is travel friendly. Relax and connect with family or friends. The crochet hook set is backed by Yarniss.

Brand: Yarniss

👤The material is sticky. I have never used it. I held it to feel its grip. One of the numbers was rubbing off the sticky material on the hooks. To see if it was a mistake, you rubbed a different one. Will be back!

👤I bought this set for the bigger hooks, and after reading reviews of all the other similar prices hooks on here, I decided on this one. I am going to use a different set. I will start with the positives. These are better than the run of the mill. The grab the yarn and pull threw is not the best, but it is definitely smoother. I have mixed feelings about the handle. It's more comfortable, but it doesn't feel right in my hand. The end lays on my palm and creates a callus. If you are a beginner or someone who does not crochet all the time, this set will be worth it, however if you are planning on crocheting for hours a day, then you can save the money and invest on a set of Clovers. I'm keeping this set because bigger hooks can run you a pretty penny and this set goes up to 10mm which is hard to find, so the money spent is worth the big hooks on their own. Would I recommend these? If you are looking for a cheap set, I would be more than happy to help.

👤The smell is strong. A light rinse with soap won't remove the smell. You need to wash it with a paper towel, get into it, and rinse it well, including the little case that comes with it. You can get rid of the smell, but you have to wash them all. I don't recommend buying them. The paint on the hooks will peel off. There is an update. After washing and airing out the plastic, it still smells. Please buy something else.

👤I have arthritis and still like to crochet. They are easy to use. The hooks are easier to hold for older fingers with the soft grips. The case is small and hard to fit back into. I intended to use a different case for my hooks, but I thought I should mention it.

👤Wow! I can only say that it is amazing. The hooks are the best purchase I have made to supplement my crocheting hobby. These hooks are much better than the ones you buy at the craft stores. The hook part is longer than most hooks and it extends all the way to the bottom so it doesn't slip out. Even when I crochet for hours at a time, they are comfortable to hold. If I could, I would recommend this a thousand times over. The pouch, markers, needles and scissors are bonuses. If you are on the fence about which one to buy, get this one. You will not be sorry. I might buy a backup in case I lose a certain size. The best crochet purchase ever.

3. BetyBedy Large Eye Stainless Knitting Finishing

BetyBedy Large Eye Stainless Knitting Finishing

You can store sewing sharp needls in a transparent bottle when you finish the project. The finishing needles don't need to be on the floor or lost in the corner. Durability and resilience: 1. Their yarn needles are made of a non-porous surface that will last for a long time, meaning it will not rust. 2. There are 3 different sizes. There are three different sizes of yarn knitting needles: 5.2 cm/2.05 inch, 6.0 cm/2.37 inch and 7.0 cm/2.75 inch. There are 9 blunt needles for each size. 3. Large-eye hunting tools. The tapestry needles are easy to thread without a threader. It is easy to thread thick wool for finishing off a crochet project. 4. It's easy to steal. The large-eye blunt needles are easy to carry and store. You don't need to worry about losing your knitting needles on the floor or in a corner. 5. There are wide applications. Their sewing needles can be used for weaving in ends and sewing up seams on knit or crochet projects. The needles can be used to mend a rug or upholstery.

Brand: Betybedy

👤Wrong. The eye of this needle is different than the one I had, and that makes it better than the one I had. I have a new favorite needle, but I don't remember the brand. I was able to thread cotton into the needle without any problems, and the eye was small enough for me to use my size 5 needles. It's even easier to thread worsted. Someone else will have to review these on wool because I don't have any. I was able to thread the worst doubleed cotton through the largest eyed needle. There are more than one of every size in this container, and it's a little round. I gave some to a beginning knitter so she could start with the right supplies. When I lose the ones I kept, I will look to buy them again.

👤I bought these needles for my grandma who wanted to start sewing again, and I am a little bit in the middle on some of them. The sheerness is good, but the needles are not sharp on the top, which is a problem. For a normal person it wouldn't be a problem, but my grandma had a lot of trouble threading the needle because she didn't have that good of upper body strength. If you buy these for someone who doesn't have that much strength, then it's a good thing, but if you buy them for someone who does, then it's a bad thing. If you can thread the needle through, the value is good. The quality of the needle is outstanding, even though it is not a 5 star review.

👤I've never purchased sewing needles for knitting. I'm a knitter. I'm only human, but I'm in this hobby to knit, not sew, so I might break down and do some crochet work occasionally. I was wrong. I have been without them for so long that I can't remember how I got along. They're much easier than trying to crochet in edges and binding. You can make your work pop with some light, simple embroidery. These are the hot tickets for dealing with those lose ends. Just thread your tails in a needle, work it back in, and you have a smooth finished product. I am a convert.

👤The purchase was close to being worth the money. I have a single needle that I use for weaving. I was always losing. I keep extra crochet hooks, scissors, a tape measure, and other things in a caddy that hangs over the arm of my chair or sofa. Since it's a blunt needle, I couldn't stick it through the fabric like a regular needle. I was always losing the needle. I decided to invest in a backup and I'm very happy I did. I put the original needle in the vial with these and it goes into the caddy.

👤The needles state they can't be used for leather. The eye collapses after 15 minutes. I can't recommend them for anything other than soft yarn projects. They are soft, but not sure if they contain lead. I ruined 4 in an hour and plan to throw out the rest. Weak.

4. Crochet Large Eye Needles 12mm 25mm Tapestry

Crochet Large Eye Needles 12mm 25mm Tapestry

100% Money Back Guarantee and one-year free replacement warranty are included. The set includes 5 different size crochet hooks, 20 knitting stitch markers, 9 large eye needlepoints, and 2 jumbo bent tip tapestry needles. Their crochet kit works great for rug macrame projects and for multiple strands of yarn, T shirt yarn, and other bulky weight yarn. A lot of time can be saved by making a lot of scarfs and blankets. Large Eye Blunt Needles Set is about the size of an eye. A perfect knitting tool set for arthritic hands has 2 inch 2.4 inch and 2 inch 2.9 inch. The material is comfortable to use. Puts less strain on hands. A crochet needles set can be used for many craft projects. The Large Crochet hook is a great gift. The crochet hooks set is for making rugs and blankets. You can give this crochet hook pack as a gift to your mother who likes crocheting.

Brand: Mayboos

👤They're easy to handle and great for bulky yarn. The big size is hard to find, so this set has the sizes you need for your yarn projects. The flat grip is the only thing missing.

👤The hooks look like a picture and if you can't tell, have a taper neck. The plastic ones by Boye are only a fraction of an ounce heavier than the ones made of a resin. It might affect balance and comfort, but for occasional use it should be fine. I would have preferred a hollow handle. Some of the hooks had rough spots at the hook end, but a few hits with an emery board are fine. The sizes are labeled on the ends of a piece of paper. I was surprised to find hooked needles, they are difficult to find and I will definitely be using the bonus accessories. Good buy for $10

👤Excellent value. It was easy to sand down the mold line on most of the hooks. A nail file is fine in a pinch. I. The cloudy looking hook needed smoothing out. There are lots of bubbles in the pour and crease marks from the mold, which are three stars. I don't care about the price. I considered the stitch markers a bonus item and they have come in handy. The yarn needles are sharp. I wouldn't recommend learning crochet with these hooks, but anyone with a bit of experience should be fine. Pick up a ball of yarn from the store and practice with the smaller hooks to get the hang of it.

👤These are not comfortable to hold. I was trying to find the extra large hooks but they aren't the answer for me as my hands get fatigued and I have some arthritis in my fingers. The large eyed needles were floating around in the bag. I will keep looking for a large set of hooks.

👤I got this set for a novelty size while teaching a child to crochet. I bought the biggest set I could find for her. It's so big. The sides of the hooks are not smooth. There is a plastic liner that is like a poured resin. The set is great for those projects that use lots of strands of yarn. The yarn needles are sharp. The markers work. This is a great option if you need a lot of hooks. I would invest in a set that feels better in the hand. The ridges are not light and can be a distraction if you are sensitive to that sort of thing. This is adequate for my needs because most of my huge yarn projects are one off things.

👤The crochet hooks are pretty. The color is very attractive. I find that metal or aluminum crochet hooks are easier to use. The kit is a good value. They are comfortable for crocheting.

👤The smallest size is perfect for making my blankets with. These are easy to hold and the yarn glides over it. It's amazing. Purchase them now! They are a great addition to any crochet kits. I have made about 6 blankets with them and they are very comfortable to hold.

5. Large Eye Stainless Knitting Embroidery Stitching

Large Eye Stainless Knitting Embroidery Stitching

Cross stich is used for needlepoint. Sturdy and hardy: 1. The darning needles are made of high quality STAINLESS STEEL and are free from rust or bending. 2. There are different sizes for 3 x 5.3 cm/ 2.1 inch, 3 x 6 cm/ 2.4 inch, and 3 x 7 cm/ 2.8 inch. You can choose to finish your project with the perfect sizes of yarn. 3. Expending applications: These needles are good for sewing up the ends of knit and crochet projects. Stitching needles are used for many things. 4. The stitching needles are easy to thread yarn through even without a threader. 5. A transparent bottle can be used to store large-eye blunt needles. After your work is done, you can put yarn needles in a bottle.

Brand: Orrdice

👤I wanted a metal one because it was stronger than the plastic ones. The product was sturdy, but the hole is too small for "YARN" as advertised. I had trouble putting the yarn through.

👤They had a plastic container to keep them in. It is easy to thread yarn. It was pointed enough to sew heavy yarn items. It's good to have yarn in a basket.

👤I opened the package after 10 minutes and it was cloudy. At first. I was willing to accept it as dirt. When I opened the tube to see how strong they were, I noticed 2 had rust. I came back to read through the listing again after I thought I read them as rustproof. If this is something that would affect the work you need these needles for, then you may reconsider. They feel like any other yarn needle I've used.

👤I was looking for needles to use in crochet, knitting and other crafts. I have plastic ones that don't work very well. I am very pleased with my purchase after finding these. The different sizes make me happy. I would recommend them over plastic ones.

👤The eye is large on the needle. I use a needle threader to thread my yarn. The only needles that I have found that have a big enough eye for that are these.

👤When it said the needle. I was expecting tapestry needles. The eyes are small for most yarn.

👤I am very pleased with the yarn needles I ordered. There is a large selection of sizes and they are all in a small tube so I can easily find the one I need.

👤They work well for making holes. They are not very sharp for that, but have worked out well.

6. Hekisn Stainless Embroidery Handmade Knitting

Hekisn Stainless Embroidery Handmade Knitting

It works well in the sewing knitting yarn needlework crafts and is an ideal gift to friends, family and people who like craft. The embroidery needles are made of durable STAINLESS steel, which is nonporous and resistant to rust. It will last for a long time. There are 3 different sizes that you need. You can choose to finish your project with the perfect sizes of yarn. The stitching needles are easy to thread yarn through even without a threader. The sewing needles are suitable for a wide range of applications. The stitching needles can be used for many other things. You can store sewing sharp needls in a transparent bottle when you finish the project. The finishing needles don't need to be on the floor or lost in the corner.

Brand: Hekisn

👤Let's face it. Your eyes don't work as well after you hit a certain point in your life. You have to use extra lighting to read, use a larger text on your cell phone, and buy needles with large eyes so you can actually see the thread through them. That's correct. If you're reading this review and thinking about buying, you too are at that point. It's okay. Don't fight it. These needles are for sale. It is easy to thread them. They're a dream to use. You won't have to ask your kids for help threading the needle, so no more teasing about getting old.

👤The needle is not very sharp, but I like the large eye holes.

👤These are not made with steel, they are not sharp. I will not buy again.

👤I bought the needles to re-attach a limb. The needle was strong enough to get through his leg, and it was sharp enough to do its job. We were very satisfied with the product.

👤There are a few different sizes in the sealed beaker vial. Anyone can easily thread the needles with the wide eyes. It's too much for sewing clothing and thicker materials. I used one of the smallest of the bunch to sew up some work slacks that weren't Threaded after one wash, it worked with regular thread as well as the thicker stitching thread available. Good product.

👤The large eyes of the needles make them easy to thread. Someone has made needles that are easy to thread and have large eyes. Thank you for making a product that is easy to use and inexpensive.

👤I used 3 heavy duty needles to sew on a piece of lite weight material. Unless your sewing extremely lite weight things together don't buy, you get what you pay for.

7. WooCrafts Large Eye Ergonomic Arthritic Hands Best

WooCrafts Large Eye Ergonomic Arthritic Hands Best

If you got this deal. You would not regret it. You can find the 9 pieces large-eye yarn needles on Amazon for $4.99. The large eye Steel blunt yarn needles are good for sewing up the ends of crochet and knitting projects. You get 9 pieces needles in three different sizes that work great for different weighted yarn. The sizes are B, C, D, E, G, and H. It is about 6 inches long. The crochet hook is very comfortable to use with the soft rubber handles. The complete set is for crochet lovers. This all-in-one kit is a perfect gift for anyone who is learning to crochet, a beginner just starting out, or a seasoned crocheter on the go. If you kept it for yourself, they wouldn't blame you. There are 9 pieces of steel yarn. Sewing Needles, 9 Pieces Crochet Hooks, Knitting Stitch Markers, and a Crochet Hook Case. There is a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee for Crochet Hooks.

Brand: Woocrafts

👤I needed to strengthen my hands while I was in rehabilitation. I make jewelry from various materials. I couldn't bring my workbench to the facility. My mother taught me how to crochet when I was a child. I didn't like doing it enough to continue, but I thought it could help me regain strength and dexterity in my hands. I knew I would have trouble holding the regular type of hook, and when I searched, I found these with the ergonomics handles. The kit has a nice bag, large yarn needles, and a plastic safety pin, which I am very happy about. I have used everything even though I am a beginner. These are nice to have as an artist and crafter. After a half hour, my hands were shaking because of my weak hands. It became easier as time went on. I don't want to stop crocheting, but I still have a hard time with it. I need to finish one more row. Just one more row. I have been crocheting a scarf for a while. The edges are not even because of tension issues. This is a practice piece. I recommend this kit because it's a good one and I love it.

👤I am a beginner and this kit is helpful. Everything is the same as pictured here. I am so happy to have this little kit by my side, I am half-way done with my scarf. I don't have anything to compare it to, but I find the crochet hooks very comfortable in my hands. I think they will hold up nicely for years to come. I'm so excited to continue using these because I'm hooked on crocheting!

👤I've been crocheting since I was a child. When I was a child, my mother taught me knitting and crocheting. I have a collection of tools that are decades old. I just started crocheting with fine crochet thread but I am now quite senior and use those skinny classic crochet hooks a lot. I saw sets of hooks on Amazon, but this set came with some extras and was priced the same as the others. They would take a month to get to me from Asia because the price was so low. They came to me in two days. The items in the envelope were nicely packaged and not in a big mess. The bag is well sewn and the case is sturdy. The crochet hooks are made of smooth metal. I have not done a complete project with these hooks yet, but they feel comfortable in my hand. It is hard to read the size on the handle. I plan to make a color guide because they are different colors. I can find my size quickly. I can't really judge the stitch markers because they are not the type I've used before. Bobby pins work well for me. I think this set is a bargain.

👤Delivery with Amazon Prime was excellent. I love my new products. I ordered a package of yarn, needles, and a beginners guide. I used to crochet. My friend told me to take it up again. I like the needles. It helps with the tunnel. I'm happy with my products. Everything is perfect.

8. UOOU Weaving Tapestry Needles Knitting

UOOU Weaving Tapestry Needles Knitting

It's ideal for crafts and needlework projects. It's great for sewing, knitting, and threading cards. The sewing needle kit has a random color yarn needle and 8 pieces. The clear box is medium in size and easy to carry in your bags, because it is easy to store the weaving needles. The aluminum needles are painted with vivid color, which makes it easier to stitch, and they are sturdy and durable, so they can serve you for a long time. The whole process will become easier, efficient and practical because of the large-eye design of the bent needles. Bent Tip tapestry needles. The bent tip tapestry needle is easier to use than the straight metal needles. It's much easier to hide tails completely with stitches. It works well in the sewing knitting yarn needlework crafts and is an ideal gift to friends, family and people who like craft.

Brand: Uoou

👤The case is similar to metal cases you can buy at a craft store. It will be slightly damaged from opening. The contents are strong. The loop-hole needles are made of metal, not plastic. It's a great value compared to what you'd pay at a craft store. Definitely recommend!

👤It's not worth the price. If it is less than $4, you will be getting the best quality. The case that the Needles came with was so cheap that I received it already damaged. It is a sliding lid. The needles are not much better than the metal ones I paid for, but they feel like plastic. The curved needles were all the same size and you will get a bunch of them. If it had cost half the price, I wouldn't have rated it so bad since I can still use the needles and case.

👤I was willing to try the bent needle, even though I had never used it before. I bought this set because it seemed like a lot of needles. I was not disappointed. The needles made my work easier. The bent tip allowed me to weave in the tails of my crochet work more quickly. When I am adding embroidered features to my work or trying to connect to pieces of work, they work great. The quality of the needles is very good. I have not broken any even though some of my situations could have done so with a lesser quality product. They are easy to thread when using thicker yarns. I did not receive any compensation for this review. This is my honest opinion of the product.

👤I love this set. The tin is the same width and length as the average mint tin. The needles are made of metal. They won't stick to my magnetic pin catcher. The eyes are wide. If you are looking for sharp yarn needles, these tips probably won't work for you. I recommend!

👤The case is the only factor that will affect my rating. I had to pry the top off of the tin to get to the yarn needles. I ordered this because it came with a case. That is not usable.

👤The needles are large. The eyes are large enough for yarn. They're well priced if that's what you're looking for. They slide through the product. I wanted something smaller for the yarn. It's hard to tell how big the product is. I didn't find any sets that showed the needles against a ruler.

👤I use lace and fingering weight yarn and they are too big for knitting. Needed small needles and descriptions didn't specify the size. They will be useful for items made with heavier yarns.

👤These needles are great for sewing. I was looking for a curved needle because the traditional needles weren't as easy to use on curved pieces. I wanted one that was more circular but I wasn't sure if that was possible with these. They go through yarn much easier than plastic needles. I haven't used my yarn needles since I bought them. There are quite a few in the box.

9. Aluminum Needles Tapestry Darning Knitting

Aluminum Needles Tapestry Darning Knitting

The Big Eye Blunt Needle is rust resistant and made of high quality STAINLESS steel. The box is giving to you to store and hold the needles and other small items, keeping inner things safe and table neat. The bent tip tapestry needle is easier to use than the straight metal needles. It is durable and lightweight. It is easier to hide tails with stitches. The big holes of the darning needles make it easy for threaders to thread thick yarns without getting stuck. The blunt knitting needles are packed in a clear bottle, so they don't get lost, and are easy to carry and store. The large tapestry sewing needle can be used for many things.

Brand: Pimoys

👤If you wallow in fiber, yarn thread and fabric, you will never have enough bent tapestry needles. You could even color code them because they are easy to find. You know, like gold for the craft room and blue for the living room. The plastic container is almost non-existent. I tried to pull the top off. They could be spread around the house, your handbag, each project bag, and you could add them to your collection.

👤I have never used a bent needle before. The point is sharp enough to make sliding through yarn easy. I don't think I'll be using the straight needles anymore.

👤The slanted tip of this needle makes it easy to insert stitches. The needle is very strong. The color makes it easy to work with. All my others are made of steel. The color of the needles makes it easy to see where you are in your project.

👤I use tiny yarn needles to thread my yarn through my crochet projects. It was a life saver to buy this. Saved a lot of time and frustration. It's well worth the cost as it's fragile, but I love that it comes in a bottle. I regret not buying it sooner.

👤These were the same as they were described. I've been using them a lot when sewing together knitting. It is easier to get between stitches with the bent tip.

👤These are great for seaming knitted pieces together.

👤I love these needles! They are better than the plastic ones I had been using. I have an assortment of colors. It is nice to have a small container for them.

👤They're strong and durable because they're metal. They're safe for kids because they're blunt. These are good for knitting and crochet. Especially amigurumi. They are much quicker and easier without them. The only problem was that the tube was too small for the stopper and ended up cracking, but it wasn't necessary as I used my crochet markers.

10. Boye Plastic Yarn Sewing Needle

Boye Plastic Yarn Sewing Needle

Store them in a transparent bottle when you finish the project. The finishing needles don't need to be on the floor or lost in the corner. There are two blue yarn sewing needles. The needles are 3'' L. Their yarn needles are easy to use and durable. These needles are ideal for sewing. It can be used for weaving in ends in knitting and crochet projects.

Brand: Boye

👤They work well as a Loc tool.

👤The needles are not flexible and are definitely sturdy. The length is not the same as the 3 inches in description, and the eye width is not the same. The eye of the needle will not go through the plastic canvas.

👤I use these daily to weave my crochet. It's easier to use than I thought. I thought they might be difficult with tighter stitches, but they are not. The needles are easy to slide through the yarn.

👤I wanted to attach the arms, legs, ears, and details to my amigurumis. I thought it would be amazing and clever, but not for this purpose. The tip is convenient, but it doesn't serve the purpose at the end of the day.

👤The needles are great for yarn. The needles are sturdy and the eye is huge. The needles do not work well for knitting with worsted yarn. I had to work to remove the huge gaps left by the needles. You would need to leave huge long tails to weave them in.

👤They were used for crochet projects. They are perfect for that. You get two thick and sturdy needles for a great price. I was happy.

👤These are a good value and quality. However... I bought them because my child needed a new plastic needle for her plastic canvas yarn stitching project, and the eyes on these were too large to see through the plastic canvas. I purchased the other option that we used. I'm sure they'll be useful for some other project, as they're put away with all the sewing and needlecrafting supplies.

👤The project I was doing was perfect for these. They were very strong, able to spear 1.5 inch pom poms.

👤I only received one of the two I ordered.

👤Too big for sewing hair weft.

11. Plastic Needles Include Learning Handmade

Plastic Needles Include Learning Handmade

The Large Crochet hook is a great gift. The crochet hooks set is for making rugs and blankets. You can give this crochet hook pack as a gift to your mother who likes crocheting. The yarn needles have a size of 7 cm and a quantity of 20 cm. A good learning needle tool for children is made of high-quality plastic and odorless. The plastic sewing needle has a large eye design. Random color matching. It's fun to work with vivid color. It's ideal for crafts and needlework projects. It's great for sewing, knitting, and threading cards.

Brand: Lokunn

👤The large needles won't fit through the pony bead hole. The small ones don't do much. It would be perfect if they would.

👤It's perfect for practicing sewing through a rug. They won't fit through the common 7 square per inch plastic cross-stitch canvas. It's easy to thread for little hands or bad eyes. I'm still waiting for the package to arrive, but it arrived a day or two late. Does not fit through the standard pony beads. There was a higher percentage of "ugly" orange ones than any of the other colors, but since I plan to use these as the proper tool to make a craft and not part of a craft, I didn't care. 32% of the package was ugly orange. I don't think there were more than five of each of the other colors, and there were more colors than just the five in the picture. If you want the needles to be a specific color for a craft purpose, look for the 100 pack that is really slow to deliver, even though it promises a quick Prime delivery. They will let you pick the color of the needles. has adp/B085PS3Z 73.

👤I bought them for my kids. The needles are easy to use. They have sown on felt and paper. It was fun for them and if you have children of your own, get them these needles.

👤I lost my loom knitting yarn needle. I needed another one fast. I chose the 30 batches. It was a bargain. I didn't know I needed so many sizes. I taught a couple of teens how to knit with yarn. The eyes are easy to thread. It's a super find!

👤I assumed the needles would be the same length as the ones I already own, but my gosh! These are long and wide. You can't miss that hole. You can see the picture of the two and decide. The product is great.

👤These little guys are perfect for braiding show horses. The bright colors are great for use in a barn because you can find them when dropped. They are nice because they are not sharp. This is the best choice for the use I bought them for.

👤I got the product from Michael's and I thought it would be the same. I use these to keep my dreads out of my hair. I opened and cleaned the items, but they still irritated my head and caused a rash. I wouldn't recommend the product for sensitive skins.

👤I know that the color of the needles doesn't affect their function, but I wanted to get more purple needles. The kit was going to be made with all purple items. The 3 purple needles were not ideal.


What is the best product for yarn needles large eye for crochet?

Yarn needles large eye for crochet products from Hekisn. In this article about yarn needles large eye for crochet you can see why people choose the product. Yarniss and Betybedy are also good brands to look for when you are finding yarn needles large eye for crochet.

What are the best brands for yarn needles large eye for crochet?

Hekisn, Yarniss and Betybedy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for yarn needles large eye for crochet. Find the detail in this article. Mayboos, Orrdice and Woocrafts are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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